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* @module module/perf-scaffold-sk
* @description <h2><code>perf-scaffold-sk</code></h2>
* Contains the title bar and error-toast for all the Perf pages. The rest of
* every Perf page should be a child of this element.
import { define } from 'elements-sk/define';
import { html } from 'lit-html';
import { ElementSk } from '../../../infra-sk/modules/ElementSk';
import 'elements-sk/error-toast-sk';
import 'elements-sk/icon/add-alert-icon-sk';
import 'elements-sk/icon/build-icon-sk';
import 'elements-sk/icon/event-icon-sk';
import 'elements-sk/icon/folder-icon-sk';
import 'elements-sk/icon/help-icon-sk';
import 'elements-sk/icon/home-icon-sk';
import 'elements-sk/icon/sort-icon-sk';
import 'elements-sk/icon/trending-up-icon-sk';
import '../../../infra-sk/modules/alogin-sk';
import '../../../infra-sk/modules/theme-chooser-sk';
import '../../../infra-sk/modules/app-sk';
// The ID of a top level element under perf-scaffold-sk that will be moved under
// the right hand side nav bar.
const SIDEBAR_HELP_ID = 'sidebar_help';
* Moves the elements from a list to be the children of the target element.
* @param from - The list of elements we are moving.
* @param to - The new parent.
function move(from: HTMLCollection | NodeList, to: HTMLElement) { => to.appendChild(ele));
export class PerfScaffoldSk extends ElementSk {
private _main: HTMLElement | null = null;
private _help: HTMLElement | null = null;
constructor() {
private static template = (ele: PerfScaffoldSk) => html`
<header id=topbar>
<h1 class=name>Perf</h1>
<div class=spacer></div>
<alogin-sk url=/_/login/status></alogin-sk>
<aside id=sidebar>
<div id=links>
<a href="/e/" tab-index=0 ><home-icon-sk></home-icon-sk><span>Home</span></a>
<a href="/t/" tab-index=0 ><trending-up-icon-sk></trending-up-icon-sk><span>Triage</span></a>
<a href="/a/" tab-index=0 ><add-alert-icon-sk></add-alert-icon-sk><span>Alerts</span></a>
<a href="/d/" tab-index=0 ><build-icon-sk></build-icon-sk><span>Dry Run</span></a>
<a href="/c/" tab-index=0 ><sort-icon-sk></sort-icon-sk><span>Clustering<span></a>
<a href="http://go/perf-user-doc" tab-index=0 ><help-icon-sk></help-icon-sk><span>Help</span></a>
<div id=help>
connectedCallback(): void {
// Don't call more than once.
if (this._main) {
// We aren't using shadow dom so we need to manually move the children of
// perf-scaffold-sk to be children of 'main'. We have to do this for the
// existing elements and for all future mutations.
// Create a temporary holding spot for elements we're moving.
const div = document.createElement('div');
move(this.children, div);
// Now that we've moved all the old children out of the way we can render
// the template.
this._main = this.querySelector('main');
this._help = this.querySelector('#help');
// Move the old children back.
// Move all future children also.
const observer = new MutationObserver((mutList) => {
mutList.forEach((mut) => {
observer.observe(this, { childList: true });
// Place these newly added nodes in the right place under the perf-scaffold-sk
// element.
private redistributeAddedNodes(from: NodeList) { Node) => {
if ((node as Element).id === SIDEBAR_HELP_ID) {
} else {
define('perf-scaffold-sk', PerfScaffoldSk);