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package config
import (
func TestParseCfg(t *testing.T) {
dir := testutils.TestDataDir(t)
configFile := filepath.Join(dir, "test-config.json")
cfgContents, err := ioutil.ReadFile(configFile)
require.Nil(t, err)
supportedBranchDeps, err := ParseCfg(cfgContents)
require.Nil(t, err)
require.Len(t, supportedBranchDeps, 1)
bp := supportedBranchDeps[0]
require.Equal(t, "skiabot-test", bp.SourceRepo)
require.Equal(t, "c1", bp.SourceBranch)
require.Equal(t, "skiabot-test", bp.TargetRepo)
require.Equal(t, "c3", bp.TargetBranch)
require.Equal(t, "Test custom message", bp.CustomMessage)
func TestParseCfgInvalid(t *testing.T) {
supportedBranchDeps, err := ParseCfg([]byte("Hi Mom!"))
require.Nil(t, supportedBranchDeps)
require.Error(t, err)
require.Regexp(t, `Failed to parse the config file with contents:
Hi Mom!: invalid character 'H' looking for beginning of value`, err.Error())