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package tracestore
import (
// Source is returned from GetLastNSources.
type Source struct {
// Filename is the filename of the file that was ingested.
Filename string
// CommitNumber of the point that was found.
CommitNumber types.CommitNumber
// TraceStore is the interface that all backends that store traces must
// implement. It is used by dfbuilder to build DataFrames and by the perf-tool
// to perform some common maintenance tasks.
type TraceStore interface {
// CommitNumberOfTileStart returns the types.CommitNumber at the beginning of the
// given tile.
CommitNumberOfTileStart(commitNumber types.CommitNumber) types.CommitNumber
// GetLatestTile returns the latest, i.e. the newest tile.
GetLatestTile(context.Context) (types.TileNumber, error)
// GetParamSet returns the OPS for the given tile.
GetParamSet(ctx context.Context, tileNumber types.TileNumber) (paramtools.ReadOnlyParamSet, error)
// GetSource returns the full URL of the file that contained the point at
// 'index' of trace 'traceId'.
GetSource(ctx context.Context, commitNumber types.CommitNumber, traceId string) (string, error)
// GetLastNSources returns the filename and commit number for each the last
// n commits to the given trace.
GetLastNSources(ctx context.Context, traceID string, n int) ([]Source, error)
// GetTraceIDsBySource returns all the traceIDs that came from a given
// ingested file.
GetTraceIDsBySource(ctx context.Context, sourceFilename string, tileNumber types.TileNumber) ([]string, error)
// OffsetFromCommitNumber returns the offset from within a Tile that a commit sits.
OffsetFromCommitNumber(commitNumber types.CommitNumber) int32
// QueryTraces returns a map of trace keys to a slice of floats for
// all traces that match the given query.
QueryTraces(ctx context.Context, tileNumber types.TileNumber, q *query.Query) (types.TraceSet, error)
// QueryTracesIDOnly returns a stream of ParamSets that match the
// given query.
// TODO(jcgregorio) Change to just return count and ParamSet.
QueryTracesIDOnly(ctx context.Context, tileNumber types.TileNumber, q *query.Query) (<-chan paramtools.Params, error)
// ReadTraces loads the traces for the given trace keys.
ReadTraces(ctx context.Context, tileNumber types.TileNumber, keys []string) (types.TraceSet, error)
// ReadTracesForCommitRange loads the traces for the given trace keys and
// between the begin and end commit, inclusive.
ReadTracesForCommitRange(ctx context.Context, keys []string, begin types.CommitNumber, end types.CommitNumber) (types.TraceSet, error)
// TileNumber returns the types.TileNumber that the commit is stored in.
TileNumber(commitNumber types.CommitNumber) types.TileNumber
// TileSize returns the size of a Tile.
TileSize() int32
// TraceCount returns the number of traces in a tile.
TraceCount(ctx context.Context, tileNumber types.TileNumber) (int64, error)
// WriteTraces writes the given values into the store.
// params is a slice of Params, where each one represents a single trace.
// values are the values to write, for each trace in params, at the offset
// given in types.CommitNumber. paramset is the ParamSet of all the params
// to be written. source is the filename where the data came from. timestamp
// is the timestamp when the data was generated.
// Note that 'params' and 'values' are parallel slices and thus need to
// match.
WriteTraces(ctx context.Context, commitNumber types.CommitNumber, params []paramtools.Params, values []float32, paramset paramtools.ParamSet, source string, timestamp time.Time) error