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// SplashClip.h
// Modified under the Poppler project -
// All changes made under the Poppler project to this file are licensed
// under GPL version 2 or later
// Copyright (C) 2010 Albert Astals Cid <>
// To see a description of the changes please see the Changelog file that
// came with your tarball or type make ChangeLog if you are building from git
#pragma interface
#include "SplashTypes.h"
#include "SplashMath.h"
#include "SplashXPathScanner.h"
class SplashPath;
class SplashXPath;
class SplashBitmap;
enum SplashClipResult {
// SplashClip
class SplashClip {
// Create a clip, for the given rectangle.
SplashClip(SplashCoord x0, SplashCoord y0,
SplashCoord x1, SplashCoord y1,
GBool antialiasA);
// Copy a clip.
SplashClip *copy() { return new SplashClip(this); }
// Reset the clip to a rectangle.
void resetToRect(SplashCoord x0, SplashCoord y0,
SplashCoord x1, SplashCoord y1);
// Intersect the clip with a rectangle.
SplashError clipToRect(SplashCoord x0, SplashCoord y0,
SplashCoord x1, SplashCoord y1);
// Interesect the clip with <path>.
SplashError clipToPath(SplashPath *path, SplashCoord *matrix,
SplashCoord flatness, GBool eo);
// Returns true if (<x>,<y>) is inside the clip.
GBool test(int x, int y)
int i;
// check the rectangle
if (x < xMinI || x > xMaxI || y < yMinI || y > yMaxI) {
return gFalse;
// check the paths
if (antialias) {
for (i = 0; i < length; ++i) {
if (!scanners[i]->test(x * splashAASize, y * splashAASize)) {
return gFalse;
} else {
for (i = 0; i < length; ++i) {
if (!scanners[i]->test(x, y)) {
return gFalse;
return gTrue;
// Tests a rectangle against the clipping region. Returns one of:
// - splashClipAllInside if the entire rectangle is inside the
// clipping region, i.e., all pixels in the rectangle are
// visible
// - splashClipAllOutside if the entire rectangle is outside the
// clipping region, i.e., all the pixels in the rectangle are
// clipped
// - splashClipPartial if the rectangle is part inside and part
// outside the clipping region
SplashClipResult testRect(int rectXMin, int rectYMin,
int rectXMax, int rectYMax);
// Similar to testRect, but tests a horizontal span.
SplashClipResult testSpan(int spanXMin, int spanXMax, int spanY);
// Clips an anti-aliased line by setting pixels to zero. On entry,
// all non-zero pixels are between <x0> and <x1>. This function
// will update <x0> and <x1>.
void clipAALine(SplashBitmap *aaBuf, int *x0, int *x1, int y);
// Get the rectangle part of the clip region.
SplashCoord getXMin() { return xMin; }
SplashCoord getXMax() { return xMax; }
SplashCoord getYMin() { return yMin; }
SplashCoord getYMax() { return yMax; }
// Get the rectangle part of the clip region, in integer coordinates.
int getXMinI() { return xMinI; }
int getXMaxI() { return xMaxI; }
int getYMinI() { return yMinI; }
int getYMaxI() { return yMaxI; }
// Get the number of arbitrary paths used by the clip region.
int getNumPaths() { return length; }
SplashClip(SplashClip *clip);
void grow(int nPaths);
GBool antialias;
SplashCoord xMin, yMin, xMax, yMax;
int xMinI, yMinI, xMaxI, yMaxI;
SplashXPath **paths;
Guchar *flags;
SplashXPathScanner **scanners;
int length, size;