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/* See COPYING.txt for the full license governing this code. */
* \file SDL_visualtest_sut_configparser.h
* Header for the parser for SUT config files.
#ifndef SDL_visualtest_sut_configparser_h_
#define SDL_visualtest_sut_configparser_h_
/** Maximum length of the name of an SUT option */
/** Maximum length of the name of a category of an SUT option */
/** Maximum length of one enum value of an SUT option */
/** Maximum length of a line in the paramters file */
/* Set up for C function definitions, even when using C++ */
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
* Describes the different kinds of options to the SUT.
typedef enum {
} SDLVisualTest_SUTOptionType;
* Represents the range of values an integer option can take.
typedef struct SDLVisualTest_SUTIntRange {
/*! Minimum value of the integer option */
int min;
/*! Maximum value of the integer option */
int max;
} SDLVisualTest_SUTIntRange;
* Struct that defines an option to be passed to the SUT.
typedef struct SDLVisualTest_SUTOption {
/*! The name of the option. This is what you would pass in the command line
along with two leading hyphens. */
/*! An array of categories that the option belongs to. The last element is
NULL. */
char** categories;
/*! Type of the option - integer, boolean, etc. */
SDLVisualTest_SUTOptionType type;
/*! Whether the option is required or not */
SDL_bool required;
/*! extra data that is required for certain types */
union {
/*! This field is valid only for integer type options; it defines the
valid range for such an option */
SDLVisualTest_SUTIntRange range;
/*! This field is valid only for enum type options; it holds the list of values
that the option can take. The last element is NULL */
char** enum_values;
} data;
} SDLVisualTest_SUTOption;
* Struct to hold all the options to an SUT application.
typedef struct SDLVisualTest_SUTConfig
/*! Pointer to an array of options */
SDLVisualTest_SUTOption* options;
/*! Number of options in \c options */
int num_options;
} SDLVisualTest_SUTConfig;
* Parses a configuration file that describes the command line options an SUT
* application will take and populates a SUT config object. All lines in the
* config file must be smaller than
* \param file Path to the configuration file.
* \param config Pointer to an object that represents an SUT configuration.
* \return zero on failure, non-zero on success
int SDLVisualTest_ParseSUTConfig(char* file, SDLVisualTest_SUTConfig* config);
* Free any resources associated with the config object pointed to by \c config.
void SDLVisualTest_FreeSUTConfig(SDLVisualTest_SUTConfig* config);
/* Ends C function definitions when using C++ */
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* SDL_visualtest_sut_configparser_h_ */
/* vi: set ts=4 sw=4 expandtab: */