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package verifiers
import (
// NewThrottlerVerifier returns an instance of ThrottlerVerifier.
func NewThrottlerVerifier(throttlerCfg *config.ThrottlerCfg, throttlerManager types.ThrottlerManager) (types.Verifier, error) {
if throttlerCfg == nil {
throttlerCfg = throttler.GetDefaultThrottlerCfg()
return &ThrottlerVerifier{
throttlerCfg: throttlerCfg,
throttlerManager: throttlerManager,
}, nil
// ThrottlerVerifier implements the types.Verifier interface.
type ThrottlerVerifier struct {
throttlerCfg *config.ThrottlerCfg
throttlerManager types.ThrottlerManager
// Name implements the types.Verifier interface.
func (tv *ThrottlerVerifier) Name() string {
return "ThrottlerVerifier"
// Verify implements the types.Verifier interface.
func (tv *ThrottlerVerifier) Verify(ctx context.Context, ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo, startTime int64) (state types.VerifierState, reason string, err error) {
repoBranch := fmt.Sprintf("%s/%s", ci.Project, ci.Branch)
throttle := tv.throttlerManager.Throttle(repoBranch, time.Now())
if throttle {
return types.VerifierWaitingState, fmt.Sprintf("SkCQ has committed %d changes in %d seconds. Waiting to submit this change", tv.throttlerCfg.MaxBurst, tv.throttlerCfg.BurstDelaySecs), nil
} else {
return types.VerifierSuccessState, "Change can be submitted and does not need to be throttled", nil
// Cleanup implements the types.Verifier interface.
func (tv *ThrottlerVerifier) Cleanup(ctx context.Context, ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo, cleanupPatchsetID int64) {