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include ../make/
.PHONY: build
build: build-placeholders
$(BAZEL) build //skottie/...
.PHONY: release
release: get_latest_skia
$(BAZEL) run //skottie:push_skottie_container
$(MAKE) build-placeholders
.PHONY: get_latest_skia
docker pull
rm -rf build
# Make docker happy by having these folders already exist.
mkdir -p build/canvaskit
# Extract them from the most recently built docker container. This is built
# with @skia//docker/skia-wasm-release/Dockerfile
docker run -u $$(id -u ${USER}):$$(id -g ${USER}) --rm \
--volume `pwd`/build:/OUT \
sh -c "cp -r /tmp/canvaskit /tmp/VERSION /OUT/"
echo "const SKIA_VERSION = '`cat build/VERSION`';" > build/version.js
.PHONY: push
push: release
pushk skottie
# COPY_FROM_DIR is expected to be set by the auto deploy mechanism, e.g.
cp -r $(COPY_FROM_DIR)/* build/
echo "const SKIA_VERSION = '`cat ./build/VERSION`';" > ./build/version.js
bazelisk run //skottie:push_skottie_container --workspace_status_command=bazel/
$(MAKE) build-placeholders
.PHONY: run-local-instance
run-local-instance: build
../_bazel_bin/skottie/go/skottie/skottie_/skottie \
--config ./local_config.json5
.PHONY: run-with-custom
echo "Using the wasm files in //skottie/wasm_libs/local_build"
$(BAZEL) build //skottie/... --skottie_local_canvaskit
../_bazel_bin/skottie/go/skottie/skottie_/skottie \
--config ./local_config.json5
rm -rf build
mkdir -p build/canvaskit
touch build/canvaskit/canvaskit.js
touch build/canvaskit/canvaskit.wasm
touch build/version.js