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// Utility that contains utility methods for interacting with adb.
package adb
import (
skexec ""
skutil ""
// VerifyLocalDevice does not throw an error if an Android device is connected and
// online. An error is returned if either "adb" is not installed or if the Android
// device is offline or missing.
func VerifyLocalDevice(ctx context.Context) error {
// Run "adb version".
// Command should return without an error.
err := util.ExecuteCmd(ctx, util.BINARY_ADB, []string{"version"}, []string{},
util.ADB_VERSION_TIMEOUT, nil, nil)
if err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("adb not installed or not found: %s", err)
// Run "adb devices | grep offline".
// Command should return with an error.
devicesCmd := exec.Command(util.BINARY_ADB, "devices")
offlineCmd := exec.Command("grep", "offline")
offlineCmd.Stdin, _ = devicesCmd.StdoutPipe()
offlineCmd.Stdout = skexec.WriteInfoLog
if err := offlineCmd.Wait(); err == nil {
// A nil error here means that an offline device was found.
return fmt.Errorf("Android device is offline: %s", err)
// Running "adb devices | grep device$
// Command should return without an error.
devicesCmd = exec.Command(util.BINARY_ADB, "devices")
missingCmd := exec.Command("grep", "device$")
missingCmd.Stdin, _ = devicesCmd.StdoutPipe()
missingCmd.Stdout = skexec.WriteInfoLog
if err := missingCmd.Wait(); err != nil {
// An error here means that the device is missing.
return fmt.Errorf("Android device is missing: %s", err)
return nil