Fixed bug 3699 - Shaped windows are distorted unless width is divisible by 8


On X11, windows created using the shaped window API appear distorted unless the width of the shape surface is divisible by 8.

Steps to reproduce:

    1) Use your favorite image editor to resize one of the images in test/shapes/ to a width that's not a multiple of 8.
    2) Compile and run test/testshape.c on the image you edited.
    3) The shaped window will appear twisted and distorted.

It appears the bug was not caught sooner because all the test images are either 640 or 256 pixels wide.

I tracked down the bug to SDL_CalculateShapeBitmap() in SDL_shape.c. The shape surface is reduced to a 1-bit-per-pixel mask, but the original code doesn't take into account that X11 apparently wants each scanline to begin on a new byte.
1 file changed