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package verifiers
import (
tree_status_types ""
// NewTreeStatusVerifier returns an instance of TreeStatusVerifier.
func NewTreeStatusVerifier(httpClient *http.Client, treeStatusURL string, footersMap map[string]string) (types.Verifier, error) {
return &TreeStatusVerifier{
httpClient: httpClient,
treeStatusURL: treeStatusURL,
footersMap: footersMap,
}, nil
// TreeStatusVerifier implements the types.Verifier interface.
type TreeStatusVerifier struct {
httpClient *http.Client
treeStatusURL string
footersMap map[string]string
type TreeStatus struct {
Message string `json:"message" datastore:"message"`
GeneralState string `json:"general_state" datastore:"general_state,omitempty"`
// Name implements the types.Verifier interface.
func (tv *TreeStatusVerifier) Name() string {
return "TreeStatusVerifier"
// Verify implements the types.Verifier interface.
func (tv *TreeStatusVerifier) Verify(ctx context.Context, ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo, startTime int64) (state types.VerifierState, reason string, err error) {
// Check to see if NoTreeChecksFooter has been specified.
noTreeChecks := git.GetBoolFooterVal(tv.footersMap, footers.NoTreeChecksFooter, ci.Issue)
if noTreeChecks {
return types.VerifierSuccessState, fmt.Sprintf("Tree check is skipped because \"%s: %t\" has been specified", footers.NoTreeChecksFooter, noTreeChecks), nil
resp, err := tv.httpClient.Get(tv.treeStatusURL)
if err != nil {
return "", "", skerr.Wrapf(err, "Could not get response from %s", tv.treeStatusURL)
var treeStatus TreeStatus
if err := json.NewDecoder(resp.Body).Decode(&treeStatus); err != nil {
return "", "", skerr.Wrapf(err, "Could not decode response from %s", tv.treeStatusURL)
if treeStatus.GeneralState == tree_status_types.OpenState {
return types.VerifierSuccessState, fmt.Sprintf("Tree is open: \"%s\"", treeStatus.Message), nil
} else {
return types.VerifierWaitingState, fmt.Sprintf("Waiting for tree to be open. Tree is currently in %s state: \"%s\"", treeStatus.GeneralState, treeStatus.Message), nil
// Cleanup implements the types.Verifier interface.
func (cv *TreeStatusVerifier) Cleanup(ctx context.Context, ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo, cleanupPatchsetID int64) {