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libpng 1.6.39.git
This is a development version, not intended to be a public release.
It will be replaced by a public release, or by another development
version, at a later time.
libpng 1.6.38 - September 14, 2022
This is a public release of libpng, intended for use in production code.
Files available for download
Source files with LF line endings (for Unix/Linux):
* libpng-1.6.38.tar.xz (LZMA-compressed, recommended)
* libpng-1.6.38.tar.gz
Source files with CRLF line endings (for Windows):
* lpng1638.7z (LZMA-compressed, recommended)
Other information:
Changes since the previous public release (version 1.6.37)
* Added configurations and scripts for continuous integration.
* Fixed various errors in the handling of tRNS, hIST and eXIf.
* Implemented many stability improvements across all platforms.
* Updated the internal documentation.
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