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// SplashXPathScanner.h
#pragma interface
#include "SplashTypes.h"
class SplashXPath;
class SplashBitmap;
struct SplashIntersect;
// SplashXPathScanner
class SplashXPathScanner {
// Create a new SplashXPathScanner object. <xPathA> must be sorted.
SplashXPathScanner(SplashXPath *xPathA, GBool eoA);
// Return the path's bounding box.
void getBBox(int *xMinA, int *yMinA, int *xMaxA, int *yMaxA)
{ *xMinA = xMin; *yMinA = yMin; *xMaxA = xMax; *yMaxA = yMax; }
// Return the path's bounding box.
void getBBoxAA(int *xMinA, int *yMinA, int *xMaxA, int *yMaxA);
// Return the min/max x values for the span at <y>.
void getSpanBounds(int y, int *spanXMin, int *spanXMax);
// Returns true if (<x>,<y>) is inside the path.
GBool test(int x, int y);
// Returns true if the entire span ([<x0>,<x1>], <y>) is inside the
// path.
GBool testSpan(int x0, int x1, int y);
// Returns the next span inside the path at <y>. If <y> is
// different than the previous call to getNextSpan, this returns the
// first span at <y>; otherwise it returns the next span (relative
// to the previous call to getNextSpan). Returns false if there are
// no more spans at <y>.
GBool getNextSpan(int y, int *x0, int *x1);
// Renders one anti-aliased line into <aaBuf>. Returns the min and
// max x coordinates with non-zero pixels in <x0> and <x1>.
void renderAALine(SplashBitmap *aaBuf, int *x0, int *x1, int y);
// Clips an anti-aliased line by setting pixels to zero. On entry,
// all non-zero pixels are between <x0> and <x1>. This function
// will update <x0> and <x1>.
void clipAALine(SplashBitmap *aaBuf, int *x0, int *x1, int y);
void computeIntersections(int y);
SplashXPath *xPath;
GBool eo;
int xMin, yMin, xMax, yMax;
int interY; // current y value
int interIdx; // current index into <inter> - used by
// getNextSpan
int interCount; // current EO/NZWN counter - used by
// getNextSpan
int xPathIdx; // current index into <xPath> - used by
// computeIntersections
SplashIntersect *inter; // intersections array for <interY>
int interLen; // number of intersections in <inter>
int interSize; // size of the <inter> array