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package types
const (
// PrimaryKeyField is the field that uniquely identifies a key.
PrimaryKeyField = "name"
// CorpusField is the field that contains the corpus identifier.
CorpusField = "source_type"
// MaximumNameLength is the maximum length in bytes a test name can be.
MaximumNameLength = 256
// Strings are used a lot, so these type "aliases" can help document
// which are meant where. See also tiling.TraceID
// Of note, Digest exclusively means a unique image, identified by
// the MD5 hash of its pixels.
type Digest string
type TestName string
// The IgnoreState enum gives a human-readable way to determine if the
// tile or whatever is dealing with the full amount of information
// (IncludeIgnoredTraces) or the information with the ignore rules applied
// (ExcludeIgnoredTraces).
type IgnoreState int
const (
ExcludeIgnoredTraces IgnoreState = iota
IncludeIgnoredTraces // i.e. all digests
var IgnoreStates = []IgnoreState{ExcludeIgnoredTraces, IncludeIgnoredTraces}