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# Tags the version of the application to be used by Ansible playbooks.
# See http://go/skia-ansible-binaries
set -e
set -x
set -o pipefail
if [ $# -ne 2 ]; then
echo "$0 <application> <version>"
exit 1
# Create temp dir and cd into it.
cd `mktemp -d`
# Clone k8s-config.
git clone
cd k8s-config
# Create a branch.
git new-branch update-version
# Write the tag file.
mkdir -p ./ansible-tags/$APPNAME
echo $VERSION > ./ansible-tags/$APPNAME/version.txt
# Commit via rubberstamper.
git add ./ansible-tags/$APPNAME/version.txt
git commit -m "Update Ansible version of $APPNAME to $VERSION."
git cl upload \
--skip-title \
--reviewers="" \
--enable-auto-submit \
--send-mail \