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// Code generated by mockery v0.0.0-dev. DO NOT EDIT.
package mocks
import (
context "context"
testing "testing"
mock ""
vcsinfo ""
// ChangelistLandedUpdater is an autogenerated mock type for the ChangelistLandedUpdater type
type ChangelistLandedUpdater struct {
// UpdateChangelistsAsLanded provides a mock function with given fields: ctx, commits
func (_m *ChangelistLandedUpdater) UpdateChangelistsAsLanded(ctx context.Context, commits []*vcsinfo.LongCommit) error {
ret := _m.Called(ctx, commits)
var r0 error
if rf, ok := ret.Get(0).(func(context.Context, []*vcsinfo.LongCommit) error); ok {
r0 = rf(ctx, commits)
} else {
r0 = ret.Error(0)
return r0
// NewChangelistLandedUpdater creates a new instance of ChangelistLandedUpdater. It also registers a cleanup function to assert the mocks expectations.
func NewChangelistLandedUpdater(t testing.TB) *ChangelistLandedUpdater {
mock := &ChangelistLandedUpdater{}
t.Cleanup(func() { mock.AssertExpectations(t) })
return mock