Fixed bug 3696 - SDL_ShowMessageBox displays different error from intended

Mark Callow

SDL_ShowMessageBox calls SDL_CaptureMouse which, in the UIKit driver, raises a “That operation is not supported” error, overwriting the SDL error that an application may be trying to report.

This is because UIKit SDL_CaptureMouse returns SDL_Unsupported() which ends up calling SDL_SetError() which has the following code:

    /* If we are in debug mode, print out an error message */
    SDL_LogDebug(SDL_LOG_CATEGORY_ERROR, "%s", SDL_GetError());

The SDL_GetError call here overwrites the static buffer…..

Although an application can avoid this by using SDL_GetErrorMsg(char* errstr,  int maxlen) to avoid the static buffer, SDL should be fixed.

The fix is simple. In SDL_SetError change

    SDL_LogDebug(SDL_LOG_CATEGORY_ERROR, "%s", SDL_GetError());


    SDL_LogDebug(SDL_LOG_CATEGORY_ERROR, "%s", error);

where error is the pointer to the buffer where it assembled the message.
1 file changed