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Project files to build libpng using Borland C++ Builder v5.0
In order to build and use libpng, please follow these steps:
1). Install zlib in a directory at the same level with libpng.
2). In a console window, go to the zlib directory and type:
make -f win32\Makefile.bor
After performing this step, you should have a file named
zlib.lib in the zlib directory.
3). Add the following conditional define to your project:
4). Add libpng.lib or libpngstat.lib to the project.
Build the project.
5). If the build fails, add the paths to png.h and zlib.h to
your include path, and restart the build.
By default, the libpng project uses zlib as a static library. If
you wish to use zlib as a DLL, please read the important notes from
the zlib DLL FAQ, found inside the zlib distribution.
See the libpng documentation for instructions on how to use the code.