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# Setup the local machine for running cluster telemetry master scripts with --local=true.
# This script assumes you are a Googler running Goobuntu.
# TODO(benjaminwagner): Google Cloud SDK?
if [[ -z "$GOPATH" ]]; then
echo "Please set GOPATH environment variable." 1>&2
exit 1
set -x
set -e
echo "Installing debs..."
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install linux-tools-generic python-django libgif-dev lua5.2 && sudo easy_install -U pip && sudo pip install setuptools --no-use-wheel --upgrade && sudo pip install -U crcmod
echo "Creating /usr/local/google/cluster-telemetry/b and linking to /b..."
mkdir -p /usr/local/google/cluster-telemetry/b
sudo ln -s /usr/local/google/cluster-telemetry/b /
echo "Downloading depot_tools..."
cd /b/
git clone
echo "Checking out Skia's buildbot and trunk..."
mkdir -p /b/storage/glog
mkdir /b/skia-repo/
cd /b/skia-repo/
/b/depot_tools/gclient config
/b/depot_tools/gclient sync
sed -i '$ d' .gclient && sed -i '$ d' .gclient
echo """
{ 'name' : 'trunk',
'url' : '',
'deps_file' : 'DEPS',
'managed' : True,
'custom_deps' : {
'safesync_url': '',
""" >> .gclient
/b/depot_tools/gclient sync
echo "Linking infra repo at $GOPATH to /b/skia-repo/go..."
ln -s $GOPATH /b/skia-repo/go
echo "Creating test"
echo -n "notverysecret" | base64 -w 0 > /b/storage/
echo "Checking out Chromium..."
mkdir -p /b/storage/chromium
cd /b/storage/chromium
/b/depot_tools/fetch --nohooks --no-history chromium
cd src
echo "N" | ./build/
/b/depot_tools/gclient runhooks
if [[ ! -e "${rsa_key}" ]]; then
echo "Setting up passwordless SSH to the local machine..."
ssh-keygen -t rsa -N '' -f "${rsa_key}"
cat "${rsa_key}.pub" >> "${HOME}/.ssh/authorized_keys"
set +x
echo "Warning: Using ${rsa_key} for remote access is not advisable. (I.e. do not add ${rsa_key}.pub to any remote machine authorized_keys.)"
echo "For remote SSH access, follow instructions at http://go/gnubbyssh"
elif grep -L ENCRYPTED "${rsa_key}"; then
set +x
echo "${rsa_key} has a passphrase. Master scripts will not be able to run worker scripts on this machine."
set +x
echo "The setup script has completed! Manual steps required:"
echo " - Go to, click Download JSON, and save it to /b/storage/client_secret.json."
echo " - Run a master script from the command line to set up Gmail and Google Storage authorization tokens."
echo " Here is an example of running a master script:"
echo ' $ cd /b/skia-repo/go/src/'
echo ' $ make all'
echo ' $ RUN_ID="setup_local-$(date '"'"'+%s'"'"')"'
echo ' $ run_chromium_perf_on_workers --emails=$ --gae_task_id=0 --run_id=${RUN_ID} --pageset_type=Dummy1k --benchmark_name=rasterize_and_record_micro --log_id=${RUN_ID} --local=true --alsologtostderr'
echo " (run_chromium_perf_on_workers will fail when it can't find a patch, but as long as it fails after requesting a Gmail auth token and Google Storage auth token, it's ok.)"