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Xbyak 6.61 Badge Build

A C++ JIT assembler for x86 (IA32), x64 (AMD64, x86-64)



Xbyak is a C++ header library that enables dynamically to assemble x86(IA32), x64(AMD64, x86-64) mnemonic.

The pronunciation of Xbyak is kəi-bja-k. It is named from a Japanese word 開闢, which means the beginning of the world.


  • header file only
  • Intel/MASM like syntax
  • fully support AVX-512

Note: Use and_(), or_(), ... instead of and(), or(). If you want to use them, then specify -fno-operator-names option to gcc/clang.


  • add movdiri, movdir64b, clwb, cldemote
  • WAITPKG instructions (tpause, umonitor, umwait) are supported.
  • MmapAllocator supports memfd with user-defined strings. see sample/memfd.cpp
  • strictly check address offset disp32 in a signed 32-bit integer. e.g., ptr[(void*)0xffffffff] causes an error.
    • define XBYAK_OLD_DISP_CHECK if you need an old check, but the option will be remoevd.
  • add jmp(mem, T_FAR), call(mem, T_FAR) retf() for far absolute indirect jump.
  • vnni instructions such as vpdpbusd supports vex encoding.
  • (break backward compatibility) push(byte, imm) (resp. push(word, imm)) forces to cast imm to 8(resp. 16) bit.
  • (Windows) #include <winsock2.h> has been removed from xbyak.h, so add it explicitly if you need it.
  • support exception-less mode see. Exception-less mode
  • XBYAK_USE_MMAP_ALLOCATOR will be defined on Linux/macOS unless XBYAK_DONT_USE_MMAP_ALLOCATOR is defined.

Supported OS

  • Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 10, 11) (32 / 64 bit)
  • Linux (32 / 64 bit)
  • macOS (Intel CPU)

Supported Compilers

Almost C++03 or later compilers for x86/x64 such as Visual Studio, g++, clang++, Intel C++ compiler and g++ on mingw/cygwin.


BSD-3-Clause License


光成滋生 Mitsunari Shigeo

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