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default: app
npx webpack --mode=development
release: get_latest_skia wasm_libs
CGO_ENABLED=0 GOOS=linux go install -a ./go/skottie
npx webpack --mode=production
release_ci: app
# Assumes the cloud builder environment mounts the wasm outputs to /OUT
rm -rf build
mkdir -p build/canvaskit build/pathkit
cp -r /OUT/* build
echo "export const SKIA_VERSION = '`cat /OUT/VERSION`';" > ./build/version.js
# Now that we have the canvaskit.wasm etc, we can bundle it in with webpack.
npx webpack --mode=production
CGO_ENABLED=0 GOOS=linux go install -a ./go/skottie
serve: app
npx webpack-dev-server --mode=development --watch --watch-poll 100
watch: app
npx webpack --mode=development --watch
app: package-lock.json
go install ./go/skottie
package-lock.json: package.json
npm install
touch package-lock.json
push: release skia-public
pushk skottie
docker pull
rm -rf build
mkdir -p build/canvaskit
# Extract them from the most recently built ones. These are built
# using cloudbuild.yaml in the Skia repo.
docker run --rm --volume `pwd`/build:/OUT cp -r /tmp/canvaskit /OUT/
docker run --rm --volume `pwd`/build:/OUT cp /tmp/VERSION /OUT/
echo "export const SKIA_VERSION = '`cat build/VERSION`';" > build/version.js
.PHONY: serve watch app release wasm_libs get_latest_skia push
include ../make/