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// Package docsy transforms raw documents via Hugo and a Docsy template into
// final documentation.
package docsy
import (
// Docsy renders documentation against a Docsy template.
type Docsy interface {
// Render the documentation in 'src' into 'dst' using Hugo and the Docsy
// templates.
Render(ctx context.Context, src, dst string) error
// docsy implements Docsy.
type docsy struct {
// Absolute path the 'hugo' executable.
hugoExe string
// The directory where Docsy is located.
docsyDir string
// The relative path in the git repo where the docs are stored, e.g. "site"
// for Skia.
docPath string
// renderMetric records how long it is taking hugo to run.
renderMetric metrics2.Float64SummaryMetric
// New returns an instance of *docsy.
func New(hugoExe string, docsyDir string, docPath string) *docsy {
return &docsy{
hugoExe: hugoExe,
docsyDir: docsyDir,
docPath: docPath,
renderMetric: metrics2.GetFloat64SummaryMetric("docsyserver_docsy_render"),
// Render implements Docsy.
func (d *docsy) Render(ctx context.Context, src, dst string) error {
defer timer.NewWithSummary("docsy_render", d.renderMetric).Stop()
cmd := executil.CommandContext(ctx,
fmt.Sprintf("--source=%s", d.docsyDir),
fmt.Sprintf("--destination=%s", dst),
fmt.Sprintf("--config=%s", filepath.Join(src, "config.toml")),
fmt.Sprintf("--contentDir=%s", src),
b, err := cmd.Output()
if err != nil {
if ee, ok := err.(*exec.ExitError); ok {
err = skerr.Wrapf(err, "hugo stderr: %q\n stdout: %q", ee.Stderr, string(b))
return err
return nil
// Assert that docsy implements Docsy.
var _ Docsy = (*docsy)(nil)