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"""This module provides a wrapper around the ts_project rule from the rules_nodejs repository."""
load("@npm//@bazel/typescript:index.bzl", "ts_project")
def ts_library(name, srcs, deps = [], **kwargs):
"""Wraps rules_nodejs's ts_project rule with common settings for our code.
This macro ensures all ts_project rules use our common //tsconfig.json file, and prevents errors
such as "error TS2688: Cannot find type definition file for 'mocha'", which arise when the
tsconfig.json file declares ambient modules[2] via compilerOptions.types[3], but we forget to
provide them to the ts_project rule via the deps argument. This macro simply adds those
dependencies for us.
This macro is called ts_library, as opposed to ts_project, for consistency with our other
*_library rules, and also because it used to be a wrapper around the now-deprecated ts_library
rule from the rules_nodejs repository[4].
name: The name of the target.
srcs: A list of TypeScript source files.
deps: A list of TypeScript dependencies.
**kwargs: Any other arguments to pass to the ts_library rule.
# Keep in sync with the "types" field in //tsconfig.json.
ambient_types = [
name = name,
srcs = srcs,
deps = deps + [dep for dep in ambient_types if dep not in deps],
# We provide an empty dictionary and a base tsconfig.json file to extend, as opposed to just
# a path to a tsconfig.json file, because this causes the ts_project rule to generate a
# tsconfig.json file for each target with the necessary settings to pick up files produced
# by other ts_project rules (i.e. dependencies declared via the "deps" argument).
tsconfig = {},
extends = "//:tsconfig.json",
declaration = True,
allow_js = True,