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Internet Engineering Task Force M. Sustrik, Ed.
Intended status: Informational June 5, 2014
Expires: December 7, 2014
List of SP protocol IDs
This document is intended to be a central repository of SP protocol
IDs. The intention is to pass the task to IANA later on.
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Internet-Draft List of SP protocol IDs June 2014
1. Introduction
Different mappings for scalability protocols (see, for example
SPoverTCP [SPoverTCP]) define a protocol header which in turn
contains SP endpoint type ID. The ID consists of protocol ID and end
the endpoint role:
| Protocol ID (12 bits) | Endpoint role (4 bits) |
Protocol IDs denote the SP protocol used (such as request/reply or
publish/subscribe), while endpoint role determines the role of the
endpoint within the topology (requester vs. replier, publisher vs.
subscriber etc.) Both numbers are in network byte order.
Protocol IDs are global, while endpoint roles are specific to any
given protocol. As such, protocol IDs are defined in this document,
while endpoint roles are defined in specific SP protocol RFCs.
Note that there's no versioning of SP protocols. New versions of old
protocols should register with new protocol ID.
2. Protocol IDs
1 - pair (v1)
2 - publish/subscribe (v1)
3 - request/reply (v1)
4 - unassigned
5 - pipeline (v1)
6 - survey (v1)
7 - bus (v1)
8 - slowsand (v1)
9-3839 - unassigned
3840-4095 local and experimental
3. IANA Considerations
This memo describes numbers that should be eventually managed by
Sustrik Expires December 7, 2014 [Page 2]
Internet-Draft List of SP protocol IDs June 2014
4. Security Considerations
There are no security considerations.
5. References
Sustrik, M., "TCP mapping for SPs", August 2013.
Author's Address
Martin Sustrik (editor)
Sustrik Expires December 7, 2014 [Page 3]