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.PHONY: default
default: run
# Find the name of the server based on our CWD.
# Assume we're in a subdirectory of $GOPATH/src/, trim
# everything up to and including "infra", plus any "/res/imp" suffix. For most
# servers that gets us the server name. Some others also have a "frontend"
# subdir, which we also trim. For the common "res/imp" directory, we just use
# that.
server = $(shell pwd | sed 's/.*infra\///' | sed 's/\/\(frontend\/\)\?res\/imp//')
# Derive a 4-digit port number starting with '8' by hashing the server name.
port = 8$(shell printf "%03d" $(shell expr $(shell cksum <<< "$(server)" | cut -f 1 -d ' ') % 999))
# Determine where http-server should be.
bower_dir = $(shell realpath $(shell if [ -f bower.json ]; then echo "."; else echo "../.."; fi))
common_dir = $(shell realpath $(shell if [ -f bower.json ]; then echo ".."; else echo "../../../res"; fi))
httpserver = python -m SimpleHTTPServer
# List of all dependencies.
deps_list = bower_components res/imp/bower_components res/common res/img res/js res/imp/sinon-1.17.2.js
bower_components: $(bower_dir)/third_party/bower_components
ln -sfT $(bower_dir)/third_party/bower_components bower_components
cd $(bower_dir) && bower install
res/imp/bower_components: $(bower_dir)/third_party/bower_components
mkdir -p res/imp
ln -sfT $(bower_dir)/third_party/bower_components res/imp/bower_components
mkdir -p res/imp
ln -sfT $(common_dir) res/common
mkdir -p res/imp
ln -sfT $(bower_dir)/res/img res/img
mkdir -p res/imp
ln -sfT $(bower_dir)/res/js res/js
mkdir -p res/imp
npm install sinon@1.17.2
cp $(bower_dir)/node_modules/sinon/pkg/sinon-1.17.2.js res/imp/sinon-1.17.2.js
# Top-level targets.
# Used for setting things up without running.
.PHONY: deps
deps: $(deps_list)
# Run a local HTTP server for the demo pages.
.PHONY: run
run: $(deps_list)
$(httpserver) $(port)
# Print out some critical information for debugging.
.PHONY: echo
echo $(bower_dir)
echo $(common_dir)
echo $(server)
echo $(port)
echo $(httpserver)