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Release 0.4.5
- Security update; CVE-2006-0301.
Release 0.4.4
- Security update; CVE-2005-3624, CVE-2005-3625, CVE-2005-3627.
- Fix KDE bug #119569, endless loop in jpeg decoder.
Release 0.4.3
- Fix selection crasher (Nickolay V. Shmyrev, #4402).
- Fix printing problem for single page output (#4555).
- Fix miscelanous compile problems/warnings.
- CVE-2005-3191 and CAN-2005-2097 security fixes.
Release 0.4.2
- Fix a rotation bug.
- Fix freetype pkg-config check
- Default to built-in decompression.
Release 0.4.1
- Fix and simplify glib rotation API.
- Fix build issue with freetype flags.
Release 0.4.0
- Real text selection.
- API breakage in glib wrapper: dropping dest_x and dest_y
arguments from poppler_page_render_to_pixbuf().
- Updates to glib printing API from Martin Kretzschmar to
support setting paper size and duplex from the application.
- Much work on Qt4 bindings and Arthur output device. Still
work in progress, thouhg.
Release 0.3.3
- New glib API to get document font information (Marco).
- More document properties available as glib properties (Emil
Soleyman-Zomalan, #3359)
- Optimize color conversion for images.
- Support for constant opacity.
- Fix problems with pkg-config files.
- Bugs fixes: #3491, #2911, #3362, #3340, #3265, #3239, #3396.
Release 0.3.2
- New API to get poppler version and backend type.
- Various font fixes from Albert Astals Cid.
- Update to cairo 0.5.0 API, including better font support.
- Meta data for the glib binding.
Release 0.3.1
- Add qt/poppler-private.h to SOURCES
- Jeff's path to use zlib instead of builtin decompression.
- Bug fixes: #2934, segfault on invalid links, #3114
Release 0.3.0
- First cut at qt wrapper, including a getText() method for
getting text from a page.
- More glib functionality: meta data, set page orientation,
print to PS
- Performance fixes for glib cairo
- Bug fixes
Release 0.2.0 (Tue Apr 5 12:32:10 EDT 2005)
- Add glib wrapper for poppler, which will use cairo rendering
if available
- Support for page labels
- configure and build fixes.
Release 0.1.2 (Wed Mar 9 10:45:58 EST 2005)
- cairo optimizations and fixes from Jeff Muizelaar
- Bump cairo requirement to 0.4
- Make cairo and gtk checks fail gracefully
Release 0.1.1
- Fix issues with installed header files including config.h
- Fix a couple of typos in pkg-config files
- Install splash and cairo header files when necessary
Release 0.1 - no date yet
- First release
- More NEWS here