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package workerpool
Simple worker pool implementation.
import "sync"
// WorkerPool is a struct used for managing a pool of worker goroutines.
type WorkerPool struct {
queue chan func()
wg sync.WaitGroup
// Return a WorkerPool instance with the given number of worker goroutines.
func New(size int) *WorkerPool {
p := &WorkerPool{
queue: make(chan func()),
wg: sync.WaitGroup{},
for i := 0; i < size; i++ {
go func() {
defer p.wg.Done()
for fn := range p.queue {
return p
// Go enqueues the given function onto the queue. Blocks until a worker is
// available to run the function. Panics if Wait() has already been called.
func (p *WorkerPool) Go(fn func()) {
p.queue <- fn
// Wait closes the queue and waits until all workers are finished. The
// WorkerPool cannot be reused again.
func (p *WorkerPool) Wait() {