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# Install Intel Graphics Driver for Skylake and later GPUs; applies only to group "skylake".
- hosts: skylake
- name: Create Temp
path: c:\Temp
state: directory
# For v25.20.100.6519, the Intel driver download page only has a ZIP available. If we want to
# switch back to using the EXE in the future, see git history.
- name: Copy the Intel Graphics Driver Skylake ZIP to the host
src: "{{ win_package_src }}/Intel Graphics Skylake"
dest: c:\Temp\
- name: Extract the Intel Graphics Skylake driver ZIP
src: c:\Temp\
dest: C:\Temp\Intel
# The Intel driver uses the same product_id for multiple versions, so win_package doesn't work.
- name: Install Intel Graphics Driver for Skylake and later
# See
# The "-overwrite" option allows downgrading the driver if a newer one is already installed for
# some reason (e.g. Windows Update). "-s" means silent.
win_command: c:\Temp\Intel\igxpin.exe -overwrite -s
- name: Cleanup Intel
path: c:\Temp\Intel
state: absent
- name: Cleanup ZIP
path: c:\Temp\
state: absent