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package louhi
// Generate the go code from the protocol buffer definitions.
//go:generate bazelisk run --config=mayberemote //:protoc -- --go_opt=paths=source_relative --go_out=. ./louhi.proto
//go:generate rm -rf ./
//go:generate bazelisk run --config=mayberemote //:goimports "--run_under=cd $PWD &&" -- -w louhi.pb.go
import (
// TriggerType describes how a flow was triggered.
type TriggerType string
const (
TriggerTypeCommit = "git-change-trigger"
TriggerTypeCron = "cron-trigger"
TriggerTypeManual = "MANUAL"
// FlowResult describes the result of a flow.
type FlowResult string
const (
FlowResultUnknown = ""
FlowResultSuccess = "success"
FlowResultFailure = "failure"
// FlowExecution describes one instance of a Louhi flow.
type FlowExecution struct {
Artifacts []string
CreatedAt time.Time
FinishedAt time.Time
FlowName string
FlowID string
GeneratedCLs []string
GitBranch string
GitCommit string
ID string
Link string
ModifiedAt time.Time
ProjectID string
Result FlowResult
SourceCL string
StartedBy string
TriggerType TriggerType
// Finished returns true if the flow has finished.
func (fe *FlowExecution) Finished() bool {
return fe.Result != FlowResultUnknown
// DB stores information about Louhi flows.
type DB interface {
// PutFlowExecution inserts or updates the FlowExecution in the DB.
PutFlowExecution(ctx context.Context, fe *FlowExecution) error
// GetFlowExecution retrieves the FlowExecution from the DB. Should return
// nil and no error if the flow with the given ID does not exist.
GetFlowExecution(ctx context.Context, id string) (*FlowExecution, error)
// GetLatestFlowExecutions retrieves the most recent flow executions by
// flow name.
GetLatestFlowExecutions(ctx context.Context) (map[string]*FlowExecution, error)