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.\" Copyright 2011 The Poppler Developers -
.TH pdfseparate 1 "15 September 2011"
pdfseparate \- Portable Document Format (PDF) page extractor
.B pdfseparate
.I PDF-file PDF-page-pattern
.B pdfseparate
extract single pages from a Portable Document Format (PDF).
pdfseparate reads the PDF file
.IR PDF-file ,
extracts one or more pages, and writes one PDF file for each page to
.IR PDF-page-pattern.
PDF-page-pattern should contain
.BR %d
(or any variant respecting printf format), since %d is replaced by the page number.
The PDF-file should not be encrypted.
.BI \-f " number"
Specifies the first page to extract. If \-f is omitted, extraction starts with page 1.
.BI \-l " number"
Specifies the last page to extract. If \-l is omitted, extraction ends with the last page.
.B \-v
Print copyright and version information.
.B \-h
Print usage information.
.RB ( \-help
.B \-\-help
are equivalent.)
pdfseparate sample.pdf sample-%d.pdf
extracts all pages from sample.pdf, if i.e. sample.pdf has 3 pages, it produces
sample-1.pdf, sample-2.pdf, sample-3.pdf
The pdfseparate software and documentation are copyright 1996-2004 Glyph
& Cog, LLC and copyright 2005-2011 The Poppler Developers -
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