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// Package format is the format for ingestion files.
package format
import (
// BenchResult represents a single test result.
// Used in BenchData.
// Expected to be a map of strings to float64s, with the
// exception of the "options" entry which should be a
// map[string]string.
type BenchResult map[string]interface{}
// BenchResults is the dictionary of individual BenchResult structs.
// Used in BenchData.
type BenchResults map[string]BenchResult
// BenchData is the top level struct for decoding the nanobench JSON format. All
// other ingestion should use the FileFormat format.
type BenchData struct {
Hash string `json:"gitHash"`
Issue string `json:"issue"`
PatchSet string `json:"patchset"`
Source string `json:"source"` // Where the data came from.
Key map[string]string `json:"key"`
Options map[string]string `json:"options"`
Results map[string]BenchResults `json:"results"`
PatchStorage string `json:"patch_storage"`
// ParseBenchDataFromReader parses the stream out of the io.Reader into
// BenchData. The caller is responsible for calling Close on the reader.
func ParseLegacyFormat(r io.Reader) (*BenchData, error) {
var benchData BenchData
if err := json.NewDecoder(r).Decode(&benchData); err != nil {
return nil, fmt.Errorf("Failed to decode JSON: %s", err)
return &benchData, nil