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# This makefile is used to compile Autoroller code, build Docker images
# containing the same, and generate, apply, and push Kubernetes configs
# for the autorollers.
include ../make/
include ../kube/
.PHONY: autoroll-fe
$(BAZEL) build --config=mayberemote //autoroll/...
.PHONY: autoroll-be
$(BAZEL) build --config=mayberemote //autoroll/go/autoroll-be/...
.PHONY: autoroll-google3
$(BAZEL) build --config=mayberemote //autoroll/go/autoroll-google3/...
.PHONY: all
all: autoroll-fe autoroll-be autoroll-google3
.PHONY: serve
@echo "Bazel doesn't have a serve-all option."
@echo "For the module under development, try running something like:"
@echo "bazel run //autoroll/modules/arb-status-sk:demo_page_server"
# These targets build kubernetes releases.
.PHONY: release-be
release-be: autoroll-be
$(BAZEL) run --config=mayberemote //autoroll:push_autoroll_be_container
.PHONY: release-fe
release-fe: autoroll-fe
$(BAZEL) run --config=mayberemote //autoroll:push_autoroll_fe_container
.PHONY: release-google3
release-google3: autoroll-google3
$(BAZEL) run --config=mayberemote //autoroll:push_autoroll_google3_container
# Cleanup the config directory.
git clean -fxq config/*
.PHONY: release-all
release-all: release-fe release-be release-google3
# Run the autoroll-fe locally. This is just for convenience in testing.
.PHONY: run-local-fe-instance
run-local-fe-instance: autoroll-fe
# Run "bazel build //autoroll/..." after making any frontend changes
# to pick up the change without restarting the golang server.
../_bazel_bin/autoroll/go/autoroll-fe/autoroll-fe_/autoroll-fe --local --firestore_instance=production --config_repo= --resources_dir ../_bazel_bin/autoroll/pages/development --config_repo= --config_gerrit_project=skia-autoroll-internal-config