jumper, maybe we can just use constants

As long as everything is laid out the same way they were originally, I don't
think there's any reason we can't just use %rip-relative addressing on x86-64.
Basically, we just need to keep all the sections together in order.

Somewhat subtly we cannot just use -D to disassemble all sections.  -D will
double-disassemble[1] some bytes, which throws off our %rip-relative addressing
of constants.  You can see this in PS1.  So we whitelist sections instead.

[1], from man objdump:
   This option also has a subtle effect on the disassembly of instructions in code
   sections.  When option -d is in effect objdump will assume that any symbols
   present in a code section occur on the boundary between instructions and it will
   refuse to disassemble across such a boundary.  When option -D is in effect however
   this assumption is supressed.  This means that it is possible for the output of -d
   and -D to differ if, for example, data is stored in code sections.

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