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package main
import (
func TestAddJSONRoute_ValidRoute_Success(t *testing.T) {
test := func(router *mux.Router, jsonRoute, expectedResponse string, callCountMetricExpectedToIncrease metrics2.Counter) {
// Mock HTTP request and response.
req, err := http.NewRequest("GET", jsonRoute, nil)
require.NoError(t, err)
rr := httptest.NewRecorder()
// Call code under test, keeping track of the metric value.
countBefore := callCountMetricExpectedToIncrease.Get()
router.ServeHTTP(rr, req)
countAfter := callCountMetricExpectedToIncrease.Get()
assert.Equal(t, http.StatusOK, rr.Code)
assert.Equal(t, expectedResponse, rr.Body.String())
assert.Equal(t, int64(0), countBefore)
assert.Equal(t, int64(1), countAfter)
// We will use the string written by our fake handler functions to assert that each route added
// with addJSONRoute is associated with the right handler function.
fakeHandler := func(body string) http.HandlerFunc {
return func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
_, err := w.Write([]byte(body))
require.NoError(t, err)
// Set up some routes to test against.
router := mux.NewRouter()
addJSONRoute("/json/foo", fakeHandler("hello from /foo unversioned"), router, "")
addJSONRoute("/json/v1/foo", fakeHandler("hello from /foo v1"), router, "")
addJSONRoute("/json/v2/foo", fakeHandler("hello from /foo v2"), router, "")
addJSONRoute("/json/bar", fakeHandler("hello from /bar unversioned"), router, "")
addJSONRoute("/json/v1/bar", fakeHandler("hello from /bar v1"), router, "")
addJSONRoute("/json/v10/foo/{bar}/{baz}", fakeHandler("hello from /foo/{bar}/{baz} v10"), router, "")
prefixedRouter := router.NewRoute().PathPrefix("/json").Subrouter()
addJSONRoute("/json/qux", fakeHandler("hello from /qux unversioned"), prefixedRouter, "/json")
addJSONRoute("/json/v1/qux", fakeHandler("hello from /qux v1"), prefixedRouter, "/json")
counterFor := func(route, version string) metrics2.Counter {
return metrics2.GetCounter(web.RPCCallCounterMetric, map[string]string{
"route": route,
"version": version,
// Test against routes from the root router.
test(router, "/json/foo", "hello from /foo unversioned", counterFor("/foo", "v0"))
test(router, "/json/v1/foo", "hello from /foo v1", counterFor("/foo", "v1"))
test(router, "/json/v2/foo", "hello from /foo v2", counterFor("/foo", "v2"))
test(router, "/json/bar", "hello from /bar unversioned", counterFor("/bar", "v0"))
test(router, "/json/v1/bar", "hello from /bar v1", counterFor("/bar", "v1"))
test(router, "/json/v10/foo/hello/world", "hello from /foo/{bar}/{baz} v10", counterFor("/foo/{bar}/{baz}", "v10"))
// Test against routes from the prefixed router.
test(router, "/json/qux", "hello from /qux unversioned", counterFor("/qux", "v0"))
test(router, "/json/v1/qux", "hello from /qux v1", counterFor("/qux", "v1"))
func TestAddJSONRoute_InvalidRoute_Panics(t *testing.T) {
test := func(routerPathPrefix, jsonRoute, expectedError string) {
require.PanicsWithValue(t, expectedError, func() {
router := mux.NewRouter()
addJSONRoute(jsonRoute, func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {}, router, routerPathPrefix)
}, jsonRoute)
// Route is not prefixed with the router's path prefix.
test("/json/alpha", "/json/beta/foo", `Prefix "/json/alpha" not found in JSON RPC route: /json/beta/foo`)
// Interesting edge cases.
test("", "/json", "Unrecognized JSON RPC route format: /json")
test("", "/json/", "Unrecognized JSON RPC route format: /json/")
test("", "/json/v0/myrpc", "JSON RPC version cannot be 0: /json/v0/myrpc")
// Other invalid routes.
test("", "", "Unrecognized JSON RPC route format: ")
test("", "/", "Unrecognized JSON RPC route format: /")
test("", "/foo", "Unrecognized JSON RPC route format: /foo")
test("", "/foo/", "Unrecognized JSON RPC route format: /foo/")
test("", "/foo/bar", "Unrecognized JSON RPC route format: /foo/bar")