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// Package clstore defines an interface for storing Changelist-related data
// as needed for operating Gold.
package clstore
import (
// Store (sometimes called ChangelistStore) is an interface around a database
// for storing Changelists and Patchsets. Of note, we will only store data for
// Changelists and Patchsets that have uploaded data to Gold (e.g. via ingestion);
// the purpose of this interface is not to store every CL.
// A single Store interface should only be responsible for one "system", i.e.
// Gerrit or GitHub.
// TODO(kjlubick) Just like the tryjobstore holds onto all tryjob results (from all CIS), this
// should hold onto all CLs from all CRS.
type Store interface {
// GetChangelist returns the Changelist corresponding to the given id.
// Returns NotFound if it doesn't exist.
GetChangelist(ctx context.Context, id string) (code_review.Changelist, error)
// GetPatchset returns the Patchset matching the given Changelist ID and Patchset ID.
// Returns NotFound if it doesn't exist.
GetPatchset(ctx context.Context, clID, psID string) (code_review.Patchset, error)
// GetPatchsetByOrder returns the Patchset matching the given Changelist ID and order.
// Returns NotFound if it doesn't exist.
GetPatchsetByOrder(ctx context.Context, clID string, psOrder int) (code_review.Patchset, error)
// GetChangelists returns a slice of Changelist objects sorted such that the
// most recently updated ones come first. The SearchOptions should be supplied to narrow
// the query down and limit results. Limit is required.
// If it is computationally cheap to do so, the second return value can be
// a count of the total number of CLs, or CountMany otherwise.
GetChangelists(ctx context.Context, opts SearchOptions) ([]code_review.Changelist, int, error)
// GetPatchsets returns a slice of Patchsets belonging to the given Changelist.
// They should be ordered in increasing Order index.
// The returned slice could be empty, even if the CL exists.
GetPatchsets(ctx context.Context, clID string) ([]code_review.Patchset, error)
// PutChangelist stores the given Changelist, overwriting any values for
// that Changelist if they already existed.
PutChangelist(ctx context.Context, cl code_review.Changelist) error
// PutPatchset stores the given Patchset, overwriting any values for
// that Patchset if they already existed.
PutPatchset(ctx context.Context, ps code_review.Patchset) error
var ErrNotFound = errors.New("not found")
// SearchOptions controls which Changelists to return.
type SearchOptions struct {
StartIdx int
Limit int
OpenCLsOnly bool
After time.Time
// CountMany indicates it is computationally expensive to determine exactly how many
// items there are.
var CountMany = math.MaxInt32
// ReviewSystem combines the data needed to interface with a single CRS.
type ReviewSystem struct {
ID string // e.g. "gerrit", "gerrit-internal"
Client code_review.Client
Store Store
URLTemplate string