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// OutputDev.h
// Copyright 1996-2003 Glyph & Cog, LLC
#pragma interface
#include <poppler-config.h>
#include "goo/gtypes.h"
#include "CharTypes.h"
class GooString;
class Object;
class GfxState;
class GfxColorSpace;
class GfxImageColorMap;
class Stream;
class Link;
class Catalog;
// OutputDev
class OutputDev {
// Constructor.
OutputDev() {}
// Destructor.
virtual ~OutputDev() {}
//----- get info about output device
// Does this device use upside-down coordinates?
// (Upside-down means (0,0) is the top left corner of the page.)
virtual GBool upsideDown() = 0;
// Does this device use drawChar() or drawString()?
virtual GBool useDrawChar() = 0;
// Does this device use beginType3Char/endType3Char? Otherwise,
// text in Type 3 fonts will be drawn with drawChar/drawString.
virtual GBool interpretType3Chars() = 0;
// Does this device need non-text content?
virtual GBool needNonText() { return gTrue; }
//----- initialization and control
// Set default transform matrix.
virtual void setDefaultCTM(double *ctm);
// Start a page.
virtual void startPage(int pageNum, GfxState *state) {}
// End a page.
virtual void endPage() {}
// Dump page contents to display.
virtual void dump() {}
//----- coordinate conversion
// Convert between device and user coordinates.
virtual void cvtDevToUser(double dx, double dy, double *ux, double *uy);
virtual void cvtUserToDev(double ux, double uy, int *dx, int *dy);
//----- link borders
virtual void drawLink(Link *link, Catalog *catalog) {}
//----- save/restore graphics state
virtual void saveState(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void restoreState(GfxState *state) {}
//----- update graphics state
virtual void updateAll(GfxState *state);
virtual void updateCTM(GfxState *state, double m11, double m12,
double m21, double m22, double m31, double m32) {}
virtual void updateLineDash(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void updateFlatness(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void updateLineJoin(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void updateLineCap(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void updateMiterLimit(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void updateLineWidth(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void updateFillColor(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void updateStrokeColor(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void updateFillOpacity(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void updateStrokeOpacity(GfxState *state) {}
//----- update text state
virtual void updateFont(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void updateTextMat(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void updateCharSpace(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void updateRender(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void updateRise(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void updateWordSpace(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void updateHorizScaling(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void updateTextPos(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void updateTextShift(GfxState *state, double shift) {}
//----- path painting
virtual void stroke(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void fill(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void eoFill(GfxState *state) {}
//----- path clipping
virtual void clip(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void eoClip(GfxState *state) {}
//----- text drawing
virtual void beginString(GfxState *state, GooString *s) {}
virtual void endString(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void drawChar(GfxState *state, double x, double y,
double dx, double dy,
double originX, double originY,
CharCode code, Unicode *u, int uLen) {}
virtual void drawString(GfxState *state, GooString *s) {}
virtual GBool beginType3Char(GfxState *state, double x, double y,
double dx, double dy,
CharCode code, Unicode *u, int uLen);
virtual void endType3Char(GfxState *state) {}
virtual void endTextObject(GfxState *state) {}
//----- image drawing
virtual void drawImageMask(GfxState *state, Object *ref, Stream *str,
int width, int height, GBool invert,
GBool inlineImg);
virtual void drawImage(GfxState *state, Object *ref, Stream *str,
int width, int height, GfxImageColorMap *colorMap,
int *maskColors, GBool inlineImg);
//----- OPI functions
virtual void opiBegin(GfxState *state, Dict *opiDict);
virtual void opiEnd(GfxState *state, Dict *opiDict);
//----- Type 3 font operators
virtual void type3D0(GfxState *state, double wx, double wy) {}
virtual void type3D1(GfxState *state, double wx, double wy,
double llx, double lly, double urx, double ury) {}
//----- PostScript XObjects
virtual void psXObject(Stream *psStream, Stream *level1Stream) {}
double defCTM[6]; // default coordinate transform matrix
double defICTM[6]; // inverse of default CTM