Fixed CVE-2019-7635 and bug 4498 - Heap-Buffer Overflow in Blit1to4 pertaining to SDL_blit_1.c

Petr Pisar

The root cause is that the POC BMP file declares 3 colors used and 4 bpp palette, but pixel at line 28 and column 1 (counted from 0) has color number 3. Then when the image loaded into a surface is passed to SDL_DisplayFormat(), in order to convert it to a video format, a used bliting function looks up a color number 3 in a 3-element long color bliting map. (The map obviously has the same number entries as the surface format has colors.)

Proper fix should refuse broken BMP images that have a pixel with a color index higher than declared number of "used" colors. Possibly more advanced fix could try to relocate the out-of-range color index into a vacant index (if such exists).
1 file changed