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// SplashFont.h
#pragma interface
#include "goo/gtypes.h"
#include "SplashTypes.h"
struct SplashGlyphBitmap;
struct SplashFontCacheTag;
class SplashFontFile;
class SplashPath;
// Fractional positioning uses this many bits to the right of the
// decimal points.
#define splashFontFractionBits 2
#define splashFontFraction (1 << splashFontFractionBits)
#define splashFontFractionMul (1 / (SplashCoord)splashFontFraction)
// SplashFont
class SplashFont {
SplashFont(SplashFontFile *fontFileA, SplashCoord *matA, GBool aaA);
// This must be called after the constructor, so that the subclass
// constructor has a chance to compute the bbox.
void initCache();
virtual ~SplashFont();
SplashFontFile *getFontFile() { return fontFile; }
// Return true if <this> matches the specified font file and matrix.
GBool matches(SplashFontFile *fontFileA, SplashCoord *matA) {
return fontFileA == fontFile &&
matA[0] == mat[0] && matA[1] == mat[1] &&
matA[2] == mat[2] && matA[3] == mat[3];
// Get a glyph - this does a cache lookup first, and if not found,
// creates a new bitmap and adds it to the cache. The <xFrac> and
// <yFrac> values are splashFontFractionBits bits each, representing
// the numerators of fractions in [0, 1), where the denominator is
// splashFontFraction = 1 << splashFontFractionBits. Subclasses
// should override this to zero out xFrac and/or yFrac if they don't
// support fractional coordinates.
virtual GBool getGlyph(int c, int xFrac, int yFrac,
SplashGlyphBitmap *bitmap);
// Rasterize a glyph. The <xFrac> and <yFrac> values are the same
// as described for getGlyph.
virtual GBool makeGlyph(int c, int xFrac, int yFrac,
SplashGlyphBitmap *bitmap) = 0;
// Return the path for a glyph.
virtual SplashPath *getGlyphPath(int c) = 0;
SplashFontFile *fontFile;
SplashCoord mat[4]; // font transform matrix
GBool aa; // anti-aliasing
int xMin, yMin, xMax, yMax; // glyph bounding box
Guchar *cache; // glyph bitmap cache
SplashFontCacheTag * // cache tags
int glyphW, glyphH; // size of glyph bitmaps
int glyphSize; // size of glyph bitmaps, in bytes
int cacheSets; // number of sets in cache
int cacheAssoc; // cache associativity (glyphs per set)