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// Package code_review defines some types for getting data into and out of
// Code Review Systems (e.g. Gerrit, GitHub).
package code_review
import (
// The Client interface is an abstraction around a Code Review System
type Client interface {
// GetChangelist returns the Changelist corresponding to the given id.
// Returns ErrNotFound if it doesn't exist.
GetChangelist(ctx context.Context, id string) (Changelist, error)
// GetPatchset returns the Patchset belonging to the changelist and the provided id or order.
// One of psID or psOrder should be set - the non-zero version will be used.
// Returns ErrNotFound if the Patchset or Changelist doesn't exist.
GetPatchset(ctx context.Context, clID, psID string, psOrder int) (Patchset, error)
// GetChangelistIDForCommit returns the Changelist id corresponding to the given git commit.
// Returns ErrNotFound if one could not be identified.
GetChangelistIDForCommit(ctx context.Context, commit *vcsinfo.LongCommit) (string, error)
// CommentOn creates a comment on the CRS for the given CL with the given message.
CommentOn(ctx context.Context, clID, message string) error
// The ChangelistLandedUpdater interface is an abstraction around the code that tracks Changelists
// which land.
type ChangelistLandedUpdater interface {
// UpdateChangelistsAsLanded goes through the given commits and marks any Changelist
// objects as Landed. For those that are marked as landed, it should update the master
// branch's Expectations as well.
UpdateChangelistsAsLanded(ctx context.Context, commits []*vcsinfo.LongCommit) error
// The ChangelistCommenter interface is an abstraction around the code which comments on CLs in
// the Code Review System to which they belong.
type ChangelistCommenter interface {
// CommentOnChangelistsWithUntriagedDigests comments (exactly once per patchset) on a Changelist
// with unknown
CommentOnChangelistsWithUntriagedDigests(ctx context.Context) error
// ErrNotFound is an error used to indicate something could not be found.
// TODO(kjlubick) This model of err checking is potentially brittle, perhaps something like
// is better, or using errors.Is
var ErrNotFound = errors.New("not found")
type Changelist struct {
// SystemID is expected to be unique between all Changelists for a given system and repo.
SystemID string
Owner string
Status CLStatus
Subject string
Updated time.Time
type CLStatus int
const (
Open CLStatus = iota
func (c CLStatus) String() string {
switch c {
case Open:
return "Open"
case Abandoned:
return "Abandoned"
case Landed:
return "Landed"
return "<unknown>"
type Patchset struct {
// SystemID may or may not be unique for all Patchsets for a given system.
// Definitely unique for a given Changelist.
SystemID string
// ChangelistID is the id that the Patchset belongs to.
ChangelistID string
// It is convenient to think about Patchsets starting at 1 and increasing
// monotonically. This gives some measure of time/progress. Order is the
// index of this Patchset relative to all other Patchsets on this CL.
Order int
GitHash string
// Created is the timestamp that this Patchset was created. It is used to determine
// "most recent" Patchset and is provided by the CodeReviewSystem.
Created time.Time
// CommentedOnCL are used to keep track of "Do we need to notify
// the user about UntriagedDigests for this code?" and "Did we notify them?".
CommentedOnCL bool