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# Launches the test_machine_monitor executable, but not before checking if there
# is an updated executable.
# Background: On Windows you can't delete or overwrite an executable that is
# running, so we always write new executables to test_machine_monitor2.exe and
# then this script, which only runs when test_machine_monitor.exe is not
# running, can then overwrite test_machine_monitor.exe with
# test_machine_monitor2.exe.
$newfile = '.\test_machine_monitor2.exe'
$oldfile = '.\test_machine_monitor.exe'
# If the file exists, move it over test_machine_monitor.exe.
if (Test-Path -Path $newfile -PathType Leaf) {
# Remove the old one if it exists.
if (Test-Path -Path $oldfile -PathType Leaf) {
Remove-Item -Path $oldfile -Force -ErrorAction Stop
Write-Host "The file [$oldfile] has been deleted."
# Overwrite the existing test_machine_monitor.exe.
Move-Item -Path $newfile -Destination $oldfile
Write-Host "[$newfile] has been overwritten."
else {
# If the file does not exist, then run the existing file.
Write-Host "Running existing [$oldfile], no newer version found."
# Set environment.
{% if install_test_machine_monitor__start_swarming is true %}
$Env:SWARMING_BOT_ID = '{{ ansible_facts['hostname'] }}'
{% endif %}
# Give network a chance to become ready. test_machine_monitor.exe fails to launch if the network is
# still offline. The sleep interval was chosen arbitrarily.
sleep 10
# Launch test_machine_monitor.
.\test_machine_monitor.exe `
--config=prod.json `
--prom_port=:{{ all.prometheus.monitoring.ports.test_machine_monitor}} `
--metadata_url=http://metadata:{{ all.metadata_server_port }}/computeMetadata/v1/instance/service-accounts/default/token `
{% if install_test_machine_monitor__start_swarming is true %}
--python_exe={{ win_python3_path }}\python.exe `
--start_swarming `
--swarming_bot_zip=C:\b\s\ `
{% endif %}