Fixed bug 4450 - SDL_mouse.c fails to compile with CMake generated Visual Studio files if SDL_VIDEO_VULKAN 0/undefined

Max Waine

SDL_mouse.c, if compiled for Windows, requires GetDoubleClickTime to compile (available from winuser.h). Without Vulkan present this fails to compile as the include chain for winuser.h is the following.

SDL_mouse.c -> SDL_sysvideo.h -> SDL_vulkan_internal.h -> SDL_windows.h -> windows.h -> winuser.h.
Problem is that SDL_vulkan_internal.h doesn't include SDL_windows.h if Vulkan isn't present, so under MinGW/GCC it will give a -Wimplicit-function-declaration warning for GetDoubleClickTime, and under MSVC fails to compile completely.

The solution to this would be to simplify the include chain: including SDL_windows.h under the same condition as GetDoubleClickTime (#ifdef __WIN32__) in SDL_mouse.c (or another file that isn't quite so indirectly included).
1 file changed