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package indexer
import (
type IndexSource interface {
// GetIndex returns an IndexSearcher, which can be considered immutable (the underlying
// Tile won't change). It should be used to handle an entire request to provide
// consistent information.
GetIndex() IndexSearcher
// GetIndexForCL returns an index object for a given Changelist.
GetIndexForCL(crs, clID string) *ChangelistIndex
type IndexSearcher interface {
// Tile returns the current complex tile from which simpler tiles, like one without ignored
// traces, can be retrieved
Tile() tiling.ComplexTile
// GetIgnoreMatcher returns a matcher for the ignore rules that were used to
// build the tile with ignores.
GetIgnoreMatcher() paramtools.ParamMatcher
// DigestCountsByTest returns the counts of digests grouped by test name.
DigestCountsByTest(is types.IgnoreState) map[types.TestName]digest_counter.DigestCount
// MaxDigestsByTest returns the digests per test that were seen the most.
MaxDigestsByTest(is types.IgnoreState) map[types.TestName]types.DigestSet
// DigestCountsByTrace returns the counts of digests grouped by trace id.
DigestCountsByTrace(is types.IgnoreState) map[tiling.TraceID]digest_counter.DigestCount
// DigestCountsByQuery returns a DigestCount of all the digests that match the given query.
DigestCountsByQuery(query paramtools.ParamSet, is types.IgnoreState) digest_counter.DigestCount
// GetSummaries returns all summaries that were computed for this index.
GetSummaries(is types.IgnoreState) []*summary.TriageStatus
// SummarizeByGrouping returns those summaries from a given corpus that match the given inputs.
// They may be filtered by any of: query, is at head or not.
SummarizeByGrouping(ctx context.Context, corpus string, query paramtools.ParamSet, is types.IgnoreState, head bool) ([]*summary.TriageStatus, error)
// GetParamsetSummary Returns the ParamSetSummary that matches the given test/digest.
GetParamsetSummary(test types.TestName, digest types.Digest, is types.IgnoreState) paramtools.ParamSet
// GetParamsetSummaryByTest returns all ParamSetSummaries in this tile grouped by test name.
GetParamsetSummaryByTest(is types.IgnoreState) map[types.TestName]map[types.Digest]paramtools.ParamSet
// GetBlame returns the blame computed for the given test/digest.
GetBlame(test types.TestName, digest types.Digest, commits []tiling.Commit) blame.BlameDistribution
// SlicedTraces returns a slice of TracePairs that match the query and the ignore state.
// This is meant to be a partial slice, as only the corpus and testname from the query are
// used to create the subslice.
SlicedTraces(is types.IgnoreState, query map[string][]string) []*tiling.TracePair
// MostRecentPositiveDigest returns the most recent positive digest for the given trace.
MostRecentPositiveDigest(ctx context.Context, traceID tiling.TraceID) (types.Digest, error)
// ChangelistIndex is an index about data seen for the most recent Patchset of a given Changelist.
// We only keep the most recent Patchset around because that's the data that is most likely to
// be searched by a user.
type ChangelistIndex struct {
// LatestPatchset is the most recent Patchset that was seen for this CL (and that the rest of
// the data in the index belongs to).
LatestPatchset tjstore.CombinedPSID
// UntriagedResults is a map of all results that were untriaged the last time the index was built.
UntriagedResults []tjstore.TryJobResult
// ParamSet is a set of all keys seen in trace data for this CL, as well as any values associated
// with those keys. A best effort is made to include Params from all Patchsets on this CL.
ParamSet paramtools.ParamSet
// ComputedTS is when this index was created. This helps clients determine how fresh the data is.
ComputedTS time.Time
// Copy returns a deep copy of the ChangelistIndex.
func (c *ChangelistIndex) Copy() *ChangelistIndex {
rv := &ChangelistIndex{
LatestPatchset: c.LatestPatchset,
ComputedTS: c.ComputedTS,
UntriagedResults: make([]tjstore.TryJobResult, len(c.UntriagedResults)),
ParamSet: c.ParamSet.Copy(),
copy(rv.UntriagedResults, c.UntriagedResults)
return rv