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package tiling
import (
// ComplexTile contains an enriched version of a tile loaded through the ingestion process.
// It provides ways to handle sparse tiles, where many commits of the underlying raw tile
// contain no data and therefore removed.
// In either case (sparse or dense tile) it offers two versions of the tile.
// one with all ignored traces and one without the ignored traces.
// In addition it also contains the ignore rules and information about the larger "sparse" tile
// if the tiles at hand were condensed from a larger tile.
type ComplexTile interface {
// AllCommits returns all commits that were processed to get the data commits.
// Its first commit should match the first commit returned when calling DataCommits.
AllCommits() []Commit
// DataCommits returns all commits that contain data. In some busy repos, there are commits that
// don't get tested directly because the commits are batched in with others. DataCommits
// is a way to get just the commits where some data has been ingested.
DataCommits() []Commit
// FilledCommits returns how many commits in the tile have data.
FilledCommits() int
// GetTile returns a simple tile either with or without ignored traces depending on the argument.
// TODO(kjlubick) Maybe diverge from the map of traces and instead of a slice, so we can
// query things in parallel more easily.
GetTile(is types.IgnoreState) *Tile
// SetIgnoreRules adds ignore rules to the tile and a sub-tile with the ignores removed.
// In other words this function assumes that original tile has been filtered by the
// ignore rules that are being passed.
SetIgnoreRules(reducedTile *Tile, ignoreRules paramtools.ParamMatcher)
// IgnoreRules returns the ignore rules for this tile.
IgnoreRules() paramtools.ParamMatcher
// SetSparse tells the tile what the full range of commits analyzed was.
SetSparse(allCommits []Commit)
type ComplexTileImpl struct {
// tileExcludeIgnoredTraces is the current tile without ignored traces.
tileExcludeIgnoredTraces *Tile
// tileIncludeIgnoredTraces is the current tile containing all available data.
tileIncludeIgnoredTraces *Tile
// ignoreRules contains the rules used to created the TileWithIgnores.
ignoreRules paramtools.ParamMatcher
// sparseCommits are all the commits that were used condense the underlying tile.
sparseCommits []Commit
func NewComplexTile(completeTile *Tile) *ComplexTileImpl {
return &ComplexTileImpl{
tileExcludeIgnoredTraces: completeTile,
tileIncludeIgnoredTraces: completeTile,
// SetIgnoreRules fulfills the ComplexTile interface.
func (c *ComplexTileImpl) SetIgnoreRules(reducedTile *Tile, ignoreRules paramtools.ParamMatcher) {
c.tileExcludeIgnoredTraces = reducedTile
c.ignoreRules = ignoreRules
// SetSparse fulfills the ComplexTile interface.
func (c *ComplexTileImpl) SetSparse(sparseCommits []Commit) {
c.sparseCommits = sparseCommits
// FilledCommits fulfills the ComplexTile interface.
func (c *ComplexTileImpl) FilledCommits() int {
return len(c.DataCommits())
// DataCommits fulfills the ComplexTile interface.
func (c *ComplexTileImpl) DataCommits() []Commit {
return c.tileIncludeIgnoredTraces.Commits
// AllCommits fulfills the ComplexTile interface.
func (c *ComplexTileImpl) AllCommits() []Commit {
return c.sparseCommits
// GetTile fulfills the ComplexTile interface.
func (c *ComplexTileImpl) GetTile(is types.IgnoreState) *Tile {
if is == types.IncludeIgnoredTraces {
return c.tileIncludeIgnoredTraces
return c.tileExcludeIgnoredTraces
// IgnoreRules fulfills the ComplexTile interface.
func (c *ComplexTileImpl) IgnoreRules() paramtools.ParamMatcher {
return c.ignoreRules
// Make sure ComplexTileImpl fulfills the ComplexTile Interface
var _ ComplexTile = (*ComplexTileImpl)(nil)