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package query
import (
// Search represents the params to the Search function.
type Search struct {
// Diff metric to use.
Metric string
Sort string
Match []string
// Blaming
BlameGroupID string
// Image classification
IncludePositiveDigests bool
IncludeNegativeDigests bool
IncludeUntriagedDigests bool
OnlyIncludeDigestsProducedAtHead bool
IncludeIgnoredTraces bool
// URL encoded query string
QueryStr string
TraceValues paramtools.ParamSet
// Not given to us by the frontend yet.
OptionsValues paramtools.ParamSet
// URL encoded query string to select the right hand side of comparisons.
RightQueryStr string
RightTraceValues paramtools.ParamSet
// TryJob support.
ChangelistID string
CodeReviewSystemID string
// TODO(kjlubick) Change this so only one patchset is allowed. It will simplify the backend code.
PatchsetsStr string // Comma-separated list of patchsets.
Patchsets []int64
// By default, we typically only want to see digests that were created exclusively on this CL,
// but sometimes the user wants to also see digests that are the same as on master, so this option
// allows for that.
IncludeDigestsProducedOnMaster bool
// Filtering.
RGBAMinFilter int // Min RGBA delta
RGBAMaxFilter int // Max RGBA delta
MustIncludeReferenceFilter bool // Only digests with reference.
// Pagination.
Offset int
Limit int
// IgnoreState returns the types.IgnoreState that this
// Search query is configured for.
func (q *Search) IgnoreState() types.IgnoreState {
is := types.ExcludeIgnoredTraces
if q.IncludeIgnoredTraces {
is = types.IncludeIgnoredTraces
return is
// ExcludesClassification returns true if the given label/status for a digest
// should be excluded based on the values in the query.
func (q *Search) ExcludesClassification(cl expectations.Label) bool {
return ((cl == expectations.Negative) && !q.IncludeNegativeDigests) ||
((cl == expectations.Positive) && !q.IncludePositiveDigests) ||
((cl == expectations.Untriaged) && !q.IncludeUntriagedDigests)