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// Package ingestevents is a package with helper functions for ingestion PubSub
// events, the ones that are sent when a file in done ingesting and received by
// a clusterer to trigger regression detection. See
package ingestevents
import (
// IngestEvent is the PubSub body that is sent from the ingesters each time
// a new file is ingested.
type IngestEvent struct {
// TraceIDs is a list of all the unencoded trace ids that appeared in the ingested file.
TraceIDs []string
// ParamSet is the unencoded ParamSet summary of TraceIDs.
ParamSet paramtools.ReadOnlyParamSet
// Filename of the file ingested.
Filename string
// CreatePubSubBody takes an IngestEvent and returns a byte slice that is a
// gzipp'd JSON encoded version of that event. We gzip the to stay below the
// 10MB limit for PubSub data.
func CreatePubSubBody(body *IngestEvent) ([]byte, error) {
var buf bytes.Buffer
err := util.WithGzipWriter(&buf, func(w io.Writer) error {
return json.NewEncoder(w).Encode(body)
return buf.Bytes(), skerr.Wrap(err)
// DecodePubSubBody decodes an IngestEvent encoded by CreatePubSubBody.
func DecodePubSubBody(b []byte) (*IngestEvent, error) {
var ret IngestEvent
buf := bytes.NewBuffer(b)
r, err := gzip.NewReader(buf)
if err != nil {
return nil, skerr.Wrapf(err, "Failed to decode gzip'd IngestEvent.")
if err := json.NewDecoder(r).Decode(&ret); err != nil {
return nil, skerr.Wrapf(err, "Failed to decode JSON IngestEvent.")
return &ret, nil