Implement newer release of BIG5-HKSCS.
diff --git a/ChangeLog b/ChangeLog
index 830dd52..2ba4431 100644
--- a/ChangeLog
+++ b/ChangeLog
@@ -1,5 +1,28 @@
 2010-11-23  Bruno Haible  <>
+	Implement newer release of BIG5-HKSCS.
+	* tools/Makefile (ALL): Add hkscs2008.h.
+	(hkscs2008.h): New rule.
+	* tools/cjk_tab_to_h.c (main): Recognize hkscs2008.
+	* lib/encodings.def: Add BIG5-HKSCS:2008. Change BIG5-HKSCS alias to be
+	equivalent to BIG5-HKSCS:2008.
+	* lib/hkscs2008.h: New file, autogenerated.
+	* lib/big5hkscs2008.h: New file, based on lib/big5hkscs2004.h.
+	* lib/converters.h: Include the new file.
+	* README, man/iconv_open.3: Add BIG5-HKSCS:2004.
+	* tests/BIG5-HKSCS-2008.TXT: New file, based on
+	tests/BIG5-HKSCS-2004.TXT.
+	* tests/BIG5-HKSCS-2008.IRREVERSIBLE.TXT: New file, copied from
+	* tests/BIG5-HKSCS-2008-snippet: New file, based on
+	tests/BIG5-HKSCS-2004-snippet.
+	* tests/BIG5-HKSCS-2008-snippet.UTF-8: New file, based on
+	tests/BIG5-HKSCS-2004-snippet.UTF-8.
+	* tests/ (check): Check also BIG5-HKSCS:2008.
+	Reported by oCameLo <>.
+2010-11-23  Bruno Haible  <>
 	Make cjk_tab_to_h 64-bit clean.
 	* tools/cjk_tab_to_h.c (do_jisx0213): Add a cast from size_t to int.
 	(output_title): Update copyright year.
diff --git a/NEWS b/NEWS
index 57ef5c9..91abcc0 100644
--- a/NEWS
+++ b/NEWS
@@ -1,3 +1,6 @@
+* Updated the BIG5-HKSCS converter. The old BIG5-HKSCS converter is renamed to
+  BIG5-HKSCS:2004. A new converter BIG5-HKSCS:2008 is added. BIG5-HKSCS is now
+  an alias for BIG5-HKSCS:2008.
 * Fixed a bug in the conversion to wchar_t.
 New in 1.13:
diff --git a/README b/README
index 6bd35a9..5325f11 100644
--- a/README
+++ b/README
@@ -18,7 +18,8 @@
         EUC-JP, SHIFT_JIS, CP932, ISO-2022-JP, ISO-2022-JP-2, ISO-2022-JP-1
         EUC-CN, HZ, GBK, CP936, GB18030, EUC-TW, BIG5, CP950, BIG5-HKSCS,
-        BIG5-HKSCS:2001, BIG5-HKSCS:1999, ISO-2022-CN, ISO-2022-CN-EXT
+        BIG5-HKSCS:2004, BIG5-HKSCS:2001, BIG5-HKSCS:1999, ISO-2022-CN,
+        ISO-2022-CN-EXT
         EUC-KR, CP949, ISO-2022-KR, JOHAB
diff --git a/lib/big5hkscs2008.h b/lib/big5hkscs2008.h
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..8759f4d
--- /dev/null
+++ b/lib/big5hkscs2008.h
@@ -0,0 +1,247 @@
+ * Copyright (C) 1999-2002, 2006, 2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+ * This file is part of the GNU LIBICONV Library.
+ *
+ * The GNU LIBICONV Library is free software; you can redistribute it
+ * and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
+ * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
+ * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
+ *
+ * The GNU LIBICONV Library is distributed in the hope that it will be
+ * useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
+ * Library General Public License for more details.
+ *
+ * You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public
+ * License along with the GNU LIBICONV Library; see the file COPYING.LIB.
+ * If not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street,
+ * Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
+ */
+ * BIG5-HKSCS:2008
+ */
+ * BIG5-HKSCS:2008 can be downloaded from
+ *
+ *
+ *
+ * It extends BIG5-HKSCS:2004 through 68 characters.
+ *
+ * It extends BIG5 (without the rows 0xC6..0xC7) through the ranges
+ *
+ *   0x{87..8D}{40..7E,A1..FE}      880 characters
+ *   0x{8E..A0}{40..7E,A1..FE}     2898 characters
+ *   0x{C6..C8}{40..7E,A1..FE}      359 characters
+ *   0xF9{D6..FE}                    41 characters
+ *   0x{FA..FE}{40..7E,A1..FE}      763 characters
+ *
+ * Note that some HKSCS characters are not contained in Unicode 3.2
+ * and are therefore best represented as sequences of Unicode characters:
+ */
+#include "hkscs2008.h"
+#include "flushwc.h"
+static int
+big5hkscs2008_mbtowc (conv_t conv, ucs4_t *pwc, const unsigned char *s, int n)
+  ucs4_t last_wc = conv->istate;
+  if (last_wc) {
+    /* Output the buffered character. */
+    conv->istate = 0;
+    *pwc = last_wc;
+    return 0; /* Don't advance the input pointer. */
+  } else {
+    unsigned char c = *s;
+    /* Code set 0 (ASCII) */
+    if (c < 0x80)
+      return ascii_mbtowc(conv,pwc,s,n);
+    /* Code set 1 (BIG5 extended) */
+    if (c >= 0xa1 && c < 0xff) {
+      if (n < 2)
+        return RET_TOOFEW(0);
+      {
+        unsigned char c2 = s[1];
+        if ((c2 >= 0x40 && c2 < 0x7f) || (c2 >= 0xa1 && c2 < 0xff)) {
+          if (!((c == 0xc6 && c2 >= 0xa1) || c == 0xc7)) {
+            int ret = big5_mbtowc(conv,pwc,s,2);
+            if (ret != RET_ILSEQ)
+              return ret;
+          }
+        }
+      }
+    }
+    {
+      int ret = hkscs1999_mbtowc(conv,pwc,s,n);
+      if (ret != RET_ILSEQ)
+        return ret;
+    }
+    {
+      int ret = hkscs2001_mbtowc(conv,pwc,s,n);
+      if (ret != RET_ILSEQ)
+        return ret;
+    }
+    {
+      int ret = hkscs2004_mbtowc(conv,pwc,s,n);
+      if (ret != RET_ILSEQ)
+        return ret;
+    }
+    {
+      int ret = hkscs2008_mbtowc(conv,pwc,s,n);
+      if (ret != RET_ILSEQ)
+        return ret;
+    }
+    if (c == 0x88) {
+      if (n < 2)
+        return RET_TOOFEW(0);
+      {
+        unsigned char c2 = s[1];
+        if (c2 == 0x62 || c2 == 0x64 || c2 == 0xa3 || c2 == 0xa5) {
+          /* It's a composed character. */
+          ucs4_t wc1 = ((c2 >> 3) << 2) + 0x009a; /* = 0x00ca or 0x00ea */
+          ucs4_t wc2 = ((c2 & 6) << 2) + 0x02fc; /* = 0x0304 or 0x030c */
+          /* We cannot output two Unicode characters at once. So,
+             output the first character and buffer the second one. */
+          *pwc = wc1;
+          conv->istate = wc2;
+          return 2;
+        }
+      }
+    }
+    return RET_ILSEQ;
+  }
+#define big5hkscs2008_flushwc normal_flushwc
+static int
+big5hkscs2008_wctomb (conv_t conv, unsigned char *r, ucs4_t wc, int n)
+  int count = 0;
+  unsigned char last = conv->ostate;
+  if (last) {
+    /* last is = 0x66 or = 0xa7. */
+    if (wc == 0x0304 || wc == 0x030c) {
+      /* Output the combined character. */
+      if (n >= 2) {
+        r[0] = 0x88;
+        r[1] = last + ((wc & 24) >> 2) - 4; /* = 0x62 or 0x64 or 0xa3 or 0xa5 */
+        conv->ostate = 0;
+        return 2;
+      } else
+        return RET_TOOSMALL;
+    }
+    /* Output the buffered character. */
+    if (n < 2)
+      return RET_TOOSMALL;
+    r[0] = 0x88;
+    r[1] = last;
+    r += 2;
+    count = 2;
+  }
+  /* Code set 0 (ASCII) */
+  if (wc < 0x0080) {
+    /* Plain ASCII character. */
+    if (n > count) {
+      r[0] = (unsigned char) wc;
+      conv->ostate = 0;
+      return count+1;
+    } else
+      return RET_TOOSMALL;
+  } else {
+    unsigned char buf[2];
+    int ret;
+    /* Code set 1 (BIG5 extended) */
+    ret = big5_wctomb(conv,buf,wc,2);
+    if (ret != RET_ILUNI) {
+      if (ret != 2) abort();
+      if (!((buf[0] == 0xc6 && buf[1] >= 0xa1) || buf[0] == 0xc7)) {
+        if (n >= count+2) {
+          r[0] = buf[0];
+          r[1] = buf[1];
+          conv->ostate = 0;
+          return count+2;
+        } else
+          return RET_TOOSMALL;
+      }
+    }
+    ret = hkscs1999_wctomb(conv,buf,wc,2);
+    if (ret != RET_ILUNI) {
+      if (ret != 2) abort();
+      if ((wc & ~0x0020) == 0x00ca) {
+        /* A possible first character of a multi-character sequence. We have to
+           buffer it. */
+        if (!(buf[0] == 0x88 && (buf[1] == 0x66 || buf[1] == 0xa7))) abort();
+        conv->ostate = buf[1]; /* = 0x66 or = 0xa7 */
+        return count+0;
+      }
+      if (n >= count+2) {
+        r[0] = buf[0];
+        r[1] = buf[1];
+        conv->ostate = 0;
+        return count+2;
+      } else
+        return RET_TOOSMALL;
+    }
+    ret = hkscs2001_wctomb(conv,buf,wc,2);
+    if (ret != RET_ILUNI) {
+      if (ret != 2) abort();
+      if (n >= count+2) {
+        r[0] = buf[0];
+        r[1] = buf[1];
+        conv->ostate = 0;
+        return count+2;
+      } else
+        return RET_TOOSMALL;
+    }
+    ret = hkscs2004_wctomb(conv,buf,wc,2);
+    if (ret != RET_ILUNI) {
+      if (ret != 2) abort();
+      if (n >= count+2) {
+        r[0] = buf[0];
+        r[1] = buf[1];
+        conv->ostate = 0;
+        return count+2;
+      } else
+        return RET_TOOSMALL;
+    }
+    ret = hkscs2008_wctomb(conv,buf,wc,2);
+    if (ret != RET_ILUNI) {
+      if (ret != 2) abort();
+      if (n >= count+2) {
+        r[0] = buf[0];
+        r[1] = buf[1];
+        conv->ostate = 0;
+        return count+2;
+      } else
+        return RET_TOOSMALL;
+    }
+    return RET_ILUNI;
+  }
+static int
+big5hkscs2008_reset (conv_t conv, unsigned char *r, int n)
+  unsigned char last = conv->ostate;
+  if (last) {
+    if (n < 2)
+      return RET_TOOSMALL;
+    r[0] = 0x88;
+    r[1] = last;
+    /* conv->ostate = 0; will be done by the caller */
+    return 2;
+  } else
+    return 0;
diff --git a/lib/converters.h b/lib/converters.h
index f2cd366..18c5f99 100644
--- a/lib/converters.h
+++ b/lib/converters.h
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
- * Copyright (C) 1999-2002, 2004-2009 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+ * Copyright (C) 1999-2002, 2004-2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
  * This file is part of the GNU LIBICONV Library.
  * The GNU LIBICONV Library is free software; you can redistribute it
@@ -242,6 +242,7 @@
 #include "big5hkscs1999.h"
 #include "big5hkscs2001.h"
 #include "big5hkscs2004.h"
+#include "big5hkscs2008.h"
 #include "euc_kr.h"
 #include "cp949.h"
diff --git a/lib/encodings.def b/lib/encodings.def
index b5fda54..0174343 100644
--- a/lib/encodings.def
+++ b/lib/encodings.def
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-/* Copyright (C) 1999-2009 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+/* Copyright (C) 1999-2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
    This file is part of the GNU LIBICONV Library.
    The GNU LIBICONV Library is free software; you can redistribute it
@@ -968,13 +968,18 @@
             { big5hkscs2001_mbtowc, big5hkscs2001_flushwc }, { big5hkscs2001_wctomb, big5hkscs2001_reset })
-DEFENCODING(( "BIG5-HKSCS",             /* IANA */
-              "BIG5HKSCS",              /* glibc */
-              "BIG5-HKSCS:2004",
             { big5hkscs2004_mbtowc, big5hkscs2004_flushwc }, { big5hkscs2004_wctomb, big5hkscs2004_reset })
+DEFENCODING(( "BIG5-HKSCS",             /* IANA */
+              "BIG5HKSCS",              /* glibc */
+              "BIG5-HKSCS:2008",
+            ),
+            big5hkscs2008,
+            { big5hkscs2008_mbtowc, big5hkscs2008_flushwc }, { big5hkscs2008_wctomb, big5hkscs2008_reset })
 DEFENCODING(( "EUC-KR",                 /* IANA, RFC 1557 */
               "EUCKR",                  /* glibc, HP-UX, IRIX, OSF/1 */
               "csEUCKR",                /* IANA */
diff --git a/lib/hkscs2008.h b/lib/hkscs2008.h
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..ee6235c
--- /dev/null
+++ b/lib/hkscs2008.h
@@ -0,0 +1,467 @@
+ * Copyright (C) 1999-2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+ * This file is part of the GNU LIBICONV Library.
+ *
+ * The GNU LIBICONV Library is free software; you can redistribute it
+ * and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
+ * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
+ * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
+ *
+ * The GNU LIBICONV Library is distributed in the hope that it will be
+ * useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
+ * Library General Public License for more details.
+ *
+ * You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public
+ * License along with the GNU LIBICONV Library; see the file COPYING.LIB.
+ * If not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street,
+ * Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
+ */
+ * HKSCS:2008
+ */
+static const unsigned short hkscs2008_2uni_page87[126] = {
+  /* 0x87 */
+  0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd,
+  0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd,
+  0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd,
+  0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd,
+  0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd,
+  0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd,
+  0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x22fd,
+  0x22fd, 0x22fd, 0x0175, 0x2453, 0x299e, 0x2d21, 0x03ec, 0x2bde,
+  0x02f5, 0x16fc, 0x2197, 0x2a61, 0x300d, 0x26ea, 0x238a, 0x275e,
+  0x060a, 0x1884, 0x2196, 0x1f2f, 0x0930, 0x1a13, 0x0d96, 0x204a,
+  0x1e18, 0x15d0, 0x1632, 0x0f60, 0x1129, 0x1b9d, 0x144c, 0x17c5,
+  0x1082, 0x162c, 0x0a4f, 0x1d46, 0x00e6, 0x13c4, 0x2cb9, 0x14c6,
+  0x21c7, 0x0cb3, 0x092f, 0x0b4c, 0x0531, 0x298e, 0x0d18, 0x1672,
+  0x2f65, 0x1c8f, 0x08ae, 0x2e88, 0x0581, 0x2c99, 0x17ae, 0x25bc,
+  0x21c8, 0x25c1, 0x25c9, 0x25cc, 0x21c9, 0x1904, 0x28bb, 0x04b4,
+  0x21ca, 0x07e1, 0x31ff, 0x0ec1, 0x126e, 0x21cb,
+static const ucs4_t hkscs2008_2uni_upages[50] = {
+  0x03400, 0x03800, 0x03a00, 0x03e00, 0x04000, 0x04100, 0x04300, 0x04400,
+  0x04600, 0x04900, 0x05200, 0x05400, 0x05700, 0x05800, 0x06200, 0x06600,
+  0x06700, 0x06a00, 0x07000, 0x07300, 0x07400, 0x07900, 0x07a00, 0x07b00,
+  0x08400, 0x08500, 0x08600, 0x08800, 0x08b00, 0x09000, 0x09200, 0x09400,
+  0x09700, 0x09f00, 0x0ff00, 0x20a00, 0x21d00, 0x22400, 0x23100, 0x23200,
+  0x23500, 0x23600, 0x24100, 0x25800, 0x25d00, 0x26000, 0x26e00, 0x27b00,
+  0x28900, 0x2ad00,
+static int
+hkscs2008_mbtowc (conv_t conv, ucs4_t *pwc, const unsigned char *s, int n)
+  unsigned char c1 = s[0];
+  if ((c1 == 0x87)) {
+    if (n >= 2) {
+      unsigned char c2 = s[1];
+      if ((c2 >= 0x40 && c2 < 0x7f) || (c2 >= 0xa1 && c2 < 0xff)) {
+        unsigned int i = 157 * (c1 - 0x80) + (c2 - (c2 >= 0xa1 ? 0x62 : 0x40));
+        ucs4_t wc = 0xfffd;
+        unsigned short swc;
+        {
+          if (i < 1225)
+            swc = hkscs2008_2uni_page87[i-1099],
+            wc = hkscs2008_2uni_upages[swc>>8] | (swc & 0xff);
+        }
+        if (wc != 0xfffd) {
+          *pwc = wc;
+          return 2;
+        }
+      }
+      return RET_ILSEQ;
+    }
+    return RET_TOOFEW(0);
+  }
+  return RET_ILSEQ;
+static const unsigned short hkscs2008_2charset[68] = {
+  0x87be, 0x877a, 0x87a2, 0x877e, 0x87d9, 0x87c6, 0x87ce, 0x87aa,
+  0x87db, 0x87cc, 0x87c4, 0x87ae, 0x87bc, 0x87c5, 0x87c3, 0x87c8,
+  0x87b0, 0x87dd, 0x87b5, 0x87ba, 0x87b6, 0x87de, 0x87bf, 0x87b8,
+  0x87c1, 0x87b3, 0x87bb, 0x87b4, 0x87c9, 0x87a3, 0x87d0, 0x87b9,
+  0x87ab, 0x87d7, 0x87af, 0x87b7, 0x87cb, 0x87bd, 0x87b2, 0x87ad,
+  0x87b1, 0x87ac, 0x87a4, 0x87c2, 0x87d2, 0x87d6, 0x87da, 0x87df,
+  0x87a8, 0x877b, 0x87d1, 0x87d3, 0x87d4, 0x87d5, 0x87a7, 0x87a9,
+  0x87d8, 0x87c7, 0x877c, 0x87a5, 0x87a1, 0x87cf, 0x87c0, 0x877d,
+  0x87cd, 0x87ca, 0x87a6, 0x87dc,
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page34[15] = {
+  /* 0x3400 */
+  {    0, 0x0000 }, {    0, 0x0000 }, {    0, 0x0000 }, {    0, 0x0000 },
+  {    0, 0x0000 }, {    0, 0x0000 }, {    0, 0x0000 }, {    0, 0x0000 },
+  {    0, 0x0000 }, {    0, 0x0000 }, {    0, 0x0000 }, {    0, 0x0000 },
+  {    0, 0x0000 }, {    0, 0x0000 }, {    0, 0x0040 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page38[8] = {
+  /* 0x3800 */
+  {    1, 0x0000 }, {    1, 0x0000 }, {    1, 0x0000 }, {    1, 0x0000 },
+  {    1, 0x0000 }, {    1, 0x0000 }, {    1, 0x0000 }, {    1, 0x0020 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page3a[16] = {
+  /* 0x3a00 */
+  {    2, 0x0000 }, {    2, 0x0000 }, {    2, 0x0000 }, {    2, 0x0000 },
+  {    2, 0x0000 }, {    2, 0x0000 }, {    2, 0x0000 }, {    2, 0x0000 },
+  {    2, 0x0000 }, {    2, 0x0000 }, {    2, 0x0000 }, {    2, 0x0000 },
+  {    2, 0x0000 }, {    2, 0x0000 }, {    2, 0x0000 }, {    2, 0x0020 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page3e[15] = {
+  /* 0x3e00 */
+  {    3, 0x0000 }, {    3, 0x0000 }, {    3, 0x0000 }, {    3, 0x0000 },
+  {    3, 0x0000 }, {    3, 0x0000 }, {    3, 0x0000 }, {    3, 0x0000 },
+  {    3, 0x0000 }, {    3, 0x0000 }, {    3, 0x0000 }, {    3, 0x0000 },
+  {    3, 0x0000 }, {    3, 0x0000 }, {    3, 0x1000 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page40[25] = {
+  /* 0x4000 */
+  {    4, 0x0000 }, {    4, 0x0000 }, {    4, 0x0000 }, {    4, 0x0000 },
+  {    4, 0x0000 }, {    4, 0x0000 }, {    4, 0x0000 }, {    4, 0x0000 },
+  {    4, 0x0000 }, {    4, 0x0000 }, {    4, 0x0000 }, {    4, 0x0010 },
+  {    5, 0x0000 }, {    5, 0x0000 }, {    5, 0x0000 }, {    5, 0x0000 },
+  /* 0x4100 */
+  {    5, 0x0000 }, {    5, 0x0000 }, {    5, 0x0000 }, {    5, 0x0002 },
+  {    6, 0x0000 }, {    6, 0x0000 }, {    6, 0x0000 }, {    6, 0x0000 },
+  {    6, 0x0002 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page43[31] = {
+  /* 0x4300 */
+  {    7, 0x0400 }, {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 },
+  {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 },
+  {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 },
+  {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 },
+  /* 0x4400 */
+  {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 },
+  {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 },
+  {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 },
+  {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0000 }, {    8, 0x0002 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page46[11] = {
+  /* 0x4600 */
+  {    9, 0x0000 }, {    9, 0x0000 }, {    9, 0x0000 }, {    9, 0x0000 },
+  {    9, 0x0000 }, {    9, 0x0000 }, {    9, 0x0000 }, {    9, 0x0000 },
+  {    9, 0x0000 }, {    9, 0x0000 }, {    9, 0x4000 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page49[4] = {
+  /* 0x4900 */
+  {   10, 0x0000 }, {   10, 0x0000 }, {   10, 0x8000 }, {   11, 0x0001 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page52[5] = {
+  /* 0x5200 */
+  {   12, 0x0000 }, {   12, 0x0000 }, {   12, 0x0000 }, {   12, 0x0000 },
+  {   12, 0x8000 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page54[5] = {
+  /* 0x5400 */
+  {   13, 0x0000 }, {   13, 0x0000 }, {   13, 0x0000 }, {   13, 0x0000 },
+  {   13, 0x1000 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page57[26] = {
+  /* 0x5700 */
+  {   14, 0x0000 }, {   14, 0x0000 }, {   14, 0x0000 }, {   14, 0x0000 },
+  {   14, 0x0000 }, {   14, 0x0000 }, {   14, 0x0000 }, {   14, 0x0000 },
+  {   14, 0x0000 }, {   14, 0x0000 }, {   14, 0x0000 }, {   14, 0x0008 },
+  {   15, 0x0000 }, {   15, 0x0000 }, {   15, 0x0000 }, {   15, 0x0000 },
+  /* 0x5800 */
+  {   15, 0x0000 }, {   15, 0x0100 }, {   16, 0x0000 }, {   16, 0x0000 },
+  {   16, 0x0000 }, {   16, 0x0000 }, {   16, 0x0000 }, {   16, 0x0000 },
+  {   16, 0x0000 }, {   16, 0x0040 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page62[13] = {
+  /* 0x6200 */
+  {   17, 0x0000 }, {   17, 0x0000 }, {   17, 0x0000 }, {   17, 0x0000 },
+  {   17, 0x0000 }, {   17, 0x0000 }, {   17, 0x0000 }, {   17, 0x0000 },
+  {   17, 0x0000 }, {   17, 0x0000 }, {   17, 0x0000 }, {   17, 0x0000 },
+  {   17, 0x0002 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page66[25] = {
+  /* 0x6600 */
+  {   18, 0x0000 }, {   18, 0x0000 }, {   18, 0x0000 }, {   18, 0x0000 },
+  {   18, 0x0000 }, {   18, 0x0000 }, {   18, 0x0001 }, {   19, 0x0000 },
+  {   19, 0x0000 }, {   19, 0x0000 }, {   19, 0x0000 }, {   19, 0x0000 },
+  {   19, 0x0000 }, {   19, 0x0000 }, {   19, 0x0000 }, {   19, 0x0000 },
+  /* 0x6700 */
+  {   19, 0x0000 }, {   19, 0x0000 }, {   19, 0x0000 }, {   19, 0x0000 },
+  {   19, 0x0000 }, {   19, 0x0000 }, {   19, 0x0000 }, {   19, 0x0000 },
+  {   19, 0x0004 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page6a[3] = {
+  /* 0x6a00 */
+  {   20, 0x0000 }, {   20, 0x0000 }, {   20, 0x0200 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page70[7] = {
+  /* 0x7000 */
+  {   21, 0x0000 }, {   21, 0x0000 }, {   21, 0x0000 }, {   21, 0x0000 },
+  {   21, 0x0000 }, {   21, 0x0000 }, {   21, 0x4000 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page73[29] = {
+  /* 0x7300 */
+  {   22, 0x0000 }, {   22, 0x0000 }, {   22, 0x0000 }, {   22, 0x0000 },
+  {   22, 0x0000 }, {   22, 0x0000 }, {   22, 0x0000 }, {   22, 0x0000 },
+  {   22, 0x0000 }, {   22, 0x0000 }, {   22, 0x0000 }, {   22, 0x0000 },
+  {   22, 0x0010 }, {   23, 0x0000 }, {   23, 0x0000 }, {   23, 0x0000 },
+  /* 0x7400 */
+  {   23, 0x0000 }, {   23, 0x0000 }, {   23, 0x0000 }, {   23, 0x0000 },
+  {   23, 0x1000 }, {   24, 0x0000 }, {   24, 0x0000 }, {   24, 0x0000 },
+  {   24, 0x0000 }, {   24, 0x0000 }, {   24, 0x0000 }, {   24, 0x0000 },
+  {   24, 0x0040 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page79[45] = {
+  /* 0x7900 */
+  {   25, 0x0000 }, {   25, 0x0000 }, {   25, 0x0000 }, {   25, 0x0000 },
+  {   25, 0x0000 }, {   25, 0x0000 }, {   25, 0x0000 }, {   25, 0x0000 },
+  {   25, 0x0000 }, {   25, 0x0000 }, {   25, 0x0000 }, {   25, 0x0000 },
+  {   25, 0x0000 }, {   25, 0x0001 }, {   26, 0x0000 }, {   26, 0x0000 },
+  /* 0x7a00 */
+  {   26, 0x0000 }, {   26, 0x0000 }, {   26, 0x1000 }, {   27, 0x0004 },
+  {   28, 0x0000 }, {   28, 0x0000 }, {   28, 0x0000 }, {   28, 0x0004 },
+  {   29, 0x0000 }, {   29, 0x0000 }, {   29, 0x0000 }, {   29, 0x0000 },
+  {   29, 0x0000 }, {   29, 0x0000 }, {   29, 0x0000 }, {   29, 0x1000 },
+  /* 0x7b00 */
+  {   30, 0x0000 }, {   30, 0x0000 }, {   30, 0x0000 }, {   30, 0x0000 },
+  {   30, 0x0000 }, {   30, 0x0000 }, {   30, 0x0000 }, {   30, 0x0000 },
+  {   30, 0x0000 }, {   30, 0x0000 }, {   30, 0x4000 }, {   31, 0x0000 },
+  {   31, 0x0020 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page84[34] = {
+  /* 0x8400 */
+  {   32, 0x0000 }, {   32, 0x0000 }, {   32, 0x0000 }, {   32, 0x0000 },
+  {   32, 0x0000 }, {   32, 0x0000 }, {   32, 0x0000 }, {   32, 0x0000 },
+  {   32, 0x0010 }, {   33, 0x0000 }, {   33, 0x0000 }, {   33, 0x0000 },
+  {   33, 0x0000 }, {   33, 0x0000 }, {   33, 0x0000 }, {   33, 0x0000 },
+  /* 0x8500 */
+  {   33, 0x0010 }, {   34, 0x0000 }, {   34, 0x0000 }, {   34, 0x0000 },
+  {   34, 0x0000 }, {   34, 0x0000 }, {   34, 0x0000 }, {   34, 0x0000 },
+  {   34, 0x0000 }, {   34, 0x0000 }, {   34, 0x0000 }, {   34, 0x0000 },
+  {   34, 0x0000 }, {   34, 0x0000 }, {   34, 0x0000 }, {   34, 0x0000 },
+  /* 0x8600 */
+  {   34, 0x0000 }, {   34, 0x0008 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page88[10] = {
+  /* 0x8800 */
+  {   35, 0x0000 }, {   35, 0x0000 }, {   35, 0x0000 }, {   35, 0x0000 },
+  {   35, 0x0000 }, {   35, 0x0000 }, {   35, 0x0000 }, {   35, 0x0000 },
+  {   35, 0x0000 }, {   35, 0x2000 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page8b[9] = {
+  /* 0x8b00 */
+  {   36, 0x0000 }, {   36, 0x0000 }, {   36, 0x0000 }, {   36, 0x0000 },
+  {   36, 0x0000 }, {   36, 0x0000 }, {   36, 0x0000 }, {   36, 0x0000 },
+  {   36, 0x8000 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page90[5] = {
+  /* 0x9000 */
+  {   37, 0x0000 }, {   37, 0x0000 }, {   37, 0x0000 }, {   37, 0x0000 },
+  {   37, 0x0040 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page92[2] = {
+  /* 0x9200 */
+  {   38, 0x0000 }, {   38, 0x0100 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page94[3] = {
+  /* 0x9400 */
+  {   39, 0x0000 }, {   39, 0x0000 }, {   39, 0x8000 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page97[5] = {
+  /* 0x9700 */
+  {   40, 0x0000 }, {   40, 0x0000 }, {   40, 0x0000 }, {   40, 0x0000 },
+  {   40, 0x0400 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page9f[13] = {
+  /* 0x9f00 */
+  {   41, 0x0000 }, {   41, 0x0000 }, {   41, 0x0000 }, {   41, 0x0000 },
+  {   41, 0x0000 }, {   41, 0x0000 }, {   41, 0x0000 }, {   41, 0x0000 },
+  {   41, 0x0000 }, {   41, 0x00c0 }, {   43, 0x0000 }, {   43, 0x0000 },
+  {   43, 0x0f80 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page20a[9] = {
+  /* 0x20a00 */
+  {   48, 0x0000 }, {   48, 0x0000 }, {   48, 0x0000 }, {   48, 0x0000 },
+  {   48, 0x0000 }, {   48, 0x0000 }, {   48, 0x0000 }, {   48, 0x0000 },
+  {   48, 0x0400 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page21d[6] = {
+  /* 0x21d00 */
+  {   49, 0x0000 }, {   49, 0x0000 }, {   49, 0x0000 }, {   49, 0x0000 },
+  {   49, 0x0000 }, {   49, 0x0008 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page224[13] = {
+  /* 0x22400 */
+  {   50, 0x0000 }, {   50, 0x0000 }, {   50, 0x0000 }, {   50, 0x0000 },
+  {   50, 0x0000 }, {   50, 0x0000 }, {   50, 0x0000 }, {   50, 0x0000 },
+  {   50, 0x0000 }, {   50, 0x0000 }, {   50, 0x0000 }, {   50, 0x1000 },
+  {   51, 0x1202 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page231[22] = {
+  /* 0x23100 */
+  {   54, 0x0000 }, {   54, 0x0000 }, {   54, 0x0000 }, {   54, 0x0000 },
+  {   54, 0x0000 }, {   54, 0x0000 }, {   54, 0x0000 }, {   54, 0x0000 },
+  {   54, 0x0000 }, {   54, 0x0000 }, {   54, 0x0000 }, {   54, 0x0000 },
+  {   54, 0x0000 }, {   54, 0x0000 }, {   54, 0x0400 }, {   55, 0x0000 },
+  /* 0x23200 */
+  {   55, 0x0000 }, {   55, 0x0000 }, {   55, 0x0000 }, {   55, 0x0000 },
+  {   55, 0x0000 }, {   55, 0x4000 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page235[26] = {
+  /* 0x23500 */
+  {   56, 0x0000 }, {   56, 0x0000 }, {   56, 0x0000 }, {   56, 0x0000 },
+  {   56, 0x0000 }, {   56, 0x0000 }, {   56, 0x0000 }, {   56, 0x0000 },
+  {   56, 0x0000 }, {   56, 0x0000 }, {   56, 0x0000 }, {   56, 0x0800 },
+  {   57, 0x0000 }, {   57, 0x0000 }, {   57, 0x0000 }, {   57, 0x0000 },
+  /* 0x23600 */
+  {   57, 0x0000 }, {   57, 0x0000 }, {   57, 0x0000 }, {   57, 0x0000 },
+  {   57, 0x0000 }, {   57, 0x0000 }, {   57, 0x0000 }, {   57, 0x0000 },
+  {   57, 0x4000 }, {   58, 0x4000 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page241[7] = {
+  /* 0x24100 */
+  {   59, 0x0000 }, {   59, 0x0000 }, {   59, 0x0000 }, {   59, 0x0000 },
+  {   59, 0x0000 }, {   59, 0x0000 }, {   59, 0x0002 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page258[14] = {
+  /* 0x25800 */
+  {   60, 0x0000 }, {   60, 0x0000 }, {   60, 0x0000 }, {   60, 0x0000 },
+  {   60, 0x0000 }, {   60, 0x0000 }, {   60, 0x0000 }, {   60, 0x0000 },
+  {   60, 0x0000 }, {   60, 0x0000 }, {   60, 0x0000 }, {   60, 0x0000 },
+  {   60, 0x0000 }, {   60, 0x4000 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page25d[12] = {
+  /* 0x25d00 */
+  {   61, 0x0000 }, {   61, 0x0000 }, {   61, 0x0000 }, {   61, 0x0000 },
+  {   61, 0x0000 }, {   61, 0x0000 }, {   61, 0x0000 }, {   61, 0x0000 },
+  {   61, 0x0000 }, {   61, 0x0200 }, {   62, 0x0000 }, {   62, 0x0200 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page260[3] = {
+  /* 0x26000 */
+  {   63, 0x0000 }, {   63, 0x0000 }, {   63, 0x0002 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page26e[9] = {
+  /* 0x26e00 */
+  {   64, 0x0000 }, {   64, 0x0000 }, {   64, 0x0000 }, {   64, 0x0000 },
+  {   64, 0x0000 }, {   64, 0x0000 }, {   64, 0x0000 }, {   64, 0x0000 },
+  {   64, 0x0100 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page27b[7] = {
+  /* 0x27b00 */
+  {   65, 0x0000 }, {   65, 0x0000 }, {   65, 0x0000 }, {   65, 0x0000 },
+  {   65, 0x0000 }, {   65, 0x0000 }, {   65, 0x0020 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page289[1] = {
+  /* 0x28900 */
+  {   66, 0x2000 },
+static const Summary16 hkscs2008_uni2indx_page2ad[16] = {
+  /* 0x2ad00 */
+  {   67, 0x0000 }, {   67, 0x0000 }, {   67, 0x0000 }, {   67, 0x0000 },
+  {   67, 0x0000 }, {   67, 0x0000 }, {   67, 0x0000 }, {   67, 0x0000 },
+  {   67, 0x0000 }, {   67, 0x0000 }, {   67, 0x0000 }, {   67, 0x0000 },
+  {   67, 0x0000 }, {   67, 0x0000 }, {   67, 0x0000 }, {   67, 0x8000 },
+static int
+hkscs2008_wctomb (conv_t conv, unsigned char *r, ucs4_t wc, int n)
+  if (n >= 2) {
+    const Summary16 *summary = NULL;
+    if (wc >= 0x3400 && wc < 0x34f0)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page34[(wc>>4)-0x340];
+    else if (wc >= 0x3800 && wc < 0x3880)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page38[(wc>>4)-0x380];
+    else if (wc >= 0x3a00 && wc < 0x3b00)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page3a[(wc>>4)-0x3a0];
+    else if (wc >= 0x3e00 && wc < 0x3ef0)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page3e[(wc>>4)-0x3e0];
+    else if (wc >= 0x4000 && wc < 0x4190)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page40[(wc>>4)-0x400];
+    else if (wc >= 0x4300 && wc < 0x44f0)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page43[(wc>>4)-0x430];
+    else if (wc >= 0x4600 && wc < 0x46b0)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page46[(wc>>4)-0x460];
+    else if (wc >= 0x4900 && wc < 0x4940)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page49[(wc>>4)-0x490];
+    else if (wc >= 0x5200 && wc < 0x5250)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page52[(wc>>4)-0x520];
+    else if (wc >= 0x5400 && wc < 0x5450)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page54[(wc>>4)-0x540];
+    else if (wc >= 0x5700 && wc < 0x58a0)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page57[(wc>>4)-0x570];
+    else if (wc >= 0x6200 && wc < 0x62d0)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page62[(wc>>4)-0x620];
+    else if (wc >= 0x6600 && wc < 0x6790)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page66[(wc>>4)-0x660];
+    else if (wc >= 0x6a00 && wc < 0x6a30)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page6a[(wc>>4)-0x6a0];
+    else if (wc >= 0x7000 && wc < 0x7070)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page70[(wc>>4)-0x700];
+    else if (wc >= 0x7300 && wc < 0x74d0)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page73[(wc>>4)-0x730];
+    else if (wc >= 0x7900 && wc < 0x7bd0)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page79[(wc>>4)-0x790];
+    else if (wc >= 0x8400 && wc < 0x8620)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page84[(wc>>4)-0x840];
+    else if (wc >= 0x8800 && wc < 0x88a0)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page88[(wc>>4)-0x880];
+    else if (wc >= 0x8b00 && wc < 0x8b90)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page8b[(wc>>4)-0x8b0];
+    else if (wc >= 0x9000 && wc < 0x9050)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page90[(wc>>4)-0x900];
+    else if (wc >= 0x9200 && wc < 0x9220)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page92[(wc>>4)-0x920];
+    else if (wc >= 0x9400 && wc < 0x9430)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page94[(wc>>4)-0x940];
+    else if (wc >= 0x9700 && wc < 0x9750)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page97[(wc>>4)-0x970];
+    else if (wc >= 0x9f00 && wc < 0x9fd0)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page9f[(wc>>4)-0x9f0];
+    else if (wc >= 0x20a00 && wc < 0x20a90)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page20a[(wc>>4)-0x20a0];
+    else if (wc >= 0x21d00 && wc < 0x21d60)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page21d[(wc>>4)-0x21d0];
+    else if (wc >= 0x22400 && wc < 0x224d0)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page224[(wc>>4)-0x2240];
+    else if (wc >= 0x23100 && wc < 0x23260)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page231[(wc>>4)-0x2310];
+    else if (wc >= 0x23500 && wc < 0x236a0)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page235[(wc>>4)-0x2350];
+    else if (wc >= 0x24100 && wc < 0x24170)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page241[(wc>>4)-0x2410];
+    else if (wc >= 0x25800 && wc < 0x258e0)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page258[(wc>>4)-0x2580];
+    else if (wc >= 0x25d00 && wc < 0x25dc0)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page25d[(wc>>4)-0x25d0];
+    else if (wc >= 0x26000 && wc < 0x26030)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page260[(wc>>4)-0x2600];
+    else if (wc >= 0x26e00 && wc < 0x26e90)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page26e[(wc>>4)-0x26e0];
+    else if (wc >= 0x27b00 && wc < 0x27b70)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page27b[(wc>>4)-0x27b0];
+    else if (wc >= 0x28900 && wc < 0x28910)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page289[(wc>>4)-0x2890];
+    else if (wc >= 0x2ad00 && wc < 0x2ae00)
+      summary = &hkscs2008_uni2indx_page2ad[(wc>>4)-0x2ad0];
+    if (summary) {
+      unsigned short used = summary->used;
+      unsigned int i = wc & 0x0f;
+      if (used & ((unsigned short) 1 << i)) {
+        unsigned short c;
+        /* Keep in `used' only the bits 0..i-1. */
+        used &= ((unsigned short) 1 << i) - 1;
+        /* Add `summary->indx' and the number of bits set in `used'. */
+        used = (used & 0x5555) + ((used & 0xaaaa) >> 1);
+        used = (used & 0x3333) + ((used & 0xcccc) >> 2);
+        used = (used & 0x0f0f) + ((used & 0xf0f0) >> 4);
+        used = (used & 0x00ff) + (used >> 8);
+        c = hkscs2008_2charset[summary->indx + used];
+        r[0] = (c >> 8); r[1] = (c & 0xff);
+        return 2;
+      }
+    }
+    return RET_ILUNI;
+  }
+  return RET_TOOSMALL;
diff --git a/man/iconv_open.3 b/man/iconv_open.3
index 4b964f4..8075245 100644
--- a/man/iconv_open.3
+++ b/man/iconv_open.3
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
 .\"   GNU glibc-2 source code and manual
 .\"   OpenGroup's Single Unix specification
-.TH ICONV_OPEN 3  "January 24, 2009" "GNU" "Linux Programmer's Manual"
+.TH ICONV_OPEN 3  "November 23, 2010" "GNU" "Linux Programmer's Manual"
 iconv_open \- allocate descriptor for character set conversion
@@ -51,7 +51,8 @@
 EUC\-CN, HZ, GBK, CP936, GB18030, EUC\-TW, BIG5, CP950, BIG5\-HKSCS,
-BIG5\-HKSCS:2001, BIG5\-HKSCS:1999, ISO\-2022\-CN, ISO\-2022\-CN\-EXT
+BIG5\-HKSCS:2004, BIG5\-HKSCS:2001, BIG5\-HKSCS:1999, ISO\-2022\-CN,
diff --git a/tests/BIG5-HKSCS-2008-snippet b/tests/BIG5-HKSCS-2008-snippet
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..c16210e
--- /dev/null
+++ b/tests/BIG5-HKSCS-2008-snippet
@@ -0,0 +1,253 @@
+‡@ ‡A ‡B ‡C ‡D ‡E ‡F ‡G ‡H ‡I ‡J ‡K ‡L ‡M ‡N ‡O
+‡P ‡Q ‡R ‡S ‡T ‡U ‡V ‡W ‡X ‡Y ‡Z ‡[ ‡\ ‡] ‡^ ‡_
+‡` ‡a ‡b ‡c ‡d ‡e   ‡g ‡h ‡i ‡j ‡k ‡l ‡m ‡n ‡o
+‡p ‡q ‡r ‡s ‡t ‡u ‡v ‡w ‡x ‡y ‡z ‡{ ‡| ‡} ‡~
+   ‡¡ ‡¢ ‡£ ‡¤ ‡¥ ‡¦ ‡§ ‡¨ ‡© ‡ª ‡« ‡¬ ‡­ ‡® ‡¯
+‡° ‡± ‡² ‡³ ‡´ ‡µ ‡¶ ‡· ‡¸ ‡¹ ‡º ‡» ‡¼ ‡½ ‡¾ ‡¿
+‡À ‡Á ‡Â ‡Ã ‡Ä ‡Å ‡Æ ‡Ç ‡È ‡É ‡Ê ‡Ë ‡Ì ‡Í ‡Î ‡Ï
+‡Ð ‡Ñ ‡Ò ‡Ó ‡Ô ‡Õ ‡Ö ‡× ‡Ø ‡Ù ‡Ú ‡Û ‡Ü ‡Ý ‡Þ ‡ß
+ˆ@ ˆA ˆB ˆC ˆD ˆE ˆF ˆG ˆH ˆI ˆJ ˆK ˆL ˆM ˆN ˆO
+ˆP ˆQ ˆR ˆS ˆT ˆU ˆV ˆW ˆX ˆY ˆZ ˆ[ ˆ\ ˆ] ˆ^ ˆ_
+ˆ` ˆa ˆb ˆc ˆd ˆe ˆf ˆg ˆh ˆi ˆj ˆk ˆl ˆm ˆn ˆo
+ˆp ˆq ˆr ˆs ˆt ˆu ˆv ˆw ˆx ˆy ˆz ˆ{ ˆ| ˆ} ˆ~
+  ˆ¡ ˆ¢ ˆ£ ˆ¤ ˆ¥ ˆ¦ ˆ§ ˆ¨ ˆ© ˆª
+‰@ ‰A    ‰C       ‰F ‰G ‰H ‰I       ‰L ‰M ‰N ‰O
+‰P ‰Q ‰R ‰S ‰T ‰U ‰V ‰W ‰X ‰Y ‰Z ‰[ ‰\ ‰] ‰^ ‰_
+‰` ‰a ‰b ‰c ‰d ‰e ‰f ‰g ‰h ‰i ‰j ‰k ‰l ‰m ‰n ‰o
+‰p ‰q ‰r ‰s ‰t ‰u ‰v ‰w ‰x ‰y ‰z ‰{ ‰| ‰} ‰~
+   ‰¡ ‰¢ ‰£ ‰¤ ‰¥ ‰¦             ‰« ‰¬ ‰­ ‰®
+‰° ‰± ‰²       ‰µ ‰¶ ‰· ‰¸ ‰¹ ‰º ‰» ‰¼ ‰½ ‰¾ ‰¿
+   ‰Á ‰Â ‰Ã    ‰Å ‰Æ ‰Ç ‰È ‰É ‰Ê ‰Ë ‰Ì ‰Í ‰Î ‰Ï
+‰Ð ‰Ñ ‰Ò ‰Ó ‰Ô ‰Õ ‰Ö ‰× ‰Ø ‰Ù ‰Ú ‰Û ‰Ü ‰Ý ‰Þ ‰ß
+‰à ‰á ‰â ‰ã ‰ä ‰å ‰æ ‰ç ‰è ‰é ‰ê ‰ë ‰ì ‰í ‰î ‰ï
+‰ð ‰ñ ‰ò ‰ó ‰ô ‰õ ‰ö ‰÷ ‰ø ‰ù ‰ú ‰û ‰ü ‰ý ‰þ
+Š` Ša Šb    Šd Še Šf Šg Šh Ši Šj Šk Šl Šm Šn Šo
+Šp Šq Šr Šs Št    Šv Šw Šx Šy Šz Š{ Š| Š} Š~
+   Š¡ Š¢ Š£ Š¤ Š¥ Š¦ Š§ Š¨ Š© Šª    Š¬ Š­ Š® Š¯
+Š°    Š² Š³ Š´ Šµ Š¶ Š· Š¸ Š¹    Š» Š¼ Š½ Š¾ Š¿
+Šà Šá Šâ Šã Šä Šå Šæ Šç Šè Šé Šê Šë Šì Ší Šî Šï
+Šð Šñ Šò Šó Šô    Šö Š÷ Šø Šù Šú Šû Šü Šý Šþ
+‹@ ‹A ‹B ‹C ‹D ‹E ‹F ‹G ‹H ‹I ‹J ‹K ‹L ‹M ‹N ‹O
+‹P ‹Q ‹R ‹S    ‹U ‹V ‹W ‹X ‹Y ‹Z ‹[ ‹\ ‹] ‹^ ‹_
+‹` ‹a ‹b ‹c ‹d ‹e ‹f ‹g ‹h ‹i ‹j ‹k ‹l ‹m ‹n ‹o
+‹p ‹q ‹r ‹s ‹t ‹u ‹v ‹w ‹x ‹y ‹z ‹{ ‹| ‹} ‹~
+   ‹¡ ‹¢ ‹£ ‹¤ ‹¥ ‹¦ ‹§ ‹¨ ‹© ‹ª ‹« ‹¬ ‹­ ‹® ‹¯
+‹° ‹± ‹² ‹³ ‹´ ‹µ ‹¶ ‹· ‹¸ ‹¹ ‹º ‹» ‹¼ ‹½ ‹¾ ‹¿
+‹À ‹Á ‹Â ‹Ã ‹Ä ‹Å ‹Æ ‹Ç ‹È ‹É ‹Ê ‹Ë ‹Ì ‹Í ‹Î ‹Ï
+‹Ð ‹Ñ ‹Ò ‹Ó ‹Ô ‹Õ ‹Ö ‹× ‹Ø ‹Ù ‹Ú ‹Û ‹Ü    ‹Þ ‹ß
+‹à ‹á ‹â ‹ã ‹ä ‹å ‹æ ‹ç ‹è ‹é ‹ê ‹ë ‹ì ‹í ‹î ‹ï
+‹ð ‹ñ ‹ò ‹ó ‹ô ‹õ ‹ö ‹÷ ‹ø ‹ù ‹ú ‹û ‹ü ‹ý
+Œ` Œa Œb Œc Œd Œe Œf Œg Œh Œi Œj Œk Œl Œm Œn Œo
+Œp Œq Œr Œs Œt Œu Œv Œw Œx Œy Œz Œ{ Œ| Œ} Œ~
+   Œ¡ Œ¢ Œ£ Œ¤ Œ¥    Œ§ Œ¨ Œ© Œª Œ« Œ¬ Œ­ Œ® Œ¯
+Œ° Œ± Œ² Œ³ Œ´ Œµ Œ¶ Œ· Œ¸ Œ¹ Œº Œ» Œ¼ Œ½ Œ¾ Œ¿
+ŒÀ ŒÁ ŒÂ ŒÃ ŒÄ ŒÅ          ŒÉ ŒÊ ŒË ŒÌ    ŒÎ ŒÏ
+Έ · Ή ΋ Ί    ξ ΍ Ώ Ύ ΐ Α Γ Β Δ Ε
+Œð Œñ Œò Œó Œô Œõ Œö Œ÷ Œø Œù Œú Œû Œü Œý Œþ
+@    B C D E F G H I J K L M N O
+P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [ \ ] ^ _
+` a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o
+p q r s t u v w x y z { | } ~
+   ¡ ¢ £ ¤ ¥ ¦ § ¨ © ª « ¬ ­ ® ¯
+° ± ² ³ ´ µ ¶ · ¸ ¹ º » ¼ ½ ¾ ¿
+À Á Â Ã Ä Å Æ Ç È É Ê Ë Ì Í Î Ï
+Ð Ñ Ò Ó Ô Õ Ö × Ø Ù Ú Û Ü Ý Þ ß
+à á â ã ä å æ ç è é ê ë ì í î ï
+ð ñ ò ó ô õ ö ÷ ø ù ú û ü ý þ
+Ž` Ža Žb Žc Žd Že Žf Žg Žh    Žj Žk Žl Žm Žn
+Žp Žq Žr Žs Žt Žu Žv Žw Žx Žy Žz Ž{ Ž| Ž}
+   Ž¡ Ž¢ Ž£ Ž¤ Ž¥ Ž¦ Ž§ Ž¨ Ž© Žª    Ž¬ Ž­ Ž® Ž¯
+Ž° Ž± Ž² Ž³    Žµ Ž¶ Ž· Ž¸ Ž¹ Žº Ž» Ž¼ Ž½ Ž¾ Ž¿
+Žà Žá Žâ Žã Žä Žå Žæ Žç Žè Žé Žê Žë Žì Ží Žî Žï
+Žð Žñ Žò Žó Žô Žõ Žö Ž÷ Žø Žù Žú Žû Žü Žý Žþ
+@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O
+P Q R S T U V    X Y Z [ \ ] ^ _
+` a b c d e f g h    j k l m    o
+p q r s t u v w x y z { | } ~
+   ¡ ¢ £ ¤ ¥ ¦ § ¨ © ª « ¬ ­ ® ¯
+° ± ² ³ ´ µ ¶ · ¸ ¹ º » ¼ ½ ¾ ¿
+À Á Â Ã Ä Å Æ Ç È É Ê       Í Î Ï
+Ð Ñ Ò Ó Ô Õ Ö × Ø Ù Ú Û Ü Ý Þ ß
+à á â ã ä å æ ç è é ê ë ì í î ï
+ð ñ ò ó ô õ ö ÷ ø ù ú û ü ý
+@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O
+P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [ \ ] ^ _
+` a b c d e f g h i j k l    n o
+p q r s t u v w x y    { | } ~
+   ¡ ¢ £ ¤ ¥ ¦ § ¨ © ª « ¬ ­ ® ¯
+° ± ² ³ ´ µ ¶ · ¸ ¹ º » ¼ ½ ¾ ¿
+À Á Â Ã Ä Å Æ Ç È É Ê Ë Ì Í Î Ï
+Ð Ñ Ò Ó Ô Õ Ö × Ø Ù Ú Û    Ý Þ ß
+à á â ã ä å æ ç è é ê ë ì í î ï
+ð    ò ó ô õ ö ÷ ø ù ú û ü ý þ
+‘@ ‘A ‘B ‘C ‘D ‘E ‘F ‘G ‘H ‘I ‘J ‘K ‘L ‘M ‘N ‘O
+‘P ‘Q ‘R ‘S ‘T ‘U ‘V ‘W ‘X ‘Y ‘Z ‘[ ‘\ ‘] ‘^ ‘_
+‘` ‘a ‘b ‘c ‘d ‘e ‘f ‘g ‘h ‘i ‘j ‘k ‘l ‘m ‘n ‘o
+‘p ‘q ‘r ‘s ‘t ‘u ‘v ‘w ‘x ‘y ‘z ‘{ ‘| ‘} ‘~
+   ‘¡ ‘¢ ‘£ ‘¤ ‘¥ ‘¦ ‘§ ‘¨ ‘© ‘ª ‘« ‘¬ ‘­ ‘® ‘¯
+‘° ‘± ‘² ‘³ ‘´ ‘µ ‘¶ ‘· ‘¸ ‘¹ ‘º ‘» ‘¼ ‘½ ‘¾
+‘À ‘Á ‘Â ‘Ã ‘Ä ‘Å ‘Æ ‘Ç ‘È ‘É ‘Ê ‘Ë ‘Ì ‘Í ‘Î ‘Ï
+‘Ð ‘Ñ ‘Ò ‘Ó ‘Ô ‘Õ ‘Ö ‘× ‘Ø ‘Ù ‘Ú ‘Û ‘Ü ‘Ý ‘Þ ‘ß
+‘à ‘á ‘â ‘ã ‘ä ‘å ‘æ ‘ç ‘è ‘é ‘ê ‘ë ‘ì ‘í ‘î ‘ï
+‘ð ‘ñ ‘ò ‘ó ‘ô ‘õ ‘ö ‘÷ ‘ø ‘ù ‘ú ‘û ‘ü ‘ý ‘þ
+’@ ’A ’B ’C    ’E ’F ’G ’H ’I ’J ’K ’L ’M ’N ’O
+’P ’Q ’R ’S ’T ’U ’V ’W ’X ’Y ’Z ’[ ’\ ’] ’^ ’_
+’` ’a ’b ’c ’d ’e ’f ’g ’h ’i ’j ’k ’l ’m ’n ’o
+’p ’q ’r ’s ’t ’u ’v ’w ’x ’y ’z ’{ ’| ’} ’~
+   ’¡ ’¢ ’£ ’¤ ’¥ ’¦ ’§ ’¨ ’© ’ª ’« ’¬ ’­ ’®
+         ’³ ’´ ’µ ’¶ ’· ’¸ ’¹ ’º ’» ’¼ ’½ ’¾ ’¿
+’À ’Á ’Â ’Ã ’Ä ’Å ’Æ ’Ç    ’É ’Ê ’Ë ’Ì ’Í ’Î ’Ï
+’Ð    ’Ò ’Ó ’Ô ’Õ ’Ö ’× ’Ø ’Ù ’Ú ’Û ’Ü ’Ý ’Þ ’ß
+’à ’á ’â ’ã ’ä ’å ’æ ’ç ’è ’é ’ê ’ë ’ì ’í ’î ’ï
+’ð ’ñ ’ò ’ó ’ô ’õ ’ö ’÷ ’ø ’ù ’ú ’û ’ü ’ý ’þ
+“@ “A “B “C “D “E “F “G “H “I “J “K “L “M “N “O
+“P “Q “R “S “T “U “V “W “X “Y “Z “[ “\ “] “^ “_
+“` “a “b “c “d “e “f “g “h “i “j “k “l “m “n “o
+“p “q “r “s “t “u “v “w “x “y “z “{ “| “} “~
+   “¡ “¢ “£ “¤ “¥ “¦ “§ “¨ “© “ª “« “¬ “­ “® “¯
+“° “± “² “³ “´ “µ “¶ “· “¸ “¹ “º “» “¼ “½ “¾ “¿
+“À “Á “Â “Ã “Ä “Å “Æ “Ç “È “É “Ê “Ë “Ì “Í “Î “Ï
+“Ð “Ñ “Ò “Ó “Ô “Õ “Ö “× “Ø “Ù “Ú “Û “Ü “Ý “Þ “ß
+“à “á “â “ã “ä “å “æ “ç “è “é “ê “ë “ì “í “î “ï
+“ð “ñ “ò “ó “ô “õ “ö “÷ “ø “ù “ú “û “ü “ý “þ
+”@ ”A ”B ”C ”D ”E ”F    ”H ”I ”J ”K ”L ”M ”N ”O
+”P ”Q ”R ”S ”T ”U ”V ”W ”X ”Y ”Z ”[ ”\ ”] ”^ ”_
+”` ”a ”b ”c ”d ”e ”f ”g ”h ”i ”j ”k ”l ”m ”n ”o
+”p ”q ”r ”s ”t ”u ”v ”w ”x ”y ”z ”{ ”| ”} ”~
+   ”¡ ”¢ ”£ ”¤ ”¥ ”¦ ”§ ”¨ ”© ”ª ”« ”¬ ”­ ”® ”¯
+”° ”± ”² ”³ ”´ ”µ ”¶ ”· ”¸ ”¹ ”º ”» ”¼ ”½ ”¾ ”¿
+”À ”Á ” ”à ”Ä ”Å ”Æ ”Ç ”È ”É    ”Ë ”Ì ”Í ”Î ”Ï
+”Ð ”Ñ ”Ò ”Ó ”Ô ”Õ ”Ö ”× ”Ø ”Ù ”Ú ”Û ”Ü ”Ý ”Þ ”ß
+ӈ Ӈ Ӊ Ӌ ӊ ӌ Ӿ Ӎ ӏ ӎ Ӑ ӑ ӓ Ӓ Ӕ ӕ
+”ð ”ñ ”ò ”ó ”ô ”õ ”ö ”÷ ”ø ”ù ”ú ”û ”ü ”ý ”þ
+•@ •A •B •C •D •E •F •G •H •I •J •K •L •M •N •O
+•P •Q •R •S •T •U •V •W •X •Y •Z •[ •\ •] •^ •_
+•` •a •b •c •d •e •f •g •h •i •j •k •l •m •n •o
+•p •q •r •s •t •u •v •w •x •y •z •{ •| •} •~
+   •¡ •¢ •£ •¤ •¥ •¦ •§ •¨ •© •ª •« •¬ •­ •® •¯
+•° •± •² •³ •´ •µ •¶ •· •¸ •¹ •º •» •¼ •½ •¾ •¿
+•À •Á •Â •Ã •Ä •Å •Æ •Ç •È •É •Ê •Ë •Ì •Í •Î •Ï
+•Ð •Ñ •Ò •Ó •Ô •Õ •Ö •× •Ø    •Ú •Û •Ü •Ý •Þ •ß
+•à •á •â •ã •ä •å •æ •ç •è •é •ê •ë •ì •í •î •ï
+•ð •ñ •ò •ó •ô •õ •ö •÷ •ø •ù •ú •û •ü •ý •þ
+–@ –A –B –C    –E –F –G –H –I –J –K –L –M –N –O
+–P –Q –R –S –T –U –V –W –X –Y –Z –[ –\ –] –^ –_
+–` –a –b –c –d –e –f –g –h –i –j –k –l –m –n –o
+–p –q –r –s –t –u –v –w –x –y –z –{ –| –} –~
+   –¡ –¢ –£ –¤ –¥ –¦ –§ –¨ –© –ª –« –¬ –­ –® –¯
+–° –± –² –³ –´ –µ –¶ –· –¸ –¹ –º –» –¼ –½ –¾ –¿
+–À –Á –Â –Ã –Ä –Å –Æ –Ç –È –É –Ê –Ë –Ì –Í –Î –Ï
+–Ð –Ñ –Ò –Ó –Ô –Õ –Ö –× –Ø –Ù –Ú –Û –Ü –Ý –Þ –ß
+–à –á –â –ã –ä –å –æ –ç –è –é –ê –ë –ì    –î –ï
+–ð –ñ –ò –ó –ô –õ –ö –÷ –ø –ù –ú –û    –ý –þ
+—@ —A —B —C —D —E —F —G —H —I —J —K —L —M —N —O
+—P —Q —R —S —T —U —V —W —X —Y —Z —[ —\ —] —^ —_
+—` —a —b —c —d —e —f —g —h —i —j —k —l —m —n —o
+—p —q —r —s —t —u —v —w —x —y —z —{ —| —} —~
+   —¡ —¢ —£ —¤ —¥ —¦ —§ —¨ —© —ª —« —¬ —­ —® —¯
+—° —± —² —³ —´ —µ —¶ —· —¸ —¹ —º —» —¼ —½ —¾ —¿
+—À —Á —Â —Ã —Ä —Å —Æ —Ç —È —É —Ê —Ë —Ì —Í —Î —Ï
+—Ð —Ñ —Ò —Ó —Ô —Õ —Ö —× —Ø —Ù —Ú —Û —Ü —Ý —Þ —ß
+—à —á —â —ã —ä —å —æ —ç —è —é —ê —ë —ì —í —î —ï
+—ð —ñ —ò —ó —ô —õ —ö —÷ —ø —ù —ú —û —ü —ý —þ
+˜@ ˜A ˜B ˜C ˜D ˜E ˜F ˜G ˜H ˜I ˜J ˜K ˜L ˜M ˜N ˜O
+˜P ˜Q ˜R ˜S ˜T ˜U ˜V ˜W ˜X ˜Y ˜Z ˜[ ˜\ ˜] ˜^ ˜_
+˜` ˜a ˜b ˜c ˜d ˜e ˜f ˜g ˜h ˜i ˜j ˜k ˜l ˜m ˜n ˜o
+˜p ˜q ˜r ˜s ˜t ˜u ˜v ˜w ˜x ˜y ˜z ˜{ ˜| ˜} ˜~
+   ˜¡ ˜¢ ˜£ ˜¤ ˜¥ ˜¦ ˜§ ˜¨ ˜© ˜ª ˜« ˜¬ ˜­ ˜® ˜¯
+˜° ˜± ˜² ˜³ ˜´ ˜µ ˜¶ ˜· ˜¸ ˜¹ ˜º ˜» ˜¼ ˜½ ˜¾ ˜¿
+˜À ˜Á ˜Â ˜Ã ˜Ä ˜Å ˜Æ ˜Ç ˜È ˜É ˜Ê ˜Ë ˜Ì ˜Í ˜Î ˜Ï
+˜Ð ˜Ñ ˜Ò ˜Ó ˜Ô ˜Õ ˜Ö ˜× ˜Ø ˜Ù ˜Ú ˜Û ˜Ü ˜Ý ˜Þ ˜ß
+˜à ˜á ˜â ˜ã ˜ä ˜å ˜æ ˜ç ˜è ˜é ˜ê ˜ë ˜ì ˜í ˜î ˜ï
+˜ð ˜ñ ˜ò ˜ó ˜ô ˜õ ˜ö ˜÷ ˜ø ˜ù ˜ú ˜û ˜ü ˜ý ˜þ
+™@ ™A ™B ™C ™D ™E ™F ™G ™H ™I ™J ™K ™L ™M ™N ™O
+™P ™Q ™R ™S ™T ™U ™V ™W ™X ™Y ™Z ™[ ™\ ™] ™^ ™_
+™` ™a ™b ™c ™d ™e ™f ™g ™h ™i ™j ™k ™l ™m ™n ™o
+™p ™q ™r ™s ™t ™u ™v ™w ™x ™y ™z ™{ ™| ™} ™~
+   ™¡ ™¢ ™£ ™¤ ™¥ ™¦ ™§ ™¨ ™© ™ª ™« ™¬ ™­ ™® ™¯
+™° ™± ™² ™³ ™´ ™µ ™¶ ™· ™¸ ™¹ ™º ™» ™¼ ™½ ™¾ ™¿
+™À ™Á ™Â ™Ã ™Ä ™Å ™Æ ™Ç ™È ™É ™Ê ™Ë ™Ì ™Í ™Î ™Ï
+™Ð ™Ñ ™Ò ™Ó ™Ô ™Õ ™Ö ™× ™Ø ™Ù ™Ú ™Û ™Ü ™Ý ™Þ ™ß
+™à ™á ™â ™ã ™ä ™å ™æ ™ç ™è ™é ™ê ™ë ™ì ™í ™î ™ï
+™ð ™ñ ™ò ™ó ™ô ™õ ™ö ™÷ ™ø ™ù ™ú ™û ™ü ™ý ™þ
+š@ šA šB šC šD šE šF šG šH šI šJ šK šL šM šN šO
+šP šQ šR šS šT šU šV šW šX šY šZ š[ š\ š] š^ š_
+š` ša šb šc šd še šf šg šh ši šj šk šl šm šn šo
+šp šq šr šs št šu šv šw šx šy šz š{ š| š} š~
+   š¡ š¢ š£ š¤ š¥ š¦ š§ š¨ š© šª š« š¬ š­ š® š¯
+š° š± š² š³ š´ šµ š¶ š· š¸ š¹ šº š» š¼ š½ š¾ š¿
+šÀ šÁ šÂ šÃ šÄ šÅ šÆ šÇ šÈ šÉ šÊ šË šÌ šÍ šÎ šÏ
+šÐ šÑ šÒ šÓ šÔ šÕ šÖ š× šØ šÙ šÚ šÛ šÜ šÝ šÞ šß
+šà šá šâ šã šä šå šæ šç šè šé šê šë šì ší šî šï
+šð šñ šò šó šô šõ šö š÷ šø šù šú šû šü šý šþ
+›@ ›A ›B ›C ›D ›E ›F ›G ›H ›I ›J ›K ›L ›M ›N ›O
+›P ›Q ›R ›S ›T ›U ›V ›W ›X ›Y ›Z ›[ ›\ ›] ›^ ›_
+›`    ›b ›c ›d ›e ›f ›g ›h ›i ›j ›k ›l ›m ›n ›o
+›p ›q ›r ›s ›t ›u    ›w    ›y ›z    ›| ›} ›~
+   ›¡ ›¢ ›£ ›¤ ›¥ ›¦ ›§ ›¨ ›© ›ª ›« ›¬ ›­ ›® ›¯
+›° ›± ›² ›³ ›´ ›µ ›¶ ›· ›¸ ›¹ ›º ›» ›¼ ›½ ›¾ ›¿
+›À ›Á ›Â ›Ã ›Ä ›Å    ›Ç ›È ›É ›Ê ›Ë ›Ì ›Í ›Î ›Ï
+›Ð ›Ñ ›Ò ›Ó ›Ô ›Õ ›Ö ›× ›Ø ›Ù ›Ú ›Û ›Ü ›Ý    ›ß
+݈ ݇ ݉ ݋ ݊ ݌ ݾ ݍ ݏ ݎ ݐ ݑ    ݒ ݔ ݕ
+›ð ›ñ ›ò ›ó ›ô ›õ    ›÷ ›ø ›ù ›ú ›û ›ü ›ý ›þ
+œ@ œA    œC œD œE œF œG œH œI œJ œK œL œM œN œO
+œP œQ œR    œT œU œV œW œX œY œZ œ[ œ\ œ] œ^ œ_
+œ` œa    œc œd œe œf œg    œi œj    œl œm œn œo
+œp œq œr œs œt œu œv    œx œy œz œ{ œ| œ} œ~
+   œ¡ œ¢ œ£ œ¤ œ¥ œ¦ œ§ œ¨ œ© œª œ« œ¬ œ­ œ® œ¯
+œ° œ± œ² œ³ œ´ œµ œ¶ œ· œ¸ œ¹ œº œ»       œ¾ œ¿
+œÀ œÁ œÂ œÃ œÄ œÅ œÆ œÇ œÈ œÉ œÊ œË œÌ œÍ œÎ œÏ
+   œÑ œÒ œÓ œÔ œÕ œÖ œ× œØ œÙ œÚ œÛ œÜ œÝ œÞ œß
+ψ χ ω ϋ ϊ ό Ͼ ύ Ϗ ώ ϐ ϑ ϓ ϒ ϔ ϕ
+œð œñ œò œó œô œõ œö œ÷ œø œù œú œû œü œý œþ
+@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O
+P Q R S T U V    X Y    [ \ ] ^ _
+` a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o
+p q r s t u v w x y z { | } ~
+   ¡ ¢ £ ¤ ¥ ¦ § ¨ © ª « ¬ ­ ® ¯
+° ± ² ³ ´ µ ¶ · ¸ ¹ º » ¼ ½ ¾ ¿
+À Á Â Ã    Å Æ Ç È É Ê Ë Ì Í Î Ï
+Ð Ñ Ò Ó Ô Õ Ö × Ø Ù Ú Û Ü Ý Þ ß
+à á â ã ä å æ ç è é ê ë ì í î ï
+ð ñ ò ó ô õ ö ÷ ø ù ú û ü ý þ
+ž@ žA žB žC žD žE žF žG žH žI žJ žK žL žM žN žO
+žP žQ žR žS žT žU žV žW žX žY žZ ž[ ž\ ž] ž^ ž_
+ž` ža žb žc žd že žf žg žh ži žj žk žl žm žn žo
+žp žq žr žs žt žu žv žw žx žy žz ž{ ž| ž} ž~
+   ž¡ ž¢ ž£ ž¤ ž¥ ž¦ ž§ ž¨    žª ž«    ž­ ž® ž¯
+ž° ž± ž² ž³ ž´ žµ ž¶ ž· ž¸ ž¹ žº ž» ž¼ ž½ ž¾ ž¿
+žÀ žÁ žÂ žÃ    žÅ žÆ žÇ žÈ žÉ žÊ žË žÌ žÍ žÎ žÏ
+žÐ žÑ žÒ žÓ žÔ žÕ žÖ ž× žØ žÙ žÚ žÛ žÜ žÝ žÞ žß
+žà žá žâ žã žä žå žæ žç žè žé žê žë žì ží žî
+žð žñ žò žó    žõ žö ž÷ žø žù žú žû žü    žþ
+   Ÿa Ÿb Ÿc Ÿd Ÿe    Ÿg Ÿh Ÿi Ÿj Ÿk Ÿl Ÿm Ÿn Ÿo
+Ÿp Ÿq Ÿr Ÿs Ÿt Ÿu Ÿv Ÿw Ÿx Ÿy Ÿz Ÿ{ Ÿ| Ÿ} Ÿ~
+   Ÿ¡ Ÿ¢ Ÿ£ Ÿ¤ Ÿ¥ Ÿ¦ Ÿ§ Ÿ¨ Ÿ© Ÿª Ÿ« Ÿ¬    Ÿ® Ÿ¯
+Ÿ°    Ÿ² Ÿ³ Ÿ´ Ÿµ Ÿ¶ Ÿ· Ÿ¸ Ÿ¹ Ÿº Ÿ» Ÿ¼ Ÿ½ Ÿ¾ Ÿ¿
+Ÿà Ÿá Ÿâ Ÿã Ÿä Ÿå    Ÿç Ÿè Ÿé    Ÿë Ÿì Ÿí Ÿî
+Ÿð Ÿñ Ÿò Ÿó Ÿô Ÿõ Ÿö Ÿ÷ Ÿø Ÿù Ÿú Ÿû Ÿü Ÿý Ÿþ
+ @  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O
+ P  Q  R  S     U  V     X  Y     [  \  ]  ^  _
+ `  a        d  e  f  g  h  i  j  k  l  m  n  o
+ p  q     s  t  u  v     x  y  z  {  |  }  ~
+    ¡  ¢  £  ¤     ¦  §  ¨  ©  ª  «  ¬     ®
+ °  ±  ²  ³  ´  µ  ¶  ·  ¸  ¹  º  »  ¼  ½  ¾  ¿
+ À  Á  Â  Ã  Ä  Å  Æ  Ç  È  É  Ê  Ë  Ì  Í  Î  Ï
+ Ð  Ñ  Ò     Ô     Ö  ×  Ø  Ù  Ú  Û  Ü  Ý  Þ
+ à     â  ã     å  æ  ç  è  é  ê  ë  ì  í  î  ï
+ ð  ñ  ò  ó  ô  õ  ö  ÷  ø  ù  ú  û  ü  ý  þ
diff --git a/tests/BIG5-HKSCS-2008-snippet.UTF-8 b/tests/BIG5-HKSCS-2008-snippet.UTF-8
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..023fc35
--- /dev/null
+++ b/tests/BIG5-HKSCS-2008-snippet.UTF-8
@@ -0,0 +1,253 @@
+䏰 䰲 䘃 䖦 䕸 𧉧 䵷 䖳 𧲱 䳢 𧳅 㮕 䜶 䝄 䱇 䱀
+𤊿 𣘗 𧍒 𦺋 𧃒 䱗 𪍑 䝏 䗚 䲅 𧱬 䴇 䪤 䚡 𦬣 爥
+𥩔 𡩣 𣸆 𣽡 晍 囻   綕 夝 𨮹 㷴 霴 𧯯 寛 𡵞 媤
+㘥 𩺰 嫑 宷 峼 杮 薓 𩥅 瑡 璝 㡵 𡵓 𣚞 𦀡 㻬
+   𥣞 㫵 竼 龗 𤅡 𨤍 𣇪 𠪊 𣉞 䌊 蒄 龖 鐯 䤰 蘓
+墖 靊 鈘 秐 稲 晠 権 袝 瑌 篅 枂 稬 剏 遆 㓦 珄
+𥶹 瓆 鿇 垳 䤯 呌 䄱 𣚎 堘 穲 𧭥 讏 䚮 𦺈 䆁 𥶙
+箮 𢒼 鿈 𢓁 𢓉 𢓌 鿉 蔄 𣖻 䂴 鿊 䓡 𪷿 拁 灮 鿋
+㇀ ㇁ ㇂ ㇃ ㇄ 𠄌 ㇅ 𠃑 𠃍 ㇆ ㇇ 𠃋 𡿨 ㇈ 𠃊 ㇉
+㇊ ㇋ ㇌ 𠄎 ㇍ ㇎ Ā Á Ǎ À Ē É Ě È Ō Ó
+Ǒ Ò Ê̄ Ế Ê̌ Ề Ê ā á ǎ à ɑ ē é ě è
+ī í ǐ ì ō ó ǒ ò ū ú ǔ ù ǖ ǘ ǚ
+  ǜ ü ê̄ ế ê̌ ề ê ɡ ⏚ ⏛
+𪎩 𡅅    攊       丽 滝 鵎 釟       𧜵 撑 会 伨
+侨 兖 兴 农 凤 务 动 医 华 发 变 团 声 处 备 夲
+头 学 实 実 岚 庆 总 斉 柾 栄 桥 济 炼 电 纤 纬
+纺 织 经 统 缆 缷 艺 苏 药 视 设 询 车 轧 轮
+   琑 糼 緍 楆 竉 刧             醌 碸 酞 肼
+贋 胶 𠧧       肟 黇 䳍 鷉 鸌 䰾 𩷶 𧀎 鸊 𪄳 㗁
+   溚 舾 甙    䤑 马 骏 龙 禇 𨑬 𡷊 𠗐 𢫦 两 亁
+亀 亇 亿 仫 伷 㑌 侽 㹈 倃 傈 㑽 㒓 㒥 円 夅 凛
+凼 刅 争 剹 劐 匧 㗇 厩 㕑 厰 㕓 参 吣 㕭 㕲 㚁
+咓 咣 咴 咹 哐 哯 唘 唣 唨 㖘 唿 㖥 㖿 嗗 㗅
+𧶄 唥    𠱂 𠴕 𥄫 喐 𢳆 㧬 𠍁 蹆 𤶸 𩓥 䁓 𨂾 睺
+𢰸 㨴 䟕 𨅝 𦧲 𤷪 擝 𠵼 𠾴 𠳕 𡃴 撍 蹾 𠺖 𠰋 𠽤
+𢲩 𨉖 𤓓    𠵆 𩩍 𨃩 䟴 𤺧 𢳂 骲 㩧 𩗴 㿭 㔆 𥋇
+𩟔 𧣈 𢵄 鵮 頕    䏙 𦂥 撴 哣 𢵌 𢯊 𡁷 㧻 𡁯
+   𦛚 𦜖 𧦠 擪 𥁒 𠱃 蹨 𢆡 𨭌 𠜱    䠋 𠆩 㿺 塳
+𢶍    𤗈 𠓼 𦂗 𠽌 𠶖 啹 䂻 䎺    䪴 𢩦 𡂝 膪 飵
+𠶜 捹 㧾 𢝵 跀 嚡 摼 㹃    𪘁 𠸉 𢫏 𢳉    𡃈 𣧂
+㦒 㨆 𨊛 㕸 𥹉 𢃇 噒 𠼱 𢲲 𩜠 㒼 氽 𤸻       𧕴
+𢺋 𢈈 𪙛 𨳍 𠹺 𠰴 𦠜 羓 𡃏 𢠃 𢤹 㗻 𥇣 𠺌 𠾍 𠺪
+㾓 𠼰 𠵇 𡅏 𠹌    𠺫 𠮩 𠵈 𡃀 𡄽 㿹 𢚖 搲 𠾭
+𣏴 𧘹 𢯎 𠵾 𠵿 𢱑 𢱕 㨘 𠺘 𡃇 𠼮 𪘲 𦭐 𨳒 𨶙 𨳊
+閪 哌 苄 喹    𩻃 鰦 骶 𧝞 𢷮 煀 腭 胬 尜 𦕲 脴
+㞗 卟 𨂽 醶 𠻺 𠸏 𠹷 𠻻 㗝 𤷫 㘉 𠳖 嚯 𢞵 𡃉 𠸐
+𠹸 𡁸 𡅈 𨈇 𡑕 𠹹 𤹐 𢶤 婔 𡀝 𡀞 𡃵 𡃶 垜 𠸑
+   𧚔 𨋍 𠾵 𠹻 𥅾 㜃 𠾶 𡆀 𥋘 𪊽 𤧚 𡠺 𤅷 𨉼 墙
+剨 㘚 𥜽 箲 孨 䠀 䬬 鼧 䧧 鰟 鮍 𥭴 𣄽 嗻 㗲 嚉
+丨 夂 𡯁 屮 靑 𠂆 乛 亻 㔾 尣 彑 忄 㣺 扌 攵 歺
+氵 氺 灬 爫 丬 犭 𤣩 罒 礻 糹 罓 𦉪 㓁    𦍋 耂
+肀 𦘒 𦥑 卝 衤 见 𧢲 讠 贝 钅 镸 长 门 𨸏 韦 页
+风 飞 饣 𩠐 鱼 鸟 黄 歯 龜 丷 𠂇 阝 户 钢
+倻 淾 𩱳 龦 㷉 袏 𤅎 灷 峵 䬠 𥇍 㕙 𥴰 愢 𨨲 辧
+釶 熑 朙 玺 𣊁 𪄇 㲋 𡦀 䬐 磤 琂 冮 𨜏 䀉 橣 𪊺
+䈣 蘏 𠩯 稪 𩥇 𨫪 靕 灍 匤 𢁾 鏴 盙 𨧣 龧 矝 亣
+俰 傼 丯 众 龨 吴 綋 墒 壐 𡶶 庒 庙 忂 𢜒 斋
+   𣏹 椙 橃 𣱣 泿    爀 𤔅 玌 㻛 𤨓 嬕 璹 讃 𥲤
+𥚕 窓 篬 糃 繬 苸 薗 龩 袐 龪 躹 龫 迏 蕟 駠 鈡
+龬 𨶹 𡐿 䁱 䊢 娚          顨 杫 䉶 圽    藖 𤥻
+芿 𧄍 䲁 𦵴 嵻 𦬕 𦾾 龭 龮 宖 龯 曧 繛 湗 秊 㶈
+䓃 𣉖 𢞖 䎚 䔶    峕 𣬚 諹 屸 㴒 𣕑 嵸 龲 煗 䕘
+𤃬 𡸣 䱷 㥸 㑊 𠆤 𦱁 諌 侴 𠈹 妿 腬 顖 𩣺 弻
+𠮟    𢇁 𨥭 䄂 䚻 𩁹 㼇 龳 𪆵 䃸 㟖 䛷 𦱆 䅼 𨚲
+𧏿 䕭 㣔 𥒚 䕡 䔛 䶉 䱻 䵶 䗪 㿈 𤬏 㙡 䓞 䒽 䇭
+崾 嵈 嵖 㷼 㠏 嶤 嶹 㠠 㠸 幂 庽 弥 徃 㤈 㤔 㤿
+㥍 惗 愽 峥 㦉 憷 憹 懏 㦸 戬 抐 拥 挘 㧸 嚱
+   㨃 揢 揻 搇 摚 㩋 擀 崕 嘡 龟 㪗 斆 㪽 旿 晓
+㫲 暒 㬢 朖 㭂 枤 栀 㭘 桊 梄 㭲 㭱 㭻 椉 楃 牜
+楤 榟 榅 㮼 槖 㯝 橥 橴 橱 檂 㯬 檙 㯲 檫 檵 櫔
+櫶 殁 毁 毪 汵 沪 㳋 洂 洆 洦 涁 㳯 涤 涱 渕 渘
+温 溆 𨧀 溻 滢 滚 齿 滨 滩 漤 漴 㵆 𣽁 澁 澾 㵪
+㵵 熷 岙 㶊 瀬 㶑 灐 灔 灯 灿 炉 𠌥 䏁 㗱 𠻘
+𣻗 垾 𦻓 焾 𥟠 㙎 榢 𨯩 孴 穉 𥣡 𩓙 穥 穽 𥦬 窻
+窰 竂 竃 燑 𦒍 䇊 竚 竝 竪 䇯 咲 𥰁 笋 筕 笩 𥌎
+𥳾 箢 筯 莜 𥮴 𦱿 篐 萡 箒    𥴠 㶭 𥱥 蒒 篺
+簵 𥳁 籄 粃 𤢂 粦 晽 𤕸 糉 糇 糦 籴 糳 糵
+   繧 䔝 𦹄 絝 𦻖 璍 綉 綫 焵 綳    𤁗 𦀩 緤 㴓
+緵 𡟹 緥 𨍭    𦄡 𦅚 繮 纒 䌫 鑬 縧 罀 罁 罇 礶
+𦋐 駡 羗 𦍑 羣 𡙡 𠁨 䕜 𣝦 䔃 𨌺 翺 𦒉    耈 耝
+   耯 𪂇 𦳃 耻 耼 聡 𢜔 䦉 𦘦 𣷣 𦛨 朥 肧 𨩈 脇
+脚 墰 𢛶 汿 𦒘 𤾸 擧 𡒊 舘 𡡞 橓 𤩥 𤪕 䑺 舩 𠬍
+𦩒 𣵾 俹 𡓽 蓢 荢 𦬊 𤦧 𣔰 𡝳 𣷸 芪 椛 芳 䇛
+蕋 苐 茚 𠸖 𡞴 㛁 𣅽 𣕚 艻 苢 茘 𣺋 𦶣 𦬅 𦮗 𣗎
+㶿 茝 嗬 莅 䔋 𦶥 莬    菓 㑾 𦻔 橗 蕚 㒖 𦹂 𢻯
+葘 𥯤 葱 㷓 䓤 檧 葊 𣲵 祘    𦮖 𦹷 𦹃 蓞    莑
+䒠 蒓 蓤 𥲑 䉀 𥳀 䕃 蔴 嫲 𦺙 䔧 蕳 䔖 枿 蘖
+   𨘥 𨘻 藁 𧂈 蘂 𡖂 𧃍 䕫 䕪 蘨 㙈 𡢢 号 𧎚 虾
+蝱 𪃸 蟮 𢰧 螱 蟚 蠏 噡 虬 桖 䘏 衅 衆 𧗠 𣶹 𧗤
+衞 袜 䙛 袴 袵 揁 装 睷 𧜏 覇 覊       覧 覼 𨨥
+觧 𧤤 𧪽 誜 瞓 釾 誐 𧩙 竩 𧬺 𣾏 䜓 𧬸 煼 謌 謟
+𥐰 𥕥 謿 譌 譍 誩 𤩺 讐 讛 誯 𡛟 䘕 衏 貛 𧵔 𧶏
+貫 㜥 𧵓 賖 𧶘 𧶽 贒 贃 𡤐 賛 灜 贑 𤳉 㻐
+趩 𨀂 𡀔 𤦊 㭼 𨆼 𧄌 竧 躭 躶 軃 鋔 輙 輭 𨍥 𨐒
+辥 錃 𪊟 𠩐 辳 䤪 𨧞 𨔽 𣶻 廸 𣉢 迹 𪀔 𨚼 𨔁 𢌥
+㦀 𦻗 逷 𨔼 𧪾 遡 𨕬 𨘋 邨 𨜓 郄 𨛦 邮    酧 㫰
+醩 釄 粬 𨤳 𡺉 鈎 沟 鉁 鉢 𥖹    𨫆 𣲛 𨬌 𥗛
+   𠴱 錬 鍫 𨫡 𨯫 炏 嫃 𨫢 𨫥 䥥 鉄 𨯬 𨰹 𨯿 鍳
+鑛 躼 閅 閦 鐦 閠 濶 䊹 𢙺 𨛘 𡉼 𣸮 䧟 氜 陻 隖
+䅬 隣 𦻕 懚 隶 磵 𨫠 隽 双 䦡 𦲸 𠉴 𦐐 𩂯 𩃥 𤫑
+𡤕 𣌊 霱 虂 霶 䨏 䔽 䖅 𤫩 灵 孁 霛    𩇕 靗 孊
+𩇫 靟 鐥 僐 𣂷 𣂼 鞉 鞟 鞱 鞾 韀 韒 韠 𥑬 韮 琜
+𩐳    韵 𩐝 𧥺 䫑 頴 頳 顋 顦 㬎 𧅵 㵑 𠘰 𤅜
+𥜆 飊 颷 飈 飇 䫿 𦴧 𡛓 喰 飡 飦 飬 鍸 餹 𤨩 䭲
+𩡗 𩤅 駵 騌 騻 騐 驘 𥜥 㛄 𩂱 𩯕 髠 髢 𩬅 髴 䰎
+鬔 鬭 𨘀 倴 鬴 𦦨 㣃 𣁽 魐 魀 𩴾 婅 𡡣 鮎 𤉋 鰂
+鯿 鰌 𩹨 鷔 𩾷 𪆒 𪆫 𪃡 𪄣 𪇟 鵾 鶃 𪄴 鸎 梈
+   鷄 𢅛 𪆓 𪈠 𡤻 𪈳 鴹 𪂹 𪊴 麐 麕 麞 麢 䴴 麪
+麯 𤍤 黁 㭠 㧥 㴝 伲 㞾 𨰫 鼂 鼈 䮖 鐤 𦶢 鼗
+鼹 嚟 嚊 齅 馸 𩂋 韲 葿 齢 齩 竜 龎 爖 䮾 𤥵 𤦻
+煷 𤧸 𤍈 𤩑 玞 𨯚 𡣺 禟 𨥾 𨸶 鍩 鏳 𨩄 鋬 鎁 鏋
+𨥬 𤒹 爗 㻫 睲 穃 烐 𤑳 𤏸 煾 𡟯 炣 𡢾 𣖙 㻇 𡢅
+𥐯 𡟸 㜢 𡛻 𡠹 㛡 𡝴 𡣑 𥽋 㜣 𡛀 坛 𤨥 𡏾 𡊨
+𡏆 𡒶 蔃 𣚦    葕 𤦔 𧅥 𣸱 𥕜 𣻻 𧁒 䓴 𣛮 𩦝 𦼦
+柹 㜳 㰕 㷧 塬 𡤢 栐 䁗 𣜿 𤃡 𤂋 𤄏 𦰡 哋 嚞 𦚱
+嚒 𠿟 𠮨 𠸍 鏆 𨬓 鎜 仸 儫 㠙 𤐶 亼 𠑥 𠍿 佋 侊
+𥙑 婨 𠆫 𠏋 㦙 𠌊 𠐔 㐵 伩 𠋀 𨺳 𠉵 諚 𠈌 亘
+   働 儍 侢 伃 𤨎 𣺊 佂 倮 偬 傁 俌 俥 偘 僼
+         湶 𣖕 𣸹 𣺿 浲 𡢄 𣺉 冨 凃 𠗠 䓝 𠒣 𠒒
+𠒑 赺 𨪜 𠜎 剙 劤 𠡳 勡    䙺 熌 𤎌 𠰠 𤦬 𡃤 槑
+𠸝    㻞 璙 琔 瑖 玘 䮎 𤪼 𤂍 叐 㖄 爏 𤃉 喴 𠍅
+响 𠯆 圝 鉝 雴 鍦 埝 垍 坿 㘾 壋 媙 𨩆 𡛺 𡝯 𡜐
+娬 妸 銏 婾 嫏 娒 𥥆 𡧳 𡡡 𤊕 㛵 洅 瑃 娡 𥺃
+媁 𨯗 𠐓 鏠 璌 𡌃 焅 䥲 鐈 𨧻 鎽 㞠 尞 岞 幞 幈
+𡦖 𡥼 𣫮 廍 孏 𡤃 𡤄 㜁 𡢠 㛝 𡛾 㛓 脪 𨩇 𡶺 𣑲
+𨦨 弌 弎 𡤧 𡞫 婫 𡜻 孄 蘔 𧗽 衠 恾 𢡠 𢘫 忛 㺸
+𢖯 𢖾 𩂈 𦽳 懀 𠀾 𠁆 𢘛 憙 憘 恵 𢲛 𢴇 𤛔 𩅍
+   摱 𤙥 𢭪 㨩 𢬢 𣑐 𩣪 𢹸 挷 𪑛 撶 挱 揑 𤧣 𢵧
+护 𢲡 搻 敫 楲 㯴 𣂎 𣊭 𤦉 𣊫 唍 𣋠 𡣙 𩐿 曎 𣊉
+𣆳 㫠 䆐 𥖄 𨬢 𥖏 𡛼 𥕛 𥐥 磮 𣄃 𡠪 𣈴 㑤 𣈏 𣆂
+𤋉 暎 𦴤 晫 䮓 昰 𧡰 𡷫 晣 𣋒 𣋡 昞 𥡲 㣑 𣠺 𣞼
+㮙 𣞢 𣏾 瓐 㮖 枏 𤘪 梶 栞 㯄 檾 㡣 𣟕 𤒇 樳 橒
+櫉 欅 𡤒 攑 梘 橌 㯗 橺 歗 𣿀 𣲚 鎠 鋲 𨯪 𨫋
+銉 𨀞 𨧜 鑧 涥 漋 𤧬    𣽿 㶏 渄 𤀼 娽 渊 塇 洤
+硂 焻 𤌚 𤉶 烱 牐 犇 犔 𤞏 𤜥 兹 𤪤 𠗫 瑺 𣻸 𣙟
+𤩊 𤤗 𥿡 㼆 㺱 𤫟 𨰣 𣼵 悧 㻳 瓌 琼 鎇 琷 䒟 𦷪
+䕑 疃 㽣 𤳙 𤴆 㽘 畕 癳 𪗆 㬙 瑨 𨫌 𤦫 𤦎 㫻
+   㷍 𤩎 㻿 𤧅 𤣳 釺 圲 鍂 𨫣 𡡤 僟 𥈡 𥇧 睸 𣈲
+眎 眏 睻 𤚗 𣞁 㩞 𤣰 琸 璛 㺿 𤪺 𤫇 䃈 𤪖 𦆮 錇
+𥖁 砞 碍 碈 磒 珐 祙 𧝁 𥛣 䄎    蒖 禥 樭 𣻺 稺
+秴 䅮 𡛦 䄲 鈵 秱 𠵌 𤦌 𠊙 𣶺 𡝮 㖗 啫 㕰 㚪 𠇔
+𠰍 竢 婙 𢛵 𥪯 𥪜 娍 𠉛 磰 娪 𥯆 竾 䇹 籝 籭 䈑
+𥮳 𥺼 𥺦 糍 𤧹 𡞰 粎 籼 粮 檲 緜 縇 緓 罎 𦉡
+𦅜 𧭈 綗 𥺂 䉪 𦭵 𠤖 柖 𠁎 𣗏 埄 𦐒 𦏸 𤥢 翝 笧
+𠠬 𥫩 𥵃 笌 𥸎 駦 虅 驣 樜 𣐿 㧢 𤧷 𦖭 騟 𦖠 蒀
+𧄧 𦳑 䓪 脷 䐂 胆 脉 腂 𦞴 飃 𦩂 艢 艥 𦩑 葓 𦶧
+蘐 𧈛 媆 䅿 𡡀 嬫 𡢡 嫤 𡣘 蚠 蜨 𣶏 蠭 𧐢 娂
+   衮 佅 袇 袿 裦 襥 襍 𥚃 襔 𧞅 𧞄 𨯵 𨯙 𨮜 𨧹
+㺭 蒣 䛵 䛏 㟲 訽 訜 𩑈 彍 鈫 𤊄 旔 焩 烄 𡡅 鵭
+貟 賩 𧷜 妚 矃 姰 䍮 㛔 踪 躧 𤰉 輰 轊 䋴 汘 澻
+𢌡 䢛 潹 溋 𡟚 鯩 㚵 𤤯 邻    啱 䤆 醻 鐄 𨩋 䁢
+𨫼 鐧 𨰝 𨰻 蓥 訫 閙 閧 閗 閖 𨴴 瑅 㻂 𤣿 𤩂 𤏪
+㻧 𣈥 随 𨻧 𨹦 𨹥 㻌 𤧭 𤩸 𣿮 琒 瑫 㻼 靁 𩂰
+桇 䨝 𩂓 𥟟    鍨 𨦉 𨰦 𨬯 𦎾 銺 嬑 譩 䤼 珹 𤈛
+鞛 靱 餸 𠼦 巁 𨯅 𤪲 頟 𩓚 鋶 𩗗 釥 䓀 𨭐 𤩧 𨭤
+飜 𨩅 㼀 鈪 䤥 萔 餻 饍 𧬆 㷽 馛 䭯 馪 驜 𨭥 𥣈
+檏 騡 嫾 騯 𩣱 䮐 𩥈 馼 䮽 䮗 鍽 塲 𡌂 堢 𤦸
+   𡓨 硄 𢜟 𣶸 棅 㵽 鑘 㤧 慐 𢞁 𢥫 愇 鱏 鱓 鱻
+鰵 鰐 魿 鯏 𩸭 鮟 𪇵 𪃾 鴡 䲮 𤄄 鸘 䲰 鴌 𪆴 𪃭
+𪃳 𩤯 鶥 蒽 𦸒 𦿟 𦮂 藼 䔳 𦶤 𦺄 𦷰 萠 藮 𦸀 𣟗
+𦁤 秢 𣖜 𣙀 䤭 𤧞 㵢 鏛 銾 鍈 𠊿 碹 鉷 鑍 俤 㑀
+遤 𥕝 砽 硔 碶 硋 𡝗 𣇉 𤥁 㚚 佲 濚 濙    瀞 吔
+𤆵 垻 壳 垊 鴖 埗 焴 㒯 𤆬 燫 𦱀 𤾗    𡞵 𨩉
+愌 嫎 娋 䊼 𤒈 㜬 䭻 𨧼 鎻 鎸 𡣖 𠼝 葲 𦳀 𡐓 𤋺
+𢰦 𤏁 妔 𣶷 𦝁 綨 𦅛 𦂤 𤦹 𤦋 𨧺 鋥 珢 㻩 璴 𨭣
+𡢟 㻡 𤪳 櫘 珳 珻 㻖 𤨾 𤪔 𡟙 𤩦 𠎧 𡐤 𤧥 瑈 𤤖
+炥 𤥶 銄 珦 鍟 𠓾 錱 𨫎 𨨖 鎆 𨯧 𥗕 䤵 𨪂 煫
+   𤥃 𠳿 嚤 𠘚 𠯫 𠲸 唂 秄 𡟺 緾 𡛂 𤩐 𡡒 䔮 鐁
+㜊 𨫀 𤦭 妰 𡢿 𡢃 𧒄 媡 㛢 𣵛 㚰 鉟 婹 𨪁 𡡢 鍴
+㳍 𠪴 䪖 㦊 僴 㵩 㵌 𡎜 煵 䋻 𨈘 渏 𩃤 䓫 浗 𧹏
+灧 沯 㳖 𣿭 𣸭 渂 漌 㵯 𠏵 畑 㚼 㓈 䚀 㻚 䡱 姄
+鉮 䤾 轁 𨰜 𦯀 堒 埈 㛖 𡑒 烾 𤍢 𤩱 𢿣 𡊰 𢎽 梹
+楧 𡎘 𣓥 𧯴 𣛟 𨪃 𣟖 𣏺 𤲟 樚 𣚭 𦲷 萾 䓟 䓎
+𦴦 𦵑 𦲂 𦿞 漗 𧄉 茽 𡜺 菭 𦲀 𧁓 𡟛 妉 媂 𡞳 婡
+婱 𡤅 𤇼 㜭 姯 𡜼 㛇 熎 鎐 暚 𤊥 婮 娫 𤊓 樫 𣻹
+𧜶 𤑛 𤋊 焝 𤉙 𨧡 侰 𦴨 峂 𤓎 𧹍 𤎽 樌 𤉖 𡌄 炦
+焳 𤏩 㶥 泟 勇 𤩏 繥 姫 崯 㷳 彜 𤩝 𡟟 綤 萦
+   咅 𣫺 𣌀 𠈔 坾 𠣕 𠘙 㿥 𡾞 𪊶 瀃 𩅛 嵰 玏 糓
+𨩙 𩐠 俈 翧 狍 猐 𧫴 猸 猹 𥛶 獁 獈 㺩 𧬘 遬 燵
+𤣲 珡 臶 㻊 県 㻑 沢 国 琙 琞 琟 㻢 㻰 㻴 㻺 瓓
+㼎 㽓 畂 畭 畲 疍 㽼 痈 痜 㿀 癍 㿗 癴 㿜 発 𤽜
+熈 嘣 覀 塩 䀝 睃 䀹 条 䁅 㗛 瞘 䁪 䁯 属 瞾 矋
+売 砘 点 砜 䂨 砹 硇 硑 硦 葈 𥔵 礳 栃 礲 䄃
+䄉 禑 禙 辻 稆 込 䅧 窑 䆲 窼 艹 䇄 竏 竛 䇏 両
+筢 筬 筻 簒 簛 䉠 䉺 类 粜 䊌 粸 䊔 糭 输 烀 𠳏
+総 緔 緐 緽 羮 羴 犟 䎗 耠 耥 笹 耮 耱 联 㷌 垴
+炠 肷 胩 䏭 脌 猪 脎 脒 畠 脔 䐁 㬹 腖 腙 腚
+   䐓 堺 腼 膄 䐥 膓 䐭 膥 埯 臁 臤 艔 䒏 芦 艶
+苊 苘 苿 䒰 荗 险 榊 萅 烵 葤 惣 蒈 䔄 蒾 蓡 蓸
+蔐 蔸 蕒 䔻 蕯 蕰 藠 䕷 虲 蚒 蚲 蛯 际 螋 䘆 䘗
+袮 裿 褤 襇 覑 𧥧 訩 訸 誔 誴 豑 賔 賲 贜 䞘 塟
+跃 䟭 仮 踺 嗘 坔 蹱 嗵 躰 䠷 軎 転 軤 軭 軲 辷
+迁 迊 迌 逳 駄 䢭 飠 鈓 䤞 鈨 鉘 鉫 銱 銮 銿
+鋣 鋫 鋳 鋴 鋽 鍃 鎄 鎭 䥅 䥑 麿 鐗 匁 鐝 鐭 鐾
+䥪 鑔 鑹 锭 関 䦧 间 阳 䧥 枠 䨤 靀 䨵 鞲 韂 噔
+䫤 惨 颹 䬙 飱 塄 餎 餙 冴 餜 餷 饂 饝 饢 䭰 駅
+䮝 騼 鬏 窃 魩 鮁 鯝 鯱 鯴 䱭 鰠 㝯 𡯂 鵉 鰺
+   黾 噐 鶓 鶽 鷀 鷼 银 辶 鹻 麬 麱 麽 黆 铜 黢
+黱 黸 竈 齄 𠂔 𠊷 𠎠 椚 铃 妬 𠓗 塀 铁 㞹 𠗕 𠘕
+𠙶 𡚺 块 煳 𠫂 𠫍 𠮿 呪 吆 𠯋 咞 𠯻 𠰻 𠱓 𠱥 𠱼
+惧 𠲍 噺 𠲵 𠳝 𠳭 𠵯 𠶲 𠷈 楕 鰯 螥 𠸄 𠸎 𠻗 𠾐
+𠼭 𠹳 尠 𠾼 帋 𡁜 𡁏 𡁶 朞 𡁻 𡂈 𡂖 㙇 𡂿 𡃓 𡄯
+𡄻 卤 蒭 𡋣 𡍵 𡌶 讁 𡕷 𡘙 𡟃 𡟇 乸 炻 𡠭 𡥪
+𡨭 𡩅 𡰪 𡱰 𡲬 𡻈 拃 𡻕 𡼕 熘 桕 𢁅 槩 㛈 𢉼 𢏗
+𢏺 𢜪 𢡱 𢥏 苽 𢥧 𢦓 𢫕 覥 𢫨 辠 𢬎 鞸 𢬿 顇 骽
+𢱌    𢲈 𢲷 𥯨 𢴈 𢴒 𢶷 𢶕 𢹂 𢽴 𢿌 𣀳 𣁦 𣌟 𣏞
+徱 晈 暿 𧩹 𣕧 𣗳    𤦺    𣘚 𣜖    𠍆 墵 朎
+   椘 𣪧 𧙗 𥿢 𣸑 𣺹 𧗾 𢂚 䣐 䪸 𤄙 𨪚 𤋮 𤌍 𤀻
+𤌴 𤎖 𤩅 𠗊 凒 𠘑 妟 𡺨 㮾 𣳿 𤐄 𤓖 垈 𤙴 㦛 𤜯
+𨗨 𩧉 㝢 𢇃 譞 𨭎    𤠒 𤣻 𤨕 爉 𤫀 𠱸 奥 𤺥 𤾆
+𠝹 軚 𥀬 劏 圿 煱 𥊙 𥐙 𣽊 𤪧 喼 𥑆 𥑮 𦭒    㑳
+𥔿 𧘲 𥕞 䜘 𥕢 𥕦 𥟇 𤤿 𥡝 偦 㓻 𣏌    𥤃 䝼 𨥈
+𥪮 𥮉 𥰆 𡶐 垡 煑    𦄂 𧰒 遖 𦆲 𤾚 譢 𦐂 𦑊
+嵛 𦯷    𦒄 𡤜 諪 𤧶 𦒈 𣿯 𦔒 䯀 𦖿 𦚵 𢜛 鑥 𥟡
+憕 娧 晉    嚹 𤔡 𦛼 乪 𤤴 陖 涏 𦲽 㘘 襷 𦞙 𦡮
+𦐑 𦡞    𦣇 筂 𩃀 𠨑 𦤦    𦤹 穅    𦧺 騦 𦨭 㙟
+𦑩 𠀡 禃 𦨴 𦭛 崬 𣔙    𦮝 䛐 𦲤 画 补 𦶮 墶
+   㜜 𢖍 𧁋 𧇍 㱔 𧊀 𧊅 銁 𢅺 𧊋 錰 𧋦 𤧐 氹 钟
+𧑐 𠻸 蠧 裵 𢤦 𨑳 𡞱 溸 𤨪 𡠠 㦤 㚹       䔿 暶
+𩲭 𩢤 襃 𧟌 𧡘 囖 䃟 𡘊 㦡 𣜯 𨃨 𡏅 熭 荦 𧧝 𩆨
+   䲷 𧂯 𨦫 𧧽 𧨊 𧬋 𧵦 𤅺 筃 祾 𨀉 澵 𪋟 樃 𨌘
+厢 𦸇 鎿 栶 靝 𨅯 𨀣 𦦵 𡏭 𣈯 𨁈 嶅 𨰰 𨂃 圕 頣
+𨥉 嶫 𤦈 斾 槕 叒 𤪥 𣾁 㰑 朶 𨂐 𨃴 𨄮 𡾡 𨅏
+𨆉 𨆯 𨈚 𨌆 𨌯 𨎊 㗊 𨑨 𨚪 䣺 揦 𨥖 砈 鉕 𨦸 䏲
+𨧧 䏟 𨧨 𨭆 𨯔 姸 𨰉    𨿅 𩃬    𩄐 𩄼 㷷 𩅞 𤫊
+运 犏 嚋 𩓧 𩗩 𩖰 𩖸 𩜲 𩣑 𩥉 𩥪 𩧃 𩨨 𩬎 𩵚 𩶛
+纟 𩻸 𩼣 䲤 镇 𪊓 熢 𪋿 䶑 递 𪗋 䶜 𠲜 达 嗁
+   辺 𢒰 边 𤪓 䔉 繿 潖 檱 仪 㓤 𨬬 𧢝 㜺 躀 𡟵
+𨀤 𨭬 𨮙 𧨾 𦚯 㷫 𧙕 𣲷 𥘵 𥥖 亚 𥺁 𦉘 嚿 𠹭 踎
+孭 𣺈 𤲞 揞    𡟶 𡡻 攰 嘭 𥱊 吚 𥌑 㷆 𩶘 䱽 嘢
+嘞 罉 𥻘 奵 𣵀 蝰 东 𠿪 𠵉 𣚺 脗 鵞 贘 瘻 鱅 癎
+瞹 鍅 吲 腈 苷 嘥 脲 萘 肽 嗪 祢 噃 吖 𠺝 㗎 嘅
+嗱 曱 𨋢 㘭 甴 嗰 喺 咗 啲 𠱁 𠲖 廐 𥅈 𠹶 𢱢
+𠺢 麫 絚 嗞 𡁵 抝 靭 咔 賍 燶 酶 揼 掹 揾 啩 𢭃
+鱲 𢺳 冚 㓟 𠶧 冧 呍 唞 唓 癦 踭 𦢊 疱 肶 蠄 螆
+裇 膶 萜 𡃁 䓬 猄 𤜆 宐 茋 𦢓 噻 𢛴 𧴯 𤆣 𧵳 𦻐
+𧊶 酰 𡇙 鈈 𣳼 𪚩 𠺬 𠻹 牦 𡲢 䝎 𤿂 𧿹 𠿫 䃺
+   鱝 攟 𢶠 䣳 𤟠 𩵼 𠿬 𠸊    𧖣 𠿭    𦁈 𡆇 熣
+纎 鵐 业 丄 㕷 嬍 沲 卧 㚬 㧜 卽 㚥 𤘘 墚 𤭮 舭
+呋 垪 𥪕 𠥹    㩒 𢑥 獴 𩺬 䴉 鯭 𣳾 𩼰 䱛 𤾩 𩖞
+𩿞 葜 𣶶 𧊲 𦞳 𣜠 挮 紥 𣻷 𣸬 㨪 逈 勌 㹴 㙺 䗩
+𠒎 癀 嫰 𠺶 硺 𧼮 墧 䂿 噼 鮋 嵴 癔 𪐴 麅 䳡
+㟻 愙 𣃚 𤏲    噝 𡊩 垧 𤥣 𩸆 刴 𧂮 㖭    鵼
+籖 鬹 埞 𡝬 屓 擓 𩓐 𦌵 𧅤 蚭 𠴨 𦴢 𤫢 𠵱    凾
+𡼏 嶎 霃 𡷑 麁 遌 笟 鬂 峑 箣 扨 挵 髿 篏 鬪 籾
+   籂 粆 鰕 篼 鬉    鰛 𤤾 齚 啳 寃 俽 麘 俲 剠
+㸆 勑 坧 偖 妷 帒 韈 鶫 轜 呩 鞴 饀 鞺 匬 愰
+   椬 叚 鰊 鴂 䰻 陁 榀 傦 畆 𡝭 駚 剳    酙 隁
+酜    酑 𨺗 捿 𦴣 櫊 嘑 醎 畺 抅 𠏼 獏 籰 𥰡 𣳽
+   𤤙 盖 鮝 个 𠳔 莾 衂    届 槀    坺 刟 巵 从
+氱 𠇲 伹 咜 哚 劚 趂 㗾    㗳    歒 酼 龥 鮗 頮
+颴 骺 麨 麄 煺 笔    毺 蠘 罸    嘠 𪙊 蹷 齓
+跔 蹏 鸜 踁 抂 𨍽 踨 蹵 竓 𤩷 稾 磘 泪 詧 瘇
+𨩚 鼦 泎 蟖 痃 𪊲 硓 咢 贌 狢 獱 謭 猂 瓱 賫 𤪻
+蘯 徺 袠 䒷    𡠻 𦸅    詾 𢔛    惽 癧 髗 鵄 鍮
+鮏 蟵       賷 猬 霡 鮰 㗖 犲 䰇 籑 饊 𦅙 慙 䰄
+麖 慽    坟 慯 抦 戹    㩜 懢 厪 𣏵 捤 栂 㗒
+   嵗 𨯂 迚 𨸹    僙 𡵆 礆 匲 阸 𠼻 䁥    矾
+糂 𥼚 糚 稭 聦 聣 絍 甅 瓲 覔 舚 朌 聢 𧒆 聛 瓰
+脃 眤 覉 𦟌 畓 𦻑 螩 蟎 臈 螌 詉 貭 譃 眫 瓸 蓚
+㘵 榲 趦    覩    涹 蟁 𤀑 瓧 㷛 煶 悤 憜 㳑
+恷    罱 𨬭    惩 䭾 删 㰘 𣳇 𥻗 𧙖 𥔱 𡥄 𡋾 𩤃
+𦷜 𧂭 峁 𦆭 𨨏 𣙷 𠃮 𦡆 𤼎 䕢 嬟 𦍌 齐 麦 𦉫
diff --git a/tests/BIG5-HKSCS-2008.IRREVERSIBLE.TXT b/tests/BIG5-HKSCS-2008.IRREVERSIBLE.TXT
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..701b01a
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+0xF9E9	0x255E
+0xF9EA	0x256A
+0xF9EB	0x2561
+0xF9F9	0x2550
+0xF9FA	0x256D
+0xF9FB	0x256E
+0xF9FC	0x2570
+0xF9FD	0x256F
diff --git a/tests/BIG5-HKSCS-2008.TXT b/tests/BIG5-HKSCS-2008.TXT
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..5ee058e
--- /dev/null
+++ b/tests/BIG5-HKSCS-2008.TXT
@@ -0,0 +1,18591 @@
+0x00	0x0000
+0x01	0x0001
+0x02	0x0002
+0x03	0x0003
+0x04	0x0004
+0x05	0x0005
+0x06	0x0006
+0x07	0x0007
+0x08	0x0008
+0x09	0x0009
+0x0A	0x000A
+0x0B	0x000B
+0x0C	0x000C
+0x0D	0x000D
+0x0E	0x000E
+0x0F	0x000F
+0x10	0x0010
+0x11	0x0011
+0x12	0x0012
+0x13	0x0013
+0x14	0x0014
+0x15	0x0015
+0x16	0x0016
+0x17	0x0017
+0x18	0x0018
+0x19	0x0019
+0x1A	0x001A
+0x1B	0x001B
+0x1C	0x001C
+0x1D	0x001D
+0x1E	0x001E
+0x1F	0x001F
+0x20	0x0020
+0x21	0x0021
+0x22	0x0022
+0x23	0x0023
+0x24	0x0024
+0x25	0x0025
+0x26	0x0026
+0x27	0x0027
+0x28	0x0028
+0x29	0x0029
+0x2A	0x002A
+0x2B	0x002B
+0x2C	0x002C
+0x2D	0x002D
+0x2E	0x002E
+0x2F	0x002F
+0x30	0x0030
+0x31	0x0031
+0x32	0x0032
+0x33	0x0033
+0x34	0x0034
+0x35	0x0035
+0x36	0x0036
+0x37	0x0037
+0x38	0x0038
+0x39	0x0039
+0x3A	0x003A
+0x3B	0x003B
+0x3C	0x003C
+0x3D	0x003D
+0x3E	0x003E
+0x3F	0x003F
+0x40	0x0040
+0x41	0x0041
+0x42	0x0042
+0x43	0x0043
+0x44	0x0044
+0x45	0x0045
+0x46	0x0046
+0x47	0x0047
+0x48	0x0048
+0x49	0x0049
+0x4A	0x004A
+0x4B	0x004B
+0x4C	0x004C
+0x4D	0x004D
+0x4E	0x004E
+0x4F	0x004F
+0x50	0x0050
+0x51	0x0051
+0x52	0x0052
+0x53	0x0053
+0x54	0x0054
+0x55	0x0055
+0x56	0x0056
+0x57	0x0057
+0x58	0x0058
+0x59	0x0059
+0x5A	0x005A
+0x5B	0x005B
+0x5C	0x005C
+0x5D	0x005D
+0x5E	0x005E
+0x5F	0x005F
+0x60	0x0060
+0x61	0x0061
+0x62	0x0062
+0x63	0x0063
+0x64	0x0064
+0x65	0x0065
+0x66	0x0066
+0x67	0x0067
+0x68	0x0068
+0x69	0x0069
+0x6A	0x006A
+0x6B	0x006B
+0x6C	0x006C
+0x6D	0x006D
+0x6E	0x006E
+0x6F	0x006F
+0x70	0x0070
+0x71	0x0071
+0x72	0x0072
+0x73	0x0073
+0x74	0x0074
+0x75	0x0075
+0x76	0x0076
+0x77	0x0077
+0x78	0x0078
+0x79	0x0079
+0x7A	0x007A
+0x7B	0x007B
+0x7C	0x007C
+0x7D	0x007D
+0x7E	0x007E
+0x7F	0x007F
+0x8740	0x43F0
+0x8741	0x4C32
+0x8742	0x4603
+0x8743	0x45A6
+0x8744	0x4578
+0x8745	0x27267
+0x8746	0x4D77
+0x8747	0x45B3
+0x8748	0x27CB1
+0x8749	0x4CE2
+0x874A	0x27CC5
+0x874B	0x3B95
+0x874C	0x4736
+0x874D	0x4744
+0x874E	0x4C47
+0x874F	0x4C40
+0x8750	0x242BF
+0x8751	0x23617
+0x8752	0x27352
+0x8753	0x26E8B
+0x8754	0x270D2
+0x8755	0x4C57
+0x8756	0x2A351
+0x8757	0x474F
+0x8758	0x45DA
+0x8759	0x4C85
+0x875A	0x27C6C
+0x875B	0x4D07
+0x875C	0x4AA4
+0x875D	0x46A1
+0x875E	0x26B23
+0x875F	0x7225
+0x8760	0x25A54
+0x8761	0x21A63
+0x8762	0x23E06
+0x8763	0x23F61
+0x8764	0x664D
+0x8765	0x56FB
+0x8767	0x7D95
+0x8768	0x591D
+0x8769	0x28BB9
+0x876A	0x3DF4
+0x876B	0x9734
+0x876C	0x27BEF
+0x876D	0x5BDB
+0x876E	0x21D5E
+0x876F	0x5AA4
+0x8770	0x3625
+0x8771	0x29EB0
+0x8772	0x5AD1
+0x8773	0x5BB7
+0x8774	0x5CFC
+0x8775	0x676E
+0x8776	0x8593
+0x8777	0x29945
+0x8778	0x7461
+0x8779	0x749D
+0x877A	0x3875
+0x877B	0x21D53
+0x877C	0x2369E
+0x877D	0x26021
+0x877E	0x3EEC
+0x87A1	0x258DE
+0x87A2	0x3AF5
+0x87A3	0x7AFC
+0x87A4	0x9F97
+0x87A5	0x24161
+0x87A6	0x2890D
+0x87A7	0x231EA
+0x87A8	0x20A8A
+0x87A9	0x2325E
+0x87AA	0x430A
+0x87AB	0x8484
+0x87AC	0x9F96
+0x87AD	0x942F
+0x87AE	0x4930
+0x87AF	0x8613
+0x87B0	0x5896
+0x87B1	0x974A
+0x87B2	0x9218
+0x87B3	0x79D0
+0x87B4	0x7A32
+0x87B5	0x6660
+0x87B6	0x6A29
+0x87B7	0x889D
+0x87B8	0x744C
+0x87B9	0x7BC5
+0x87BA	0x6782
+0x87BB	0x7A2C
+0x87BC	0x524F
+0x87BD	0x9046
+0x87BE	0x34E6
+0x87BF	0x73C4
+0x87C0	0x25DB9
+0x87C1	0x74C6
+0x87C2	0x9FC7
+0x87C3	0x57B3
+0x87C4	0x492F
+0x87C5	0x544C
+0x87C6	0x4131
+0x87C7	0x2368E
+0x87C8	0x5818
+0x87C9	0x7A72
+0x87CA	0x27B65
+0x87CB	0x8B8F
+0x87CC	0x46AE
+0x87CD	0x26E88
+0x87CE	0x4181
+0x87CF	0x25D99
+0x87D0	0x7BAE
+0x87D1	0x224BC
+0x87D2	0x9FC8
+0x87D3	0x224C1
+0x87D4	0x224C9
+0x87D5	0x224CC
+0x87D6	0x9FC9
+0x87D7	0x8504
+0x87D8	0x235BB
+0x87D9	0x40B4
+0x87DA	0x9FCA
+0x87DB	0x44E1
+0x87DC	0x2ADFF
+0x87DD	0x62C1
+0x87DE	0x706E
+0x87DF	0x9FCB
+0x8840	0x31C0
+0x8841	0x31C1
+0x8842	0x31C2
+0x8843	0x31C3
+0x8844	0x31C4
+0x8845	0x2010C
+0x8846	0x31C5
+0x8847	0x200D1
+0x8848	0x200CD
+0x8849	0x31C6
+0x884A	0x31C7
+0x884B	0x200CB
+0x884C	0x21FE8
+0x884D	0x31C8
+0x884E	0x200CA
+0x884F	0x31C9
+0x8850	0x31CA
+0x8851	0x31CB
+0x8852	0x31CC
+0x8853	0x2010E
+0x8854	0x31CD
+0x8855	0x31CE
+0x8856	0x0100
+0x8857	0x00C1
+0x8858	0x01CD
+0x8859	0x00C0
+0x885A	0x0112
+0x885B	0x00C9
+0x885C	0x011A
+0x885D	0x00C8
+0x885E	0x014C
+0x885F	0x00D3
+0x8860	0x01D1
+0x8861	0x00D2
+0x8862	0x00CA 0x0304
+0x8863	0x1EBE
+0x8864	0x00CA 0x030C
+0x8865	0x1EC0
+0x8866	0x00CA
+0x8867	0x0101
+0x8868	0x00E1
+0x8869	0x01CE
+0x886A	0x00E0
+0x886B	0x0251
+0x886C	0x0113
+0x886D	0x00E9
+0x886E	0x011B
+0x886F	0x00E8
+0x8870	0x012B
+0x8871	0x00ED
+0x8872	0x01D0
+0x8873	0x00EC
+0x8874	0x014D
+0x8875	0x00F3
+0x8876	0x01D2
+0x8877	0x00F2
+0x8878	0x016B
+0x8879	0x00FA
+0x887A	0x01D4
+0x887B	0x00F9
+0x887C	0x01D6
+0x887D	0x01D8
+0x887E	0x01DA
+0x88A1	0x01DC
+0x88A2	0x00FC
+0x88A3	0x00EA 0x0304
+0x88A4	0x1EBF
+0x88A5	0x00EA 0x030C
+0x88A6	0x1EC1
+0x88A7	0x00EA
+0x88A8	0x0261
+0x88A9	0x23DA
+0x88AA	0x23DB
+0x8940	0x2A3A9
+0x8941	0x21145
+0x8943	0x650A
+0x8946	0x4E3D
+0x8947	0x6EDD
+0x8948	0x9D4E
+0x8949	0x91DF
+0x894C	0x27735
+0x894D	0x6491
+0x894E	0x4F1A
+0x894F	0x4F28
+0x8950	0x4FA8
+0x8951	0x5156
+0x8952	0x5174
+0x8953	0x519C
+0x8954	0x51E4
+0x8955	0x52A1
+0x8956	0x52A8
+0x8957	0x533B
+0x8958	0x534E
+0x8959	0x53D1
+0x895A	0x53D8
+0x895B	0x56E2
+0x895C	0x58F0
+0x895D	0x5904
+0x895E	0x5907
+0x895F	0x5932
+0x8960	0x5934
+0x8961	0x5B66
+0x8962	0x5B9E
+0x8963	0x5B9F
+0x8964	0x5C9A
+0x8965	0x5E86
+0x8966	0x603B
+0x8967	0x6589
+0x8968	0x67FE
+0x8969	0x6804
+0x896A	0x6865
+0x896B	0x6D4E
+0x896C	0x70BC
+0x896D	0x7535
+0x896E	0x7EA4
+0x896F	0x7EAC
+0x8970	0x7EBA
+0x8971	0x7EC7
+0x8972	0x7ECF
+0x8973	0x7EDF
+0x8974	0x7F06
+0x8975	0x7F37
+0x8976	0x827A
+0x8977	0x82CF
+0x8978	0x836F
+0x8979	0x89C6
+0x897A	0x8BBE
+0x897B	0x8BE2
+0x897C	0x8F66
+0x897D	0x8F67
+0x897E	0x8F6E
+0x89A1	0x7411
+0x89A2	0x7CFC
+0x89A3	0x7DCD
+0x89A4	0x6946
+0x89A5	0x7AC9
+0x89A6	0x5227
+0x89AB	0x918C
+0x89AC	0x78B8
+0x89AD	0x915E
+0x89AE	0x80BC
+0x89B0	0x8D0B
+0x89B1	0x80F6
+0x89B2	0x209E7
+0x89B5	0x809F
+0x89B6	0x9EC7
+0x89B7	0x4CCD
+0x89B8	0x9DC9
+0x89B9	0x9E0C
+0x89BA	0x4C3E
+0x89BB	0x29DF6
+0x89BC	0x2700E
+0x89BD	0x9E0A
+0x89BE	0x2A133
+0x89BF	0x35C1
+0x89C1	0x6E9A
+0x89C2	0x823E
+0x89C3	0x7519
+0x89C5	0x4911
+0x89C6	0x9A6C
+0x89C7	0x9A8F
+0x89C8	0x9F99
+0x89C9	0x7987
+0x89CA	0x2846C
+0x89CB	0x21DCA
+0x89CC	0x205D0
+0x89CD	0x22AE6
+0x89CE	0x4E24
+0x89CF	0x4E81
+0x89D0	0x4E80
+0x89D1	0x4E87
+0x89D2	0x4EBF
+0x89D3	0x4EEB
+0x89D4	0x4F37
+0x89D5	0x344C
+0x89D6	0x4FBD
+0x89D7	0x3E48
+0x89D8	0x5003
+0x89D9	0x5088
+0x89DA	0x347D
+0x89DB	0x3493
+0x89DC	0x34A5
+0x89DD	0x5186
+0x89DE	0x5905
+0x89DF	0x51DB
+0x89E0	0x51FC
+0x89E1	0x5205
+0x89E2	0x4E89
+0x89E3	0x5279
+0x89E4	0x5290
+0x89E5	0x5327
+0x89E6	0x35C7
+0x89E7	0x53A9
+0x89E8	0x3551
+0x89E9	0x53B0
+0x89EA	0x3553
+0x89EB	0x53C2
+0x89EC	0x5423
+0x89ED	0x356D
+0x89EE	0x3572
+0x89EF	0x3681
+0x89F0	0x5493
+0x89F1	0x54A3
+0x89F2	0x54B4
+0x89F3	0x54B9
+0x89F4	0x54D0
+0x89F5	0x54EF
+0x89F6	0x5518
+0x89F7	0x5523
+0x89F8	0x5528
+0x89F9	0x3598
+0x89FA	0x553F
+0x89FB	0x35A5
+0x89FC	0x35BF
+0x89FD	0x55D7
+0x89FE	0x35C5
+0x8A40	0x27D84
+0x8A41	0x5525
+0x8A43	0x20C42
+0x8A44	0x20D15
+0x8A45	0x2512B
+0x8A46	0x5590
+0x8A47	0x22CC6
+0x8A48	0x39EC
+0x8A49	0x20341
+0x8A4A	0x8E46
+0x8A4B	0x24DB8
+0x8A4C	0x294E5
+0x8A4D	0x4053
+0x8A4E	0x280BE
+0x8A4F	0x777A
+0x8A50	0x22C38
+0x8A51	0x3A34
+0x8A52	0x47D5
+0x8A53	0x2815D
+0x8A54	0x269F2
+0x8A55	0x24DEA
+0x8A56	0x64DD
+0x8A57	0x20D7C
+0x8A58	0x20FB4
+0x8A59	0x20CD5
+0x8A5A	0x210F4
+0x8A5B	0x648D
+0x8A5C	0x8E7E
+0x8A5D	0x20E96
+0x8A5E	0x20C0B
+0x8A5F	0x20F64
+0x8A60	0x22CA9
+0x8A61	0x28256
+0x8A62	0x244D3
+0x8A64	0x20D46
+0x8A65	0x29A4D
+0x8A66	0x280E9
+0x8A67	0x47F4
+0x8A68	0x24EA7
+0x8A69	0x22CC2
+0x8A6A	0x9AB2
+0x8A6B	0x3A67
+0x8A6C	0x295F4
+0x8A6D	0x3FED
+0x8A6E	0x3506
+0x8A6F	0x252C7
+0x8A70	0x297D4
+0x8A71	0x278C8
+0x8A72	0x22D44
+0x8A73	0x9D6E
+0x8A74	0x9815
+0x8A76	0x43D9
+0x8A77	0x260A5
+0x8A78	0x64B4
+0x8A79	0x54E3
+0x8A7A	0x22D4C
+0x8A7B	0x22BCA
+0x8A7C	0x21077
+0x8A7D	0x39FB
+0x8A7E	0x2106F
+0x8AA1	0x266DA
+0x8AA2	0x26716
+0x8AA3	0x279A0
+0x8AA4	0x64EA
+0x8AA5	0x25052
+0x8AA6	0x20C43
+0x8AA7	0x8E68
+0x8AA8	0x221A1
+0x8AA9	0x28B4C
+0x8AAA	0x20731
+0x8AAC	0x480B
+0x8AAD	0x201A9
+0x8AAE	0x3FFA
+0x8AAF	0x5873
+0x8AB0	0x22D8D
+0x8AB2	0x245C8
+0x8AB3	0x204FC
+0x8AB4	0x26097
+0x8AB5	0x20F4C
+0x8AB6	0x20D96
+0x8AB7	0x5579
+0x8AB8	0x40BB
+0x8AB9	0x43BA
+0x8ABB	0x4AB4
+0x8ABC	0x22A66
+0x8ABD	0x2109D
+0x8ABE	0x81AA
+0x8ABF	0x98F5
+0x8AC0	0x20D9C
+0x8AC1	0x6379
+0x8AC2	0x39FE
+0x8AC3	0x22775
+0x8AC4	0x8DC0
+0x8AC5	0x56A1
+0x8AC6	0x647C
+0x8AC7	0x3E43
+0x8AC9	0x2A601
+0x8ACA	0x20E09
+0x8ACB	0x22ACF
+0x8ACC	0x22CC9
+0x8ACE	0x210C8
+0x8ACF	0x239C2
+0x8AD0	0x3992
+0x8AD1	0x3A06
+0x8AD2	0x2829B
+0x8AD3	0x3578
+0x8AD4	0x25E49
+0x8AD5	0x220C7
+0x8AD6	0x5652
+0x8AD7	0x20F31
+0x8AD8	0x22CB2
+0x8AD9	0x29720
+0x8ADA	0x34BC
+0x8ADB	0x6C3D
+0x8ADC	0x24E3B
+0x8ADF	0x27574
+0x8AE0	0x22E8B
+0x8AE1	0x22208
+0x8AE2	0x2A65B
+0x8AE3	0x28CCD
+0x8AE4	0x20E7A
+0x8AE5	0x20C34
+0x8AE6	0x2681C
+0x8AE7	0x7F93
+0x8AE8	0x210CF
+0x8AE9	0x22803
+0x8AEA	0x22939
+0x8AEB	0x35FB
+0x8AEC	0x251E3
+0x8AED	0x20E8C
+0x8AEE	0x20F8D
+0x8AEF	0x20EAA
+0x8AF0	0x3F93
+0x8AF1	0x20F30
+0x8AF2	0x20D47
+0x8AF3	0x2114F
+0x8AF4	0x20E4C
+0x8AF6	0x20EAB
+0x8AF7	0x20BA9
+0x8AF8	0x20D48
+0x8AF9	0x210C0
+0x8AFA	0x2113D
+0x8AFB	0x3FF9
+0x8AFC	0x22696
+0x8AFD	0x6432
+0x8AFE	0x20FAD
+0x8B40	0x233F4
+0x8B41	0x27639
+0x8B42	0x22BCE
+0x8B43	0x20D7E
+0x8B44	0x20D7F
+0x8B45	0x22C51
+0x8B46	0x22C55
+0x8B47	0x3A18
+0x8B48	0x20E98
+0x8B49	0x210C7
+0x8B4A	0x20F2E
+0x8B4B	0x2A632
+0x8B4C	0x26B50
+0x8B4D	0x28CD2
+0x8B4E	0x28D99
+0x8B4F	0x28CCA
+0x8B50	0x95AA
+0x8B51	0x54CC
+0x8B52	0x82C4
+0x8B53	0x55B9
+0x8B55	0x29EC3
+0x8B56	0x9C26
+0x8B57	0x9AB6
+0x8B58	0x2775E
+0x8B59	0x22DEE
+0x8B5A	0x7140
+0x8B5B	0x816D
+0x8B5C	0x80EC
+0x8B5D	0x5C1C
+0x8B5E	0x26572
+0x8B5F	0x8134
+0x8B60	0x3797
+0x8B61	0x535F
+0x8B62	0x280BD
+0x8B63	0x91B6
+0x8B64	0x20EFA
+0x8B65	0x20E0F
+0x8B66	0x20E77
+0x8B67	0x20EFB
+0x8B68	0x35DD
+0x8B69	0x24DEB
+0x8B6A	0x3609
+0x8B6B	0x20CD6
+0x8B6C	0x56AF
+0x8B6D	0x227B5
+0x8B6E	0x210C9
+0x8B6F	0x20E10
+0x8B70	0x20E78
+0x8B71	0x21078
+0x8B72	0x21148
+0x8B73	0x28207
+0x8B74	0x21455
+0x8B75	0x20E79
+0x8B76	0x24E50
+0x8B77	0x22DA4
+0x8B78	0x5A54
+0x8B79	0x2101D
+0x8B7A	0x2101E
+0x8B7B	0x210F5
+0x8B7C	0x210F6
+0x8B7D	0x579C
+0x8B7E	0x20E11
+0x8BA1	0x27694
+0x8BA2	0x282CD
+0x8BA3	0x20FB5
+0x8BA4	0x20E7B
+0x8BA5	0x2517E
+0x8BA6	0x3703
+0x8BA7	0x20FB6
+0x8BA8	0x21180
+0x8BA9	0x252D8
+0x8BAA	0x2A2BD
+0x8BAB	0x249DA
+0x8BAC	0x2183A
+0x8BAD	0x24177
+0x8BAE	0x2827C
+0x8BAF	0x5899
+0x8BB0	0x5268
+0x8BB1	0x361A
+0x8BB2	0x2573D
+0x8BB3	0x7BB2
+0x8BB4	0x5B68
+0x8BB5	0x4800
+0x8BB6	0x4B2C
+0x8BB7	0x9F27
+0x8BB8	0x49E7
+0x8BB9	0x9C1F
+0x8BBA	0x9B8D
+0x8BBB	0x25B74
+0x8BBC	0x2313D
+0x8BBD	0x55FB
+0x8BBE	0x35F2
+0x8BBF	0x5689
+0x8BC0	0x4E28
+0x8BC1	0x5902
+0x8BC2	0x21BC1
+0x8BC3	0x2F878
+0x8BC4	0x9751
+0x8BC5	0x20086
+0x8BC6	0x4E5B
+0x8BC7	0x4EBB
+0x8BC8	0x353E
+0x8BC9	0x5C23
+0x8BCA	0x5F51
+0x8BCB	0x5FC4
+0x8BCC	0x38FA
+0x8BCD	0x624C
+0x8BCE	0x6535
+0x8BCF	0x6B7A
+0x8BD0	0x6C35
+0x8BD1	0x6C3A
+0x8BD2	0x706C
+0x8BD3	0x722B
+0x8BD4	0x4E2C
+0x8BD5	0x72AD
+0x8BD6	0x248E9
+0x8BD7	0x7F52
+0x8BD8	0x793B
+0x8BD9	0x7CF9
+0x8BDA	0x7F53
+0x8BDB	0x2626A
+0x8BDC	0x34C1
+0x8BDE	0x2634B
+0x8BDF	0x8002
+0x8BE0	0x8080
+0x8BE1	0x26612
+0x8BE2	0x26951
+0x8BE3	0x535D
+0x8BE4	0x8864
+0x8BE5	0x89C1
+0x8BE6	0x278B2
+0x8BE7	0x8BA0
+0x8BE8	0x8D1D
+0x8BE9	0x9485
+0x8BEA	0x9578
+0x8BEB	0x957F
+0x8BEC	0x95E8
+0x8BED	0x28E0F
+0x8BEE	0x97E6
+0x8BEF	0x9875
+0x8BF0	0x98CE
+0x8BF1	0x98DE
+0x8BF2	0x9963
+0x8BF3	0x29810
+0x8BF4	0x9C7C
+0x8BF5	0x9E1F
+0x8BF6	0x9EC4
+0x8BF7	0x6B6F
+0x8BF8	0xF907
+0x8BF9	0x4E37
+0x8BFA	0x20087
+0x8BFB	0x961D
+0x8BFC	0x6237
+0x8BFD	0x94A2
+0x8C40	0x503B
+0x8C41	0x6DFE
+0x8C42	0x29C73
+0x8C43	0x9FA6
+0x8C44	0x3DC9
+0x8C45	0x888F
+0x8C46	0x2414E
+0x8C47	0x7077
+0x8C48	0x5CF5
+0x8C49	0x4B20
+0x8C4A	0x251CD
+0x8C4B	0x3559
+0x8C4C	0x25D30
+0x8C4D	0x6122
+0x8C4E	0x28A32
+0x8C4F	0x8FA7
+0x8C50	0x91F6
+0x8C51	0x7191
+0x8C52	0x6719
+0x8C53	0x73BA
+0x8C54	0x23281
+0x8C55	0x2A107
+0x8C56	0x3C8B
+0x8C57	0x21980
+0x8C58	0x4B10
+0x8C59	0x78E4
+0x8C5A	0x7402
+0x8C5B	0x51AE
+0x8C5C	0x2870F
+0x8C5D	0x4009
+0x8C5E	0x6A63
+0x8C5F	0x2A2BA
+0x8C60	0x4223
+0x8C61	0x860F
+0x8C62	0x20A6F
+0x8C63	0x7A2A
+0x8C64	0x29947
+0x8C65	0x28AEA
+0x8C66	0x9755
+0x8C67	0x704D
+0x8C68	0x5324
+0x8C69	0x2207E
+0x8C6A	0x93F4
+0x8C6B	0x76D9
+0x8C6C	0x289E3
+0x8C6D	0x9FA7
+0x8C6E	0x77DD
+0x8C6F	0x4EA3
+0x8C70	0x4FF0
+0x8C71	0x50BC
+0x8C72	0x4E2F
+0x8C73	0x4F17
+0x8C74	0x9FA8
+0x8C75	0x5434
+0x8C76	0x7D8B
+0x8C77	0x5892
+0x8C78	0x58D0
+0x8C79	0x21DB6
+0x8C7A	0x5E92
+0x8C7B	0x5E99
+0x8C7C	0x5FC2
+0x8C7D	0x22712
+0x8C7E	0x658B
+0x8CA1	0x233F9
+0x8CA2	0x6919
+0x8CA3	0x6A43
+0x8CA4	0x23C63
+0x8CA5	0x6CFF
+0x8CA7	0x7200
+0x8CA8	0x24505
+0x8CA9	0x738C
+0x8CAA	0x3EDB
+0x8CAB	0x24A13
+0x8CAC	0x5B15
+0x8CAD	0x74B9
+0x8CAE	0x8B83
+0x8CAF	0x25CA4
+0x8CB0	0x25695
+0x8CB1	0x7A93
+0x8CB2	0x7BEC
+0x8CB3	0x7CC3
+0x8CB4	0x7E6C
+0x8CB5	0x82F8
+0x8CB6	0x8597
+0x8CB7	0x9FA9
+0x8CB8	0x8890
+0x8CB9	0x9FAA
+0x8CBA	0x8EB9
+0x8CBB	0x9FAB
+0x8CBC	0x8FCF
+0x8CBD	0x855F
+0x8CBE	0x99E0
+0x8CBF	0x9221
+0x8CC0	0x9FAC
+0x8CC1	0x28DB9
+0x8CC2	0x2143F
+0x8CC3	0x4071
+0x8CC4	0x42A2
+0x8CC5	0x5A1A
+0x8CC9	0x9868
+0x8CCA	0x676B
+0x8CCB	0x4276
+0x8CCC	0x573D
+0x8CCE	0x85D6
+0x8CCF	0x2497B
+0x8CD0	0x82BF
+0x8CD1	0x2710D
+0x8CD2	0x4C81
+0x8CD3	0x26D74
+0x8CD4	0x5D7B
+0x8CD5	0x26B15
+0x8CD6	0x26FBE
+0x8CD7	0x9FAD
+0x8CD8	0x9FAE
+0x8CD9	0x5B96
+0x8CDA	0x9FAF
+0x8CDB	0x66E7
+0x8CDC	0x7E5B
+0x8CDD	0x6E57
+0x8CDE	0x79CA
+0x8CDF	0x3D88
+0x8CE0	0x44C3
+0x8CE1	0x23256
+0x8CE2	0x22796
+0x8CE3	0x439A
+0x8CE4	0x4536
+0x8CE6	0x5CD5
+0x8CE7	0x23B1A
+0x8CE8	0x8AF9
+0x8CE9	0x5C78
+0x8CEA	0x3D12
+0x8CEB	0x23551
+0x8CEC	0x5D78
+0x8CED	0x9FB2
+0x8CEE	0x7157
+0x8CEF	0x4558
+0x8CF0	0x240EC
+0x8CF1	0x21E23
+0x8CF2	0x4C77
+0x8CF3	0x3978
+0x8CF4	0x344A
+0x8CF5	0x201A4
+0x8CF6	0x26C41
+0x8CF7	0x8ACC
+0x8CF8	0x4FB4
+0x8CF9	0x20239
+0x8CFA	0x59BF
+0x8CFB	0x816C
+0x8CFC	0x9856
+0x8CFD	0x298FA
+0x8CFE	0x5F3B
+0x8D40	0x20B9F
+0x8D42	0x221C1
+0x8D43	0x2896D
+0x8D44	0x4102
+0x8D45	0x46BB
+0x8D46	0x29079
+0x8D47	0x3F07
+0x8D48	0x9FB3
+0x8D49	0x2A1B5
+0x8D4A	0x40F8
+0x8D4B	0x37D6
+0x8D4C	0x46F7
+0x8D4D	0x26C46
+0x8D4E	0x417C
+0x8D4F	0x286B2
+0x8D50	0x273FF
+0x8D51	0x456D
+0x8D52	0x38D4
+0x8D53	0x2549A
+0x8D54	0x4561
+0x8D55	0x451B
+0x8D56	0x4D89
+0x8D57	0x4C7B
+0x8D58	0x4D76
+0x8D59	0x45EA
+0x8D5A	0x3FC8
+0x8D5B	0x24B0F
+0x8D5C	0x3661
+0x8D5D	0x44DE
+0x8D5E	0x44BD
+0x8D5F	0x41ED
+0x8D60	0x5D3E
+0x8D61	0x5D48
+0x8D62	0x5D56
+0x8D63	0x3DFC
+0x8D64	0x380F
+0x8D65	0x5DA4
+0x8D66	0x5DB9
+0x8D67	0x3820
+0x8D68	0x3838
+0x8D69	0x5E42
+0x8D6A	0x5EBD
+0x8D6B	0x5F25
+0x8D6C	0x5F83
+0x8D6D	0x3908
+0x8D6E	0x3914
+0x8D6F	0x393F
+0x8D70	0x394D
+0x8D71	0x60D7
+0x8D72	0x613D
+0x8D73	0x5CE5
+0x8D74	0x3989
+0x8D75	0x61B7
+0x8D76	0x61B9
+0x8D77	0x61CF
+0x8D78	0x39B8
+0x8D79	0x622C
+0x8D7A	0x6290
+0x8D7B	0x62E5
+0x8D7C	0x6318
+0x8D7D	0x39F8
+0x8D7E	0x56B1
+0x8DA1	0x3A03
+0x8DA2	0x63E2
+0x8DA3	0x63FB
+0x8DA4	0x6407
+0x8DA5	0x645A
+0x8DA6	0x3A4B
+0x8DA7	0x64C0
+0x8DA8	0x5D15
+0x8DA9	0x5621
+0x8DAA	0x9F9F
+0x8DAB	0x3A97
+0x8DAC	0x6586
+0x8DAD	0x3ABD
+0x8DAE	0x65FF
+0x8DAF	0x6653
+0x8DB0	0x3AF2
+0x8DB1	0x6692
+0x8DB2	0x3B22
+0x8DB3	0x6716
+0x8DB4	0x3B42
+0x8DB5	0x67A4
+0x8DB6	0x6800
+0x8DB7	0x3B58
+0x8DB8	0x684A
+0x8DB9	0x6884
+0x8DBA	0x3B72
+0x8DBB	0x3B71
+0x8DBC	0x3B7B
+0x8DBD	0x6909
+0x8DBE	0x6943
+0x8DBF	0x725C
+0x8DC0	0x6964
+0x8DC1	0x699F
+0x8DC2	0x6985
+0x8DC3	0x3BBC
+0x8DC4	0x69D6
+0x8DC5	0x3BDD
+0x8DC6	0x6A65
+0x8DC7	0x6A74
+0x8DC8	0x6A71
+0x8DC9	0x6A82
+0x8DCA	0x3BEC
+0x8DCB	0x6A99
+0x8DCC	0x3BF2
+0x8DCD	0x6AAB
+0x8DCE	0x6AB5
+0x8DCF	0x6AD4
+0x8DD0	0x6AF6
+0x8DD1	0x6B81
+0x8DD2	0x6BC1
+0x8DD3	0x6BEA
+0x8DD4	0x6C75
+0x8DD5	0x6CAA
+0x8DD6	0x3CCB
+0x8DD7	0x6D02
+0x8DD8	0x6D06
+0x8DD9	0x6D26
+0x8DDA	0x6D81
+0x8DDB	0x3CEF
+0x8DDC	0x6DA4
+0x8DDD	0x6DB1
+0x8DDE	0x6E15
+0x8DDF	0x6E18
+0x8DE0	0x6E29
+0x8DE1	0x6E86
+0x8DE2	0x289C0
+0x8DE3	0x6EBB
+0x8DE4	0x6EE2
+0x8DE5	0x6EDA
+0x8DE6	0x9F7F
+0x8DE7	0x6EE8
+0x8DE8	0x6EE9
+0x8DE9	0x6F24
+0x8DEA	0x6F34
+0x8DEB	0x3D46
+0x8DEC	0x23F41
+0x8DED	0x6F81
+0x8DEE	0x6FBE
+0x8DEF	0x3D6A
+0x8DF0	0x3D75
+0x8DF1	0x71B7
+0x8DF2	0x5C99
+0x8DF3	0x3D8A
+0x8DF4	0x702C
+0x8DF5	0x3D91
+0x8DF6	0x7050
+0x8DF7	0x7054
+0x8DF8	0x706F
+0x8DF9	0x707F
+0x8DFA	0x7089
+0x8DFB	0x20325
+0x8DFC	0x43C1
+0x8DFD	0x35F1
+0x8DFE	0x20ED8
+0x8E40	0x23ED7
+0x8E41	0x57BE
+0x8E42	0x26ED3
+0x8E43	0x713E
+0x8E44	0x257E0
+0x8E45	0x364E
+0x8E46	0x69A2
+0x8E47	0x28BE9
+0x8E48	0x5B74
+0x8E49	0x7A49
+0x8E4A	0x258E1
+0x8E4B	0x294D9
+0x8E4C	0x7A65
+0x8E4D	0x7A7D
+0x8E4E	0x259AC
+0x8E4F	0x7ABB
+0x8E50	0x7AB0
+0x8E51	0x7AC2
+0x8E52	0x7AC3
+0x8E53	0x71D1
+0x8E54	0x2648D
+0x8E55	0x41CA
+0x8E56	0x7ADA
+0x8E57	0x7ADD
+0x8E58	0x7AEA
+0x8E59	0x41EF
+0x8E5A	0x54B2
+0x8E5B	0x25C01
+0x8E5C	0x7B0B
+0x8E5D	0x7B55
+0x8E5E	0x7B29
+0x8E5F	0x2530E
+0x8E60	0x25CFE
+0x8E61	0x7BA2
+0x8E62	0x7B6F
+0x8E63	0x839C
+0x8E64	0x25BB4
+0x8E65	0x26C7F
+0x8E66	0x7BD0
+0x8E67	0x8421
+0x8E68	0x7B92
+0x8E6A	0x25D20
+0x8E6B	0x3DAD
+0x8E6C	0x25C65
+0x8E6D	0x8492
+0x8E6E	0x7BFA
+0x8E70	0x7C35
+0x8E71	0x25CC1
+0x8E72	0x7C44
+0x8E73	0x7C83
+0x8E74	0x24882
+0x8E75	0x7CA6
+0x8E76	0x667D
+0x8E77	0x24578
+0x8E78	0x7CC9
+0x8E79	0x7CC7
+0x8E7A	0x7CE6
+0x8E7B	0x7C74
+0x8E7C	0x7CF3
+0x8E7D	0x7CF5
+0x8EA1	0x7E67
+0x8EA2	0x451D
+0x8EA3	0x26E44
+0x8EA4	0x7D5D
+0x8EA5	0x26ED6
+0x8EA6	0x748D
+0x8EA7	0x7D89
+0x8EA8	0x7DAB
+0x8EA9	0x7135
+0x8EAA	0x7DB3
+0x8EAC	0x24057
+0x8EAD	0x26029
+0x8EAE	0x7DE4
+0x8EAF	0x3D13
+0x8EB0	0x7DF5
+0x8EB1	0x217F9
+0x8EB2	0x7DE5
+0x8EB3	0x2836D
+0x8EB5	0x26121
+0x8EB6	0x2615A
+0x8EB7	0x7E6E
+0x8EB8	0x7E92
+0x8EB9	0x432B
+0x8EBA	0x946C
+0x8EBB	0x7E27
+0x8EBC	0x7F40
+0x8EBD	0x7F41
+0x8EBE	0x7F47
+0x8EBF	0x7936
+0x8EC0	0x262D0
+0x8EC1	0x99E1
+0x8EC2	0x7F97
+0x8EC3	0x26351
+0x8EC4	0x7FA3
+0x8EC5	0x21661
+0x8EC6	0x20068
+0x8EC7	0x455C
+0x8EC8	0x23766
+0x8EC9	0x4503
+0x8ECA	0x2833A
+0x8ECB	0x7FFA
+0x8ECC	0x26489
+0x8ECE	0x8008
+0x8ECF	0x801D
+0x8ED1	0x802F
+0x8ED2	0x2A087
+0x8ED3	0x26CC3
+0x8ED4	0x803B
+0x8ED5	0x803C
+0x8ED6	0x8061
+0x8ED7	0x22714
+0x8ED8	0x4989
+0x8ED9	0x26626
+0x8EDA	0x23DE3
+0x8EDB	0x266E8
+0x8EDC	0x6725
+0x8EDD	0x80A7
+0x8EDE	0x28A48
+0x8EDF	0x8107
+0x8EE0	0x811A
+0x8EE1	0x58B0
+0x8EE2	0x226F6
+0x8EE3	0x6C7F
+0x8EE4	0x26498
+0x8EE5	0x24FB8
+0x8EE6	0x64E7
+0x8EE7	0x2148A
+0x8EE8	0x8218
+0x8EE9	0x2185E
+0x8EEA	0x6A53
+0x8EEB	0x24A65
+0x8EEC	0x24A95
+0x8EED	0x447A
+0x8EEE	0x8229
+0x8EEF	0x20B0D
+0x8EF0	0x26A52
+0x8EF1	0x23D7E
+0x8EF2	0x4FF9
+0x8EF3	0x214FD
+0x8EF4	0x84E2
+0x8EF5	0x8362
+0x8EF6	0x26B0A
+0x8EF7	0x249A7
+0x8EF8	0x23530
+0x8EF9	0x21773
+0x8EFA	0x23DF8
+0x8EFB	0x82AA
+0x8EFC	0x691B
+0x8EFD	0x2F994
+0x8EFE	0x41DB
+0x8F40	0x854B
+0x8F41	0x82D0
+0x8F42	0x831A
+0x8F43	0x20E16
+0x8F44	0x217B4
+0x8F45	0x36C1
+0x8F46	0x2317D
+0x8F47	0x2355A
+0x8F48	0x827B
+0x8F49	0x82E2
+0x8F4A	0x8318
+0x8F4B	0x23E8B
+0x8F4C	0x26DA3
+0x8F4D	0x26B05
+0x8F4E	0x26B97
+0x8F4F	0x235CE
+0x8F50	0x3DBF
+0x8F51	0x831D
+0x8F52	0x55EC
+0x8F53	0x8385
+0x8F54	0x450B
+0x8F55	0x26DA5
+0x8F56	0x83AC
+0x8F58	0x83D3
+0x8F59	0x347E
+0x8F5A	0x26ED4
+0x8F5B	0x6A57
+0x8F5C	0x855A
+0x8F5D	0x3496
+0x8F5E	0x26E42
+0x8F5F	0x22EEF
+0x8F60	0x8458
+0x8F61	0x25BE4
+0x8F62	0x8471
+0x8F63	0x3DD3
+0x8F64	0x44E4
+0x8F65	0x6AA7
+0x8F66	0x844A
+0x8F67	0x23CB5
+0x8F68	0x7958
+0x8F6A	0x26B96
+0x8F6B	0x26E77
+0x8F6C	0x26E43
+0x8F6D	0x84DE
+0x8F6F	0x8391
+0x8F70	0x44A0
+0x8F71	0x8493
+0x8F72	0x84E4
+0x8F73	0x25C91
+0x8F74	0x4240
+0x8F75	0x25CC0
+0x8F76	0x4543
+0x8F77	0x8534
+0x8F78	0x5AF2
+0x8F79	0x26E99
+0x8F7A	0x4527
+0x8F7B	0x8573
+0x8F7C	0x4516
+0x8F7D	0x67BF
+0x8F7E	0x8616
+0x8FA1	0x28625
+0x8FA2	0x2863B
+0x8FA3	0x85C1
+0x8FA4	0x27088
+0x8FA5	0x8602
+0x8FA6	0x21582
+0x8FA7	0x270CD
+0x8FA8	0x2F9B2
+0x8FA9	0x456A
+0x8FAA	0x8628
+0x8FAB	0x3648
+0x8FAC	0x218A2
+0x8FAD	0x53F7
+0x8FAE	0x2739A
+0x8FAF	0x867E
+0x8FB0	0x8771
+0x8FB1	0x2A0F8
+0x8FB2	0x87EE
+0x8FB3	0x22C27
+0x8FB4	0x87B1
+0x8FB5	0x87DA
+0x8FB6	0x880F
+0x8FB7	0x5661
+0x8FB8	0x866C
+0x8FB9	0x6856
+0x8FBA	0x460F
+0x8FBB	0x8845
+0x8FBC	0x8846
+0x8FBD	0x275E0
+0x8FBE	0x23DB9
+0x8FBF	0x275E4
+0x8FC0	0x885E
+0x8FC1	0x889C
+0x8FC2	0x465B
+0x8FC3	0x88B4
+0x8FC4	0x88B5
+0x8FC5	0x63C1
+0x8FC6	0x88C5
+0x8FC7	0x7777
+0x8FC8	0x2770F
+0x8FC9	0x8987
+0x8FCA	0x898A
+0x8FCD	0x89A7
+0x8FCE	0x89BC
+0x8FCF	0x28A25
+0x8FD0	0x89E7
+0x8FD1	0x27924
+0x8FD2	0x27ABD
+0x8FD3	0x8A9C
+0x8FD4	0x7793
+0x8FD5	0x91FE
+0x8FD6	0x8A90
+0x8FD7	0x27A59
+0x8FD8	0x7AE9
+0x8FD9	0x27B3A
+0x8FDA	0x23F8F
+0x8FDB	0x4713
+0x8FDC	0x27B38
+0x8FDD	0x717C
+0x8FDE	0x8B0C
+0x8FDF	0x8B1F
+0x8FE0	0x25430
+0x8FE1	0x25565
+0x8FE2	0x8B3F
+0x8FE3	0x8B4C
+0x8FE4	0x8B4D
+0x8FE5	0x8AA9
+0x8FE6	0x24A7A
+0x8FE7	0x8B90
+0x8FE8	0x8B9B
+0x8FE9	0x8AAF
+0x8FEA	0x216DF
+0x8FEB	0x4615
+0x8FEC	0x884F
+0x8FED	0x8C9B
+0x8FEE	0x27D54
+0x8FEF	0x27D8F
+0x8FF0	0x2F9D4
+0x8FF1	0x3725
+0x8FF2	0x27D53
+0x8FF3	0x8CD6
+0x8FF4	0x27D98
+0x8FF5	0x27DBD
+0x8FF6	0x8D12
+0x8FF7	0x8D03
+0x8FF8	0x21910
+0x8FF9	0x8CDB
+0x8FFA	0x705C
+0x8FFB	0x8D11
+0x8FFC	0x24CC9
+0x8FFD	0x3ED0
+0x9040	0x8DA9
+0x9041	0x28002
+0x9042	0x21014
+0x9043	0x2498A
+0x9044	0x3B7C
+0x9045	0x281BC
+0x9046	0x2710C
+0x9047	0x7AE7
+0x9048	0x8EAD
+0x9049	0x8EB6
+0x904A	0x8EC3
+0x904B	0x92D4
+0x904C	0x8F19
+0x904D	0x8F2D
+0x904E	0x28365
+0x904F	0x28412
+0x9050	0x8FA5
+0x9051	0x9303
+0x9052	0x2A29F
+0x9053	0x20A50
+0x9054	0x8FB3
+0x9055	0x492A
+0x9056	0x289DE
+0x9057	0x2853D
+0x9058	0x23DBB
+0x9059	0x5EF8
+0x905A	0x23262
+0x905B	0x8FF9
+0x905C	0x2A014
+0x905D	0x286BC
+0x905E	0x28501
+0x905F	0x22325
+0x9060	0x3980
+0x9061	0x26ED7
+0x9062	0x9037
+0x9063	0x2853C
+0x9064	0x27ABE
+0x9065	0x9061
+0x9066	0x2856C
+0x9067	0x2860B
+0x9068	0x90A8
+0x9069	0x28713
+0x906A	0x90C4
+0x906B	0x286E6
+0x906C	0x90AE
+0x906E	0x9167
+0x906F	0x3AF0
+0x9070	0x91A9
+0x9071	0x91C4
+0x9072	0x7CAC
+0x9073	0x28933
+0x9074	0x21E89
+0x9075	0x920E
+0x9076	0x6C9F
+0x9077	0x9241
+0x9078	0x9262
+0x9079	0x255B9
+0x907B	0x28AC6
+0x907C	0x23C9B
+0x907D	0x28B0C
+0x907E	0x255DB
+0x90A1	0x20D31
+0x90A2	0x932C
+0x90A3	0x936B
+0x90A4	0x28AE1
+0x90A5	0x28BEB
+0x90A6	0x708F
+0x90A7	0x5AC3
+0x90A8	0x28AE2
+0x90A9	0x28AE5
+0x90AA	0x4965
+0x90AB	0x9244
+0x90AC	0x28BEC
+0x90AD	0x28C39
+0x90AE	0x28BFF
+0x90AF	0x9373
+0x90B0	0x945B
+0x90B1	0x8EBC
+0x90B2	0x9585
+0x90B3	0x95A6
+0x90B4	0x9426
+0x90B5	0x95A0
+0x90B6	0x6FF6
+0x90B7	0x42B9
+0x90B8	0x2267A
+0x90B9	0x286D8
+0x90BA	0x2127C
+0x90BB	0x23E2E
+0x90BC	0x49DF
+0x90BD	0x6C1C
+0x90BE	0x967B
+0x90BF	0x9696
+0x90C0	0x416C
+0x90C1	0x96A3
+0x90C2	0x26ED5
+0x90C3	0x61DA
+0x90C4	0x96B6
+0x90C5	0x78F5
+0x90C6	0x28AE0
+0x90C7	0x96BD
+0x90C8	0x53CC
+0x90C9	0x49A1
+0x90CA	0x26CB8
+0x90CB	0x20274
+0x90CC	0x26410
+0x90CD	0x290AF
+0x90CE	0x290E5
+0x90CF	0x24AD1
+0x90D0	0x21915
+0x90D1	0x2330A
+0x90D2	0x9731
+0x90D3	0x8642
+0x90D4	0x9736
+0x90D5	0x4A0F
+0x90D6	0x453D
+0x90D7	0x4585
+0x90D8	0x24AE9
+0x90D9	0x7075
+0x90DA	0x5B41
+0x90DB	0x971B
+0x90DD	0x291D5
+0x90DE	0x9757
+0x90DF	0x5B4A
+0x90E0	0x291EB
+0x90E1	0x975F
+0x90E2	0x9425
+0x90E3	0x50D0
+0x90E4	0x230B7
+0x90E5	0x230BC
+0x90E6	0x9789
+0x90E7	0x979F
+0x90E8	0x97B1
+0x90E9	0x97BE
+0x90EA	0x97C0
+0x90EB	0x97D2
+0x90EC	0x97E0
+0x90ED	0x2546C
+0x90EE	0x97EE
+0x90EF	0x741C
+0x90F0	0x29433
+0x90F2	0x97F5
+0x90F3	0x2941D
+0x90F4	0x2797A
+0x90F5	0x4AD1
+0x90F6	0x9834
+0x90F7	0x9833
+0x90F8	0x984B
+0x90F9	0x9866
+0x90FA	0x3B0E
+0x90FB	0x27175
+0x90FC	0x3D51
+0x90FD	0x20630
+0x90FE	0x2415C
+0x9140	0x25706
+0x9141	0x98CA
+0x9142	0x98B7
+0x9143	0x98C8
+0x9144	0x98C7
+0x9145	0x4AFF
+0x9146	0x26D27
+0x9147	0x216D3
+0x9148	0x55B0
+0x9149	0x98E1
+0x914A	0x98E6
+0x914B	0x98EC
+0x914C	0x9378
+0x914D	0x9939
+0x914E	0x24A29
+0x914F	0x4B72
+0x9150	0x29857
+0x9151	0x29905
+0x9152	0x99F5
+0x9153	0x9A0C
+0x9154	0x9A3B
+0x9155	0x9A10
+0x9156	0x9A58
+0x9157	0x25725
+0x9158	0x36C4
+0x9159	0x290B1
+0x915A	0x29BD5
+0x915B	0x9AE0
+0x915C	0x9AE2
+0x915D	0x29B05
+0x915E	0x9AF4
+0x915F	0x4C0E
+0x9160	0x9B14
+0x9161	0x9B2D
+0x9162	0x28600
+0x9163	0x5034
+0x9164	0x9B34
+0x9165	0x269A8
+0x9166	0x38C3
+0x9167	0x2307D
+0x9168	0x9B50
+0x9169	0x9B40
+0x916A	0x29D3E
+0x916B	0x5A45
+0x916C	0x21863
+0x916D	0x9B8E
+0x916E	0x2424B
+0x916F	0x9C02
+0x9170	0x9BFF
+0x9171	0x9C0C
+0x9172	0x29E68
+0x9173	0x9DD4
+0x9174	0x29FB7
+0x9175	0x2A192
+0x9176	0x2A1AB
+0x9177	0x2A0E1
+0x9178	0x2A123
+0x9179	0x2A1DF
+0x917A	0x9D7E
+0x917B	0x9D83
+0x917C	0x2A134
+0x917D	0x9E0E
+0x917E	0x6888
+0x91A1	0x9DC4
+0x91A2	0x2215B
+0x91A3	0x2A193
+0x91A4	0x2A220
+0x91A5	0x2193B
+0x91A6	0x2A233
+0x91A7	0x9D39
+0x91A8	0x2A0B9
+0x91A9	0x2A2B4
+0x91AA	0x9E90
+0x91AB	0x9E95
+0x91AC	0x9E9E
+0x91AD	0x9EA2
+0x91AE	0x4D34
+0x91AF	0x9EAA
+0x91B0	0x9EAF
+0x91B1	0x24364
+0x91B2	0x9EC1
+0x91B3	0x3B60
+0x91B4	0x39E5
+0x91B5	0x3D1D
+0x91B6	0x4F32
+0x91B7	0x37BE
+0x91B8	0x28C2B
+0x91B9	0x9F02
+0x91BA	0x9F08
+0x91BB	0x4B96
+0x91BC	0x9424
+0x91BD	0x26DA2
+0x91BE	0x9F17
+0x91C0	0x9F39
+0x91C1	0x569F
+0x91C2	0x568A
+0x91C3	0x9F45
+0x91C4	0x99B8
+0x91C5	0x2908B
+0x91C6	0x97F2
+0x91C7	0x847F
+0x91C8	0x9F62
+0x91C9	0x9F69
+0x91CA	0x7ADC
+0x91CB	0x9F8E
+0x91CC	0x7216
+0x91CD	0x4BBE
+0x91CE	0x24975
+0x91CF	0x249BB
+0x91D0	0x7177
+0x91D1	0x249F8
+0x91D2	0x24348
+0x91D3	0x24A51
+0x91D4	0x739E
+0x91D5	0x28BDA
+0x91D6	0x218FA
+0x91D7	0x799F
+0x91D8	0x2897E
+0x91D9	0x28E36
+0x91DA	0x9369
+0x91DB	0x93F3
+0x91DC	0x28A44
+0x91DD	0x92EC
+0x91DE	0x9381
+0x91DF	0x93CB
+0x91E0	0x2896C
+0x91E1	0x244B9
+0x91E2	0x7217
+0x91E3	0x3EEB
+0x91E4	0x7772
+0x91E5	0x7A43
+0x91E6	0x70D0
+0x91E7	0x24473
+0x91E8	0x243F8
+0x91E9	0x717E
+0x91EA	0x217EF
+0x91EB	0x70A3
+0x91EC	0x218BE
+0x91ED	0x23599
+0x91EE	0x3EC7
+0x91EF	0x21885
+0x91F0	0x2542F
+0x91F1	0x217F8
+0x91F2	0x3722
+0x91F3	0x216FB
+0x91F4	0x21839
+0x91F5	0x36E1
+0x91F6	0x21774
+0x91F7	0x218D1
+0x91F8	0x25F4B
+0x91F9	0x3723
+0x91FA	0x216C0
+0x91FB	0x575B
+0x91FC	0x24A25
+0x91FD	0x213FE
+0x91FE	0x212A8
+0x9240	0x213C6
+0x9241	0x214B6
+0x9242	0x8503
+0x9243	0x236A6
+0x9245	0x8455
+0x9246	0x24994
+0x9247	0x27165
+0x9248	0x23E31
+0x9249	0x2555C
+0x924A	0x23EFB
+0x924B	0x27052
+0x924C	0x44F4
+0x924D	0x236EE
+0x924E	0x2999D
+0x924F	0x26F26
+0x9250	0x67F9
+0x9251	0x3733
+0x9252	0x3C15
+0x9253	0x3DE7
+0x9254	0x586C
+0x9255	0x21922
+0x9256	0x6810
+0x9257	0x4057
+0x9258	0x2373F
+0x9259	0x240E1
+0x925A	0x2408B
+0x925B	0x2410F
+0x925C	0x26C21
+0x925D	0x54CB
+0x925E	0x569E
+0x925F	0x266B1
+0x9260	0x5692
+0x9261	0x20FDF
+0x9262	0x20BA8
+0x9263	0x20E0D
+0x9264	0x93C6
+0x9265	0x28B13
+0x9266	0x939C
+0x9267	0x4EF8
+0x9268	0x512B
+0x9269	0x3819
+0x926A	0x24436
+0x926B	0x4EBC
+0x926C	0x20465
+0x926D	0x2037F
+0x926E	0x4F4B
+0x926F	0x4F8A
+0x9270	0x25651
+0x9271	0x5A68
+0x9272	0x201AB
+0x9273	0x203CB
+0x9274	0x3999
+0x9275	0x2030A
+0x9276	0x20414
+0x9277	0x3435
+0x9278	0x4F29
+0x9279	0x202C0
+0x927A	0x28EB3
+0x927B	0x20275
+0x927C	0x8ADA
+0x927D	0x2020C
+0x927E	0x4E98
+0x92A1	0x50CD
+0x92A2	0x510D
+0x92A3	0x4FA2
+0x92A4	0x4F03
+0x92A5	0x24A0E
+0x92A6	0x23E8A
+0x92A7	0x4F42
+0x92A8	0x502E
+0x92A9	0x506C
+0x92AA	0x5081
+0x92AB	0x4FCC
+0x92AC	0x4FE5
+0x92AD	0x5058
+0x92AE	0x50FC
+0x92B3	0x6E76
+0x92B4	0x23595
+0x92B5	0x23E39
+0x92B6	0x23EBF
+0x92B7	0x6D72
+0x92B8	0x21884
+0x92B9	0x23E89
+0x92BA	0x51A8
+0x92BB	0x51C3
+0x92BC	0x205E0
+0x92BD	0x44DD
+0x92BE	0x204A3
+0x92BF	0x20492
+0x92C0	0x20491
+0x92C1	0x8D7A
+0x92C2	0x28A9C
+0x92C3	0x2070E
+0x92C4	0x5259
+0x92C5	0x52A4
+0x92C6	0x20873
+0x92C7	0x52E1
+0x92C9	0x467A
+0x92CA	0x718C
+0x92CB	0x2438C
+0x92CC	0x20C20
+0x92CD	0x249AC
+0x92CE	0x210E4
+0x92CF	0x69D1
+0x92D0	0x20E1D
+0x92D2	0x3EDE
+0x92D3	0x7499
+0x92D4	0x7414
+0x92D5	0x7456
+0x92D6	0x7398
+0x92D7	0x4B8E
+0x92D8	0x24ABC
+0x92D9	0x2408D
+0x92DA	0x53D0
+0x92DB	0x3584
+0x92DC	0x720F
+0x92DD	0x240C9
+0x92DE	0x55B4
+0x92DF	0x20345
+0x92E0	0x54CD
+0x92E1	0x20BC6
+0x92E2	0x571D
+0x92E3	0x925D
+0x92E4	0x96F4
+0x92E5	0x9366
+0x92E6	0x57DD
+0x92E7	0x578D
+0x92E8	0x577F
+0x92E9	0x363E
+0x92EA	0x58CB
+0x92EB	0x5A99
+0x92EC	0x28A46
+0x92ED	0x216FA
+0x92EE	0x2176F
+0x92EF	0x21710
+0x92F0	0x5A2C
+0x92F1	0x59B8
+0x92F2	0x928F
+0x92F3	0x5A7E
+0x92F4	0x5ACF
+0x92F5	0x5A12
+0x92F6	0x25946
+0x92F7	0x219F3
+0x92F8	0x21861
+0x92F9	0x24295
+0x92FA	0x36F5
+0x92FB	0x6D05
+0x92FC	0x7443
+0x92FD	0x5A21
+0x92FE	0x25E83
+0x9340	0x5A81
+0x9341	0x28BD7
+0x9342	0x20413
+0x9343	0x93E0
+0x9344	0x748C
+0x9345	0x21303
+0x9346	0x7105
+0x9347	0x4972
+0x9348	0x9408
+0x9349	0x289FB
+0x934A	0x93BD
+0x934B	0x37A0
+0x934C	0x5C1E
+0x934D	0x5C9E
+0x934E	0x5E5E
+0x934F	0x5E48
+0x9350	0x21996
+0x9351	0x2197C
+0x9352	0x23AEE
+0x9353	0x5ECD
+0x9354	0x5B4F
+0x9355	0x21903
+0x9356	0x21904
+0x9357	0x3701
+0x9358	0x218A0
+0x9359	0x36DD
+0x935A	0x216FE
+0x935B	0x36D3
+0x935C	0x812A
+0x935D	0x28A47
+0x935E	0x21DBA
+0x935F	0x23472
+0x9360	0x289A8
+0x9361	0x5F0C
+0x9362	0x5F0E
+0x9363	0x21927
+0x9364	0x217AB
+0x9365	0x5A6B
+0x9366	0x2173B
+0x9367	0x5B44
+0x9368	0x8614
+0x9369	0x275FD
+0x936A	0x8860
+0x936B	0x607E
+0x936C	0x22860
+0x936D	0x2262B
+0x936E	0x5FDB
+0x936F	0x3EB8
+0x9370	0x225AF
+0x9371	0x225BE
+0x9372	0x29088
+0x9373	0x26F73
+0x9374	0x61C0
+0x9375	0x2003E
+0x9376	0x20046
+0x9377	0x2261B
+0x9378	0x6199
+0x9379	0x6198
+0x937A	0x6075
+0x937B	0x22C9B
+0x937C	0x22D07
+0x937D	0x246D4
+0x937E	0x2914D
+0x93A1	0x6471
+0x93A2	0x24665
+0x93A3	0x22B6A
+0x93A4	0x3A29
+0x93A5	0x22B22
+0x93A6	0x23450
+0x93A7	0x298EA
+0x93A8	0x22E78
+0x93A9	0x6337
+0x93AA	0x2A45B
+0x93AB	0x64B6
+0x93AC	0x6331
+0x93AD	0x63D1
+0x93AE	0x249E3
+0x93AF	0x22D67
+0x93B0	0x62A4
+0x93B1	0x22CA1
+0x93B2	0x643B
+0x93B3	0x656B
+0x93B4	0x6972
+0x93B5	0x3BF4
+0x93B6	0x2308E
+0x93B7	0x232AD
+0x93B8	0x24989
+0x93B9	0x232AB
+0x93BA	0x550D
+0x93BB	0x232E0
+0x93BC	0x218D9
+0x93BD	0x2943F
+0x93BE	0x66CE
+0x93BF	0x23289
+0x93C0	0x231B3
+0x93C1	0x3AE0
+0x93C2	0x4190
+0x93C3	0x25584
+0x93C4	0x28B22
+0x93C5	0x2558F
+0x93C6	0x216FC
+0x93C7	0x2555B
+0x93C8	0x25425
+0x93C9	0x78EE
+0x93CA	0x23103
+0x93CB	0x2182A
+0x93CC	0x23234
+0x93CD	0x3464
+0x93CE	0x2320F
+0x93CF	0x23182
+0x93D0	0x242C9
+0x93D1	0x668E
+0x93D2	0x26D24
+0x93D3	0x666B
+0x93D4	0x4B93
+0x93D5	0x6630
+0x93D6	0x27870
+0x93D7	0x21DEB
+0x93D8	0x6663
+0x93D9	0x232D2
+0x93DA	0x232E1
+0x93DB	0x661E
+0x93DC	0x25872
+0x93DD	0x38D1
+0x93DE	0x2383A
+0x93DF	0x237BC
+0x93E0	0x3B99
+0x93E1	0x237A2
+0x93E2	0x233FE
+0x93E3	0x74D0
+0x93E4	0x3B96
+0x93E5	0x678F
+0x93E6	0x2462A
+0x93E7	0x68B6
+0x93E8	0x681E
+0x93E9	0x3BC4
+0x93EA	0x6ABE
+0x93EB	0x3863
+0x93EC	0x237D5
+0x93ED	0x24487
+0x93EE	0x6A33
+0x93EF	0x6A52
+0x93F0	0x6AC9
+0x93F1	0x6B05
+0x93F2	0x21912
+0x93F3	0x6511
+0x93F4	0x6898
+0x93F5	0x6A4C
+0x93F6	0x3BD7
+0x93F7	0x6A7A
+0x93F8	0x6B57
+0x93F9	0x23FC0
+0x93FA	0x23C9A
+0x93FB	0x93A0
+0x93FC	0x92F2
+0x93FD	0x28BEA
+0x93FE	0x28ACB
+0x9440	0x9289
+0x9441	0x2801E
+0x9442	0x289DC
+0x9443	0x9467
+0x9444	0x6DA5
+0x9445	0x6F0B
+0x9446	0x249EC
+0x9448	0x23F7F
+0x9449	0x3D8F
+0x944A	0x6E04
+0x944B	0x2403C
+0x944C	0x5A3D
+0x944D	0x6E0A
+0x944E	0x5847
+0x944F	0x6D24
+0x9450	0x7842
+0x9451	0x713B
+0x9452	0x2431A
+0x9453	0x24276
+0x9454	0x70F1
+0x9455	0x7250
+0x9456	0x7287
+0x9457	0x7294
+0x9458	0x2478F
+0x9459	0x24725
+0x945A	0x5179
+0x945B	0x24AA4
+0x945C	0x205EB
+0x945D	0x747A
+0x945E	0x23EF8
+0x945F	0x2365F
+0x9460	0x24A4A
+0x9461	0x24917
+0x9462	0x25FE1
+0x9463	0x3F06
+0x9464	0x3EB1
+0x9465	0x24ADF
+0x9466	0x28C23
+0x9467	0x23F35
+0x9468	0x60A7
+0x9469	0x3EF3
+0x946A	0x74CC
+0x946B	0x743C
+0x946C	0x9387
+0x946D	0x7437
+0x946E	0x449F
+0x946F	0x26DEA
+0x9470	0x4551
+0x9471	0x7583
+0x9472	0x3F63
+0x9473	0x24CD9
+0x9474	0x24D06
+0x9475	0x3F58
+0x9476	0x7555
+0x9477	0x7673
+0x9478	0x2A5C6
+0x9479	0x3B19
+0x947A	0x7468
+0x947B	0x28ACC
+0x947C	0x249AB
+0x947D	0x2498E
+0x947E	0x3AFB
+0x94A1	0x3DCD
+0x94A2	0x24A4E
+0x94A3	0x3EFF
+0x94A4	0x249C5
+0x94A5	0x248F3
+0x94A6	0x91FA
+0x94A7	0x5732
+0x94A8	0x9342
+0x94A9	0x28AE3
+0x94AA	0x21864
+0x94AB	0x50DF
+0x94AC	0x25221
+0x94AD	0x251E7
+0x94AE	0x7778
+0x94AF	0x23232
+0x94B0	0x770E
+0x94B1	0x770F
+0x94B2	0x777B
+0x94B3	0x24697
+0x94B4	0x23781
+0x94B5	0x3A5E
+0x94B6	0x248F0
+0x94B7	0x7438
+0x94B8	0x749B
+0x94B9	0x3EBF
+0x94BA	0x24ABA
+0x94BB	0x24AC7
+0x94BC	0x40C8
+0x94BD	0x24A96
+0x94BE	0x261AE
+0x94BF	0x9307
+0x94C0	0x25581
+0x94C1	0x781E
+0x94C2	0x788D
+0x94C3	0x7888
+0x94C4	0x78D2
+0x94C5	0x73D0
+0x94C6	0x7959
+0x94C7	0x27741
+0x94C8	0x256E3
+0x94C9	0x410E
+0x94CB	0x8496
+0x94CC	0x79A5
+0x94CD	0x6A2D
+0x94CE	0x23EFA
+0x94CF	0x7A3A
+0x94D0	0x79F4
+0x94D1	0x416E
+0x94D2	0x216E6
+0x94D3	0x4132
+0x94D4	0x9235
+0x94D5	0x79F1
+0x94D6	0x20D4C
+0x94D7	0x2498C
+0x94D8	0x20299
+0x94D9	0x23DBA
+0x94DA	0x2176E
+0x94DB	0x3597
+0x94DC	0x556B
+0x94DD	0x3570
+0x94DE	0x36AA
+0x94DF	0x201D4
+0x94E0	0x20C0D
+0x94E1	0x7AE2
+0x94E2	0x5A59
+0x94E3	0x226F5
+0x94E4	0x25AAF
+0x94E5	0x25A9C
+0x94E6	0x5A0D
+0x94E7	0x2025B
+0x94E8	0x78F0
+0x94E9	0x5A2A
+0x94EA	0x25BC6
+0x94EB	0x7AFE
+0x94EC	0x41F9
+0x94ED	0x7C5D
+0x94EE	0x7C6D
+0x94EF	0x4211
+0x94F0	0x25BB3
+0x94F1	0x25EBC
+0x94F2	0x25EA6
+0x94F3	0x7CCD
+0x94F4	0x249F9
+0x94F5	0x217B0
+0x94F6	0x7C8E
+0x94F7	0x7C7C
+0x94F8	0x7CAE
+0x94F9	0x6AB2
+0x94FA	0x7DDC
+0x94FB	0x7E07
+0x94FC	0x7DD3
+0x94FD	0x7F4E
+0x94FE	0x26261
+0x9540	0x2615C
+0x9541	0x27B48
+0x9542	0x7D97
+0x9543	0x25E82
+0x9544	0x426A
+0x9545	0x26B75
+0x9546	0x20916
+0x9547	0x67D6
+0x9548	0x2004E
+0x9549	0x235CF
+0x954A	0x57C4
+0x954B	0x26412
+0x954C	0x263F8
+0x954D	0x24962
+0x954E	0x7FDD
+0x954F	0x7B27
+0x9550	0x2082C
+0x9551	0x25AE9
+0x9552	0x25D43
+0x9553	0x7B0C
+0x9554	0x25E0E
+0x9555	0x99E6
+0x9556	0x8645
+0x9557	0x9A63
+0x9558	0x6A1C
+0x9559	0x2343F
+0x955A	0x39E2
+0x955B	0x249F7
+0x955C	0x265AD
+0x955D	0x9A1F
+0x955E	0x265A0
+0x955F	0x8480
+0x9560	0x27127
+0x9561	0x26CD1
+0x9562	0x44EA
+0x9563	0x8137
+0x9564	0x4402
+0x9565	0x80C6
+0x9566	0x8109
+0x9567	0x8142
+0x9568	0x267B4
+0x9569	0x98C3
+0x956A	0x26A42
+0x956B	0x8262
+0x956C	0x8265
+0x956D	0x26A51
+0x956E	0x8453
+0x956F	0x26DA7
+0x9570	0x8610
+0x9571	0x2721B
+0x9572	0x5A86
+0x9573	0x417F
+0x9574	0x21840
+0x9575	0x5B2B
+0x9576	0x218A1
+0x9577	0x5AE4
+0x9578	0x218D8
+0x9579	0x86A0
+0x957A	0x2F9BC
+0x957B	0x23D8F
+0x957C	0x882D
+0x957D	0x27422
+0x957E	0x5A02
+0x95A1	0x886E
+0x95A2	0x4F45
+0x95A3	0x8887
+0x95A4	0x88BF
+0x95A5	0x88E6
+0x95A6	0x8965
+0x95A7	0x894D
+0x95A8	0x25683
+0x95A9	0x8954
+0x95AA	0x27785
+0x95AB	0x27784
+0x95AC	0x28BF5
+0x95AD	0x28BD9
+0x95AE	0x28B9C
+0x95AF	0x289F9
+0x95B0	0x3EAD
+0x95B1	0x84A3
+0x95B2	0x46F5
+0x95B3	0x46CF
+0x95B4	0x37F2
+0x95B5	0x8A3D
+0x95B6	0x8A1C
+0x95B7	0x29448
+0x95B8	0x5F4D
+0x95B9	0x922B
+0x95BA	0x24284
+0x95BB	0x65D4
+0x95BC	0x7129
+0x95BD	0x70C4
+0x95BE	0x21845
+0x95BF	0x9D6D
+0x95C0	0x8C9F
+0x95C1	0x8CE9
+0x95C2	0x27DDC
+0x95C3	0x599A
+0x95C4	0x77C3
+0x95C5	0x59F0
+0x95C6	0x436E
+0x95C7	0x36D4
+0x95C8	0x8E2A
+0x95C9	0x8EA7
+0x95CA	0x24C09
+0x95CB	0x8F30
+0x95CC	0x8F4A
+0x95CD	0x42F4
+0x95CE	0x6C58
+0x95CF	0x6FBB
+0x95D0	0x22321
+0x95D1	0x489B
+0x95D2	0x6F79
+0x95D3	0x6E8B
+0x95D4	0x217DA
+0x95D5	0x9BE9
+0x95D6	0x36B5
+0x95D7	0x2492F
+0x95D8	0x90BB
+0x95DA	0x5571
+0x95DB	0x4906
+0x95DC	0x91BB
+0x95DD	0x9404
+0x95DE	0x28A4B
+0x95DF	0x4062
+0x95E0	0x28AFC
+0x95E1	0x9427
+0x95E2	0x28C1D
+0x95E3	0x28C3B
+0x95E4	0x84E5
+0x95E5	0x8A2B
+0x95E6	0x9599
+0x95E7	0x95A7
+0x95E8	0x9597
+0x95E9	0x9596
+0x95EA	0x28D34
+0x95EB	0x7445
+0x95EC	0x3EC2
+0x95ED	0x248FF
+0x95EE	0x24A42
+0x95EF	0x243EA
+0x95F0	0x3EE7
+0x95F1	0x23225
+0x95F2	0x968F
+0x95F3	0x28EE7
+0x95F4	0x28E66
+0x95F5	0x28E65
+0x95F6	0x3ECC
+0x95F7	0x249ED
+0x95F8	0x24A78
+0x95F9	0x23FEE
+0x95FA	0x7412
+0x95FB	0x746B
+0x95FC	0x3EFC
+0x95FD	0x9741
+0x95FE	0x290B0
+0x9640	0x6847
+0x9641	0x4A1D
+0x9642	0x29093
+0x9643	0x257DF
+0x9645	0x9368
+0x9646	0x28989
+0x9647	0x28C26
+0x9648	0x28B2F
+0x9649	0x263BE
+0x964A	0x92BA
+0x964B	0x5B11
+0x964C	0x8B69
+0x964D	0x493C
+0x964E	0x73F9
+0x964F	0x2421B
+0x9650	0x979B
+0x9651	0x9771
+0x9652	0x9938
+0x9653	0x20F26
+0x9654	0x5DC1
+0x9655	0x28BC5
+0x9656	0x24AB2
+0x9657	0x981F
+0x9658	0x294DA
+0x9659	0x92F6
+0x965A	0x295D7
+0x965B	0x91E5
+0x965C	0x44C0
+0x965D	0x28B50
+0x965E	0x24A67
+0x965F	0x28B64
+0x9660	0x98DC
+0x9661	0x28A45
+0x9662	0x3F00
+0x9663	0x922A
+0x9664	0x4925
+0x9665	0x8414
+0x9666	0x993B
+0x9667	0x994D
+0x9668	0x27B06
+0x9669	0x3DFD
+0x966A	0x999B
+0x966B	0x4B6F
+0x966C	0x99AA
+0x966D	0x9A5C
+0x966E	0x28B65
+0x966F	0x258C8
+0x9670	0x6A8F
+0x9671	0x9A21
+0x9672	0x5AFE
+0x9673	0x9A2F
+0x9674	0x298F1
+0x9675	0x4B90
+0x9676	0x29948
+0x9677	0x99BC
+0x9678	0x4BBD
+0x9679	0x4B97
+0x967A	0x937D
+0x967B	0x5872
+0x967C	0x21302
+0x967D	0x5822
+0x967E	0x249B8
+0x96A1	0x214E8
+0x96A2	0x7844
+0x96A3	0x2271F
+0x96A4	0x23DB8
+0x96A5	0x68C5
+0x96A6	0x3D7D
+0x96A7	0x9458
+0x96A8	0x3927
+0x96A9	0x6150
+0x96AA	0x22781
+0x96AB	0x2296B
+0x96AC	0x6107
+0x96AD	0x9C4F
+0x96AE	0x9C53
+0x96AF	0x9C7B
+0x96B0	0x9C35
+0x96B1	0x9C10
+0x96B2	0x9B7F
+0x96B3	0x9BCF
+0x96B4	0x29E2D
+0x96B5	0x9B9F
+0x96B6	0x2A1F5
+0x96B7	0x2A0FE
+0x96B8	0x9D21
+0x96B9	0x4CAE
+0x96BA	0x24104
+0x96BB	0x9E18
+0x96BC	0x4CB0
+0x96BD	0x9D0C
+0x96BE	0x2A1B4
+0x96BF	0x2A0ED
+0x96C0	0x2A0F3
+0x96C1	0x2992F
+0x96C2	0x9DA5
+0x96C3	0x84BD
+0x96C4	0x26E12
+0x96C5	0x26FDF
+0x96C6	0x26B82
+0x96C7	0x85FC
+0x96C8	0x4533
+0x96C9	0x26DA4
+0x96CA	0x26E84
+0x96CB	0x26DF0
+0x96CC	0x8420
+0x96CD	0x85EE
+0x96CE	0x26E00
+0x96CF	0x237D7
+0x96D0	0x26064
+0x96D1	0x79E2
+0x96D2	0x2359C
+0x96D3	0x23640
+0x96D4	0x492D
+0x96D5	0x249DE
+0x96D6	0x3D62
+0x96D7	0x93DB
+0x96D8	0x92BE
+0x96D9	0x9348
+0x96DA	0x202BF
+0x96DB	0x78B9
+0x96DC	0x9277
+0x96DD	0x944D
+0x96DE	0x4FE4
+0x96DF	0x3440
+0x96E0	0x9064
+0x96E1	0x2555D
+0x96E2	0x783D
+0x96E3	0x7854
+0x96E4	0x78B6
+0x96E5	0x784B
+0x96E6	0x21757
+0x96E7	0x231C9
+0x96E8	0x24941
+0x96E9	0x369A
+0x96EA	0x4F72
+0x96EB	0x6FDA
+0x96EC	0x6FD9
+0x96EE	0x701E
+0x96EF	0x5414
+0x96F0	0x241B5
+0x96F1	0x57BB
+0x96F2	0x58F3
+0x96F3	0x578A
+0x96F4	0x9D16
+0x96F5	0x57D7
+0x96F6	0x7134
+0x96F7	0x34AF
+0x96F8	0x241AC
+0x96F9	0x71EB
+0x96FA	0x26C40
+0x96FB	0x24F97
+0x96FD	0x217B5
+0x96FE	0x28A49
+0x9740	0x610C
+0x9741	0x5ACE
+0x9742	0x5A0B
+0x9743	0x42BC
+0x9744	0x24488
+0x9745	0x372C
+0x9746	0x4B7B
+0x9747	0x289FC
+0x9748	0x93BB
+0x9749	0x93B8
+0x974A	0x218D6
+0x974B	0x20F1D
+0x974C	0x8472
+0x974D	0x26CC0
+0x974E	0x21413
+0x974F	0x242FA
+0x9750	0x22C26
+0x9751	0x243C1
+0x9752	0x5994
+0x9753	0x23DB7
+0x9754	0x26741
+0x9755	0x7DA8
+0x9756	0x2615B
+0x9757	0x260A4
+0x9758	0x249B9
+0x9759	0x2498B
+0x975A	0x289FA
+0x975B	0x92E5
+0x975C	0x73E2
+0x975D	0x3EE9
+0x975E	0x74B4
+0x975F	0x28B63
+0x9760	0x2189F
+0x9761	0x3EE1
+0x9762	0x24AB3
+0x9763	0x6AD8
+0x9764	0x73F3
+0x9765	0x73FB
+0x9766	0x3ED6
+0x9767	0x24A3E
+0x9768	0x24A94
+0x9769	0x217D9
+0x976A	0x24A66
+0x976B	0x203A7
+0x976C	0x21424
+0x976D	0x249E5
+0x976E	0x7448
+0x976F	0x24916
+0x9770	0x70A5
+0x9771	0x24976
+0x9772	0x9284
+0x9773	0x73E6
+0x9774	0x935F
+0x9775	0x204FE
+0x9776	0x9331
+0x9777	0x28ACE
+0x9778	0x28A16
+0x9779	0x9386
+0x977A	0x28BE7
+0x977B	0x255D5
+0x977C	0x4935
+0x977D	0x28A82
+0x977E	0x716B
+0x97A1	0x24943
+0x97A2	0x20CFF
+0x97A3	0x56A4
+0x97A4	0x2061A
+0x97A5	0x20BEB
+0x97A6	0x20CB8
+0x97A7	0x5502
+0x97A8	0x79C4
+0x97A9	0x217FA
+0x97AA	0x7DFE
+0x97AB	0x216C2
+0x97AC	0x24A50
+0x97AD	0x21852
+0x97AE	0x452E
+0x97AF	0x9401
+0x97B0	0x370A
+0x97B1	0x28AC0
+0x97B2	0x249AD
+0x97B3	0x59B0
+0x97B4	0x218BF
+0x97B5	0x21883
+0x97B6	0x27484
+0x97B7	0x5AA1
+0x97B8	0x36E2
+0x97B9	0x23D5B
+0x97BA	0x36B0
+0x97BB	0x925F
+0x97BC	0x5A79
+0x97BD	0x28A81
+0x97BE	0x21862
+0x97BF	0x9374
+0x97C0	0x3CCD
+0x97C1	0x20AB4
+0x97C2	0x4A96
+0x97C3	0x398A
+0x97C4	0x50F4
+0x97C5	0x3D69
+0x97C6	0x3D4C
+0x97C7	0x2139C
+0x97C8	0x7175
+0x97C9	0x42FB
+0x97CA	0x28218
+0x97CB	0x6E0F
+0x97CC	0x290E4
+0x97CD	0x44EB
+0x97CE	0x6D57
+0x97CF	0x27E4F
+0x97D0	0x7067
+0x97D1	0x6CAF
+0x97D2	0x3CD6
+0x97D3	0x23FED
+0x97D4	0x23E2D
+0x97D5	0x6E02
+0x97D6	0x6F0C
+0x97D7	0x3D6F
+0x97D8	0x203F5
+0x97D9	0x7551
+0x97DA	0x36BC
+0x97DB	0x34C8
+0x97DC	0x4680
+0x97DD	0x3EDA
+0x97DE	0x4871
+0x97DF	0x59C4
+0x97E0	0x926E
+0x97E1	0x493E
+0x97E2	0x8F41
+0x97E3	0x28C1C
+0x97E4	0x26BC0
+0x97E5	0x5812
+0x97E6	0x57C8
+0x97E7	0x36D6
+0x97E8	0x21452
+0x97E9	0x70FE
+0x97EA	0x24362
+0x97EB	0x24A71
+0x97EC	0x22FE3
+0x97ED	0x212B0
+0x97EE	0x223BD
+0x97EF	0x68B9
+0x97F0	0x6967
+0x97F1	0x21398
+0x97F2	0x234E5
+0x97F3	0x27BF4
+0x97F4	0x236DF
+0x97F5	0x28A83
+0x97F6	0x237D6
+0x97F7	0x233FA
+0x97F8	0x24C9F
+0x97F9	0x6A1A
+0x97FA	0x236AD
+0x97FB	0x26CB7
+0x97FC	0x843E
+0x97FD	0x44DF
+0x97FE	0x44CE
+0x9840	0x26D26
+0x9841	0x26D51
+0x9842	0x26C82
+0x9843	0x26FDE
+0x9844	0x6F17
+0x9845	0x27109
+0x9846	0x833D
+0x9847	0x2173A
+0x9848	0x83ED
+0x9849	0x26C80
+0x984A	0x27053
+0x984B	0x217DB
+0x984C	0x5989
+0x984D	0x5A82
+0x984E	0x217B3
+0x984F	0x5A61
+0x9850	0x5A71
+0x9851	0x21905
+0x9852	0x241FC
+0x9853	0x372D
+0x9854	0x59EF
+0x9855	0x2173C
+0x9856	0x36C7
+0x9857	0x718E
+0x9858	0x9390
+0x9859	0x669A
+0x985A	0x242A5
+0x985B	0x5A6E
+0x985C	0x5A2B
+0x985D	0x24293
+0x985E	0x6A2B
+0x985F	0x23EF9
+0x9860	0x27736
+0x9861	0x2445B
+0x9862	0x242CA
+0x9863	0x711D
+0x9864	0x24259
+0x9865	0x289E1
+0x9866	0x4FB0
+0x9867	0x26D28
+0x9868	0x5CC2
+0x9869	0x244CE
+0x986A	0x27E4D
+0x986B	0x243BD
+0x986C	0x6A0C
+0x986D	0x24256
+0x986E	0x21304
+0x986F	0x70A6
+0x9870	0x7133
+0x9871	0x243E9
+0x9872	0x3DA5
+0x9873	0x6CDF
+0x9874	0x2F825
+0x9875	0x24A4F
+0x9876	0x7E65
+0x9877	0x59EB
+0x9878	0x5D2F
+0x9879	0x3DF3
+0x987A	0x5F5C
+0x987B	0x24A5D
+0x987C	0x217DF
+0x987D	0x7DA4
+0x987E	0x8426
+0x98A1	0x5485
+0x98A2	0x23AFA
+0x98A3	0x23300
+0x98A4	0x20214
+0x98A5	0x577E
+0x98A6	0x208D5
+0x98A7	0x20619
+0x98A8	0x3FE5
+0x98A9	0x21F9E
+0x98AA	0x2A2B6
+0x98AB	0x7003
+0x98AC	0x2915B
+0x98AD	0x5D70
+0x98AE	0x738F
+0x98AF	0x7CD3
+0x98B0	0x28A59
+0x98B1	0x29420
+0x98B2	0x4FC8
+0x98B3	0x7FE7
+0x98B4	0x72CD
+0x98B5	0x7310
+0x98B6	0x27AF4
+0x98B7	0x7338
+0x98B8	0x7339
+0x98B9	0x256F6
+0x98BA	0x7341
+0x98BB	0x7348
+0x98BC	0x3EA9
+0x98BD	0x27B18
+0x98BE	0x906C
+0x98BF	0x71F5
+0x98C0	0x248F2
+0x98C1	0x73E1
+0x98C2	0x81F6
+0x98C3	0x3ECA
+0x98C4	0x770C
+0x98C5	0x3ED1
+0x98C6	0x6CA2
+0x98C7	0x56FD
+0x98C8	0x7419
+0x98C9	0x741E
+0x98CA	0x741F
+0x98CB	0x3EE2
+0x98CC	0x3EF0
+0x98CD	0x3EF4
+0x98CE	0x3EFA
+0x98CF	0x74D3
+0x98D0	0x3F0E
+0x98D1	0x3F53
+0x98D2	0x7542
+0x98D3	0x756D
+0x98D4	0x7572
+0x98D5	0x758D
+0x98D6	0x3F7C
+0x98D7	0x75C8
+0x98D8	0x75DC
+0x98D9	0x3FC0
+0x98DA	0x764D
+0x98DB	0x3FD7
+0x98DC	0x7674
+0x98DD	0x3FDC
+0x98DE	0x767A
+0x98DF	0x24F5C
+0x98E0	0x7188
+0x98E1	0x5623
+0x98E2	0x8980
+0x98E3	0x5869
+0x98E4	0x401D
+0x98E5	0x7743
+0x98E6	0x4039
+0x98E7	0x6761
+0x98E8	0x4045
+0x98E9	0x35DB
+0x98EA	0x7798
+0x98EB	0x406A
+0x98EC	0x406F
+0x98ED	0x5C5E
+0x98EE	0x77BE
+0x98EF	0x77CB
+0x98F0	0x58F2
+0x98F1	0x7818
+0x98F2	0x70B9
+0x98F3	0x781C
+0x98F4	0x40A8
+0x98F5	0x7839
+0x98F6	0x7847
+0x98F7	0x7851
+0x98F8	0x7866
+0x98F9	0x8448
+0x98FA	0x25535
+0x98FB	0x7933
+0x98FC	0x6803
+0x98FD	0x7932
+0x98FE	0x4103
+0x9940	0x4109
+0x9941	0x7991
+0x9942	0x7999
+0x9943	0x8FBB
+0x9944	0x7A06
+0x9945	0x8FBC
+0x9946	0x4167
+0x9947	0x7A91
+0x9948	0x41B2
+0x9949	0x7ABC
+0x994A	0x8279
+0x994B	0x41C4
+0x994C	0x7ACF
+0x994D	0x7ADB
+0x994E	0x41CF
+0x994F	0x4E21
+0x9950	0x7B62
+0x9951	0x7B6C
+0x9952	0x7B7B
+0x9953	0x7C12
+0x9954	0x7C1B
+0x9955	0x4260
+0x9956	0x427A
+0x9957	0x7C7B
+0x9958	0x7C9C
+0x9959	0x428C
+0x995A	0x7CB8
+0x995B	0x4294
+0x995C	0x7CED
+0x995D	0x8F93
+0x995E	0x70C0
+0x995F	0x20CCF
+0x9960	0x7DCF
+0x9961	0x7DD4
+0x9962	0x7DD0
+0x9963	0x7DFD
+0x9964	0x7FAE
+0x9965	0x7FB4
+0x9966	0x729F
+0x9967	0x4397
+0x9968	0x8020
+0x9969	0x8025
+0x996A	0x7B39
+0x996B	0x802E
+0x996C	0x8031
+0x996D	0x8054
+0x996E	0x3DCC
+0x996F	0x57B4
+0x9970	0x70A0
+0x9971	0x80B7
+0x9972	0x80E9
+0x9973	0x43ED
+0x9974	0x810C
+0x9975	0x732A
+0x9976	0x810E
+0x9977	0x8112
+0x9978	0x7560
+0x9979	0x8114
+0x997A	0x4401
+0x997B	0x3B39
+0x997C	0x8156
+0x997D	0x8159
+0x997E	0x815A
+0x99A1	0x4413
+0x99A2	0x583A
+0x99A3	0x817C
+0x99A4	0x8184
+0x99A5	0x4425
+0x99A6	0x8193
+0x99A7	0x442D
+0x99A8	0x81A5
+0x99A9	0x57EF
+0x99AA	0x81C1
+0x99AB	0x81E4
+0x99AC	0x8254
+0x99AD	0x448F
+0x99AE	0x82A6
+0x99AF	0x8276
+0x99B0	0x82CA
+0x99B1	0x82D8
+0x99B2	0x82FF
+0x99B3	0x44B0
+0x99B4	0x8357
+0x99B5	0x9669
+0x99B6	0x698A
+0x99B7	0x8405
+0x99B8	0x70F5
+0x99B9	0x8464
+0x99BA	0x60E3
+0x99BB	0x8488
+0x99BC	0x4504
+0x99BD	0x84BE
+0x99BE	0x84E1
+0x99BF	0x84F8
+0x99C0	0x8510
+0x99C1	0x8538
+0x99C2	0x8552
+0x99C3	0x453B
+0x99C4	0x856F
+0x99C5	0x8570
+0x99C6	0x85E0
+0x99C7	0x4577
+0x99C8	0x8672
+0x99C9	0x8692
+0x99CA	0x86B2
+0x99CB	0x86EF
+0x99CC	0x9645
+0x99CD	0x878B
+0x99CE	0x4606
+0x99CF	0x4617
+0x99D0	0x88AE
+0x99D1	0x88FF
+0x99D2	0x8924
+0x99D3	0x8947
+0x99D4	0x8991
+0x99D5	0x27967
+0x99D6	0x8A29
+0x99D7	0x8A38
+0x99D8	0x8A94
+0x99D9	0x8AB4
+0x99DA	0x8C51
+0x99DB	0x8CD4
+0x99DC	0x8CF2
+0x99DD	0x8D1C
+0x99DE	0x4798
+0x99DF	0x585F
+0x99E0	0x8DC3
+0x99E1	0x47ED
+0x99E2	0x4EEE
+0x99E3	0x8E3A
+0x99E4	0x55D8
+0x99E5	0x5754
+0x99E6	0x8E71
+0x99E7	0x55F5
+0x99E8	0x8EB0
+0x99E9	0x4837
+0x99EA	0x8ECE
+0x99EB	0x8EE2
+0x99EC	0x8EE4
+0x99ED	0x8EED
+0x99EE	0x8EF2
+0x99EF	0x8FB7
+0x99F0	0x8FC1
+0x99F1	0x8FCA
+0x99F2	0x8FCC
+0x99F3	0x9033
+0x99F4	0x99C4
+0x99F5	0x48AD
+0x99F6	0x98E0
+0x99F7	0x9213
+0x99F8	0x491E
+0x99F9	0x9228
+0x99FA	0x9258
+0x99FB	0x926B
+0x99FC	0x92B1
+0x99FD	0x92AE
+0x99FE	0x92BF
+0x9A40	0x92E3
+0x9A41	0x92EB
+0x9A42	0x92F3
+0x9A43	0x92F4
+0x9A44	0x92FD
+0x9A45	0x9343
+0x9A46	0x9384
+0x9A47	0x93AD
+0x9A48	0x4945
+0x9A49	0x4951
+0x9A4A	0x9EBF
+0x9A4B	0x9417
+0x9A4C	0x5301
+0x9A4D	0x941D
+0x9A4E	0x942D
+0x9A4F	0x943E
+0x9A50	0x496A
+0x9A51	0x9454
+0x9A52	0x9479
+0x9A53	0x952D
+0x9A54	0x95A2
+0x9A55	0x49A7
+0x9A56	0x95F4
+0x9A57	0x9633
+0x9A58	0x49E5
+0x9A59	0x67A0
+0x9A5A	0x4A24
+0x9A5B	0x9740
+0x9A5C	0x4A35
+0x9A5D	0x97B2
+0x9A5E	0x97C2
+0x9A5F	0x5654
+0x9A60	0x4AE4
+0x9A61	0x60E8
+0x9A62	0x98B9
+0x9A63	0x4B19
+0x9A64	0x98F1
+0x9A65	0x5844
+0x9A66	0x990E
+0x9A67	0x9919
+0x9A68	0x51B4
+0x9A69	0x991C
+0x9A6A	0x9937
+0x9A6B	0x9942
+0x9A6C	0x995D
+0x9A6D	0x9962
+0x9A6E	0x4B70
+0x9A6F	0x99C5
+0x9A70	0x4B9D
+0x9A71	0x9A3C
+0x9A72	0x9B0F
+0x9A73	0x7A83
+0x9A74	0x9B69
+0x9A75	0x9B81
+0x9A76	0x9BDD
+0x9A77	0x9BF1
+0x9A78	0x9BF4
+0x9A79	0x4C6D
+0x9A7A	0x9C20
+0x9A7B	0x376F
+0x9A7C	0x21BC2
+0x9A7D	0x9D49
+0x9A7E	0x9C3A
+0x9AA1	0x9EFE
+0x9AA2	0x5650
+0x9AA3	0x9D93
+0x9AA4	0x9DBD
+0x9AA5	0x9DC0
+0x9AA6	0x9DFC
+0x9AA7	0x94F6
+0x9AA8	0x8FB6
+0x9AA9	0x9E7B
+0x9AAA	0x9EAC
+0x9AAB	0x9EB1
+0x9AAC	0x9EBD
+0x9AAD	0x9EC6
+0x9AAE	0x94DC
+0x9AAF	0x9EE2
+0x9AB0	0x9EF1
+0x9AB1	0x9EF8
+0x9AB2	0x7AC8
+0x9AB3	0x9F44
+0x9AB4	0x20094
+0x9AB5	0x202B7
+0x9AB6	0x203A0
+0x9AB7	0x691A
+0x9AB8	0x94C3
+0x9AB9	0x59AC
+0x9ABA	0x204D7
+0x9ABB	0x5840
+0x9ABC	0x94C1
+0x9ABD	0x37B9
+0x9ABE	0x205D5
+0x9ABF	0x20615
+0x9AC0	0x20676
+0x9AC1	0x216BA
+0x9AC2	0x5757
+0x9AC3	0x7173
+0x9AC4	0x20AC2
+0x9AC5	0x20ACD
+0x9AC6	0x20BBF
+0x9AC7	0x546A
+0x9AC8	0x2F83B
+0x9AC9	0x20BCB
+0x9ACA	0x549E
+0x9ACB	0x20BFB
+0x9ACC	0x20C3B
+0x9ACD	0x20C53
+0x9ACE	0x20C65
+0x9ACF	0x20C7C
+0x9AD0	0x60E7
+0x9AD1	0x20C8D
+0x9AD2	0x567A
+0x9AD3	0x20CB5
+0x9AD4	0x20CDD
+0x9AD5	0x20CED
+0x9AD6	0x20D6F
+0x9AD7	0x20DB2
+0x9AD8	0x20DC8
+0x9AD9	0x6955
+0x9ADA	0x9C2F
+0x9ADB	0x87A5
+0x9ADC	0x20E04
+0x9ADD	0x20E0E
+0x9ADE	0x20ED7
+0x9ADF	0x20F90
+0x9AE0	0x20F2D
+0x9AE1	0x20E73
+0x9AE2	0x5C20
+0x9AE3	0x20FBC
+0x9AE4	0x5E0B
+0x9AE5	0x2105C
+0x9AE6	0x2104F
+0x9AE7	0x21076
+0x9AE8	0x671E
+0x9AE9	0x2107B
+0x9AEA	0x21088
+0x9AEB	0x21096
+0x9AEC	0x3647
+0x9AED	0x210BF
+0x9AEE	0x210D3
+0x9AEF	0x2112F
+0x9AF0	0x2113B
+0x9AF1	0x5364
+0x9AF2	0x84AD
+0x9AF3	0x212E3
+0x9AF4	0x21375
+0x9AF5	0x21336
+0x9AF6	0x8B81
+0x9AF7	0x21577
+0x9AF8	0x21619
+0x9AF9	0x217C3
+0x9AFA	0x217C7
+0x9AFB	0x4E78
+0x9AFC	0x70BB
+0x9AFD	0x2182D
+0x9AFE	0x2196A
+0x9B40	0x21A2D
+0x9B41	0x21A45
+0x9B42	0x21C2A
+0x9B43	0x21C70
+0x9B44	0x21CAC
+0x9B45	0x21EC8
+0x9B46	0x62C3
+0x9B47	0x21ED5
+0x9B48	0x21F15
+0x9B49	0x7198
+0x9B4A	0x6855
+0x9B4B	0x22045
+0x9B4C	0x69E9
+0x9B4D	0x36C8
+0x9B4E	0x2227C
+0x9B4F	0x223D7
+0x9B50	0x223FA
+0x9B51	0x2272A
+0x9B52	0x22871
+0x9B53	0x2294F
+0x9B54	0x82FD
+0x9B55	0x22967
+0x9B56	0x22993
+0x9B57	0x22AD5
+0x9B58	0x89A5
+0x9B59	0x22AE8
+0x9B5A	0x8FA0
+0x9B5B	0x22B0E
+0x9B5C	0x97B8
+0x9B5D	0x22B3F
+0x9B5E	0x9847
+0x9B5F	0x9ABD
+0x9B60	0x22C4C
+0x9B62	0x22C88
+0x9B63	0x22CB7
+0x9B64	0x25BE8
+0x9B65	0x22D08
+0x9B66	0x22D12
+0x9B67	0x22DB7
+0x9B68	0x22D95
+0x9B69	0x22E42
+0x9B6A	0x22F74
+0x9B6B	0x22FCC
+0x9B6C	0x23033
+0x9B6D	0x23066
+0x9B6E	0x2331F
+0x9B6F	0x233DE
+0x9B70	0x5FB1
+0x9B71	0x6648
+0x9B72	0x66BF
+0x9B73	0x27A79
+0x9B74	0x23567
+0x9B75	0x235F3
+0x9B77	0x249BA
+0x9B79	0x2361A
+0x9B7A	0x23716
+0x9B7C	0x20346
+0x9B7D	0x58B5
+0x9B7E	0x670E
+0x9BA1	0x6918
+0x9BA2	0x23AA7
+0x9BA3	0x27657
+0x9BA4	0x25FE2
+0x9BA5	0x23E11
+0x9BA6	0x23EB9
+0x9BA7	0x275FE
+0x9BA8	0x2209A
+0x9BA9	0x48D0
+0x9BAA	0x4AB8
+0x9BAB	0x24119
+0x9BAC	0x28A9A
+0x9BAD	0x242EE
+0x9BAE	0x2430D
+0x9BAF	0x2403B
+0x9BB0	0x24334
+0x9BB1	0x24396
+0x9BB2	0x24A45
+0x9BB3	0x205CA
+0x9BB4	0x51D2
+0x9BB5	0x20611
+0x9BB6	0x599F
+0x9BB7	0x21EA8
+0x9BB8	0x3BBE
+0x9BB9	0x23CFF
+0x9BBA	0x24404
+0x9BBB	0x244D6
+0x9BBC	0x5788
+0x9BBD	0x24674
+0x9BBE	0x399B
+0x9BBF	0x2472F
+0x9BC0	0x285E8
+0x9BC1	0x299C9
+0x9BC2	0x3762
+0x9BC3	0x221C3
+0x9BC4	0x8B5E
+0x9BC5	0x28B4E
+0x9BC7	0x24812
+0x9BC8	0x248FB
+0x9BC9	0x24A15
+0x9BCA	0x7209
+0x9BCB	0x24AC0
+0x9BCC	0x20C78
+0x9BCD	0x5965
+0x9BCE	0x24EA5
+0x9BCF	0x24F86
+0x9BD0	0x20779
+0x9BD1	0x8EDA
+0x9BD2	0x2502C
+0x9BD3	0x528F
+0x9BD4	0x573F
+0x9BD5	0x7171
+0x9BD6	0x25299
+0x9BD7	0x25419
+0x9BD8	0x23F4A
+0x9BD9	0x24AA7
+0x9BDA	0x55BC
+0x9BDB	0x25446
+0x9BDC	0x2546E
+0x9BDD	0x26B52
+0x9BDF	0x3473
+0x9BE0	0x2553F
+0x9BE1	0x27632
+0x9BE2	0x2555E
+0x9BE3	0x4718
+0x9BE4	0x25562
+0x9BE5	0x25566
+0x9BE6	0x257C7
+0x9BE7	0x2493F
+0x9BE8	0x2585D
+0x9BE9	0x5066
+0x9BEA	0x34FB
+0x9BEB	0x233CC
+0x9BED	0x25903
+0x9BEE	0x477C
+0x9BEF	0x28948
+0x9BF0	0x25AAE
+0x9BF1	0x25B89
+0x9BF2	0x25C06
+0x9BF3	0x21D90
+0x9BF4	0x57A1
+0x9BF5	0x7151
+0x9BF7	0x26102
+0x9BF8	0x27C12
+0x9BF9	0x9056
+0x9BFA	0x261B2
+0x9BFB	0x24F9A
+0x9BFC	0x8B62
+0x9BFD	0x26402
+0x9BFE	0x2644A
+0x9C40	0x5D5B
+0x9C41	0x26BF7
+0x9C43	0x26484
+0x9C44	0x2191C
+0x9C45	0x8AEA
+0x9C46	0x249F6
+0x9C47	0x26488
+0x9C48	0x23FEF
+0x9C49	0x26512
+0x9C4A	0x4BC0
+0x9C4B	0x265BF
+0x9C4C	0x266B5
+0x9C4D	0x2271B
+0x9C4E	0x9465
+0x9C4F	0x257E1
+0x9C50	0x6195
+0x9C51	0x5A27
+0x9C52	0x2F8CD
+0x9C54	0x56B9
+0x9C55	0x24521
+0x9C56	0x266FC
+0x9C57	0x4E6A
+0x9C58	0x24934
+0x9C59	0x9656
+0x9C5A	0x6D8F
+0x9C5B	0x26CBD
+0x9C5C	0x3618
+0x9C5D	0x8977
+0x9C5E	0x26799
+0x9C5F	0x2686E
+0x9C60	0x26411
+0x9C61	0x2685E
+0x9C63	0x268C7
+0x9C64	0x7B42
+0x9C65	0x290C0
+0x9C66	0x20A11
+0x9C67	0x26926
+0x9C69	0x26939
+0x9C6A	0x7A45
+0x9C6C	0x269FA
+0x9C6D	0x9A26
+0x9C6E	0x26A2D
+0x9C6F	0x365F
+0x9C70	0x26469
+0x9C71	0x20021
+0x9C72	0x7983
+0x9C73	0x26A34
+0x9C74	0x26B5B
+0x9C75	0x5D2C
+0x9C76	0x23519
+0x9C78	0x26B9D
+0x9C79	0x46D0
+0x9C7A	0x26CA4
+0x9C7B	0x753B
+0x9C7C	0x8865
+0x9C7D	0x26DAE
+0x9C7E	0x58B6
+0x9CA1	0x371C
+0x9CA2	0x2258D
+0x9CA3	0x2704B
+0x9CA4	0x271CD
+0x9CA5	0x3C54
+0x9CA6	0x27280
+0x9CA7	0x27285
+0x9CA8	0x9281
+0x9CA9	0x2217A
+0x9CAA	0x2728B
+0x9CAB	0x9330
+0x9CAC	0x272E6
+0x9CAD	0x249D0
+0x9CAE	0x6C39
+0x9CAF	0x949F
+0x9CB0	0x27450
+0x9CB1	0x20EF8
+0x9CB2	0x8827
+0x9CB3	0x88F5
+0x9CB4	0x22926
+0x9CB5	0x28473
+0x9CB6	0x217B1
+0x9CB7	0x6EB8
+0x9CB8	0x24A2A
+0x9CB9	0x21820
+0x9CBA	0x39A4
+0x9CBB	0x36B9
+0x9CBE	0x453F
+0x9CBF	0x66B6
+0x9CC0	0x29CAD
+0x9CC1	0x298A4
+0x9CC2	0x8943
+0x9CC3	0x277CC
+0x9CC4	0x27858
+0x9CC5	0x56D6
+0x9CC6	0x40DF
+0x9CC7	0x2160A
+0x9CC8	0x39A1
+0x9CC9	0x2372F
+0x9CCA	0x280E8
+0x9CCB	0x213C5
+0x9CCC	0x71AD
+0x9CCD	0x8366
+0x9CCE	0x279DD
+0x9CCF	0x291A8
+0x9CD1	0x4CB7
+0x9CD2	0x270AF
+0x9CD3	0x289AB
+0x9CD4	0x279FD
+0x9CD5	0x27A0A
+0x9CD6	0x27B0B
+0x9CD7	0x27D66
+0x9CD8	0x2417A
+0x9CD9	0x7B43
+0x9CDA	0x797E
+0x9CDB	0x28009
+0x9CDC	0x6FB5
+0x9CDD	0x2A2DF
+0x9CDE	0x6A03
+0x9CDF	0x28318
+0x9CE0	0x53A2
+0x9CE1	0x26E07
+0x9CE2	0x93BF
+0x9CE3	0x6836
+0x9CE4	0x975D
+0x9CE5	0x2816F
+0x9CE6	0x28023
+0x9CE7	0x269B5
+0x9CE8	0x213ED
+0x9CE9	0x2322F
+0x9CEA	0x28048
+0x9CEB	0x5D85
+0x9CEC	0x28C30
+0x9CED	0x28083
+0x9CEE	0x5715
+0x9CEF	0x9823
+0x9CF0	0x28949
+0x9CF1	0x5DAB
+0x9CF2	0x24988
+0x9CF3	0x65BE
+0x9CF4	0x69D5
+0x9CF5	0x53D2
+0x9CF6	0x24AA5
+0x9CF7	0x23F81
+0x9CF8	0x3C11
+0x9CF9	0x6736
+0x9CFA	0x28090
+0x9CFB	0x280F4
+0x9CFC	0x2812E
+0x9CFD	0x21FA1
+0x9CFE	0x2814F
+0x9D40	0x28189
+0x9D41	0x281AF
+0x9D42	0x2821A
+0x9D43	0x28306
+0x9D44	0x2832F
+0x9D45	0x2838A
+0x9D46	0x35CA
+0x9D47	0x28468
+0x9D48	0x286AA
+0x9D49	0x48FA
+0x9D4A	0x63E6
+0x9D4B	0x28956
+0x9D4C	0x7808
+0x9D4D	0x9255
+0x9D4E	0x289B8
+0x9D4F	0x43F2
+0x9D50	0x289E7
+0x9D51	0x43DF
+0x9D52	0x289E8
+0x9D53	0x28B46
+0x9D54	0x28BD4
+0x9D55	0x59F8
+0x9D56	0x28C09
+0x9D58	0x28FC5
+0x9D59	0x290EC
+0x9D5B	0x29110
+0x9D5C	0x2913C
+0x9D5D	0x3DF7
+0x9D5E	0x2915E
+0x9D5F	0x24ACA
+0x9D60	0x8FD0
+0x9D61	0x728F
+0x9D62	0x568B
+0x9D63	0x294E7
+0x9D64	0x295E9
+0x9D65	0x295B0
+0x9D66	0x295B8
+0x9D67	0x29732
+0x9D68	0x298D1
+0x9D69	0x29949
+0x9D6A	0x2996A
+0x9D6B	0x299C3
+0x9D6C	0x29A28
+0x9D6D	0x29B0E
+0x9D6E	0x29D5A
+0x9D6F	0x29D9B
+0x9D70	0x7E9F
+0x9D71	0x29EF8
+0x9D72	0x29F23
+0x9D73	0x4CA4
+0x9D74	0x9547
+0x9D75	0x2A293
+0x9D76	0x71A2
+0x9D77	0x2A2FF
+0x9D78	0x4D91
+0x9D79	0x9012
+0x9D7A	0x2A5CB
+0x9D7B	0x4D9C
+0x9D7C	0x20C9C
+0x9D7D	0x8FBE
+0x9D7E	0x55C1
+0x9DA1	0x8FBA
+0x9DA2	0x224B0
+0x9DA3	0x8FB9
+0x9DA4	0x24A93
+0x9DA5	0x4509
+0x9DA6	0x7E7F
+0x9DA7	0x6F56
+0x9DA8	0x6AB1
+0x9DA9	0x4EEA
+0x9DAA	0x34E4
+0x9DAB	0x28B2C
+0x9DAC	0x2789D
+0x9DAD	0x373A
+0x9DAE	0x8E80
+0x9DAF	0x217F5
+0x9DB0	0x28024
+0x9DB1	0x28B6C
+0x9DB2	0x28B99
+0x9DB3	0x27A3E
+0x9DB4	0x266AF
+0x9DB5	0x3DEB
+0x9DB6	0x27655
+0x9DB7	0x23CB7
+0x9DB8	0x25635
+0x9DB9	0x25956
+0x9DBA	0x4E9A
+0x9DBB	0x25E81
+0x9DBC	0x26258
+0x9DBD	0x56BF
+0x9DBE	0x20E6D
+0x9DBF	0x8E0E
+0x9DC0	0x5B6D
+0x9DC1	0x23E88
+0x9DC2	0x24C9E
+0x9DC3	0x63DE
+0x9DC5	0x217F6
+0x9DC6	0x2187B
+0x9DC7	0x6530
+0x9DC8	0x562D
+0x9DC9	0x25C4A
+0x9DCA	0x541A
+0x9DCB	0x25311
+0x9DCC	0x3DC6
+0x9DCD	0x29D98
+0x9DCE	0x4C7D
+0x9DCF	0x5622
+0x9DD0	0x561E
+0x9DD1	0x7F49
+0x9DD2	0x25ED8
+0x9DD3	0x5975
+0x9DD4	0x23D40
+0x9DD5	0x8770
+0x9DD6	0x4E1C
+0x9DD7	0x20FEA
+0x9DD8	0x20D49
+0x9DD9	0x236BA
+0x9DDA	0x8117
+0x9DDB	0x9D5E
+0x9DDC	0x8D18
+0x9DDD	0x763B
+0x9DDE	0x9C45
+0x9DDF	0x764E
+0x9DE0	0x77B9
+0x9DE1	0x9345
+0x9DE2	0x5432
+0x9DE3	0x8148
+0x9DE4	0x82F7
+0x9DE5	0x5625
+0x9DE6	0x8132
+0x9DE7	0x8418
+0x9DE8	0x80BD
+0x9DE9	0x55EA
+0x9DEA	0x7962
+0x9DEB	0x5643
+0x9DEC	0x5416
+0x9DED	0x20E9D
+0x9DEE	0x35CE
+0x9DEF	0x5605
+0x9DF0	0x55F1
+0x9DF1	0x66F1
+0x9DF2	0x282E2
+0x9DF3	0x362D
+0x9DF4	0x7534
+0x9DF5	0x55F0
+0x9DF6	0x55BA
+0x9DF7	0x5497
+0x9DF8	0x5572
+0x9DF9	0x20C41
+0x9DFA	0x20C96
+0x9DFB	0x5ED0
+0x9DFC	0x25148
+0x9DFD	0x20E76
+0x9DFE	0x22C62
+0x9E40	0x20EA2
+0x9E41	0x9EAB
+0x9E42	0x7D5A
+0x9E43	0x55DE
+0x9E44	0x21075
+0x9E45	0x629D
+0x9E46	0x976D
+0x9E47	0x5494
+0x9E48	0x8CCD
+0x9E49	0x71F6
+0x9E4A	0x9176
+0x9E4B	0x63FC
+0x9E4C	0x63B9
+0x9E4D	0x63FE
+0x9E4E	0x5569
+0x9E4F	0x22B43
+0x9E50	0x9C72
+0x9E51	0x22EB3
+0x9E52	0x519A
+0x9E53	0x34DF
+0x9E54	0x20DA7
+0x9E55	0x51A7
+0x9E56	0x544D
+0x9E57	0x551E
+0x9E58	0x5513
+0x9E59	0x7666
+0x9E5A	0x8E2D
+0x9E5B	0x2688A
+0x9E5C	0x75B1
+0x9E5D	0x80B6
+0x9E5E	0x8804
+0x9E5F	0x8786
+0x9E60	0x88C7
+0x9E61	0x81B6
+0x9E62	0x841C
+0x9E63	0x210C1
+0x9E64	0x44EC
+0x9E65	0x7304
+0x9E66	0x24706
+0x9E67	0x5B90
+0x9E68	0x830B
+0x9E69	0x26893
+0x9E6A	0x567B
+0x9E6B	0x226F4
+0x9E6C	0x27D2F
+0x9E6D	0x241A3
+0x9E6E	0x27D73
+0x9E6F	0x26ED0
+0x9E70	0x272B6
+0x9E71	0x9170
+0x9E72	0x211D9
+0x9E73	0x9208
+0x9E74	0x23CFC
+0x9E75	0x2A6A9
+0x9E76	0x20EAC
+0x9E77	0x20EF9
+0x9E78	0x7266
+0x9E79	0x21CA2
+0x9E7A	0x474E
+0x9E7B	0x24FC2
+0x9E7C	0x27FF9
+0x9E7D	0x20FEB
+0x9E7E	0x40FA
+0x9EA1	0x9C5D
+0x9EA2	0x651F
+0x9EA3	0x22DA0
+0x9EA4	0x48F3
+0x9EA5	0x247E0
+0x9EA6	0x29D7C
+0x9EA7	0x20FEC
+0x9EA8	0x20E0A
+0x9EAA	0x275A3
+0x9EAB	0x20FED
+0x9EAD	0x26048
+0x9EAE	0x21187
+0x9EAF	0x71A3
+0x9EB0	0x7E8E
+0x9EB1	0x9D50
+0x9EB2	0x4E1A
+0x9EB3	0x4E04
+0x9EB4	0x3577
+0x9EB5	0x5B0D
+0x9EB6	0x6CB2
+0x9EB7	0x5367
+0x9EB8	0x36AC
+0x9EB9	0x39DC
+0x9EBA	0x537D
+0x9EBB	0x36A5
+0x9EBC	0x24618
+0x9EBD	0x589A
+0x9EBE	0x24B6E
+0x9EBF	0x822D
+0x9EC0	0x544B
+0x9EC1	0x57AA
+0x9EC2	0x25A95
+0x9EC3	0x20979
+0x9EC5	0x3A52
+0x9EC6	0x22465
+0x9EC7	0x7374
+0x9EC8	0x29EAC
+0x9EC9	0x4D09
+0x9ECA	0x9BED
+0x9ECB	0x23CFE
+0x9ECC	0x29F30
+0x9ECD	0x4C5B
+0x9ECE	0x24FA9
+0x9ECF	0x2959E
+0x9ED0	0x29FDE
+0x9ED1	0x845C
+0x9ED2	0x23DB6
+0x9ED3	0x272B2
+0x9ED4	0x267B3
+0x9ED5	0x23720
+0x9ED6	0x632E
+0x9ED7	0x7D25
+0x9ED8	0x23EF7
+0x9ED9	0x23E2C
+0x9EDA	0x3A2A
+0x9EDB	0x9008
+0x9EDC	0x52CC
+0x9EDD	0x3E74
+0x9EDE	0x367A
+0x9EDF	0x45E9
+0x9EE0	0x2048E
+0x9EE1	0x7640
+0x9EE2	0x5AF0
+0x9EE3	0x20EB6
+0x9EE4	0x787A
+0x9EE5	0x27F2E
+0x9EE6	0x58A7
+0x9EE7	0x40BF
+0x9EE8	0x567C
+0x9EE9	0x9B8B
+0x9EEA	0x5D74
+0x9EEB	0x7654
+0x9EEC	0x2A434
+0x9EED	0x9E85
+0x9EEE	0x4CE1
+0x9EF0	0x37FB
+0x9EF1	0x6119
+0x9EF2	0x230DA
+0x9EF3	0x243F2
+0x9EF5	0x565D
+0x9EF6	0x212A9
+0x9EF7	0x57A7
+0x9EF8	0x24963
+0x9EF9	0x29E06
+0x9EFA	0x5234
+0x9EFB	0x270AE
+0x9EFC	0x35AD
+0x9EFE	0x9D7C
+0x9F40	0x7C56
+0x9F41	0x9B39
+0x9F42	0x57DE
+0x9F43	0x2176C
+0x9F44	0x5C53
+0x9F45	0x64D3
+0x9F46	0x294D0
+0x9F47	0x26335
+0x9F48	0x27164
+0x9F49	0x86AD
+0x9F4A	0x20D28
+0x9F4B	0x26D22
+0x9F4C	0x24AE2
+0x9F4D	0x20D71
+0x9F4F	0x51FE
+0x9F50	0x21F0F
+0x9F51	0x5D8E
+0x9F52	0x9703
+0x9F53	0x21DD1
+0x9F54	0x9E81
+0x9F55	0x904C
+0x9F56	0x7B1F
+0x9F57	0x9B02
+0x9F58	0x5CD1
+0x9F59	0x7BA3
+0x9F5A	0x6268
+0x9F5B	0x6335
+0x9F5C	0x9AFF
+0x9F5D	0x7BCF
+0x9F5E	0x9B2A
+0x9F5F	0x7C7E
+0x9F61	0x7C42
+0x9F62	0x7C86
+0x9F63	0x9C15
+0x9F64	0x7BFC
+0x9F65	0x9B09
+0x9F67	0x9C1B
+0x9F68	0x2493E
+0x9F69	0x9F5A
+0x9F6A	0x5573
+0x9F6B	0x5BC3
+0x9F6C	0x4FFD
+0x9F6D	0x9E98
+0x9F6E	0x4FF2
+0x9F6F	0x5260
+0x9F70	0x3E06
+0x9F71	0x52D1
+0x9F72	0x5767
+0x9F73	0x5056
+0x9F74	0x59B7
+0x9F75	0x5E12
+0x9F76	0x97C8
+0x9F77	0x9DAB
+0x9F78	0x8F5C
+0x9F79	0x5469
+0x9F7A	0x97B4
+0x9F7B	0x9940
+0x9F7C	0x97BA
+0x9F7D	0x532C
+0x9F7E	0x6130
+0x9FA1	0x692C
+0x9FA2	0x53DA
+0x9FA3	0x9C0A
+0x9FA4	0x9D02
+0x9FA5	0x4C3B
+0x9FA6	0x9641
+0x9FA7	0x6980
+0x9FA8	0x50A6
+0x9FA9	0x7546
+0x9FAA	0x2176D
+0x9FAB	0x99DA
+0x9FAC	0x5273
+0x9FAE	0x9159
+0x9FAF	0x9681
+0x9FB0	0x915C
+0x9FB2	0x9151
+0x9FB3	0x28E97
+0x9FB4	0x637F
+0x9FB5	0x26D23
+0x9FB6	0x6ACA
+0x9FB7	0x5611
+0x9FB8	0x918E
+0x9FB9	0x757A
+0x9FBA	0x6285
+0x9FBB	0x203FC
+0x9FBC	0x734F
+0x9FBD	0x7C70
+0x9FBE	0x25C21
+0x9FBF	0x23CFD
+0x9FC1	0x24919
+0x9FC2	0x76D6
+0x9FC3	0x9B9D
+0x9FC4	0x4E2A
+0x9FC5	0x20CD4
+0x9FC6	0x83BE
+0x9FC7	0x8842
+0x9FC9	0x5C4A
+0x9FCA	0x69C0
+0x9FCC	0x577A
+0x9FCD	0x521F
+0x9FCE	0x5DF5
+0x9FCF	0x4ECE
+0x9FD0	0x6C31
+0x9FD1	0x201F2
+0x9FD2	0x4F39
+0x9FD3	0x549C
+0x9FD4	0x54DA
+0x9FD5	0x529A
+0x9FD6	0x8D82
+0x9FD7	0x35FE
+0x9FD9	0x35F3
+0x9FDB	0x6B52
+0x9FDC	0x917C
+0x9FDD	0x9FA5
+0x9FDE	0x9B97
+0x9FDF	0x982E
+0x9FE0	0x98B4
+0x9FE1	0x9ABA
+0x9FE2	0x9EA8
+0x9FE3	0x9E84
+0x9FE4	0x717A
+0x9FE5	0x7B14
+0x9FE7	0x6BFA
+0x9FE8	0x8818
+0x9FE9	0x7F78
+0x9FEB	0x5620
+0x9FEC	0x2A64A
+0x9FED	0x8E77
+0x9FEE	0x9F53
+0x9FF0	0x8DD4
+0x9FF1	0x8E4F
+0x9FF2	0x9E1C
+0x9FF3	0x8E01
+0x9FF4	0x6282
+0x9FF5	0x2837D
+0x9FF6	0x8E28
+0x9FF7	0x8E75
+0x9FF8	0x7AD3
+0x9FF9	0x24A77
+0x9FFA	0x7A3E
+0x9FFB	0x78D8
+0x9FFC	0x6CEA
+0x9FFD	0x8A67
+0x9FFE	0x7607
+0xA040	0x28A5A
+0xA041	0x9F26
+0xA042	0x6CCE
+0xA043	0x87D6
+0xA044	0x75C3
+0xA045	0x2A2B2
+0xA046	0x7853
+0xA047	0x2F840
+0xA048	0x8D0C
+0xA049	0x72E2
+0xA04A	0x7371
+0xA04B	0x8B2D
+0xA04C	0x7302
+0xA04D	0x74F1
+0xA04E	0x8CEB
+0xA04F	0x24ABB
+0xA050	0x862F
+0xA051	0x5FBA
+0xA052	0x88A0
+0xA053	0x44B7
+0xA055	0x2183B
+0xA056	0x26E05
+0xA058	0x8A7E
+0xA059	0x2251B
+0xA05B	0x60FD
+0xA05C	0x7667
+0xA05D	0x9AD7
+0xA05E	0x9D44
+0xA05F	0x936E
+0xA060	0x9B8F
+0xA061	0x87F5
+0xA064	0x8CF7
+0xA065	0x732C
+0xA066	0x9721
+0xA067	0x9BB0
+0xA068	0x35D6
+0xA069	0x72B2
+0xA06A	0x4C07
+0xA06B	0x7C51
+0xA06C	0x994A
+0xA06D	0x26159
+0xA06E	0x6159
+0xA06F	0x4C04
+0xA070	0x9E96
+0xA071	0x617D
+0xA073	0x575F
+0xA074	0x616F
+0xA075	0x62A6
+0xA076	0x6239
+0xA078	0x3A5C
+0xA079	0x61E2
+0xA07A	0x53AA
+0xA07B	0x233F5
+0xA07C	0x6364
+0xA07D	0x6802
+0xA07E	0x35D2
+0xA0A1	0x5D57
+0xA0A2	0x28BC2
+0xA0A3	0x8FDA
+0xA0A4	0x28E39
+0xA0A6	0x50D9
+0xA0A7	0x21D46
+0xA0A8	0x7906
+0xA0A9	0x5332
+0xA0AA	0x9638
+0xA0AB	0x20F3B
+0xA0AC	0x4065
+0xA0AE	0x77FE
+0xA0B0	0x7CC2
+0xA0B1	0x25F1A
+0xA0B2	0x7CDA
+0xA0B3	0x7A2D
+0xA0B4	0x8066
+0xA0B5	0x8063
+0xA0B6	0x7D4D
+0xA0B7	0x7505
+0xA0B8	0x74F2
+0xA0B9	0x8994
+0xA0BA	0x821A
+0xA0BB	0x670C
+0xA0BC	0x8062
+0xA0BD	0x27486
+0xA0BE	0x805B
+0xA0BF	0x74F0
+0xA0C0	0x8103
+0xA0C1	0x7724
+0xA0C2	0x8989
+0xA0C3	0x267CC
+0xA0C4	0x7553
+0xA0C5	0x26ED1
+0xA0C6	0x87A9
+0xA0C7	0x87CE
+0xA0C8	0x81C8
+0xA0C9	0x878C
+0xA0CA	0x8A49
+0xA0CB	0x8CAD
+0xA0CC	0x8B43
+0xA0CD	0x772B
+0xA0CE	0x74F8
+0xA0CF	0x84DA
+0xA0D0	0x3635
+0xA0D1	0x69B2
+0xA0D2	0x8DA6
+0xA0D4	0x89A9
+0xA0D6	0x6DB9
+0xA0D7	0x87C1
+0xA0D8	0x24011
+0xA0D9	0x74E7
+0xA0DA	0x3DDB
+0xA0DB	0x7176
+0xA0DC	0x60A4
+0xA0DD	0x619C
+0xA0DE	0x3CD1
+0xA0E0	0x6077
+0xA0E2	0x7F71
+0xA0E3	0x28B2D
+0xA0E5	0x60E9
+0xA0E6	0x4B7E
+0xA0E7	0x5220
+0xA0E8	0x3C18
+0xA0E9	0x23CC7
+0xA0EA	0x25ED7
+0xA0EB	0x27656
+0xA0EC	0x25531
+0xA0ED	0x21944
+0xA0EE	0x212FE
+0xA0EF	0x29903
+0xA0F0	0x26DDC
+0xA0F1	0x270AD
+0xA0F2	0x5CC1
+0xA0F3	0x261AD
+0xA0F4	0x28A0F
+0xA0F5	0x23677
+0xA0F6	0x200EE
+0xA0F7	0x26846
+0xA0F8	0x24F0E
+0xA0F9	0x4562
+0xA0FA	0x5B1F
+0xA0FB	0x2634C
+0xA0FC	0x9F50
+0xA0FD	0x9EA6
+0xA0FE	0x2626B
+0xA140	0x3000
+0xA141	0xFF0C
+0xA142	0x3001
+0xA143	0x3002
+0xA144	0xFF0E
+0xA145	0x2022
+0xA146	0xFF1B
+0xA147	0xFF1A
+0xA148	0xFF1F
+0xA149	0xFF01
+0xA14A	0xFE30
+0xA14B	0x2026
+0xA14C	0x2025
+0xA14D	0xFE50
+0xA14E	0xFF64
+0xA14F	0xFE52
+0xA150	0x00B7
+0xA151	0xFE54
+0xA152	0xFE55
+0xA153	0xFE56
+0xA154	0xFE57
+0xA155	0xFF5C
+0xA156	0x2013
+0xA157	0xFE31
+0xA158	0x2014
+0xA159	0xFE33
+0xA15B	0xFE34
+0xA15C	0xFE4F
+0xA15D	0xFF08
+0xA15E	0xFF09
+0xA15F	0xFE35
+0xA160	0xFE36
+0xA161	0xFF5B
+0xA162	0xFF5D
+0xA163	0xFE37
+0xA164	0xFE38
+0xA165	0x3014
+0xA166	0x3015
+0xA167	0xFE39
+0xA168	0xFE3A
+0xA169	0x3010
+0xA16A	0x3011
+0xA16B	0xFE3B
+0xA16C	0xFE3C
+0xA16D	0x300A
+0xA16E	0x300B
+0xA16F	0xFE3D
+0xA170	0xFE3E
+0xA171	0x3008
+0xA172	0x3009
+0xA173	0xFE3F
+0xA174	0xFE40
+0xA175	0x300C
+0xA176	0x300D
+0xA177	0xFE41
+0xA178	0xFE42
+0xA179	0x300E
+0xA17A	0x300F
+0xA17B	0xFE43
+0xA17C	0xFE44
+0xA17D	0xFE59
+0xA17E	0xFE5A
+0xA1A1	0xFE5B
+0xA1A2	0xFE5C
+0xA1A3	0xFE5D
+0xA1A4	0xFE5E
+0xA1A5	0x2018
+0xA1A6	0x2019
+0xA1A7	0x201C
+0xA1A8	0x201D
+0xA1A9	0x301D
+0xA1AA	0x301E
+0xA1AB	0x2035
+0xA1AC	0x2032
+0xA1AD	0xFF03
+0xA1AE	0xFF06
+0xA1AF	0xFF0A
+0xA1B0	0x203B
+0xA1B1	0x00A7
+0xA1B2	0x3003
+0xA1B3	0x25CB
+0xA1B4	0x25CF
+0xA1B5	0x25B3
+0xA1B6	0x25B2
+0xA1B7	0x25CE
+0xA1B8	0x2606
+0xA1B9	0x2605
+0xA1BA	0x25C7
+0xA1BB	0x25C6
+0xA1BC	0x25A1
+0xA1BD	0x25A0
+0xA1BE	0x25BD
+0xA1BF	0x25BC
+0xA1C0	0x32A3
+0xA1C1	0x2105
+0xA1C2	0x203E
+0xA1C4	0xFF3F
+0xA1C6	0xFE49
+0xA1C7	0xFE4A
+0xA1C8	0xFE4D
+0xA1C9	0xFE4E
+0xA1CA	0xFE4B
+0xA1CB	0xFE4C
+0xA1CC	0xFE5F
+0xA1CD	0xFE60
+0xA1CE	0xFE61
+0xA1CF	0xFF0B
+0xA1D0	0xFF0D
+0xA1D1	0x00D7
+0xA1D2	0x00F7
+0xA1D3	0x00B1
+0xA1D4	0x221A
+0xA1D5	0xFF1C
+0xA1D6	0xFF1E
+0xA1D7	0xFF1D
+0xA1D8	0x2266
+0xA1D9	0x2267
+0xA1DA	0x2260
+0xA1DB	0x221E
+0xA1DC	0x2252
+0xA1DD	0x2261
+0xA1DE	0xFE62
+0xA1DF	0xFE63
+0xA1E0	0xFE64
+0xA1E1	0xFE65
+0xA1E2	0xFE66
+0xA1E3	0x223C
+0xA1E4	0x2229
+0xA1E5	0x222A
+0xA1E6	0x22A5
+0xA1E7	0x2220
+0xA1E8	0x221F
+0xA1E9	0x22BF
+0xA1EA	0x33D2
+0xA1EB	0x33D1
+0xA1EC	0x222B
+0xA1ED	0x222E
+0xA1EE	0x2235
+0xA1EF	0x2234
+0xA1F0	0x2640
+0xA1F1	0x2642
+0xA1F2	0x2641
+0xA1F3	0x2609
+0xA1F4	0x2191
+0xA1F5	0x2193
+0xA1F6	0x2190
+0xA1F7	0x2192
+0xA1F8	0x2196
+0xA1F9	0x2197
+0xA1FA	0x2199
+0xA1FB	0x2198
+0xA1FC	0x2225
+0xA1FD	0x2223
+0xA241	0xFF0F
+0xA242	0xFF3C
+0xA243	0xFF04
+0xA244	0x00A5
+0xA245	0x3012
+0xA246	0x00A2
+0xA247	0x00A3
+0xA248	0xFF05
+0xA249	0xFF20
+0xA24A	0x2103
+0xA24B	0x2109
+0xA24C	0xFE69
+0xA24D	0xFE6A
+0xA24E	0xFE6B
+0xA24F	0x33D5
+0xA250	0x339C
+0xA251	0x339D
+0xA252	0x339E
+0xA253	0x33CE
+0xA254	0x33A1
+0xA255	0x338E
+0xA256	0x338F
+0xA257	0x33C4
+0xA258	0x00B0
+0xA259	0x5159
+0xA25A	0x515B
+0xA25B	0x515E
+0xA25C	0x515D
+0xA25D	0x5161
+0xA25E	0x5163
+0xA25F	0x55E7
+0xA260	0x74E9
+0xA261	0x7CCE
+0xA262	0x2581
+0xA263	0x2582
+0xA264	0x2583
+0xA265	0x2584
+0xA266	0x2585
+0xA267	0x2586
+0xA268	0x2587
+0xA269	0x2588
+0xA26A	0x258F
+0xA26B	0x258E
+0xA26C	0x258D
+0xA26D	0x258C
+0xA26E	0x258B
+0xA26F	0x258A
+0xA270	0x2589
+0xA271	0x253C
+0xA272	0x2534
+0xA273	0x252C
+0xA274	0x2524
+0xA275	0x251C
+0xA276	0x2594
+0xA277	0x2500
+0xA278	0x2502
+0xA279	0x2595
+0xA27A	0x250C
+0xA27B	0x2510
+0xA27C	0x2514
+0xA27D	0x2518
+0xA27E	0x256D
+0xA2A1	0x256E
+0xA2A2	0x2570
+0xA2A3	0x256F
+0xA2A4	0x2550
+0xA2A5	0x255E
+0xA2A6	0x256A
+0xA2A7	0x2561
+0xA2A8	0x25E2
+0xA2A9	0x25E3
+0xA2AA	0x25E5
+0xA2AB	0x25E4
+0xA2AC	0x2571
+0xA2AD	0x2572
+0xA2AE	0x2573
+0xA2AF	0xFF10
+0xA2B0	0xFF11
+0xA2B1	0xFF12
+0xA2B2	0xFF13
+0xA2B3	0xFF14
+0xA2B4	0xFF15
+0xA2B5	0xFF16
+0xA2B6	0xFF17
+0xA2B7	0xFF18
+0xA2B8	0xFF19
+0xA2B9	0x2160
+0xA2BA	0x2161
+0xA2BB	0x2162
+0xA2BC	0x2163
+0xA2BD	0x2164
+0xA2BE	0x2165
+0xA2BF	0x2166
+0xA2C0	0x2167
+0xA2C1	0x2168
+0xA2C2	0x2169
+0xA2C3	0x3021
+0xA2C4	0x3022
+0xA2C5	0x3023
+0xA2C6	0x3024
+0xA2C7	0x3025
+0xA2C8	0x3026
+0xA2C9	0x3027
+0xA2CA	0x3028
+0xA2CB	0x3029
+0xA2CD	0x5344
+0xA2CF	0xFF21
+0xA2D0	0xFF22
+0xA2D1	0xFF23
+0xA2D2	0xFF24
+0xA2D3	0xFF25
+0xA2D4	0xFF26
+0xA2D5	0xFF27
+0xA2D6	0xFF28
+0xA2D7	0xFF29
+0xA2D8	0xFF2A
+0xA2D9	0xFF2B
+0xA2DA	0xFF2C
+0xA2DB	0xFF2D
+0xA2DC	0xFF2E
+0xA2DD	0xFF2F
+0xA2DE	0xFF30
+0xA2DF	0xFF31
+0xA2E0	0xFF32
+0xA2E1	0xFF33
+0xA2E2	0xFF34
+0xA2E3	0xFF35
+0xA2E4	0xFF36
+0xA2E5	0xFF37
+0xA2E6	0xFF38
+0xA2E7	0xFF39
+0xA2E8	0xFF3A
+0xA2E9	0xFF41
+0xA2EA	0xFF42
+0xA2EB	0xFF43
+0xA2EC	0xFF44
+0xA2ED	0xFF45
+0xA2EE	0xFF46
+0xA2EF	0xFF47
+0xA2F0	0xFF48
+0xA2F1	0xFF49
+0xA2F2	0xFF4A
+0xA2F3	0xFF4B
+0xA2F4	0xFF4C
+0xA2F5	0xFF4D
+0xA2F6	0xFF4E
+0xA2F7	0xFF4F
+0xA2F8	0xFF50
+0xA2F9	0xFF51
+0xA2FA	0xFF52
+0xA2FB	0xFF53
+0xA2FC	0xFF54
+0xA2FD	0xFF55
+0xA2FE	0xFF56
+0xA340	0xFF57
+0xA341	0xFF58
+0xA342	0xFF59
+0xA343	0xFF5A
+0xA344	0x0391
+0xA345	0x0392
+0xA346	0x0393
+0xA347	0x0394
+0xA348	0x0395
+0xA349	0x0396
+0xA34A	0x0397
+0xA34B	0x0398
+0xA34C	0x0399
+0xA34D	0x039A
+0xA34E	0x039B
+0xA34F	0x039C
+0xA350	0x039D
+0xA351	0x039E
+0xA352	0x039F
+0xA353	0x03A0
+0xA354	0x03A1
+0xA355	0x03A3
+0xA356	0x03A4
+0xA357	0x03A5
+0xA358	0x03A6
+0xA359	0x03A7
+0xA35A	0x03A8
+0xA35B	0x03A9
+0xA35C	0x03B1
+0xA35D	0x03B2
+0xA35E	0x03B3
+0xA35F	0x03B4
+0xA360	0x03B5
+0xA361	0x03B6
+0xA362	0x03B7
+0xA363	0x03B8
+0xA364	0x03B9
+0xA365	0x03BA
+0xA366	0x03BB
+0xA367	0x03BC
+0xA368	0x03BD
+0xA369	0x03BE
+0xA36A	0x03BF
+0xA36B	0x03C0
+0xA36C	0x03C1
+0xA36D	0x03C3
+0xA36E	0x03C4
+0xA36F	0x03C5
+0xA370	0x03C6
+0xA371	0x03C7
+0xA372	0x03C8
+0xA373	0x03C9
+0xA374	0x3105
+0xA375	0x3106
+0xA376	0x3107
+0xA377	0x3108
+0xA378	0x3109
+0xA379	0x310A
+0xA37A	0x310B
+0xA37B	0x310C
+0xA37C	0x310D
+0xA37D	0x310E
+0xA37E	0x310F
+0xA3A1	0x3110
+0xA3A2	0x3111
+0xA3A3	0x3112
+0xA3A4	0x3113
+0xA3A5	0x3114
+0xA3A6	0x3115
+0xA3A7	0x3116
+0xA3A8	0x3117
+0xA3A9	0x3118
+0xA3AA	0x3119
+0xA3AB	0x311A
+0xA3AC	0x311B
+0xA3AD	0x311C
+0xA3AE	0x311D
+0xA3AF	0x311E
+0xA3B0	0x311F
+0xA3B1	0x3120
+0xA3B2	0x3121
+0xA3B3	0x3122
+0xA3B4	0x3123
+0xA3B5	0x3124
+0xA3B6	0x3125
+0xA3B7	0x3126
+0xA3B8	0x3127
+0xA3B9	0x3128
+0xA3BA	0x3129
+0xA3BB	0x02D9
+0xA3BC	0x02C9
+0xA3BD	0x02CA
+0xA3BE	0x02C7
+0xA3BF	0x02CB
+0xA440	0x4E00
+0xA441	0x4E59
+0xA442	0x4E01
+0xA443	0x4E03
+0xA444	0x4E43
+0xA445	0x4E5D
+0xA446	0x4E86
+0xA447	0x4E8C
+0xA448	0x4EBA
+0xA449	0x513F
+0xA44A	0x5165
+0xA44B	0x516B
+0xA44C	0x51E0
+0xA44D	0x5200
+0xA44E	0x5201
+0xA44F	0x529B
+0xA450	0x5315
+0xA451	0x5341
+0xA452	0x535C
+0xA453	0x53C8
+0xA454	0x4E09
+0xA455	0x4E0B
+0xA456	0x4E08
+0xA457	0x4E0A
+0xA458	0x4E2B
+0xA459	0x4E38
+0xA45A	0x51E1
+0xA45B	0x4E45
+0xA45C	0x4E48
+0xA45D	0x4E5F
+0xA45E	0x4E5E
+0xA45F	0x4E8E
+0xA460	0x4EA1
+0xA461	0x5140
+0xA462	0x5203
+0xA463	0x52FA
+0xA464	0x5343
+0xA465	0x53C9
+0xA466	0x53E3
+0xA467	0x571F
+0xA468	0x58EB
+0xA469	0x5915
+0xA46A	0x5927
+0xA46B	0x5973
+0xA46C	0x5B50
+0xA46D	0x5B51
+0xA46E	0x5B53
+0xA46F	0x5BF8
+0xA470	0x5C0F
+0xA471	0x5C22
+0xA472	0x5C38
+0xA473	0x5C71
+0xA474	0x5DDD
+0xA475	0x5DE5
+0xA476	0x5DF1
+0xA477	0x5DF2
+0xA478	0x5DF3
+0xA479	0x5DFE
+0xA47A	0x5E72
+0xA47B	0x5EFE
+0xA47C	0x5F0B
+0xA47D	0x5F13
+0xA47E	0x624D
+0xA4A1	0x4E11
+0xA4A2	0x4E10
+0xA4A3	0x4E0D
+0xA4A4	0x4E2D
+0xA4A5	0x4E30
+0xA4A6	0x4E39
+0xA4A7	0x4E4B
+0xA4A8	0x5C39
+0xA4A9	0x4E88
+0xA4AA	0x4E91
+0xA4AB	0x4E95
+0xA4AC	0x4E92
+0xA4AD	0x4E94
+0xA4AE	0x4EA2
+0xA4AF	0x4EC1
+0xA4B0	0x4EC0
+0xA4B1	0x4EC3
+0xA4B2	0x4EC6
+0xA4B3	0x4EC7
+0xA4B4	0x4ECD
+0xA4B5	0x4ECA
+0xA4B6	0x4ECB
+0xA4B7	0x4EC4
+0xA4B8	0x5143
+0xA4B9	0x5141
+0xA4BA	0x5167
+0xA4BB	0x516D
+0xA4BC	0x516E
+0xA4BD	0x516C
+0xA4BE	0x5197
+0xA4BF	0x51F6
+0xA4C0	0x5206
+0xA4C1	0x5207
+0xA4C2	0x5208
+0xA4C3	0x52FB
+0xA4C4	0x52FE
+0xA4C5	0x52FF
+0xA4C6	0x5316
+0xA4C7	0x5339
+0xA4C8	0x5348
+0xA4C9	0x5347
+0xA4CA	0x5345
+0xA4CB	0x535E
+0xA4CC	0x5384
+0xA4CD	0x53CB
+0xA4CE	0x53CA
+0xA4CF	0x53CD
+0xA4D0	0x58EC
+0xA4D1	0x5929
+0xA4D2	0x592B
+0xA4D3	0x592A
+0xA4D4	0x592D
+0xA4D5	0x5B54
+0xA4D6	0x5C11
+0xA4D7	0x5C24
+0xA4D8	0x5C3A
+0xA4D9	0x5C6F
+0xA4DA	0x5DF4
+0xA4DB	0x5E7B
+0xA4DC	0x5EFF
+0xA4DD	0x5F14
+0xA4DE	0x5F15
+0xA4DF	0x5FC3
+0xA4E0	0x6208
+0xA4E1	0x6236
+0xA4E2	0x624B
+0xA4E3	0x624E
+0xA4E4	0x652F
+0xA4E5	0x6587
+0xA4E6	0x6597
+0xA4E7	0x65A4
+0xA4E8	0x65B9
+0xA4E9	0x65E5
+0xA4EA	0x66F0
+0xA4EB	0x6708
+0xA4EC	0x6728
+0xA4ED	0x6B20
+0xA4EE	0x6B62
+0xA4EF	0x6B79
+0xA4F0	0x6BCB
+0xA4F1	0x6BD4
+0xA4F2	0x6BDB
+0xA4F3	0x6C0F
+0xA4F4	0x6C34
+0xA4F5	0x706B
+0xA4F6	0x722A
+0xA4F7	0x7236
+0xA4F8	0x723B
+0xA4F9	0x7247
+0xA4FA	0x7259
+0xA4FB	0x725B
+0xA4FC	0x72AC
+0xA4FD	0x738B
+0xA4FE	0x4E19
+0xA540	0x4E16
+0xA541	0x4E15
+0xA542	0x4E14
+0xA543	0x4E18
+0xA544	0x4E3B
+0xA545	0x4E4D
+0xA546	0x4E4F
+0xA547	0x4E4E
+0xA548	0x4EE5
+0xA549	0x4ED8
+0xA54A	0x4ED4
+0xA54B	0x4ED5
+0xA54C	0x4ED6
+0xA54D	0x4ED7
+0xA54E	0x4EE3
+0xA54F	0x4EE4
+0xA550	0x4ED9
+0xA551	0x4EDE
+0xA552	0x5145
+0xA553	0x5144
+0xA554	0x5189
+0xA555	0x518A
+0xA556	0x51AC
+0xA557	0x51F9
+0xA558	0x51FA
+0xA559	0x51F8
+0xA55A	0x520A
+0xA55B	0x52A0
+0xA55C	0x529F
+0xA55D	0x5305
+0xA55E	0x5306
+0xA55F	0x5317
+0xA560	0x531D
+0xA561	0x4EDF
+0xA562	0x534A
+0xA563	0x5349
+0xA564	0x5361
+0xA565	0x5360
+0xA566	0x536F
+0xA567	0x536E
+0xA568	0x53BB
+0xA569	0x53EF
+0xA56A	0x53E4
+0xA56B	0x53F3
+0xA56C	0x53EC
+0xA56D	0x53EE
+0xA56E	0x53E9
+0xA56F	0x53E8
+0xA570	0x53FC
+0xA571	0x53F8
+0xA572	0x53F5
+0xA573	0x53EB
+0xA574	0x53E6
+0xA575	0x53EA
+0xA576	0x53F2
+0xA577	0x53F1
+0xA578	0x53F0
+0xA579	0x53E5
+0xA57A	0x53ED
+0xA57B	0x53FB
+0xA57C	0x56DB
+0xA57D	0x56DA
+0xA57E	0x5916
+0xA5A1	0x592E
+0xA5A2	0x5931
+0xA5A3	0x5974
+0xA5A4	0x5976
+0xA5A5	0x5B55
+0xA5A6	0x5B83
+0xA5A7	0x5C3C
+0xA5A8	0x5DE8
+0xA5A9	0x5DE7
+0xA5AA	0x5DE6
+0xA5AB	0x5E02
+0xA5AC	0x5E03
+0xA5AD	0x5E73
+0xA5AE	0x5E7C
+0xA5AF	0x5F01
+0xA5B0	0x5F18
+0xA5B1	0x5F17
+0xA5B2	0x5FC5
+0xA5B3	0x620A
+0xA5B4	0x6253
+0xA5B5	0x6254
+0xA5B6	0x6252
+0xA5B7	0x6251
+0xA5B8	0x65A5
+0xA5B9	0x65E6
+0xA5BA	0x672E
+0xA5BB	0x672C
+0xA5BC	0x672A
+0xA5BD	0x672B
+0xA5BE	0x672D
+0xA5BF	0x6B63
+0xA5C0	0x6BCD
+0xA5C1	0x6C11
+0xA5C2	0x6C10
+0xA5C3	0x6C38
+0xA5C4	0x6C41
+0xA5C5	0x6C40
+0xA5C6	0x6C3E
+0xA5C7	0x72AF
+0xA5C8	0x7384
+0xA5C9	0x7389
+0xA5CA	0x74DC
+0xA5CB	0x74E6
+0xA5CC	0x7518
+0xA5CD	0x751F
+0xA5CE	0x7528
+0xA5CF	0x7529
+0xA5D0	0x7530
+0xA5D1	0x7531
+0xA5D2	0x7532
+0xA5D3	0x7533
+0xA5D4	0x758B
+0xA5D5	0x767D
+0xA5D6	0x76AE
+0xA5D7	0x76BF
+0xA5D8	0x76EE
+0xA5D9	0x77DB
+0xA5DA	0x77E2
+0xA5DB	0x77F3
+0xA5DC	0x793A
+0xA5DD	0x79BE
+0xA5DE	0x7A74
+0xA5DF	0x7ACB
+0xA5E0	0x4E1E
+0xA5E1	0x4E1F
+0xA5E2	0x4E52
+0xA5E3	0x4E53
+0xA5E4	0x4E69
+0xA5E5	0x4E99
+0xA5E6	0x4EA4
+0xA5E7	0x4EA6
+0xA5E8	0x4EA5
+0xA5E9	0x4EFF
+0xA5EA	0x4F09
+0xA5EB	0x4F19
+0xA5EC	0x4F0A
+0xA5ED	0x4F15
+0xA5EE	0x4F0D
+0xA5EF	0x4F10
+0xA5F0	0x4F11
+0xA5F1	0x4F0F
+0xA5F2	0x4EF2
+0xA5F3	0x4EF6
+0xA5F4	0x4EFB
+0xA5F5	0x4EF0
+0xA5F6	0x4EF3
+0xA5F7	0x4EFD
+0xA5F8	0x4F01
+0xA5F9	0x4F0B
+0xA5FA	0x5149
+0xA5FB	0x5147
+0xA5FC	0x5146
+0xA5FD	0x5148
+0xA5FE	0x5168
+0xA640	0x5171
+0xA641	0x518D
+0xA642	0x51B0
+0xA643	0x5217
+0xA644	0x5211
+0xA645	0x5212
+0xA646	0x520E
+0xA647	0x5216
+0xA648	0x52A3
+0xA649	0x5308
+0xA64A	0x5321
+0xA64B	0x5320
+0xA64C	0x5370
+0xA64D	0x5371
+0xA64E	0x5409
+0xA64F	0x540F
+0xA650	0x540C
+0xA651	0x540A
+0xA652	0x5410
+0xA653	0x5401
+0xA654	0x540B
+0xA655	0x5404
+0xA656	0x5411
+0xA657	0x540D
+0xA658	0x5408
+0xA659	0x5403
+0xA65A	0x540E
+0xA65B	0x5406
+0xA65C	0x5412
+0xA65D	0x56E0
+0xA65E	0x56DE
+0xA65F	0x56DD
+0xA660	0x5733
+0xA661	0x5730
+0xA662	0x5728
+0xA663	0x572D
+0xA664	0x572C
+0xA665	0x572F
+0xA666	0x5729
+0xA667	0x5919
+0xA668	0x591A
+0xA669	0x5937
+0xA66A	0x5938
+0xA66B	0x5984
+0xA66C	0x5978
+0xA66D	0x5983
+0xA66E	0x597D
+0xA66F	0x5979
+0xA670	0x5982
+0xA671	0x5981
+0xA672	0x5B57
+0xA673	0x5B58
+0xA674	0x5B87
+0xA675	0x5B88
+0xA676	0x5B85
+0xA677	0x5B89
+0xA678	0x5BFA
+0xA679	0x5C16
+0xA67A	0x5C79
+0xA67B	0x5DDE
+0xA67C	0x5E06
+0xA67D	0x5E76
+0xA67E	0x5E74
+0xA6A1	0x5F0F
+0xA6A2	0x5F1B
+0xA6A3	0x5FD9
+0xA6A4	0x5FD6
+0xA6A5	0x620E
+0xA6A6	0x620C
+0xA6A7	0x620D
+0xA6A8	0x6210
+0xA6A9	0x6263
+0xA6AA	0x625B
+0xA6AB	0x6258
+0xA6AC	0x6536
+0xA6AD	0x65E9
+0xA6AE	0x65E8
+0xA6AF	0x65EC
+0xA6B0	0x65ED
+0xA6B1	0x66F2
+0xA6B2	0x66F3
+0xA6B3	0x6709
+0xA6B4	0x673D
+0xA6B5	0x6734
+0xA6B6	0x6731
+0xA6B7	0x6735
+0xA6B8	0x6B21
+0xA6B9	0x6B64
+0xA6BA	0x6B7B
+0xA6BB	0x6C16
+0xA6BC	0x6C5D
+0xA6BD	0x6C57
+0xA6BE	0x6C59
+0xA6BF	0x6C5F
+0xA6C0	0x6C60
+0xA6C1	0x6C50
+0xA6C2	0x6C55
+0xA6C3	0x6C61
+0xA6C4	0x6C5B
+0xA6C5	0x6C4D
+0xA6C6	0x6C4E
+0xA6C7	0x7070
+0xA6C8	0x725F
+0xA6C9	0x725D
+0xA6CA	0x767E
+0xA6CB	0x7AF9
+0xA6CC	0x7C73
+0xA6CD	0x7CF8
+0xA6CE	0x7F36
+0xA6CF	0x7F8A
+0xA6D0	0x7FBD
+0xA6D1	0x8001
+0xA6D2	0x8003
+0xA6D3	0x800C
+0xA6D4	0x8012
+0xA6D5	0x8033
+0xA6D6	0x807F
+0xA6D7	0x8089
+0xA6D8	0x808B
+0xA6D9	0x808C
+0xA6DA	0x81E3
+0xA6DB	0x81EA
+0xA6DC	0x81F3
+0xA6DD	0x81FC
+0xA6DE	0x820C
+0xA6DF	0x821B
+0xA6E0	0x821F
+0xA6E1	0x826E
+0xA6E2	0x8272
+0xA6E3	0x827E
+0xA6E4	0x866B
+0xA6E5	0x8840
+0xA6E6	0x884C
+0xA6E7	0x8863
+0xA6E8	0x897F
+0xA6E9	0x9621
+0xA6EA	0x4E32
+0xA6EB	0x4EA8
+0xA6EC	0x4F4D
+0xA6ED	0x4F4F
+0xA6EE	0x4F47
+0xA6EF	0x4F57
+0xA6F0	0x4F5E
+0xA6F1	0x4F34
+0xA6F2	0x4F5B
+0xA6F3	0x4F55
+0xA6F4	0x4F30
+0xA6F5	0x4F50
+0xA6F6	0x4F51
+0xA6F7	0x4F3D
+0xA6F8	0x4F3A
+0xA6F9	0x4F38
+0xA6FA	0x4F43
+0xA6FB	0x4F54
+0xA6FC	0x4F3C
+0xA6FD	0x4F46
+0xA6FE	0x4F63
+0xA740	0x4F5C
+0xA741	0x4F60
+0xA742	0x4F2F
+0xA743	0x4F4E
+0xA744	0x4F36
+0xA745	0x4F59
+0xA746	0x4F5D
+0xA747	0x4F48
+0xA748	0x4F5A
+0xA749	0x514C
+0xA74A	0x514B
+0xA74B	0x514D
+0xA74C	0x5175
+0xA74D	0x51B6
+0xA74E	0x51B7
+0xA74F	0x5225
+0xA750	0x5224
+0xA751	0x5229
+0xA752	0x522A
+0xA753	0x5228
+0xA754	0x52AB
+0xA755	0x52A9
+0xA756	0x52AA
+0xA757	0x52AC
+0xA758	0x5323
+0xA759	0x5373
+0xA75A	0x5375
+0xA75B	0x541D
+0xA75C	0x542D
+0xA75D	0x541E
+0xA75E	0x543E
+0xA75F	0x5426
+0xA760	0x544E
+0xA761	0x5427
+0xA762	0x5446
+0xA763	0x5443
+0xA764	0x5433
+0xA765	0x5448
+0xA766	0x5442
+0xA767	0x541B
+0xA768	0x5429
+0xA769	0x544A
+0xA76A	0x5439
+0xA76B	0x543B
+0xA76C	0x5438
+0xA76D	0x542E
+0xA76E	0x5435
+0xA76F	0x5436
+0xA770	0x5420
+0xA771	0x543C
+0xA772	0x5440
+0xA773	0x5431
+0xA774	0x542B
+0xA775	0x541F
+0xA776	0x542C
+0xA777	0x56EA
+0xA778	0x56F0
+0xA779	0x56E4
+0xA77A	0x56EB
+0xA77B	0x574A
+0xA77C	0x5751
+0xA77D	0x5740
+0xA77E	0x574D
+0xA7A1	0x5747
+0xA7A2	0x574E
+0xA7A3	0x573E
+0xA7A4	0x5750
+0xA7A5	0x574F
+0xA7A6	0x573B
+0xA7A7	0x58EF
+0xA7A8	0x593E
+0xA7A9	0x599D
+0xA7AA	0x5992
+0xA7AB	0x59A8
+0xA7AC	0x599E
+0xA7AD	0x59A3
+0xA7AE	0x5999
+0xA7AF	0x5996
+0xA7B0	0x598D
+0xA7B1	0x59A4
+0xA7B2	0x5993
+0xA7B3	0x598A
+0xA7B4	0x59A5
+0xA7B5	0x5B5D
+0xA7B6	0x5B5C
+0xA7B7	0x5B5A
+0xA7B8	0x5B5B
+0xA7B9	0x5B8C
+0xA7BA	0x5B8B
+0xA7BB	0x5B8F
+0xA7BC	0x5C2C
+0xA7BD	0x5C40
+0xA7BE	0x5C41
+0xA7BF	0x5C3F
+0xA7C0	0x5C3E
+0xA7C1	0x5C90
+0xA7C2	0x5C91
+0xA7C3	0x5C94
+0xA7C4	0x5C8C
+0xA7C5	0x5DEB
+0xA7C6	0x5E0C
+0xA7C7	0x5E8F
+0xA7C8	0x5E87
+0xA7C9	0x5E8A
+0xA7CA	0x5EF7
+0xA7CB	0x5F04
+0xA7CC	0x5F1F
+0xA7CD	0x5F64
+0xA7CE	0x5F62
+0xA7CF	0x5F77
+0xA7D0	0x5F79
+0xA7D1	0x5FD8
+0xA7D2	0x5FCC
+0xA7D3	0x5FD7
+0xA7D4	0x5FCD
+0xA7D5	0x5FF1
+0xA7D6	0x5FEB
+0xA7D7	0x5FF8
+0xA7D8	0x5FEA
+0xA7D9	0x6212
+0xA7DA	0x6211
+0xA7DB	0x6284
+0xA7DC	0x6297
+0xA7DD	0x6296
+0xA7DE	0x6280
+0xA7DF	0x6276
+0xA7E0	0x6289
+0xA7E1	0x626D
+0xA7E2	0x628A
+0xA7E3	0x627C
+0xA7E4	0x627E
+0xA7E5	0x6279
+0xA7E6	0x6273
+0xA7E7	0x6292
+0xA7E8	0x626F
+0xA7E9	0x6298
+0xA7EA	0x626E
+0xA7EB	0x6295
+0xA7EC	0x6293
+0xA7ED	0x6291
+0xA7EE	0x6286
+0xA7EF	0x6539
+0xA7F0	0x653B
+0xA7F1	0x6538
+0xA7F2	0x65F1
+0xA7F3	0x66F4
+0xA7F4	0x675F
+0xA7F5	0x674E
+0xA7F6	0x674F
+0xA7F7	0x6750
+0xA7F8	0x6751
+0xA7F9	0x675C
+0xA7FA	0x6756
+0xA7FB	0x675E
+0xA7FC	0x6749
+0xA7FD	0x6746
+0xA7FE	0x6760
+0xA840	0x6753
+0xA841	0x6757
+0xA842	0x6B65
+0xA843	0x6BCF
+0xA844	0x6C42
+0xA845	0x6C5E
+0xA846	0x6C99
+0xA847	0x6C81
+0xA848	0x6C88
+0xA849	0x6C89
+0xA84A	0x6C85
+0xA84B	0x6C9B
+0xA84C	0x6C6A
+0xA84D	0x6C7A
+0xA84E	0x6C90
+0xA84F	0x6C70
+0xA850	0x6C8C
+0xA851	0x6C68
+0xA852	0x6C96
+0xA853	0x6C92
+0xA854	0x6C7D
+0xA855	0x6C83
+0xA856	0x6C72
+0xA857	0x6C7E
+0xA858	0x6C74
+0xA859	0x6C86
+0xA85A	0x6C76
+0xA85B	0x6C8D
+0xA85C	0x6C94
+0xA85D	0x6C98
+0xA85E	0x6C82
+0xA85F	0x7076
+0xA860	0x707C
+0xA861	0x707D
+0xA862	0x7078
+0xA863	0x7262
+0xA864	0x7261
+0xA865	0x7260
+0xA866	0x72C4
+0xA867	0x72C2
+0xA868	0x7396
+0xA869	0x752C
+0xA86A	0x752B
+0xA86B	0x7537
+0xA86C	0x7538
+0xA86D	0x7682
+0xA86E	0x76EF
+0xA86F	0x77E3
+0xA870	0x79C1
+0xA871	0x79C0
+0xA872	0x79BF
+0xA873	0x7A76
+0xA874	0x7CFB
+0xA875	0x7F55
+0xA876	0x8096
+0xA877	0x8093
+0xA878	0x809D
+0xA879	0x8098
+0xA87A	0x809B
+0xA87B	0x809A
+0xA87C	0x80B2
+0xA87D	0x826F
+0xA87E	0x8292
+0xA8A1	0x828B
+0xA8A2	0x828D
+0xA8A3	0x898B
+0xA8A4	0x89D2
+0xA8A5	0x8A00
+0xA8A6	0x8C37
+0xA8A7	0x8C46
+0xA8A8	0x8C55
+0xA8A9	0x8C9D
+0xA8AA	0x8D64
+0xA8AB	0x8D70
+0xA8AC	0x8DB3
+0xA8AD	0x8EAB
+0xA8AE	0x8ECA
+0xA8AF	0x8F9B
+0xA8B0	0x8FB0
+0xA8B1	0x8FC2
+0xA8B2	0x8FC6
+0xA8B3	0x8FC5
+0xA8B4	0x8FC4
+0xA8B5	0x5DE1
+0xA8B6	0x9091
+0xA8B7	0x90A2
+0xA8B8	0x90AA
+0xA8B9	0x90A6
+0xA8BA	0x90A3
+0xA8BB	0x9149
+0xA8BC	0x91C6
+0xA8BD	0x91CC
+0xA8BE	0x9632
+0xA8BF	0x962E
+0xA8C0	0x9631
+0xA8C1	0x962A
+0xA8C2	0x962C
+0xA8C3	0x4E26
+0xA8C4	0x4E56
+0xA8C5	0x4E73
+0xA8C6	0x4E8B
+0xA8C7	0x4E9B
+0xA8C8	0x4E9E
+0xA8C9	0x4EAB
+0xA8CA	0x4EAC
+0xA8CB	0x4F6F
+0xA8CC	0x4F9D
+0xA8CD	0x4F8D
+0xA8CE	0x4F73
+0xA8CF	0x4F7F
+0xA8D0	0x4F6C
+0xA8D1	0x4F9B
+0xA8D2	0x4F8B
+0xA8D3	0x4F86
+0xA8D4	0x4F83
+0xA8D5	0x4F70
+0xA8D6	0x4F75
+0xA8D7	0x4F88
+0xA8D8	0x4F69
+0xA8D9	0x4F7B
+0xA8DA	0x4F96
+0xA8DB	0x4F7E
+0xA8DC	0x4F8F
+0xA8DD	0x4F91
+0xA8DE	0x4F7A
+0xA8DF	0x5154
+0xA8E0	0x5152
+0xA8E1	0x5155
+0xA8E2	0x5169
+0xA8E3	0x5177
+0xA8E4	0x5176
+0xA8E5	0x5178
+0xA8E6	0x51BD
+0xA8E7	0x51FD
+0xA8E8	0x523B
+0xA8E9	0x5238
+0xA8EA	0x5237
+0xA8EB	0x523A
+0xA8EC	0x5230
+0xA8ED	0x522E
+0xA8EE	0x5236
+0xA8EF	0x5241
+0xA8F0	0x52BE
+0xA8F1	0x52BB
+0xA8F2	0x5352
+0xA8F3	0x5354
+0xA8F4	0x5353
+0xA8F5	0x5351
+0xA8F6	0x5366
+0xA8F7	0x5377
+0xA8F8	0x5378
+0xA8F9	0x5379
+0xA8FA	0x53D6
+0xA8FB	0x53D4
+0xA8FC	0x53D7
+0xA8FD	0x5473
+0xA8FE	0x5475
+0xA940	0x5496
+0xA941	0x5478
+0xA942	0x5495
+0xA943	0x5480
+0xA944	0x547B
+0xA945	0x5477
+0xA946	0x5484
+0xA947	0x5492
+0xA948	0x5486
+0xA949	0x547C
+0xA94A	0x5490
+0xA94B	0x5471
+0xA94C	0x5476
+0xA94D	0x548C
+0xA94E	0x549A
+0xA94F	0x5462
+0xA950	0x5468
+0xA951	0x548B
+0xA952	0x547D
+0xA953	0x548E
+0xA954	0x56FA
+0xA955	0x5783
+0xA956	0x5777
+0xA957	0x576A
+0xA958	0x5769
+0xA959	0x5761
+0xA95A	0x5766
+0xA95B	0x5764
+0xA95C	0x577C
+0xA95D	0x591C
+0xA95E	0x5949
+0xA95F	0x5947
+0xA960	0x5948
+0xA961	0x5944
+0xA962	0x5954
+0xA963	0x59BE
+0xA964	0x59BB
+0xA965	0x59D4
+0xA966	0x59B9
+0xA967	0x59AE
+0xA968	0x59D1
+0xA969	0x59C6
+0xA96A	0x59D0
+0xA96B	0x59CD
+0xA96C	0x59CB
+0xA96D	0x59D3
+0xA96E	0x59CA
+0xA96F	0x59AF
+0xA970	0x59B3
+0xA971	0x59D2
+0xA972	0x59C5
+0xA973	0x5B5F
+0xA974	0x5B64
+0xA975	0x5B63
+0xA976	0x5B97
+0xA977	0x5B9A
+0xA978	0x5B98
+0xA979	0x5B9C
+0xA97A	0x5B99
+0xA97B	0x5B9B
+0xA97C	0x5C1A
+0xA97D	0x5C48
+0xA97E	0x5C45
+0xA9A1	0x5C46
+0xA9A2	0x5CB7
+0xA9A3	0x5CA1
+0xA9A4	0x5CB8
+0xA9A5	0x5CA9
+0xA9A6	0x5CAB
+0xA9A7	0x5CB1
+0xA9A8	0x5CB3
+0xA9A9	0x5E18
+0xA9AA	0x5E1A
+0xA9AB	0x5E16
+0xA9AC	0x5E15
+0xA9AD	0x5E1B
+0xA9AE	0x5E11
+0xA9AF	0x5E78
+0xA9B0	0x5E9A
+0xA9B1	0x5E97
+0xA9B2	0x5E9C
+0xA9B3	0x5E95
+0xA9B4	0x5E96
+0xA9B5	0x5EF6
+0xA9B6	0x5F26
+0xA9B7	0x5F27
+0xA9B8	0x5F29
+0xA9B9	0x5F80
+0xA9BA	0x5F81
+0xA9BB	0x5F7F
+0xA9BC	0x5F7C
+0xA9BD	0x5FDD
+0xA9BE	0x5FE0
+0xA9BF	0x5FFD
+0xA9C0	0x5FF5
+0xA9C1	0x5FFF
+0xA9C2	0x600F
+0xA9C3	0x6014
+0xA9C4	0x602F
+0xA9C5	0x6035
+0xA9C6	0x6016
+0xA9C7	0x602A
+0xA9C8	0x6015
+0xA9C9	0x6021
+0xA9CA	0x6027
+0xA9CB	0x6029
+0xA9CC	0x602B
+0xA9CD	0x601B
+0xA9CE	0x6216
+0xA9CF	0x6215
+0xA9D0	0x623F
+0xA9D1	0x623E
+0xA9D2	0x6240
+0xA9D3	0x627F
+0xA9D4	0x62C9
+0xA9D5	0x62CC
+0xA9D6	0x62C4
+0xA9D7	0x62BF
+0xA9D8	0x62C2
+0xA9D9	0x62B9
+0xA9DA	0x62D2
+0xA9DB	0x62DB
+0xA9DC	0x62AB
+0xA9DD	0x62D3
+0xA9DE	0x62D4
+0xA9DF	0x62CB
+0xA9E0	0x62C8
+0xA9E1	0x62A8
+0xA9E2	0x62BD
+0xA9E3	0x62BC
+0xA9E4	0x62D0
+0xA9E5	0x62D9
+0xA9E6	0x62C7
+0xA9E7	0x62CD
+0xA9E8	0x62B5
+0xA9E9	0x62DA
+0xA9EA	0x62B1
+0xA9EB	0x62D8
+0xA9EC	0x62D6
+0xA9ED	0x62D7
+0xA9EE	0x62C6
+0xA9EF	0x62AC
+0xA9F0	0x62CE
+0xA9F1	0x653E
+0xA9F2	0x65A7
+0xA9F3	0x65BC
+0xA9F4	0x65FA
+0xA9F5	0x6614
+0xA9F6	0x6613
+0xA9F7	0x660C
+0xA9F8	0x6606
+0xA9F9	0x6602
+0xA9FA	0x660E
+0xA9FB	0x6600
+0xA9FC	0x660F
+0xA9FD	0x6615
+0xA9FE	0x660A
+0xAA40	0x6607
+0xAA41	0x670D
+0xAA42	0x670B
+0xAA43	0x676D
+0xAA44	0x678B
+0xAA45	0x6795
+0xAA46	0x6771
+0xAA47	0x679C
+0xAA48	0x6773
+0xAA49	0x6777
+0xAA4A	0x6787
+0xAA4B	0x679D
+0xAA4C	0x6797
+0xAA4D	0x676F
+0xAA4E	0x6770
+0xAA4F	0x677F
+0xAA50	0x6789
+0xAA51	0x677E
+0xAA52	0x6790
+0xAA53	0x6775
+0xAA54	0x679A
+0xAA55	0x6793
+0xAA56	0x677C
+0xAA57	0x676A
+0xAA58	0x6772
+0xAA59	0x6B23
+0xAA5A	0x6B66
+0xAA5B	0x6B67
+0xAA5C	0x6B7F
+0xAA5D	0x6C13
+0xAA5E	0x6C1B
+0xAA5F	0x6CE3
+0xAA60	0x6CE8
+0xAA61	0x6CF3
+0xAA62	0x6CB1
+0xAA63	0x6CCC
+0xAA64	0x6CE5
+0xAA65	0x6CB3
+0xAA66	0x6CBD
+0xAA67	0x6CBE
+0xAA68	0x6CBC
+0xAA69	0x6CE2
+0xAA6A	0x6CAB
+0xAA6B	0x6CD5
+0xAA6C	0x6CD3
+0xAA6D	0x6CB8
+0xAA6E	0x6CC4
+0xAA6F	0x6CB9
+0xAA70	0x6CC1
+0xAA71	0x6CAE
+0xAA72	0x6CD7
+0xAA73	0x6CC5
+0xAA74	0x6CF1
+0xAA75	0x6CBF
+0xAA76	0x6CBB
+0xAA77	0x6CE1
+0xAA78	0x6CDB
+0xAA79	0x6CCA
+0xAA7A	0x6CAC
+0xAA7B	0x6CEF
+0xAA7C	0x6CDC
+0xAA7D	0x6CD6
+0xAA7E	0x6CE0
+0xAAA1	0x7095
+0xAAA2	0x708E
+0xAAA3	0x7092
+0xAAA4	0x708A
+0xAAA5	0x7099
+0xAAA6	0x722C
+0xAAA7	0x722D
+0xAAA8	0x7238
+0xAAA9	0x7248
+0xAAAA	0x7267
+0xAAAB	0x7269
+0xAAAC	0x72C0
+0xAAAD	0x72CE
+0xAAAE	0x72D9
+0xAAAF	0x72D7
+0xAAB0	0x72D0
+0xAAB1	0x73A9
+0xAAB2	0x73A8
+0xAAB3	0x739F
+0xAAB4	0x73AB
+0xAAB5	0x73A5
+0xAAB6	0x753D
+0xAAB7	0x759D
+0xAAB8	0x7599
+0xAAB9	0x759A
+0xAABA	0x7684
+0xAABB	0x76C2
+0xAABC	0x76F2
+0xAABD	0x76F4
+0xAABE	0x77E5
+0xAABF	0x77FD
+0xAAC0	0x793E
+0xAAC1	0x7940
+0xAAC2	0x7941
+0xAAC3	0x79C9
+0xAAC4	0x79C8
+0xAAC5	0x7A7A
+0xAAC6	0x7A79
+0xAAC7	0x7AFA
+0xAAC8	0x7CFE
+0xAAC9	0x7F54
+0xAACA	0x7F8C
+0xAACB	0x7F8B
+0xAACC	0x8005
+0xAACD	0x80BA
+0xAACE	0x80A5
+0xAACF	0x80A2
+0xAAD0	0x80B1
+0xAAD1	0x80A1
+0xAAD2	0x80AB
+0xAAD3	0x80A9
+0xAAD4	0x80B4
+0xAAD5	0x80AA
+0xAAD6	0x80AF
+0xAAD7	0x81E5
+0xAAD8	0x81FE
+0xAAD9	0x820D
+0xAADA	0x82B3
+0xAADB	0x829D
+0xAADC	0x8299
+0xAADD	0x82AD
+0xAADE	0x82BD
+0xAADF	0x829F
+0xAAE0	0x82B9
+0xAAE1	0x82B1
+0xAAE2	0x82AC
+0xAAE3	0x82A5
+0xAAE4	0x82AF
+0xAAE5	0x82B8
+0xAAE6	0x82A3
+0xAAE7	0x82B0
+0xAAE8	0x82BE
+0xAAE9	0x82B7
+0xAAEA	0x864E
+0xAAEB	0x8671
+0xAAEC	0x521D
+0xAAED	0x8868
+0xAAEE	0x8ECB
+0xAAEF	0x8FCE
+0xAAF0	0x8FD4
+0xAAF1	0x8FD1
+0xAAF2	0x90B5
+0xAAF3	0x90B8
+0xAAF4	0x90B1
+0xAAF5	0x90B6
+0xAAF6	0x91C7
+0xAAF7	0x91D1
+0xAAF8	0x9577
+0xAAF9	0x9580
+0xAAFA	0x961C
+0xAAFB	0x9640
+0xAAFC	0x963F
+0xAAFD	0x963B
+0xAAFE	0x9644
+0xAB40	0x9642
+0xAB41	0x96B9
+0xAB42	0x96E8
+0xAB43	0x9752
+0xAB44	0x975E
+0xAB45	0x4E9F
+0xAB46	0x4EAD
+0xAB47	0x4EAE
+0xAB48	0x4FE1
+0xAB49	0x4FB5
+0xAB4A	0x4FAF
+0xAB4B	0x4FBF
+0xAB4C	0x4FE0
+0xAB4D	0x4FD1
+0xAB4E	0x4FCF
+0xAB4F	0x4FDD
+0xAB50	0x4FC3
+0xAB51	0x4FB6
+0xAB52	0x4FD8
+0xAB53	0x4FDF
+0xAB54	0x4FCA
+0xAB55	0x4FD7
+0xAB56	0x4FAE
+0xAB57	0x4FD0
+0xAB58	0x4FC4
+0xAB59	0x4FC2
+0xAB5A	0x4FDA
+0xAB5B	0x4FCE
+0xAB5C	0x4FDE
+0xAB5D	0x4FB7
+0xAB5E	0x5157
+0xAB5F	0x5192
+0xAB60	0x5191
+0xAB61	0x51A0
+0xAB62	0x524E
+0xAB63	0x5243
+0xAB64	0x524A
+0xAB65	0x524D
+0xAB66	0x524C
+0xAB67	0x524B
+0xAB68	0x5247
+0xAB69	0x52C7
+0xAB6A	0x52C9
+0xAB6B	0x52C3
+0xAB6C	0x52C1
+0xAB6D	0x530D
+0xAB6E	0x5357
+0xAB6F	0x537B
+0xAB70	0x539A
+0xAB71	0x53DB
+0xAB72	0x54AC
+0xAB73	0x54C0
+0xAB74	0x54A8
+0xAB75	0x54CE
+0xAB76	0x54C9
+0xAB77	0x54B8
+0xAB78	0x54A6
+0xAB79	0x54B3
+0xAB7A	0x54C7
+0xAB7B	0x54C2
+0xAB7C	0x54BD
+0xAB7D	0x54AA
+0xAB7E	0x54C1
+0xABA1	0x54C4
+0xABA2	0x54C8
+0xABA3	0x54AF
+0xABA4	0x54AB
+0xABA5	0x54B1
+0xABA6	0x54BB
+0xABA7	0x54A9
+0xABA8	0x54A7
+0xABA9	0x54BF
+0xABAA	0x56FF
+0xABAB	0x5782
+0xABAC	0x578B
+0xABAD	0x57A0
+0xABAE	0x57A3
+0xABAF	0x57A2
+0xABB0	0x57CE
+0xABB1	0x57AE
+0xABB2	0x5793
+0xABB3	0x5955
+0xABB4	0x5951
+0xABB5	0x594F
+0xABB6	0x594E
+0xABB7	0x5950
+0xABB8	0x59DC
+0xABB9	0x59D8
+0xABBA	0x59FF
+0xABBB	0x59E3
+0xABBC	0x59E8
+0xABBD	0x5A03
+0xABBE	0x59E5
+0xABBF	0x59EA
+0xABC0	0x59DA
+0xABC1	0x59E6
+0xABC2	0x5A01
+0xABC3	0x59FB
+0xABC4	0x5B69
+0xABC5	0x5BA3
+0xABC6	0x5BA6
+0xABC7	0x5BA4
+0xABC8	0x5BA2
+0xABC9	0x5BA5
+0xABCA	0x5C01
+0xABCB	0x5C4E
+0xABCC	0x5C4F
+0xABCD	0x5C4D
+0xABCE	0x5C4B
+0xABCF	0x5CD9
+0xABD0	0x5CD2
+0xABD1	0x5DF7
+0xABD2	0x5E1D
+0xABD3	0x5E25
+0xABD4	0x5E1F
+0xABD5	0x5E7D
+0xABD6	0x5EA0
+0xABD7	0x5EA6
+0xABD8	0x5EFA
+0xABD9	0x5F08
+0xABDA	0x5F2D
+0xABDB	0x5F65
+0xABDC	0x5F88
+0xABDD	0x5F85
+0xABDE	0x5F8A
+0xABDF	0x5F8B
+0xABE0	0x5F87
+0xABE1	0x5F8C
+0xABE2	0x5F89
+0xABE3	0x6012
+0xABE4	0x601D
+0xABE5	0x6020
+0xABE6	0x6025
+0xABE7	0x600E
+0xABE8	0x6028
+0xABE9	0x604D
+0xABEA	0x6070
+0xABEB	0x6068
+0xABEC	0x6062
+0xABED	0x6046
+0xABEE	0x6043
+0xABEF	0x606C
+0xABF0	0x606B
+0xABF1	0x606A
+0xABF2	0x6064
+0xABF3	0x6241
+0xABF4	0x62DC
+0xABF5	0x6316
+0xABF6	0x6309
+0xABF7	0x62FC
+0xABF8	0x62ED
+0xABF9	0x6301
+0xABFA	0x62EE
+0xABFB	0x62FD
+0xABFC	0x6307
+0xABFD	0x62F1
+0xABFE	0x62F7
+0xAC40	0x62EF
+0xAC41	0x62EC
+0xAC42	0x62FE
+0xAC43	0x62F4
+0xAC44	0x6311
+0xAC45	0x6302
+0xAC46	0x653F
+0xAC47	0x6545
+0xAC48	0x65AB
+0xAC49	0x65BD
+0xAC4A	0x65E2
+0xAC4B	0x6625
+0xAC4C	0x662D
+0xAC4D	0x6620
+0xAC4E	0x6627
+0xAC4F	0x662F
+0xAC50	0x661F
+0xAC51	0x6628
+0xAC52	0x6631
+0xAC53	0x6624
+0xAC54	0x66F7
+0xAC55	0x67FF
+0xAC56	0x67D3
+0xAC57	0x67F1
+0xAC58	0x67D4
+0xAC59	0x67D0
+0xAC5A	0x67EC
+0xAC5B	0x67B6
+0xAC5C	0x67AF
+0xAC5D	0x67F5
+0xAC5E	0x67E9
+0xAC5F	0x67EF
+0xAC60	0x67C4
+0xAC61	0x67D1
+0xAC62	0x67B4
+0xAC63	0x67DA
+0xAC64	0x67E5
+0xAC65	0x67B8
+0xAC66	0x67CF
+0xAC67	0x67DE
+0xAC68	0x67F3
+0xAC69	0x67B0
+0xAC6A	0x67D9
+0xAC6B	0x67E2
+0xAC6C	0x67DD
+0xAC6D	0x67D2
+0xAC6E	0x6B6A
+0xAC6F	0x6B83
+0xAC70	0x6B86
+0xAC71	0x6BB5
+0xAC72	0x6BD2
+0xAC73	0x6BD7
+0xAC74	0x6C1F
+0xAC75	0x6CC9
+0xAC76	0x6D0B
+0xAC77	0x6D32
+0xAC78	0x6D2A
+0xAC79	0x6D41
+0xAC7A	0x6D25
+0xAC7B	0x6D0C
+0xAC7C	0x6D31
+0xAC7D	0x6D1E
+0xAC7E	0x6D17
+0xACA1	0x6D3B
+0xACA2	0x6D3D
+0xACA3	0x6D3E
+0xACA4	0x6D36
+0xACA5	0x6D1B
+0xACA6	0x6CF5
+0xACA7	0x6D39
+0xACA8	0x6D27
+0xACA9	0x6D38
+0xACAA	0x6D29
+0xACAB	0x6D2E
+0xACAC	0x6D35
+0xACAD	0x6D0E
+0xACAE	0x6D2B
+0xACAF	0x70AB
+0xACB0	0x70BA
+0xACB1	0x70B3
+0xACB2	0x70AC
+0xACB3	0x70AF
+0xACB4	0x70AD
+0xACB5	0x70B8
+0xACB6	0x70AE
+0xACB7	0x70A4
+0xACB8	0x7230
+0xACB9	0x7272
+0xACBA	0x726F
+0xACBB	0x7274
+0xACBC	0x72E9
+0xACBD	0x72E0
+0xACBE	0x72E1
+0xACBF	0x73B7
+0xACC0	0x73CA
+0xACC1	0x73BB
+0xACC2	0x73B2
+0xACC3	0x73CD
+0xACC4	0x73C0
+0xACC5	0x73B3
+0xACC6	0x751A
+0xACC7	0x752D
+0xACC8	0x754F
+0xACC9	0x754C
+0xACCA	0x754E
+0xACCB	0x754B
+0xACCC	0x75AB
+0xACCD	0x75A4
+0xACCE	0x75A5
+0xACCF	0x75A2
+0xACD0	0x75A3
+0xACD1	0x7678
+0xACD2	0x7686
+0xACD3	0x7687
+0xACD4	0x7688
+0xACD5	0x76C8
+0xACD6	0x76C6
+0xACD7	0x76C3
+0xACD8	0x76C5
+0xACD9	0x7701
+0xACDA	0x76F9
+0xACDB	0x76F8
+0xACDC	0x7709
+0xACDD	0x770B
+0xACDE	0x76FE
+0xACDF	0x76FC
+0xACE0	0x7707
+0xACE1	0x77DC
+0xACE2	0x7802
+0xACE3	0x7814
+0xACE4	0x780C
+0xACE5	0x780D
+0xACE6	0x7946
+0xACE7	0x7949
+0xACE8	0x7948
+0xACE9	0x7947
+0xACEA	0x79B9
+0xACEB	0x79BA
+0xACEC	0x79D1
+0xACED	0x79D2
+0xACEE	0x79CB
+0xACEF	0x7A7F
+0xACF0	0x7A81
+0xACF1	0x7AFF
+0xACF2	0x7AFD
+0xACF3	0x7C7D
+0xACF4	0x7D02
+0xACF5	0x7D05
+0xACF6	0x7D00
+0xACF7	0x7D09
+0xACF8	0x7D07
+0xACF9	0x7D04
+0xACFA	0x7D06
+0xACFB	0x7F38
+0xACFC	0x7F8E
+0xACFD	0x7FBF
+0xACFE	0x8004
+0xAD40	0x8010
+0xAD41	0x800D
+0xAD42	0x8011
+0xAD43	0x8036
+0xAD44	0x80D6
+0xAD45	0x80E5
+0xAD46	0x80DA
+0xAD47	0x80C3
+0xAD48	0x80C4
+0xAD49	0x80CC
+0xAD4A	0x80E1
+0xAD4B	0x80DB
+0xAD4C	0x80CE
+0xAD4D	0x80DE
+0xAD4E	0x80E4
+0xAD4F	0x80DD
+0xAD50	0x81F4
+0xAD51	0x8222
+0xAD52	0x82E7
+0xAD53	0x8303
+0xAD54	0x8305
+0xAD55	0x82E3
+0xAD56	0x82DB
+0xAD57	0x82E6
+0xAD58	0x8304
+0xAD59	0x82E5
+0xAD5A	0x8302
+0xAD5B	0x8309
+0xAD5C	0x82D2
+0xAD5D	0x82D7
+0xAD5E	0x82F1
+0xAD5F	0x8301
+0xAD60	0x82DC
+0xAD61	0x82D4
+0xAD62	0x82D1
+0xAD63	0x82DE
+0xAD64	0x82D3
+0xAD65	0x82DF
+0xAD66	0x82EF
+0xAD67	0x8306
+0xAD68	0x8650
+0xAD69	0x8679
+0xAD6A	0x867B
+0xAD6B	0x867A
+0xAD6C	0x884D
+0xAD6D	0x886B
+0xAD6E	0x8981
+0xAD6F	0x89D4
+0xAD70	0x8A08
+0xAD71	0x8A02
+0xAD72	0x8A03
+0xAD73	0x8C9E
+0xAD74	0x8CA0
+0xAD75	0x8D74
+0xAD76	0x8D73
+0xAD77	0x8DB4
+0xAD78	0x8ECD
+0xAD79	0x8ECC
+0xAD7A	0x8FF0
+0xAD7B	0x8FE6
+0xAD7C	0x8FE2
+0xAD7D	0x8FEA
+0xAD7E	0x8FE5
+0xADA1	0x8FED
+0xADA2	0x8FEB
+0xADA3	0x8FE4
+0xADA4	0x8FE8
+0xADA5	0x90CA
+0xADA6	0x90CE
+0xADA7	0x90C1
+0xADA8	0x90C3
+0xADA9	0x914B
+0xADAA	0x914A
+0xADAB	0x91CD
+0xADAC	0x9582
+0xADAD	0x9650
+0xADAE	0x964B
+0xADAF	0x964C
+0xADB0	0x964D
+0xADB1	0x9762
+0xADB2	0x9769
+0xADB3	0x97CB
+0xADB4	0x97ED
+0xADB5	0x97F3
+0xADB6	0x9801
+0xADB7	0x98A8
+0xADB8	0x98DB
+0xADB9	0x98DF
+0xADBA	0x9996
+0xADBB	0x9999
+0xADBC	0x4E58
+0xADBD	0x4EB3
+0xADBE	0x500C
+0xADBF	0x500D
+0xADC0	0x5023
+0xADC1	0x4FEF
+0xADC2	0x5026
+0xADC3	0x5025
+0xADC4	0x4FF8
+0xADC5	0x5029
+0xADC6	0x5016
+0xADC7	0x5006
+0xADC8	0x503C
+0xADC9	0x501F
+0xADCA	0x501A
+0xADCB	0x5012
+0xADCC	0x5011
+0xADCD	0x4FFA
+0xADCE	0x5000
+0xADCF	0x5014
+0xADD0	0x5028
+0xADD1	0x4FF1
+0xADD2	0x5021
+0xADD3	0x500B
+0xADD4	0x5019
+0xADD5	0x5018
+0xADD6	0x4FF3
+0xADD7	0x4FEE
+0xADD8	0x502D
+0xADD9	0x502A
+0xADDA	0x4FFE
+0xADDB	0x502B
+0xADDC	0x5009
+0xADDD	0x517C
+0xADDE	0x51A4
+0xADDF	0x51A5
+0xADE0	0x51A2
+0xADE1	0x51CD
+0xADE2	0x51CC
+0xADE3	0x51C6
+0xADE4	0x51CB
+0xADE5	0x5256
+0xADE6	0x525C
+0xADE7	0x5254
+0xADE8	0x525B
+0xADE9	0x525D
+0xADEA	0x532A
+0xADEB	0x537F
+0xADEC	0x539F
+0xADED	0x539D
+0xADEE	0x53DF
+0xADEF	0x54E8
+0xADF0	0x5510
+0xADF1	0x5501
+0xADF2	0x5537
+0xADF3	0x54FC
+0xADF4	0x54E5
+0xADF5	0x54F2
+0xADF6	0x5506
+0xADF7	0x54FA
+0xADF8	0x5514
+0xADF9	0x54E9
+0xADFA	0x54ED
+0xADFB	0x54E1
+0xADFC	0x5509
+0xADFD	0x54EE
+0xADFE	0x54EA
+0xAE40	0x54E6
+0xAE41	0x5527
+0xAE42	0x5507
+0xAE43	0x54FD
+0xAE44	0x550F
+0xAE45	0x5703
+0xAE46	0x5704
+0xAE47	0x57C2
+0xAE48	0x57D4
+0xAE49	0x57CB
+0xAE4A	0x57C3
+0xAE4B	0x5809
+0xAE4C	0x590F
+0xAE4D	0x5957
+0xAE4E	0x5958
+0xAE4F	0x595A
+0xAE50	0x5A11
+0xAE51	0x5A18
+0xAE52	0x5A1C
+0xAE53	0x5A1F
+0xAE54	0x5A1B
+0xAE55	0x5A13
+0xAE56	0x59EC
+0xAE57	0x5A20
+0xAE58	0x5A23
+0xAE59	0x5A29
+0xAE5A	0x5A25
+0xAE5B	0x5A0C
+0xAE5C	0x5A09
+0xAE5D	0x5B6B
+0xAE5E	0x5C58
+0xAE5F	0x5BB0
+0xAE60	0x5BB3
+0xAE61	0x5BB6
+0xAE62	0x5BB4
+0xAE63	0x5BAE
+0xAE64	0x5BB5
+0xAE65	0x5BB9
+0xAE66	0x5BB8
+0xAE67	0x5C04
+0xAE68	0x5C51
+0xAE69	0x5C55
+0xAE6A	0x5C50
+0xAE6B	0x5CED
+0xAE6C	0x5CFD
+0xAE6D	0x5CFB
+0xAE6E	0x5CEA
+0xAE6F	0x5CE8
+0xAE70	0x5CF0
+0xAE71	0x5CF6
+0xAE72	0x5D01
+0xAE73	0x5CF4
+0xAE74	0x5DEE
+0xAE75	0x5E2D
+0xAE76	0x5E2B
+0xAE77	0x5EAB
+0xAE78	0x5EAD
+0xAE79	0x5EA7
+0xAE7A	0x5F31
+0xAE7B	0x5F92
+0xAE7C	0x5F91
+0xAE7D	0x5F90
+0xAE7E	0x6059
+0xAEA1	0x6063
+0xAEA2	0x6065
+0xAEA3	0x6050
+0xAEA4	0x6055
+0xAEA5	0x606D
+0xAEA6	0x6069
+0xAEA7	0x606F
+0xAEA8	0x6084
+0xAEA9	0x609F
+0xAEAA	0x609A
+0xAEAB	0x608D
+0xAEAC	0x6094
+0xAEAD	0x608C
+0xAEAE	0x6085
+0xAEAF	0x6096
+0xAEB0	0x6247
+0xAEB1	0x62F3
+0xAEB2	0x6308
+0xAEB3	0x62FF
+0xAEB4	0x634E
+0xAEB5	0x633E
+0xAEB6	0x632F
+0xAEB7	0x6355
+0xAEB8	0x6342
+0xAEB9	0x6346
+0xAEBA	0x634F
+0xAEBB	0x6349
+0xAEBC	0x633A
+0xAEBD	0x6350
+0xAEBE	0x633D
+0xAEBF	0x632A
+0xAEC0	0x632B
+0xAEC1	0x6328
+0xAEC2	0x634D
+0xAEC3	0x634C
+0xAEC4	0x6548
+0xAEC5	0x6549
+0xAEC6	0x6599
+0xAEC7	0x65C1
+0xAEC8	0x65C5
+0xAEC9	0x6642
+0xAECA	0x6649
+0xAECB	0x664F
+0xAECC	0x6643
+0xAECD	0x6652
+0xAECE	0x664C
+0xAECF	0x6645
+0xAED0	0x6641
+0xAED1	0x66F8
+0xAED2	0x6714
+0xAED3	0x6715
+0xAED4	0x6717
+0xAED5	0x6821
+0xAED6	0x6838
+0xAED7	0x6848
+0xAED8	0x6846
+0xAED9	0x6853
+0xAEDA	0x6839
+0xAEDB	0x6842
+0xAEDC	0x6854
+0xAEDD	0x6829
+0xAEDE	0x68B3
+0xAEDF	0x6817
+0xAEE0	0x684C
+0xAEE1	0x6851
+0xAEE2	0x683D
+0xAEE3	0x67F4
+0xAEE4	0x6850
+0xAEE5	0x6840
+0xAEE6	0x683C
+0xAEE7	0x6843
+0xAEE8	0x682A
+0xAEE9	0x6845
+0xAEEA	0x6813
+0xAEEB	0x6818
+0xAEEC	0x6841
+0xAEED	0x6B8A
+0xAEEE	0x6B89
+0xAEEF	0x6BB7
+0xAEF0	0x6C23
+0xAEF1	0x6C27
+0xAEF2	0x6C28
+0xAEF3	0x6C26
+0xAEF4	0x6C24
+0xAEF5	0x6CF0
+0xAEF6	0x6D6A
+0xAEF7	0x6D95
+0xAEF8	0x6D88
+0xAEF9	0x6D87
+0xAEFA	0x6D66
+0xAEFB	0x6D78
+0xAEFC	0x6D77
+0xAEFD	0x6D59
+0xAEFE	0x6D93
+0xAF40	0x6D6C
+0xAF41	0x6D89
+0xAF42	0x6D6E
+0xAF43	0x6D5A
+0xAF44	0x6D74
+0xAF45	0x6D69
+0xAF46	0x6D8C
+0xAF47	0x6D8A
+0xAF48	0x6D79
+0xAF49	0x6D85
+0xAF4A	0x6D65
+0xAF4B	0x6D94
+0xAF4C	0x70CA
+0xAF4D	0x70D8
+0xAF4E	0x70E4
+0xAF4F	0x70D9
+0xAF50	0x70C8
+0xAF51	0x70CF
+0xAF52	0x7239
+0xAF53	0x7279
+0xAF54	0x72FC
+0xAF55	0x72F9
+0xAF56	0x72FD
+0xAF57	0x72F8
+0xAF58	0x72F7
+0xAF59	0x7386
+0xAF5A	0x73ED
+0xAF5B	0x7409
+0xAF5C	0x73EE
+0xAF5D	0x73E0
+0xAF5E	0x73EA
+0xAF5F	0x73DE
+0xAF60	0x7554
+0xAF61	0x755D
+0xAF62	0x755C
+0xAF63	0x755A
+0xAF64	0x7559
+0xAF65	0x75BE
+0xAF66	0x75C5
+0xAF67	0x75C7
+0xAF68	0x75B2
+0xAF69	0x75B3
+0xAF6A	0x75BD
+0xAF6B	0x75BC
+0xAF6C	0x75B9
+0xAF6D	0x75C2
+0xAF6E	0x75B8
+0xAF6F	0x768B
+0xAF70	0x76B0
+0xAF71	0x76CA
+0xAF72	0x76CD
+0xAF73	0x76CE
+0xAF74	0x7729
+0xAF75	0x771F
+0xAF76	0x7720
+0xAF77	0x7728
+0xAF78	0x77E9
+0xAF79	0x7830
+0xAF7A	0x7827
+0xAF7B	0x7838
+0xAF7C	0x781D
+0xAF7D	0x7834
+0xAF7E	0x7837
+0xAFA1	0x7825
+0xAFA2	0x782D
+0xAFA3	0x7820
+0xAFA4	0x781F
+0xAFA5	0x7832
+0xAFA6	0x7955
+0xAFA7	0x7950
+0xAFA8	0x7960
+0xAFA9	0x795F
+0xAFAA	0x7956
+0xAFAB	0x795E
+0xAFAC	0x795D
+0xAFAD	0x7957
+0xAFAE	0x795A
+0xAFAF	0x79E4
+0xAFB0	0x79E3
+0xAFB1	0x79E7
+0xAFB2	0x79DF
+0xAFB3	0x79E6
+0xAFB4	0x79E9
+0xAFB5	0x79D8
+0xAFB6	0x7A84
+0xAFB7	0x7A88
+0xAFB8	0x7AD9
+0xAFB9	0x7B06
+0xAFBA	0x7B11
+0xAFBB	0x7C89
+0xAFBC	0x7D21
+0xAFBD	0x7D17
+0xAFBE	0x7D0B
+0xAFBF	0x7D0A
+0xAFC0	0x7D20
+0xAFC1	0x7D22
+0xAFC2	0x7D14
+0xAFC3	0x7D10
+0xAFC4	0x7D15
+0xAFC5	0x7D1A
+0xAFC6	0x7D1C
+0xAFC7	0x7D0D
+0xAFC8	0x7D19
+0xAFC9	0x7D1B
+0xAFCA	0x7F3A
+0xAFCB	0x7F5F
+0xAFCC	0x7F94
+0xAFCD	0x7FC5
+0xAFCE	0x7FC1
+0xAFCF	0x8006
+0xAFD0	0x8018
+0xAFD1	0x8015
+0xAFD2	0x8019
+0xAFD3	0x8017
+0xAFD4	0x803D
+0xAFD5	0x803F
+0xAFD6	0x80F1
+0xAFD7	0x8102
+0xAFD8	0x80F0
+0xAFD9	0x8105
+0xAFDA	0x80ED
+0xAFDB	0x80F4
+0xAFDC	0x8106
+0xAFDD	0x80F8
+0xAFDE	0x80F3
+0xAFDF	0x8108
+0xAFE0	0x80FD
+0xAFE1	0x810A
+0xAFE2	0x80FC
+0xAFE3	0x80EF
+0xAFE4	0x81ED
+0xAFE5	0x81EC
+0xAFE6	0x8200
+0xAFE7	0x8210
+0xAFE8	0x822A
+0xAFE9	0x822B
+0xAFEA	0x8228
+0xAFEB	0x822C
+0xAFEC	0x82BB
+0xAFED	0x832B
+0xAFEE	0x8352
+0xAFEF	0x8354
+0xAFF0	0x834A
+0xAFF1	0x8338
+0xAFF2	0x8350
+0xAFF3	0x8349
+0xAFF4	0x8335
+0xAFF5	0x8334
+0xAFF6	0x834F
+0xAFF7	0x8332
+0xAFF8	0x8339
+0xAFF9	0x8336
+0xAFFA	0x8317
+0xAFFB	0x8340
+0xAFFC	0x8331
+0xAFFD	0x8328
+0xAFFE	0x8343
+0xB040	0x8654
+0xB041	0x868A
+0xB042	0x86AA
+0xB043	0x8693
+0xB044	0x86A4
+0xB045	0x86A9
+0xB046	0x868C
+0xB047	0x86A3
+0xB048	0x869C
+0xB049	0x8870
+0xB04A	0x8877
+0xB04B	0x8881
+0xB04C	0x8882
+0xB04D	0x887D
+0xB04E	0x8879
+0xB04F	0x8A18
+0xB050	0x8A10
+0xB051	0x8A0E
+0xB052	0x8A0C
+0xB053	0x8A15
+0xB054	0x8A0A
+0xB055	0x8A17
+0xB056	0x8A13
+0xB057	0x8A16
+0xB058	0x8A0F
+0xB059	0x8A11
+0xB05A	0x8C48
+0xB05B	0x8C7A
+0xB05C	0x8C79
+0xB05D	0x8CA1
+0xB05E	0x8CA2
+0xB05F	0x8D77
+0xB060	0x8EAC
+0xB061	0x8ED2
+0xB062	0x8ED4
+0xB063	0x8ECF
+0xB064	0x8FB1
+0xB065	0x9001
+0xB066	0x9006
+0xB067	0x8FF7
+0xB068	0x9000
+0xB069	0x8FFA
+0xB06A	0x8FF4
+0xB06B	0x9003
+0xB06C	0x8FFD
+0xB06D	0x9005
+0xB06E	0x8FF8
+0xB06F	0x9095
+0xB070	0x90E1
+0xB071	0x90DD
+0xB072	0x90E2
+0xB073	0x9152
+0xB074	0x914D
+0xB075	0x914C
+0xB076	0x91D8
+0xB077	0x91DD
+0xB078	0x91D7
+0xB079	0x91DC
+0xB07A	0x91D9
+0xB07B	0x9583
+0xB07C	0x9662
+0xB07D	0x9663
+0xB07E	0x9661
+0xB0A1	0x965B
+0xB0A2	0x965D
+0xB0A3	0x9664
+0xB0A4	0x9658
+0xB0A5	0x965E
+0xB0A6	0x96BB
+0xB0A7	0x98E2
+0xB0A8	0x99AC
+0xB0A9	0x9AA8
+0xB0AA	0x9AD8
+0xB0AB	0x9B25
+0xB0AC	0x9B32
+0xB0AD	0x9B3C
+0xB0AE	0x4E7E
+0xB0AF	0x507A
+0xB0B0	0x507D
+0xB0B1	0x505C
+0xB0B2	0x5047
+0xB0B3	0x5043
+0xB0B4	0x504C
+0xB0B5	0x505A
+0xB0B6	0x5049
+0xB0B7	0x5065
+0xB0B8	0x5076
+0xB0B9	0x504E
+0xB0BA	0x5055
+0xB0BB	0x5075
+0xB0BC	0x5074
+0xB0BD	0x5077
+0xB0BE	0x504F
+0xB0BF	0x500F
+0xB0C0	0x506F
+0xB0C1	0x506D
+0xB0C2	0x515C
+0xB0C3	0x5195
+0xB0C4	0x51F0
+0xB0C5	0x526A
+0xB0C6	0x526F
+0xB0C7	0x52D2
+0xB0C8	0x52D9
+0xB0C9	0x52D8
+0xB0CA	0x52D5
+0xB0CB	0x5310
+0xB0CC	0x530F
+0xB0CD	0x5319
+0xB0CE	0x533F
+0xB0CF	0x5340
+0xB0D0	0x533E
+0xB0D1	0x53C3
+0xB0D2	0x66FC
+0xB0D3	0x5546
+0xB0D4	0x556A
+0xB0D5	0x5566
+0xB0D6	0x5544
+0xB0D7	0x555E
+0xB0D8	0x5561
+0xB0D9	0x5543
+0xB0DA	0x554A
+0xB0DB	0x5531
+0xB0DC	0x5556
+0xB0DD	0x554F
+0xB0DE	0x5555
+0xB0DF	0x552F
+0xB0E0	0x5564
+0xB0E1	0x5538
+0xB0E2	0x552E
+0xB0E3	0x555C
+0xB0E4	0x552C
+0xB0E5	0x5563
+0xB0E6	0x5533
+0xB0E7	0x5541
+0xB0E8	0x5557
+0xB0E9	0x5708
+0xB0EA	0x570B
+0xB0EB	0x5709
+0xB0EC	0x57DF
+0xB0ED	0x5805
+0xB0EE	0x580A
+0xB0EF	0x5806
+0xB0F0	0x57E0
+0xB0F1	0x57E4
+0xB0F2	0x57FA
+0xB0F3	0x5802
+0xB0F4	0x5835
+0xB0F5	0x57F7
+0xB0F6	0x57F9
+0xB0F7	0x5920
+0xB0F8	0x5962
+0xB0F9	0x5A36
+0xB0FA	0x5A41
+0xB0FB	0x5A49
+0xB0FC	0x5A66
+0xB0FD	0x5A6A
+0xB0FE	0x5A40
+0xB140	0x5A3C
+0xB141	0x5A62
+0xB142	0x5A5A
+0xB143	0x5A46
+0xB144	0x5A4A
+0xB145	0x5B70
+0xB146	0x5BC7
+0xB147	0x5BC5
+0xB148	0x5BC4
+0xB149	0x5BC2
+0xB14A	0x5BBF
+0xB14B	0x5BC6
+0xB14C	0x5C09
+0xB14D	0x5C08
+0xB14E	0x5C07
+0xB14F	0x5C60
+0xB150	0x5C5C
+0xB151	0x5C5D
+0xB152	0x5D07
+0xB153	0x5D06
+0xB154	0x5D0E
+0xB155	0x5D1B
+0xB156	0x5D16
+0xB157	0x5D22
+0xB158	0x5D11
+0xB159	0x5D29
+0xB15A	0x5D14
+0xB15B	0x5D19
+0xB15C	0x5D24
+0xB15D	0x5D27
+0xB15E	0x5D17
+0xB15F	0x5DE2
+0xB160	0x5E38
+0xB161	0x5E36
+0xB162	0x5E33
+0xB163	0x5E37
+0xB164	0x5EB7
+0xB165	0x5EB8
+0xB166	0x5EB6
+0xB167	0x5EB5
+0xB168	0x5EBE
+0xB169	0x5F35
+0xB16A	0x5F37
+0xB16B	0x5F57
+0xB16C	0x5F6C
+0xB16D	0x5F69
+0xB16E	0x5F6B
+0xB16F	0x5F97
+0xB170	0x5F99
+0xB171	0x5F9E
+0xB172	0x5F98
+0xB173	0x5FA1
+0xB174	0x5FA0
+0xB175	0x5F9C
+0xB176	0x607F
+0xB177	0x60A3
+0xB178	0x6089
+0xB179	0x60A0
+0xB17A	0x60A8
+0xB17B	0x60CB
+0xB17C	0x60B4
+0xB17D	0x60E6
+0xB17E	0x60BD
+0xB1A1	0x60C5
+0xB1A2	0x60BB
+0xB1A3	0x60B5
+0xB1A4	0x60DC
+0xB1A5	0x60BC
+0xB1A6	0x60D8
+0xB1A7	0x60D5
+0xB1A8	0x60C6
+0xB1A9	0x60DF
+0xB1AA	0x60B8
+0xB1AB	0x60DA
+0xB1AC	0x60C7
+0xB1AD	0x621A
+0xB1AE	0x621B
+0xB1AF	0x6248
+0xB1B0	0x63A0
+0xB1B1	0x63A7
+0xB1B2	0x6372
+0xB1B3	0x6396
+0xB1B4	0x63A2
+0xB1B5	0x63A5
+0xB1B6	0x6377
+0xB1B7	0x6367
+0xB1B8	0x6398
+0xB1B9	0x63AA
+0xB1BA	0x6371
+0xB1BB	0x63A9
+0xB1BC	0x6389
+0xB1BD	0x6383
+0xB1BE	0x639B
+0xB1BF	0x636B
+0xB1C0	0x63A8
+0xB1C1	0x6384
+0xB1C2	0x6388
+0xB1C3	0x6399
+0xB1C4	0x63A1
+0xB1C5	0x63AC
+0xB1C6	0x6392
+0xB1C7	0x638F
+0xB1C8	0x6380
+0xB1C9	0x637B
+0xB1CA	0x6369
+0xB1CB	0x6368
+0xB1CC	0x637A
+0xB1CD	0x655D
+0xB1CE	0x6556
+0xB1CF	0x6551
+0xB1D0	0x6559
+0xB1D1	0x6557
+0xB1D2	0x555F
+0xB1D3	0x654F
+0xB1D4	0x6558
+0xB1D5	0x6555
+0xB1D6	0x6554
+0xB1D7	0x659C
+0xB1D8	0x659B
+0xB1D9	0x65AC
+0xB1DA	0x65CF
+0xB1DB	0x65CB
+0xB1DC	0x65CC
+0xB1DD	0x65CE
+0xB1DE	0x665D
+0xB1DF	0x665A
+0xB1E0	0x6664
+0xB1E1	0x6668
+0xB1E2	0x6666
+0xB1E3	0x665E
+0xB1E4	0x66F9
+0xB1E5	0x52D7
+0xB1E6	0x671B
+0xB1E7	0x6881
+0xB1E8	0x68AF
+0xB1E9	0x68A2
+0xB1EA	0x6893
+0xB1EB	0x68B5
+0xB1EC	0x687F
+0xB1ED	0x6876
+0xB1EE	0x68B1
+0xB1EF	0x68A7
+0xB1F0	0x6897
+0xB1F1	0x68B0
+0xB1F2	0x6883
+0xB1F3	0x68C4
+0xB1F4	0x68AD
+0xB1F5	0x6886
+0xB1F6	0x6885
+0xB1F7	0x6894
+0xB1F8	0x689D
+0xB1F9	0x68A8
+0xB1FA	0x689F
+0xB1FB	0x68A1
+0xB1FC	0x6882
+0xB1FD	0x6B32
+0xB1FE	0x6BBA
+0xB240	0x6BEB
+0xB241	0x6BEC
+0xB242	0x6C2B
+0xB243	0x6D8E
+0xB244	0x6DBC
+0xB245	0x6DF3
+0xB246	0x6DD9
+0xB247	0x6DB2
+0xB248	0x6DE1
+0xB249	0x6DCC
+0xB24A	0x6DE4
+0xB24B	0x6DFB
+0xB24C	0x6DFA
+0xB24D	0x6E05
+0xB24E	0x6DC7
+0xB24F	0x6DCB
+0xB250	0x6DAF
+0xB251	0x6DD1
+0xB252	0x6DAE
+0xB253	0x6DDE
+0xB254	0x6DF9
+0xB255	0x6DB8
+0xB256	0x6DF7
+0xB257	0x6DF5
+0xB258	0x6DC5
+0xB259	0x6DD2
+0xB25A	0x6E1A
+0xB25B	0x6DB5
+0xB25C	0x6DDA
+0xB25D	0x6DEB
+0xB25E	0x6DD8
+0xB25F	0x6DEA
+0xB260	0x6DF1
+0xB261	0x6DEE
+0xB262	0x6DE8
+0xB263	0x6DC6
+0xB264	0x6DC4
+0xB265	0x6DAA
+0xB266	0x6DEC
+0xB267	0x6DBF
+0xB268	0x6DE6
+0xB269	0x70F9
+0xB26A	0x7109
+0xB26B	0x710A
+0xB26C	0x70FD
+0xB26D	0x70EF
+0xB26E	0x723D
+0xB26F	0x727D
+0xB270	0x7281
+0xB271	0x731C
+0xB272	0x731B
+0xB273	0x7316
+0xB274	0x7313
+0xB275	0x7319
+0xB276	0x7387
+0xB277	0x7405
+0xB278	0x740A
+0xB279	0x7403
+0xB27A	0x7406
+0xB27B	0x73FE
+0xB27C	0x740D
+0xB27D	0x74E0
+0xB27E	0x74F6
+0xB2A1	0x74F7
+0xB2A2	0x751C
+0xB2A3	0x7522
+0xB2A4	0x7565
+0xB2A5	0x7566
+0xB2A6	0x7562
+0xB2A7	0x7570
+0xB2A8	0x758F
+0xB2A9	0x75D4
+0xB2AA	0x75D5
+0xB2AB	0x75B5
+0xB2AC	0x75CA
+0xB2AD	0x75CD
+0xB2AE	0x768E
+0xB2AF	0x76D4
+0xB2B0	0x76D2
+0xB2B1	0x76DB
+0xB2B2	0x7737
+0xB2B3	0x773E
+0xB2B4	0x773C
+0xB2B5	0x7736
+0xB2B6	0x7738
+0xB2B7	0x773A
+0xB2B8	0x786B
+0xB2B9	0x7843
+0xB2BA	0x784E
+0xB2BB	0x7965
+0xB2BC	0x7968
+0xB2BD	0x796D
+0xB2BE	0x79FB
+0xB2BF	0x7A92
+0xB2C0	0x7A95
+0xB2C1	0x7B20
+0xB2C2	0x7B28
+0xB2C3	0x7B1B
+0xB2C4	0x7B2C
+0xB2C5	0x7B26
+0xB2C6	0x7B19
+0xB2C7	0x7B1E
+0xB2C8	0x7B2E
+0xB2C9	0x7C92
+0xB2CA	0x7C97
+0xB2CB	0x7C95
+0xB2CC	0x7D46
+0xB2CD	0x7D43
+0xB2CE	0x7D71
+0xB2CF	0x7D2E
+0xB2D0	0x7D39
+0xB2D1	0x7D3C
+0xB2D2	0x7D40
+0xB2D3	0x7D30
+0xB2D4	0x7D33
+0xB2D5	0x7D44
+0xB2D6	0x7D2F
+0xB2D7	0x7D42
+0xB2D8	0x7D32
+0xB2D9	0x7D31
+0xB2DA	0x7F3D
+0xB2DB	0x7F9E
+0xB2DC	0x7F9A
+0xB2DD	0x7FCC
+0xB2DE	0x7FCE
+0xB2DF	0x7FD2
+0xB2E0	0x801C
+0xB2E1	0x804A
+0xB2E2	0x8046
+0xB2E3	0x812F
+0xB2E4	0x8116
+0xB2E5	0x8123
+0xB2E6	0x812B
+0xB2E7	0x8129
+0xB2E8	0x8130
+0xB2E9	0x8124
+0xB2EA	0x8202
+0xB2EB	0x8235
+0xB2EC	0x8237
+0xB2ED	0x8236
+0xB2EE	0x8239
+0xB2EF	0x838E
+0xB2F0	0x839E
+0xB2F1	0x8398
+0xB2F2	0x8378
+0xB2F3	0x83A2
+0xB2F4	0x8396
+0xB2F5	0x83BD
+0xB2F6	0x83AB
+0xB2F7	0x8392
+0xB2F8	0x838A
+0xB2F9	0x8393
+0xB2FA	0x8389
+0xB2FB	0x83A0
+0xB2FC	0x8377
+0xB2FD	0x837B
+0xB2FE	0x837C
+0xB340	0x8386
+0xB341	0x83A7
+0xB342	0x8655
+0xB343	0x5F6A
+0xB344	0x86C7
+0xB345	0x86C0
+0xB346	0x86B6
+0xB347	0x86C4
+0xB348	0x86B5
+0xB349	0x86C6
+0xB34A	0x86CB
+0xB34B	0x86B1
+0xB34C	0x86AF
+0xB34D	0x86C9
+0xB34E	0x8853
+0xB34F	0x889E
+0xB350	0x8888
+0xB351	0x88AB
+0xB352	0x8892
+0xB353	0x8896
+0xB354	0x888D
+0xB355	0x888B
+0xB356	0x8993
+0xB357	0x898F
+0xB358	0x8A2A
+0xB359	0x8A1D
+0xB35A	0x8A23
+0xB35B	0x8A25
+0xB35C	0x8A31
+0xB35D	0x8A2D
+0xB35E	0x8A1F
+0xB35F	0x8A1B
+0xB360	0x8A22
+0xB361	0x8C49
+0xB362	0x8C5A
+0xB363	0x8CA9
+0xB364	0x8CAC
+0xB365	0x8CAB
+0xB366	0x8CA8
+0xB367	0x8CAA
+0xB368	0x8CA7
+0xB369	0x8D67
+0xB36A	0x8D66
+0xB36B	0x8DBE
+0xB36C	0x8DBA
+0xB36D	0x8EDB
+0xB36E	0x8EDF
+0xB36F	0x9019
+0xB370	0x900D
+0xB371	0x901A
+0xB372	0x9017
+0xB373	0x9023
+0xB374	0x901F
+0xB375	0x901D
+0xB376	0x9010
+0xB377	0x9015
+0xB378	0x901E
+0xB379	0x9020
+0xB37A	0x900F
+0xB37B	0x9022
+0xB37C	0x9016
+0xB37D	0x901B
+0xB37E	0x9014
+0xB3A1	0x90E8
+0xB3A2	0x90ED
+0xB3A3	0x90FD
+0xB3A4	0x9157
+0xB3A5	0x91CE
+0xB3A6	0x91F5
+0xB3A7	0x91E6
+0xB3A8	0x91E3
+0xB3A9	0x91E7
+0xB3AA	0x91ED
+0xB3AB	0x91E9
+0xB3AC	0x9589
+0xB3AD	0x966A
+0xB3AE	0x9675
+0xB3AF	0x9673
+0xB3B0	0x9678
+0xB3B1	0x9670
+0xB3B2	0x9674
+0xB3B3	0x9676
+0xB3B4	0x9677
+0xB3B5	0x966C
+0xB3B6	0x96C0
+0xB3B7	0x96EA
+0xB3B8	0x96E9
+0xB3B9	0x7AE0
+0xB3BA	0x7ADF
+0xB3BB	0x9802
+0xB3BC	0x9803
+0xB3BD	0x9B5A
+0xB3BE	0x9CE5
+0xB3BF	0x9E75
+0xB3C0	0x9E7F
+0xB3C1	0x9EA5
+0xB3C2	0x9EBB
+0xB3C3	0x50A2
+0xB3C4	0x508D
+0xB3C5	0x5085
+0xB3C6	0x5099
+0xB3C7	0x5091
+0xB3C8	0x5080
+0xB3C9	0x5096
+0xB3CA	0x5098
+0xB3CB	0x509A
+0xB3CC	0x6700
+0xB3CD	0x51F1
+0xB3CE	0x5272
+0xB3CF	0x5274
+0xB3D0	0x5275
+0xB3D1	0x5269
+0xB3D2	0x52DE
+0xB3D3	0x52DD
+0xB3D4	0x52DB
+0xB3D5	0x535A
+0xB3D6	0x53A5
+0xB3D7	0x557B
+0xB3D8	0x5580
+0xB3D9	0x55A7
+0xB3DA	0x557C
+0xB3DB	0x558A
+0xB3DC	0x559D
+0xB3DD	0x5598
+0xB3DE	0x5582
+0xB3DF	0x559C
+0xB3E0	0x55AA
+0xB3E1	0x5594
+0xB3E2	0x5587
+0xB3E3	0x558B
+0xB3E4	0x5583
+0xB3E5	0x55B3
+0xB3E6	0x55AE
+0xB3E7	0x559F
+0xB3E8	0x553E
+0xB3E9	0x55B2
+0xB3EA	0x559A
+0xB3EB	0x55BB
+0xB3EC	0x55AC
+0xB3ED	0x55B1
+0xB3EE	0x557E
+0xB3EF	0x5589
+0xB3F0	0x55AB
+0xB3F1	0x5599
+0xB3F2	0x570D
+0xB3F3	0x582F
+0xB3F4	0x582A
+0xB3F5	0x5834
+0xB3F6	0x5824
+0xB3F7	0x5830
+0xB3F8	0x5831
+0xB3F9	0x5821
+0xB3FA	0x581D
+0xB3FB	0x5820
+0xB3FC	0x58F9
+0xB3FD	0x58FA
+0xB3FE	0x5960
+0xB440	0x5A77
+0xB441	0x5A9A
+0xB442	0x5A7F
+0xB443	0x5A92
+0xB444	0x5A9B
+0xB445	0x5AA7
+0xB446	0x5B73
+0xB447	0x5B71
+0xB448	0x5BD2
+0xB449	0x5BCC
+0xB44A	0x5BD3
+0xB44B	0x5BD0
+0xB44C	0x5C0A
+0xB44D	0x5C0B
+0xB44E	0x5C31
+0xB44F	0x5D4C
+0xB450	0x5D50
+0xB451	0x5D34
+0xB452	0x5D47
+0xB453	0x5DFD
+0xB454	0x5E45
+0xB455	0x5E3D
+0xB456	0x5E40
+0xB457	0x5E43
+0xB458	0x5E7E
+0xB459	0x5ECA
+0xB45A	0x5EC1
+0xB45B	0x5EC2
+0xB45C	0x5EC4
+0xB45D	0x5F3C
+0xB45E	0x5F6D
+0xB45F	0x5FA9
+0xB460	0x5FAA
+0xB461	0x5FA8
+0xB462	0x60D1
+0xB463	0x60E1
+0xB464	0x60B2
+0xB465	0x60B6
+0xB466	0x60E0
+0xB467	0x611C
+0xB468	0x6123
+0xB469	0x60FA
+0xB46A	0x6115
+0xB46B	0x60F0
+0xB46C	0x60FB
+0xB46D	0x60F4
+0xB46E	0x6168
+0xB46F	0x60F1
+0xB470	0x610E
+0xB471	0x60F6
+0xB472	0x6109
+0xB473	0x6100
+0xB474	0x6112
+0xB475	0x621F
+0xB476	0x6249
+0xB477	0x63A3
+0xB478	0x638C
+0xB479	0x63CF
+0xB47A	0x63C0
+0xB47B	0x63E9
+0xB47C	0x63C9
+0xB47D	0x63C6
+0xB47E	0x63CD
+0xB4A1	0x63D2
+0xB4A2	0x63E3
+0xB4A3	0x63D0
+0xB4A4	0x63E1
+0xB4A5	0x63D6
+0xB4A6	0x63ED
+0xB4A7	0x63EE
+0xB4A8	0x6376
+0xB4A9	0x63F4
+0xB4AA	0x63EA
+0xB4AB	0x63DB
+0xB4AC	0x6452
+0xB4AD	0x63DA
+0xB4AE	0x63F9
+0xB4AF	0x655E
+0xB4B0	0x6566
+0xB4B1	0x6562
+0xB4B2	0x6563
+0xB4B3	0x6591
+0xB4B4	0x6590
+0xB4B5	0x65AF
+0xB4B6	0x666E
+0xB4B7	0x6670
+0xB4B8	0x6674
+0xB4B9	0x6676
+0xB4BA	0x666F
+0xB4BB	0x6691
+0xB4BC	0x667A
+0xB4BD	0x667E
+0xB4BE	0x6677
+0xB4BF	0x66FE
+0xB4C0	0x66FF
+0xB4C1	0x671F
+0xB4C2	0x671D
+0xB4C3	0x68FA
+0xB4C4	0x68D5
+0xB4C5	0x68E0
+0xB4C6	0x68D8
+0xB4C7	0x68D7
+0xB4C8	0x6905
+0xB4C9	0x68DF
+0xB4CA	0x68F5
+0xB4CB	0x68EE
+0xB4CC	0x68E7
+0xB4CD	0x68F9
+0xB4CE	0x68D2
+0xB4CF	0x68F2
+0xB4D0	0x68E3
+0xB4D1	0x68CB
+0xB4D2	0x68CD
+0xB4D3	0x690D
+0xB4D4	0x6912
+0xB4D5	0x690E
+0xB4D6	0x68C9
+0xB4D7	0x68DA
+0xB4D8	0x696E
+0xB4D9	0x68FB
+0xB4DA	0x6B3E
+0xB4DB	0x6B3A
+0xB4DC	0x6B3D
+0xB4DD	0x6B98
+0xB4DE	0x6B96
+0xB4DF	0x6BBC
+0xB4E0	0x6BEF
+0xB4E1	0x6C2E
+0xB4E2	0x6C2F
+0xB4E3	0x6C2C
+0xB4E4	0x6E2F
+0xB4E5	0x6E38
+0xB4E6	0x6E54
+0xB4E7	0x6E21
+0xB4E8	0x6E32
+0xB4E9	0x6E67
+0xB4EA	0x6E4A
+0xB4EB	0x6E20
+0xB4EC	0x6E25
+0xB4ED	0x6E23
+0xB4EE	0x6E1B
+0xB4EF	0x6E5B
+0xB4F0	0x6E58
+0xB4F1	0x6E24
+0xB4F2	0x6E56
+0xB4F3	0x6E6E
+0xB4F4	0x6E2D
+0xB4F5	0x6E26
+0xB4F6	0x6E6F
+0xB4F7	0x6E34
+0xB4F8	0x6E4D
+0xB4F9	0x6E3A
+0xB4FA	0x6E2C
+0xB4FB	0x6E43
+0xB4FC	0x6E1D
+0xB4FD	0x6E3E
+0xB4FE	0x6ECB
+0xB540	0x6E89
+0xB541	0x6E19
+0xB542	0x6E4E
+0xB543	0x6E63
+0xB544	0x6E44
+0xB545	0x6E72
+0xB546	0x6E69
+0xB547	0x6E5F
+0xB548	0x7119
+0xB549	0x711A
+0xB54A	0x7126
+0xB54B	0x7130
+0xB54C	0x7121
+0xB54D	0x7136
+0xB54E	0x716E
+0xB54F	0x711C
+0xB550	0x724C
+0xB551	0x7284
+0xB552	0x7280
+0xB553	0x7336
+0xB554	0x7325
+0xB555	0x7334
+0xB556	0x7329
+0xB557	0x743A
+0xB558	0x742A
+0xB559	0x7433
+0xB55A	0x7422
+0xB55B	0x7425
+0xB55C	0x7435
+0xB55D	0x7436
+0xB55E	0x7434
+0xB55F	0x742F
+0xB560	0x741B
+0xB561	0x7426
+0xB562	0x7428
+0xB563	0x7525
+0xB564	0x7526
+0xB565	0x756B
+0xB566	0x756A
+0xB567	0x75E2
+0xB568	0x75DB
+0xB569	0x75E3
+0xB56A	0x75D9
+0xB56B	0x75D8
+0xB56C	0x75DE
+0xB56D	0x75E0
+0xB56E	0x767B
+0xB56F	0x767C
+0xB570	0x7696
+0xB571	0x7693
+0xB572	0x76B4
+0xB573	0x76DC
+0xB574	0x774F
+0xB575	0x77ED
+0xB576	0x785D
+0xB577	0x786C
+0xB578	0x786F
+0xB579	0x7A0D
+0xB57A	0x7A08
+0xB57B	0x7A0B
+0xB57C	0x7A05
+0xB57D	0x7A00
+0xB57E	0x7A98
+0xB5A1	0x7A97
+0xB5A2	0x7A96
+0xB5A3	0x7AE5
+0xB5A4	0x7AE3
+0xB5A5	0x7B49
+0xB5A6	0x7B56
+0xB5A7	0x7B46
+0xB5A8	0x7B50
+0xB5A9	0x7B52
+0xB5AA	0x7B54
+0xB5AB	0x7B4D
+0xB5AC	0x7B4B
+0xB5AD	0x7B4F
+0xB5AE	0x7B51
+0xB5AF	0x7C9F
+0xB5B0	0x7CA5
+0xB5B1	0x7D5E
+0xB5B2	0x7D50
+0xB5B3	0x7D68
+0xB5B4	0x7D55
+0xB5B5	0x7D2B
+0xB5B6	0x7D6E
+0xB5B7	0x7D72
+0xB5B8	0x7D61
+0xB5B9	0x7D66
+0xB5BA	0x7D62
+0xB5BB	0x7D70
+0xB5BC	0x7D73
+0xB5BD	0x5584
+0xB5BE	0x7FD4
+0xB5BF	0x7FD5
+0xB5C0	0x800B
+0xB5C1	0x8052
+0xB5C2	0x8085
+0xB5C3	0x8155
+0xB5C4	0x8154
+0xB5C5	0x814B
+0xB5C6	0x8151
+0xB5C7	0x814E
+0xB5C8	0x8139
+0xB5C9	0x8146
+0xB5CA	0x813E
+0xB5CB	0x814C
+0xB5CC	0x8153
+0xB5CD	0x8174
+0xB5CE	0x8212
+0xB5CF	0x821C
+0xB5D0	0x83E9
+0xB5D1	0x8403
+0xB5D2	0x83F8
+0xB5D3	0x840D
+0xB5D4	0x83E0
+0xB5D5	0x83C5
+0xB5D6	0x840B
+0xB5D7	0x83C1
+0xB5D8	0x83EF
+0xB5D9	0x83F1
+0xB5DA	0x83F4
+0xB5DB	0x8457
+0xB5DC	0x840A
+0xB5DD	0x83F0
+0xB5DE	0x840C
+0xB5DF	0x83CC
+0xB5E0	0x83FD
+0xB5E1	0x83F2
+0xB5E2	0x83CA
+0xB5E3	0x8438
+0xB5E4	0x840E
+0xB5E5	0x8404
+0xB5E6	0x83DC
+0xB5E7	0x8407
+0xB5E8	0x83D4
+0xB5E9	0x83DF
+0xB5EA	0x865B
+0xB5EB	0x86DF
+0xB5EC	0x86D9
+0xB5ED	0x86ED
+0xB5EE	0x86D4
+0xB5EF	0x86DB
+0xB5F0	0x86E4
+0xB5F1	0x86D0
+0xB5F2	0x86DE
+0xB5F3	0x8857
+0xB5F4	0x88C1
+0xB5F5	0x88C2
+0xB5F6	0x88B1
+0xB5F7	0x8983
+0xB5F8	0x8996
+0xB5F9	0x8A3B
+0xB5FA	0x8A60
+0xB5FB	0x8A55
+0xB5FC	0x8A5E
+0xB5FD	0x8A3C
+0xB5FE	0x8A41
+0xB640	0x8A54
+0xB641	0x8A5B
+0xB642	0x8A50
+0xB643	0x8A46
+0xB644	0x8A34
+0xB645	0x8A3A
+0xB646	0x8A36
+0xB647	0x8A56
+0xB648	0x8C61
+0xB649	0x8C82
+0xB64A	0x8CAF
+0xB64B	0x8CBC
+0xB64C	0x8CB3
+0xB64D	0x8CBD
+0xB64E	0x8CC1
+0xB64F	0x8CBB
+0xB650	0x8CC0
+0xB651	0x8CB4
+0xB652	0x8CB7
+0xB653	0x8CB6
+0xB654	0x8CBF
+0xB655	0x8CB8
+0xB656	0x8D8A
+0xB657	0x8D85
+0xB658	0x8D81
+0xB659	0x8DCE
+0xB65A	0x8DDD
+0xB65B	0x8DCB
+0xB65C	0x8DDA
+0xB65D	0x8DD1
+0xB65E	0x8DCC
+0xB65F	0x8DDB
+0xB660	0x8DC6
+0xB661	0x8EFB
+0xB662	0x8EF8
+0xB663	0x8EFC
+0xB664	0x8F9C
+0xB665	0x902E
+0xB666	0x9035
+0xB667	0x9031
+0xB668	0x9038
+0xB669	0x9032
+0xB66A	0x9036
+0xB66B	0x9102
+0xB66C	0x90F5
+0xB66D	0x9109
+0xB66E	0x90FE
+0xB66F	0x9163
+0xB670	0x9165
+0xB671	0x91CF
+0xB672	0x9214
+0xB673	0x9215
+0xB674	0x9223
+0xB675	0x9209
+0xB676	0x921E
+0xB677	0x920D
+0xB678	0x9210
+0xB679	0x9207
+0xB67A	0x9211
+0xB67B	0x9594
+0xB67C	0x958F
+0xB67D	0x958B
+0xB67E	0x9591
+0xB6A1	0x9593
+0xB6A2	0x9592
+0xB6A3	0x958E
+0xB6A4	0x968A
+0xB6A5	0x968E
+0xB6A6	0x968B
+0xB6A7	0x967D
+0xB6A8	0x9685
+0xB6A9	0x9686
+0xB6AA	0x968D
+0xB6AB	0x9672
+0xB6AC	0x9684
+0xB6AD	0x96C1
+0xB6AE	0x96C5
+0xB6AF	0x96C4
+0xB6B0	0x96C6
+0xB6B1	0x96C7
+0xB6B2	0x96EF
+0xB6B3	0x96F2
+0xB6B4	0x97CC
+0xB6B5	0x9805
+0xB6B6	0x9806
+0xB6B7	0x9808
+0xB6B8	0x98E7
+0xB6B9	0x98EA
+0xB6BA	0x98EF
+0xB6BB	0x98E9
+0xB6BC	0x98F2
+0xB6BD	0x98ED
+0xB6BE	0x99AE
+0xB6BF	0x99AD
+0xB6C0	0x9EC3
+0xB6C1	0x9ECD
+0xB6C2	0x9ED1
+0xB6C3	0x4E82
+0xB6C4	0x50AD
+0xB6C5	0x50B5
+0xB6C6	0x50B2
+0xB6C7	0x50B3
+0xB6C8	0x50C5
+0xB6C9	0x50BE
+0xB6CA	0x50AC
+0xB6CB	0x50B7
+0xB6CC	0x50BB
+0xB6CD	0x50AF
+0xB6CE	0x50C7
+0xB6CF	0x527F
+0xB6D0	0x5277
+0xB6D1	0x527D
+0xB6D2	0x52DF
+0xB6D3	0x52E6
+0xB6D4	0x52E4
+0xB6D5	0x52E2
+0xB6D6	0x52E3
+0xB6D7	0x532F
+0xB6D8	0x55DF
+0xB6D9	0x55E8
+0xB6DA	0x55D3
+0xB6DB	0x55E6
+0xB6DC	0x55CE
+0xB6DD	0x55DC
+0xB6DE	0x55C7
+0xB6DF	0x55D1
+0xB6E0	0x55E3
+0xB6E1	0x55E4
+0xB6E2	0x55EF
+0xB6E3	0x55DA
+0xB6E4	0x55E1
+0xB6E5	0x55C5
+0xB6E6	0x55C6
+0xB6E7	0x55E5
+0xB6E8	0x55C9
+0xB6E9	0x5712
+0xB6EA	0x5713
+0xB6EB	0x585E
+0xB6EC	0x5851
+0xB6ED	0x5858
+0xB6EE	0x5857
+0xB6EF	0x585A
+0xB6F0	0x5854
+0xB6F1	0x586B
+0xB6F2	0x584C
+0xB6F3	0x586D
+0xB6F4	0x584A
+0xB6F5	0x5862
+0xB6F6	0x5852
+0xB6F7	0x584B
+0xB6F8	0x5967
+0xB6F9	0x5AC1
+0xB6FA	0x5AC9
+0xB6FB	0x5ACC
+0xB6FC	0x5ABE
+0xB6FD	0x5ABD
+0xB6FE	0x5ABC
+0xB740	0x5AB3
+0xB741	0x5AC2
+0xB742	0x5AB2
+0xB743	0x5D69
+0xB744	0x5D6F
+0xB745	0x5E4C
+0xB746	0x5E79
+0xB747	0x5EC9
+0xB748	0x5EC8
+0xB749	0x5F12
+0xB74A	0x5F59
+0xB74B	0x5FAC
+0xB74C	0x5FAE
+0xB74D	0x611A
+0xB74E	0x610F
+0xB74F	0x6148
+0xB750	0x611F
+0xB751	0x60F3
+0xB752	0x611B
+0xB753	0x60F9
+0xB754	0x6101
+0xB755	0x6108
+0xB756	0x614E
+0xB757	0x614C
+0xB758	0x6144
+0xB759	0x614D
+0xB75A	0x613E
+0xB75B	0x6134
+0xB75C	0x6127
+0xB75D	0x610D
+0xB75E	0x6106
+0xB75F	0x6137
+0xB760	0x6221
+0xB761	0x6222
+0xB762	0x6413
+0xB763	0x643E
+0xB764	0x641E
+0xB765	0x642A
+0xB766	0x642D
+0xB767	0x643D
+0xB768	0x642C
+0xB769	0x640F
+0xB76A	0x641C
+0xB76B	0x6414
+0xB76C	0x640D
+0xB76D	0x6436
+0xB76E	0x6416
+0xB76F	0x6417
+0xB770	0x6406
+0xB771	0x656C
+0xB772	0x659F
+0xB773	0x65B0
+0xB774	0x6697
+0xB775	0x6689
+0xB776	0x6687
+0xB777	0x6688
+0xB778	0x6696
+0xB779	0x6684
+0xB77A	0x6698
+0xB77B	0x668D
+0xB77C	0x6703
+0xB77D	0x6994
+0xB77E	0x696D
+0xB7A1	0x695A
+0xB7A2	0x6977
+0xB7A3	0x6960
+0xB7A4	0x6954
+0xB7A5	0x6975
+0xB7A6	0x6930
+0xB7A7	0x6982
+0xB7A8	0x694A
+0xB7A9	0x6968
+0xB7AA	0x696B
+0xB7AB	0x695E
+0xB7AC	0x6953
+0xB7AD	0x6979
+0xB7AE	0x6986
+0xB7AF	0x695D
+0xB7B0	0x6963
+0xB7B1	0x695B
+0xB7B2	0x6B47
+0xB7B3	0x6B72
+0xB7B4	0x6BC0
+0xB7B5	0x6BBF
+0xB7B6	0x6BD3
+0xB7B7	0x6BFD
+0xB7B8	0x6EA2
+0xB7B9	0x6EAF
+0xB7BA	0x6ED3
+0xB7BB	0x6EB6
+0xB7BC	0x6EC2
+0xB7BD	0x6E90
+0xB7BE	0x6E9D
+0xB7BF	0x6EC7
+0xB7C0	0x6EC5
+0xB7C1	0x6EA5
+0xB7C2	0x6E98
+0xB7C3	0x6EBC
+0xB7C4	0x6EBA
+0xB7C5	0x6EAB
+0xB7C6	0x6ED1
+0xB7C7	0x6E96
+0xB7C8	0x6E9C
+0xB7C9	0x6EC4
+0xB7CA	0x6ED4
+0xB7CB	0x6EAA
+0xB7CC	0x6EA7
+0xB7CD	0x6EB4
+0xB7CE	0x714E
+0xB7CF	0x7159
+0xB7D0	0x7169
+0xB7D1	0x7164
+0xB7D2	0x7149
+0xB7D3	0x7167
+0xB7D4	0x715C
+0xB7D5	0x716C
+0xB7D6	0x7166
+0xB7D7	0x714C
+0xB7D8	0x7165
+0xB7D9	0x715E
+0xB7DA	0x7146
+0xB7DB	0x7168
+0xB7DC	0x7156
+0xB7DD	0x723A
+0xB7DE	0x7252
+0xB7DF	0x7337
+0xB7E0	0x7345
+0xB7E1	0x733F
+0xB7E2	0x733E
+0xB7E3	0x746F
+0xB7E4	0x745A
+0xB7E5	0x7455
+0xB7E6	0x745F
+0xB7E7	0x745E
+0xB7E8	0x7441
+0xB7E9	0x743F
+0xB7EA	0x7459
+0xB7EB	0x745B
+0xB7EC	0x745C
+0xB7ED	0x7576
+0xB7EE	0x7578
+0xB7EF	0x7600
+0xB7F0	0x75F0
+0xB7F1	0x7601
+0xB7F2	0x75F2
+0xB7F3	0x75F1
+0xB7F4	0x75FA
+0xB7F5	0x75FF
+0xB7F6	0x75F4
+0xB7F7	0x75F3
+0xB7F8	0x76DE
+0xB7F9	0x76DF
+0xB7FA	0x775B
+0xB7FB	0x776B
+0xB7FC	0x7766
+0xB7FD	0x775E
+0xB7FE	0x7763
+0xB840	0x7779
+0xB841	0x776A
+0xB842	0x776C
+0xB843	0x775C
+0xB844	0x7765
+0xB845	0x7768
+0xB846	0x7762
+0xB847	0x77EE
+0xB848	0x788E
+0xB849	0x78B0
+0xB84A	0x7897
+0xB84B	0x7898
+0xB84C	0x788C
+0xB84D	0x7889
+0xB84E	0x787C
+0xB84F	0x7891
+0xB850	0x7893
+0xB851	0x787F
+0xB852	0x797A
+0xB853	0x797F
+0xB854	0x7981
+0xB855	0x842C
+0xB856	0x79BD
+0xB857	0x7A1C
+0xB858	0x7A1A
+0xB859	0x7A20
+0xB85A	0x7A14
+0xB85B	0x7A1F
+0xB85C	0x7A1E
+0xB85D	0x7A9F
+0xB85E	0x7AA0
+0xB85F	0x7B77
+0xB860	0x7BC0
+0xB861	0x7B60
+0xB862	0x7B6E
+0xB863	0x7B67
+0xB864	0x7CB1
+0xB865	0x7CB3
+0xB866	0x7CB5
+0xB867	0x7D93
+0xB868	0x7D79
+0xB869	0x7D91
+0xB86A	0x7D81
+0xB86B	0x7D8F
+0xB86C	0x7D5B
+0xB86D	0x7F6E
+0xB86E	0x7F69
+0xB86F	0x7F6A
+0xB870	0x7F72
+0xB871	0x7FA9
+0xB872	0x7FA8
+0xB873	0x7FA4
+0xB874	0x8056
+0xB875	0x8058
+0xB876	0x8086
+0xB877	0x8084
+0xB878	0x8171
+0xB879	0x8170
+0xB87A	0x8178
+0xB87B	0x8165
+0xB87C	0x816E
+0xB87D	0x8173
+0xB87E	0x816B
+0xB8A1	0x8179
+0xB8A2	0x817A
+0xB8A3	0x8166
+0xB8A4	0x8205
+0xB8A5	0x8247
+0xB8A6	0x8482
+0xB8A7	0x8477
+0xB8A8	0x843D
+0xB8A9	0x8431
+0xB8AA	0x8475
+0xB8AB	0x8466
+0xB8AC	0x846B
+0xB8AD	0x8449
+0xB8AE	0x846C
+0xB8AF	0x845B
+0xB8B0	0x843C
+0xB8B1	0x8435
+0xB8B2	0x8461
+0xB8B3	0x8463
+0xB8B4	0x8469
+0xB8B5	0x846D
+0xB8B6	0x8446
+0xB8B7	0x865E
+0xB8B8	0x865C
+0xB8B9	0x865F
+0xB8BA	0x86F9
+0xB8BB	0x8713
+0xB8BC	0x8708
+0xB8BD	0x8707
+0xB8BE	0x8700
+0xB8BF	0x86FE
+0xB8C0	0x86FB
+0xB8C1	0x8702
+0xB8C2	0x8703
+0xB8C3	0x8706
+0xB8C4	0x870A
+0xB8C5	0x8859
+0xB8C6	0x88DF
+0xB8C7	0x88D4
+0xB8C8	0x88D9
+0xB8C9	0x88DC
+0xB8CA	0x88D8
+0xB8CB	0x88DD
+0xB8CC	0x88E1
+0xB8CD	0x88CA
+0xB8CE	0x88D5
+0xB8CF	0x88D2
+0xB8D0	0x899C
+0xB8D1	0x89E3
+0xB8D2	0x8A6B
+0xB8D3	0x8A72
+0xB8D4	0x8A73
+0xB8D5	0x8A66
+0xB8D6	0x8A69
+0xB8D7	0x8A70
+0xB8D8	0x8A87
+0xB8D9	0x8A7C
+0xB8DA	0x8A63
+0xB8DB	0x8AA0
+0xB8DC	0x8A71
+0xB8DD	0x8A85
+0xB8DE	0x8A6D
+0xB8DF	0x8A62
+0xB8E0	0x8A6E
+0xB8E1	0x8A6C
+0xB8E2	0x8A79
+0xB8E3	0x8A7B
+0xB8E4	0x8A3E
+0xB8E5	0x8A68
+0xB8E6	0x8C62
+0xB8E7	0x8C8A
+0xB8E8	0x8C89
+0xB8E9	0x8CCA
+0xB8EA	0x8CC7
+0xB8EB	0x8CC8
+0xB8EC	0x8CC4
+0xB8ED	0x8CB2
+0xB8EE	0x8CC3
+0xB8EF	0x8CC2
+0xB8F0	0x8CC5
+0xB8F1	0x8DE1
+0xB8F2	0x8DDF
+0xB8F3	0x8DE8
+0xB8F4	0x8DEF
+0xB8F5	0x8DF3
+0xB8F6	0x8DFA
+0xB8F7	0x8DEA
+0xB8F8	0x8DE4
+0xB8F9	0x8DE6
+0xB8FA	0x8EB2
+0xB8FB	0x8F03
+0xB8FC	0x8F09
+0xB8FD	0x8EFE
+0xB8FE	0x8F0A
+0xB940	0x8F9F
+0xB941	0x8FB2
+0xB942	0x904B
+0xB943	0x904A
+0xB944	0x9053
+0xB945	0x9042
+0xB946	0x9054
+0xB947	0x903C
+0xB948	0x9055
+0xB949	0x9050
+0xB94A	0x9047
+0xB94B	0x904F
+0xB94C	0x904E
+0xB94D	0x904D
+0xB94E	0x9051
+0xB94F	0x903E
+0xB950	0x9041
+0xB951	0x9112
+0xB952	0x9117
+0xB953	0x916C
+0xB954	0x916A
+0xB955	0x9169
+0xB956	0x91C9
+0xB957	0x9237
+0xB958	0x9257
+0xB959	0x9238
+0xB95A	0x923D
+0xB95B	0x9240
+0xB95C	0x923E
+0xB95D	0x925B
+0xB95E	0x924B
+0xB95F	0x9264
+0xB960	0x9251
+0xB961	0x9234
+0xB962	0x9249
+0xB963	0x924D
+0xB964	0x9245
+0xB965	0x9239
+0xB966	0x923F
+0xB967	0x925A
+0xB968	0x9598
+0xB969	0x9698
+0xB96A	0x9694
+0xB96B	0x9695
+0xB96C	0x96CD
+0xB96D	0x96CB
+0xB96E	0x96C9
+0xB96F	0x96CA
+0xB970	0x96F7
+0xB971	0x96FB
+0xB972	0x96F9
+0xB973	0x96F6
+0xB974	0x9756
+0xB975	0x9774
+0xB976	0x9776
+0xB977	0x9810
+0xB978	0x9811
+0xB979	0x9813
+0xB97A	0x980A
+0xB97B	0x9812
+0xB97C	0x980C
+0xB97D	0x98FC
+0xB97E	0x98F4
+0xB9A1	0x98FD
+0xB9A2	0x98FE
+0xB9A3	0x99B3
+0xB9A4	0x99B1
+0xB9A5	0x99B4
+0xB9A6	0x9AE1
+0xB9A7	0x9CE9
+0xB9A8	0x9E82
+0xB9A9	0x9F0E
+0xB9AA	0x9F13
+0xB9AB	0x9F20
+0xB9AC	0x50E7
+0xB9AD	0x50EE
+0xB9AE	0x50E5
+0xB9AF	0x50D6
+0xB9B0	0x50ED
+0xB9B1	0x50DA
+0xB9B2	0x50D5
+0xB9B3	0x50CF
+0xB9B4	0x50D1
+0xB9B5	0x50F1
+0xB9B6	0x50CE
+0xB9B7	0x50E9
+0xB9B8	0x5162
+0xB9B9	0x51F3
+0xB9BA	0x5283
+0xB9BB	0x5282
+0xB9BC	0x5331
+0xB9BD	0x53AD
+0xB9BE	0x55FE
+0xB9BF	0x5600
+0xB9C0	0x561B
+0xB9C1	0x5617
+0xB9C2	0x55FD
+0xB9C3	0x5614
+0xB9C4	0x5606
+0xB9C5	0x5609
+0xB9C6	0x560D
+0xB9C7	0x560E
+0xB9C8	0x55F7
+0xB9C9	0x5616
+0xB9CA	0x561F
+0xB9CB	0x5608
+0xB9CC	0x5610
+0xB9CD	0x55F6
+0xB9CE	0x5718
+0xB9CF	0x5716
+0xB9D0	0x5875
+0xB9D1	0x587E
+0xB9D2	0x5883
+0xB9D3	0x5893
+0xB9D4	0x588A
+0xB9D5	0x5879
+0xB9D6	0x5885
+0xB9D7	0x587D
+0xB9D8	0x58FD
+0xB9D9	0x5925
+0xB9DA	0x5922
+0xB9DB	0x5924
+0xB9DC	0x596A
+0xB9DD	0x5969
+0xB9DE	0x5AE1
+0xB9DF	0x5AE6
+0xB9E0	0x5AE9
+0xB9E1	0x5AD7
+0xB9E2	0x5AD6
+0xB9E3	0x5AD8
+0xB9E4	0x5AE3
+0xB9E5	0x5B75
+0xB9E6	0x5BDE
+0xB9E7	0x5BE7
+0xB9E8	0x5BE1
+0xB9E9	0x5BE5
+0xB9EA	0x5BE6
+0xB9EB	0x5BE8
+0xB9EC	0x5BE2
+0xB9ED	0x5BE4
+0xB9EE	0x5BDF
+0xB9EF	0x5C0D
+0xB9F0	0x5C62
+0xB9F1	0x5D84
+0xB9F2	0x5D87
+0xB9F3	0x5E5B
+0xB9F4	0x5E63
+0xB9F5	0x5E55
+0xB9F6	0x5E57
+0xB9F7	0x5E54
+0xB9F8	0x5ED3
+0xB9F9	0x5ED6
+0xB9FA	0x5F0A
+0xB9FB	0x5F46
+0xB9FC	0x5F70
+0xB9FD	0x5FB9
+0xB9FE	0x6147
+0xBA40	0x613F
+0xBA41	0x614B
+0xBA42	0x6177
+0xBA43	0x6162
+0xBA44	0x6163
+0xBA45	0x615F
+0xBA46	0x615A
+0xBA47	0x6158
+0xBA48	0x6175
+0xBA49	0x622A
+0xBA4A	0x6487
+0xBA4B	0x6458
+0xBA4C	0x6454
+0xBA4D	0x64A4
+0xBA4E	0x6478
+0xBA4F	0x645F
+0xBA50	0x647A
+0xBA51	0x6451
+0xBA52	0x6467
+0xBA53	0x6434
+0xBA54	0x646D
+0xBA55	0x647B
+0xBA56	0x6572
+0xBA57	0x65A1
+0xBA58	0x65D7
+0xBA59	0x65D6
+0xBA5A	0x66A2
+0xBA5B	0x66A8
+0xBA5C	0x669D
+0xBA5D	0x699C
+0xBA5E	0x69A8
+0xBA5F	0x6995
+0xBA60	0x69C1
+0xBA61	0x69AE
+0xBA62	0x69D3
+0xBA63	0x69CB
+0xBA64	0x699B
+0xBA65	0x69B7
+0xBA66	0x69BB
+0xBA67	0x69AB
+0xBA68	0x69B4
+0xBA69	0x69D0
+0xBA6A	0x69CD
+0xBA6B	0x69AD
+0xBA6C	0x69CC
+0xBA6D	0x69A6
+0xBA6E	0x69C3
+0xBA6F	0x69A3
+0xBA70	0x6B49
+0xBA71	0x6B4C
+0xBA72	0x6C33
+0xBA73	0x6F33
+0xBA74	0x6F14
+0xBA75	0x6EFE
+0xBA76	0x6F13
+0xBA77	0x6EF4
+0xBA78	0x6F29
+0xBA79	0x6F3E
+0xBA7A	0x6F20
+0xBA7B	0x6F2C
+0xBA7C	0x6F0F
+0xBA7D	0x6F02
+0xBA7E	0x6F22
+0xBAA1	0x6EFF
+0xBAA2	0x6EEF
+0xBAA3	0x6F06
+0xBAA4	0x6F31
+0xBAA5	0x6F38
+0xBAA6	0x6F32
+0xBAA7	0x6F23
+0xBAA8	0x6F15
+0xBAA9	0x6F2B
+0xBAAA	0x6F2F
+0xBAAB	0x6F88
+0xBAAC	0x6F2A
+0xBAAD	0x6EEC
+0xBAAE	0x6F01
+0xBAAF	0x6EF2
+0xBAB0	0x6ECC
+0xBAB1	0x6EF7
+0xBAB2	0x7194
+0xBAB3	0x7199
+0xBAB4	0x717D
+0xBAB5	0x718A
+0xBAB6	0x7184
+0xBAB7	0x7192
+0xBAB8	0x723E
+0xBAB9	0x7292
+0xBABA	0x7296
+0xBABB	0x7344
+0xBABC	0x7350
+0xBABD	0x7464
+0xBABE	0x7463
+0xBABF	0x746A
+0xBAC0	0x7470
+0xBAC1	0x746D
+0xBAC2	0x7504
+0xBAC3	0x7591
+0xBAC4	0x7627
+0xBAC5	0x760D
+0xBAC6	0x760B
+0xBAC7	0x7609
+0xBAC8	0x7613
+0xBAC9	0x76E1
+0xBACA	0x76E3
+0xBACB	0x7784
+0xBACC	0x777D
+0xBACD	0x777F
+0xBACE	0x7761
+0xBACF	0x78C1
+0xBAD0	0x789F
+0xBAD1	0x78A7
+0xBAD2	0x78B3
+0xBAD3	0x78A9
+0xBAD4	0x78A3
+0xBAD5	0x798E
+0xBAD6	0x798F
+0xBAD7	0x798D
+0xBAD8	0x7A2E
+0xBAD9	0x7A31
+0xBADA	0x7AAA
+0xBADB	0x7AA9
+0xBADC	0x7AED
+0xBADD	0x7AEF
+0xBADE	0x7BA1
+0xBADF	0x7B95
+0xBAE0	0x7B8B
+0xBAE1	0x7B75
+0xBAE2	0x7B97
+0xBAE3	0x7B9D
+0xBAE4	0x7B94
+0xBAE5	0x7B8F
+0xBAE6	0x7BB8
+0xBAE7	0x7B87
+0xBAE8	0x7B84
+0xBAE9	0x7CB9
+0xBAEA	0x7CBD
+0xBAEB	0x7CBE
+0xBAEC	0x7DBB
+0xBAED	0x7DB0
+0xBAEE	0x7D9C
+0xBAEF	0x7DBD
+0xBAF0	0x7DBE
+0xBAF1	0x7DA0
+0xBAF2	0x7DCA
+0xBAF3	0x7DB4
+0xBAF4	0x7DB2
+0xBAF5	0x7DB1
+0xBAF6	0x7DBA
+0xBAF7	0x7DA2
+0xBAF8	0x7DBF
+0xBAF9	0x7DB5
+0xBAFA	0x7DB8
+0xBAFB	0x7DAD
+0xBAFC	0x7DD2
+0xBAFD	0x7DC7
+0xBAFE	0x7DAC
+0xBB40	0x7F70
+0xBB41	0x7FE0
+0xBB42	0x7FE1
+0xBB43	0x7FDF
+0xBB44	0x805E
+0xBB45	0x805A
+0xBB46	0x8087
+0xBB47	0x8150
+0xBB48	0x8180
+0xBB49	0x818F
+0xBB4A	0x8188
+0xBB4B	0x818A
+0xBB4C	0x817F
+0xBB4D	0x8182
+0xBB4E	0x81E7
+0xBB4F	0x81FA
+0xBB50	0x8207
+0xBB51	0x8214
+0xBB52	0x821E
+0xBB53	0x824B
+0xBB54	0x84C9
+0xBB55	0x84BF
+0xBB56	0x84C6
+0xBB57	0x84C4
+0xBB58	0x8499
+0xBB59	0x849E
+0xBB5A	0x84B2
+0xBB5B	0x849C
+0xBB5C	0x84CB
+0xBB5D	0x84B8
+0xBB5E	0x84C0
+0xBB5F	0x84D3
+0xBB60	0x8490
+0xBB61	0x84BC
+0xBB62	0x84D1
+0xBB63	0x84CA
+0xBB64	0x873F
+0xBB65	0x871C
+0xBB66	0x873B
+0xBB67	0x8722
+0xBB68	0x8725
+0xBB69	0x8734
+0xBB6A	0x8718
+0xBB6B	0x8755
+0xBB6C	0x8737
+0xBB6D	0x8729
+0xBB6E	0x88F3
+0xBB6F	0x8902
+0xBB70	0x88F4
+0xBB71	0x88F9
+0xBB72	0x88F8
+0xBB73	0x88FD
+0xBB74	0x88E8
+0xBB75	0x891A
+0xBB76	0x88EF
+0xBB77	0x8AA6
+0xBB78	0x8A8C
+0xBB79	0x8A9E
+0xBB7A	0x8AA3
+0xBB7B	0x8A8D
+0xBB7C	0x8AA1
+0xBB7D	0x8A93
+0xBB7E	0x8AA4
+0xBBA1	0x8AAA
+0xBBA2	0x8AA5
+0xBBA3	0x8AA8
+0xBBA4	0x8A98
+0xBBA5	0x8A91
+0xBBA6	0x8A9A
+0xBBA7	0x8AA7
+0xBBA8	0x8C6A
+0xBBA9	0x8C8D
+0xBBAA	0x8C8C
+0xBBAB	0x8CD3
+0xBBAC	0x8CD1
+0xBBAD	0x8CD2
+0xBBAE	0x8D6B
+0xBBAF	0x8D99
+0xBBB0	0x8D95
+0xBBB1	0x8DFC
+0xBBB2	0x8F14
+0xBBB3	0x8F12
+0xBBB4	0x8F15
+0xBBB5	0x8F13
+0xBBB6	0x8FA3
+0xBBB7	0x9060
+0xBBB8	0x9058
+0xBBB9	0x905C
+0xBBBA	0x9063
+0xBBBB	0x9059
+0xBBBC	0x905E
+0xBBBD	0x9062
+0xBBBE	0x905D
+0xBBBF	0x905B
+0xBBC0	0x9119
+0xBBC1	0x9118
+0xBBC2	0x911E
+0xBBC3	0x9175
+0xBBC4	0x9178
+0xBBC5	0x9177
+0xBBC6	0x9174
+0xBBC7	0x9278
+0xBBC8	0x9280
+0xBBC9	0x9285
+0xBBCA	0x9298
+0xBBCB	0x9296
+0xBBCC	0x927B
+0xBBCD	0x9293
+0xBBCE	0x929C
+0xBBCF	0x92A8
+0xBBD0	0x927C
+0xBBD1	0x9291
+0xBBD2	0x95A1
+0xBBD3	0x95A8
+0xBBD4	0x95A9
+0xBBD5	0x95A3
+0xBBD6	0x95A5
+0xBBD7	0x95A4
+0xBBD8	0x9699
+0xBBD9	0x969C
+0xBBDA	0x969B
+0xBBDB	0x96CC
+0xBBDC	0x96D2
+0xBBDD	0x9700
+0xBBDE	0x977C
+0xBBDF	0x9785
+0xBBE0	0x97F6
+0xBBE1	0x9817
+0xBBE2	0x9818
+0xBBE3	0x98AF
+0xBBE4	0x98B1
+0xBBE5	0x9903
+0xBBE6	0x9905
+0xBBE7	0x990C
+0xBBE8	0x9909
+0xBBE9	0x99C1
+0xBBEA	0x9AAF
+0xBBEB	0x9AB0
+0xBBEC	0x9AE6
+0xBBED	0x9B41
+0xBBEE	0x9B42
+0xBBEF	0x9CF4
+0xBBF0	0x9CF6
+0xBBF1	0x9CF3
+0xBBF2	0x9EBC
+0xBBF3	0x9F3B
+0xBBF4	0x9F4A
+0xBBF5	0x5104
+0xBBF6	0x5100
+0xBBF7	0x50FB
+0xBBF8	0x50F5
+0xBBF9	0x50F9
+0xBBFA	0x5102
+0xBBFB	0x5108
+0xBBFC	0x5109
+0xBBFD	0x5105
+0xBBFE	0x51DC
+0xBC40	0x5287
+0xBC41	0x5288
+0xBC42	0x5289
+0xBC43	0x528D
+0xBC44	0x528A
+0xBC45	0x52F0
+0xBC46	0x53B2
+0xBC47	0x562E
+0xBC48	0x563B
+0xBC49	0x5639
+0xBC4A	0x5632
+0xBC4B	0x563F
+0xBC4C	0x5634
+0xBC4D	0x5629
+0xBC4E	0x5653
+0xBC4F	0x564E
+0xBC50	0x5657
+0xBC51	0x5674
+0xBC52	0x5636
+0xBC53	0x562F
+0xBC54	0x5630
+0xBC55	0x5880
+0xBC56	0x589F
+0xBC57	0x589E
+0xBC58	0x58B3
+0xBC59	0x589C
+0xBC5A	0x58AE
+0xBC5B	0x58A9
+0xBC5C	0x58A6
+0xBC5D	0x596D
+0xBC5E	0x5B09
+0xBC5F	0x5AFB
+0xBC60	0x5B0B
+0xBC61	0x5AF5
+0xBC62	0x5B0C
+0xBC63	0x5B08
+0xBC64	0x5BEE
+0xBC65	0x5BEC
+0xBC66	0x5BE9
+0xBC67	0x5BEB
+0xBC68	0x5C64
+0xBC69	0x5C65
+0xBC6A	0x5D9D
+0xBC6B	0x5D94
+0xBC6C	0x5E62
+0xBC6D	0x5E5F
+0xBC6E	0x5E61
+0xBC6F	0x5EE2
+0xBC70	0x5EDA
+0xBC71	0x5EDF
+0xBC72	0x5EDD
+0xBC73	0x5EE3
+0xBC74	0x5EE0
+0xBC75	0x5F48
+0xBC76	0x5F71
+0xBC77	0x5FB7
+0xBC78	0x5FB5
+0xBC79	0x6176
+0xBC7A	0x6167
+0xBC7B	0x616E
+0xBC7C	0x615D
+0xBC7D	0x6155
+0xBC7E	0x6182
+0xBCA1	0x617C
+0xBCA2	0x6170
+0xBCA3	0x616B
+0xBCA4	0x617E
+0xBCA5	0x61A7
+0xBCA6	0x6190
+0xBCA7	0x61AB
+0xBCA8	0x618E
+0xBCA9	0x61AC
+0xBCAA	0x619A
+0xBCAB	0x61A4
+0xBCAC	0x6194
+0xBCAD	0x61AE
+0xBCAE	0x622E
+0xBCAF	0x6469
+0xBCB0	0x646F
+0xBCB1	0x6479
+0xBCB2	0x649E
+0xBCB3	0x64B2
+0xBCB4	0x6488
+0xBCB5	0x6490
+0xBCB6	0x64B0
+0xBCB7	0x64A5
+0xBCB8	0x6493
+0xBCB9	0x6495
+0xBCBA	0x64A9
+0xBCBB	0x6492
+0xBCBC	0x64AE
+0xBCBD	0x64AD
+0xBCBE	0x64AB
+0xBCBF	0x649A
+0xBCC0	0x64AC
+0xBCC1	0x6499
+0xBCC2	0x64A2
+0xBCC3	0x64B3
+0xBCC4	0x6575
+0xBCC5	0x6577
+0xBCC6	0x6578
+0xBCC7	0x66AE
+0xBCC8	0x66AB
+0xBCC9	0x66B4
+0xBCCA	0x66B1
+0xBCCB	0x6A23
+0xBCCC	0x6A1F
+0xBCCD	0x69E8
+0xBCCE	0x6A01
+0xBCCF	0x6A1E
+0xBCD0	0x6A19
+0xBCD1	0x69FD
+0xBCD2	0x6A21
+0xBCD3	0x6A13
+0xBCD4	0x6A0A
+0xBCD5	0x69F3
+0xBCD6	0x6A02
+0xBCD7	0x6A05
+0xBCD8	0x69ED
+0xBCD9	0x6A11
+0xBCDA	0x6B50
+0xBCDB	0x6B4E
+0xBCDC	0x6BA4
+0xBCDD	0x6BC5
+0xBCDE	0x6BC6
+0xBCDF	0x6F3F
+0xBCE0	0x6F7C
+0xBCE1	0x6F84
+0xBCE2	0x6F51
+0xBCE3	0x6F66
+0xBCE4	0x6F54
+0xBCE5	0x6F86
+0xBCE6	0x6F6D
+0xBCE7	0x6F5B
+0xBCE8	0x6F78
+0xBCE9	0x6F6E
+0xBCEA	0x6F8E
+0xBCEB	0x6F7A
+0xBCEC	0x6F70
+0xBCED	0x6F64
+0xBCEE	0x6F97
+0xBCEF	0x6F58
+0xBCF0	0x6ED5
+0xBCF1	0x6F6F
+0xBCF2	0x6F60
+0xBCF3	0x6F5F
+0xBCF4	0x719F
+0xBCF5	0x71AC
+0xBCF6	0x71B1
+0xBCF7	0x71A8
+0xBCF8	0x7256
+0xBCF9	0x729B
+0xBCFA	0x734E
+0xBCFB	0x7357
+0xBCFC	0x7469
+0xBCFD	0x748B
+0xBCFE	0x7483
+0xBD40	0x747E
+0xBD41	0x7480
+0xBD42	0x757F
+0xBD43	0x7620
+0xBD44	0x7629
+0xBD45	0x761F
+0xBD46	0x7624
+0xBD47	0x7626
+0xBD48	0x7621
+0xBD49	0x7622
+0xBD4A	0x769A
+0xBD4B	0x76BA
+0xBD4C	0x76E4
+0xBD4D	0x778E
+0xBD4E	0x7787
+0xBD4F	0x778C
+0xBD50	0x7791
+0xBD51	0x778B
+0xBD52	0x78CB
+0xBD53	0x78C5
+0xBD54	0x78BA
+0xBD55	0x78CA
+0xBD56	0x78BE
+0xBD57	0x78D5
+0xBD58	0x78BC
+0xBD59	0x78D0
+0xBD5A	0x7A3F
+0xBD5B	0x7A3C
+0xBD5C	0x7A40
+0xBD5D	0x7A3D
+0xBD5E	0x7A37
+0xBD5F	0x7A3B
+0xBD60	0x7AAF
+0xBD61	0x7AAE
+0xBD62	0x7BAD
+0xBD63	0x7BB1
+0xBD64	0x7BC4
+0xBD65	0x7BB4
+0xBD66	0x7BC6
+0xBD67	0x7BC7
+0xBD68	0x7BC1
+0xBD69	0x7BA0
+0xBD6A	0x7BCC
+0xBD6B	0x7CCA
+0xBD6C	0x7DE0
+0xBD6D	0x7DF4
+0xBD6E	0x7DEF
+0xBD6F	0x7DFB
+0xBD70	0x7DD8
+0xBD71	0x7DEC
+0xBD72	0x7DDD
+0xBD73	0x7DE8
+0xBD74	0x7DE3
+0xBD75	0x7DDA
+0xBD76	0x7DDE
+0xBD77	0x7DE9
+0xBD78	0x7D9E
+0xBD79	0x7DD9
+0xBD7A	0x7DF2
+0xBD7B	0x7DF9
+0xBD7C	0x7F75
+0xBD7D	0x7F77
+0xBD7E	0x7FAF
+0xBDA1	0x7FE9
+0xBDA2	0x8026
+0xBDA3	0x819B
+0xBDA4	0x819C
+0xBDA5	0x819D
+0xBDA6	0x81A0
+0xBDA7	0x819A
+0xBDA8	0x8198
+0xBDA9	0x8517
+0xBDAA	0x853D
+0xBDAB	0x851A
+0xBDAC	0x84EE
+0xBDAD	0x852C
+0xBDAE	0x852D
+0xBDAF	0x8513
+0xBDB0	0x8511
+0xBDB1	0x8523
+0xBDB2	0x8521
+0xBDB3	0x8514
+0xBDB4	0x84EC
+0xBDB5	0x8525
+0xBDB6	0x84FF
+0xBDB7	0x8506
+0xBDB8	0x8782
+0xBDB9	0x8774
+0xBDBA	0x8776
+0xBDBB	0x8760
+0xBDBC	0x8766
+0xBDBD	0x8778
+0xBDBE	0x8768
+0xBDBF	0x8759
+0xBDC0	0x8757
+0xBDC1	0x874C
+0xBDC2	0x8753
+0xBDC3	0x885B
+0xBDC4	0x885D
+0xBDC5	0x8910
+0xBDC6	0x8907
+0xBDC7	0x8912
+0xBDC8	0x8913
+0xBDC9	0x8915
+0xBDCA	0x890A
+0xBDCB	0x8ABC
+0xBDCC	0x8AD2
+0xBDCD	0x8AC7
+0xBDCE	0x8AC4
+0xBDCF	0x8A95
+0xBDD0	0x8ACB
+0xBDD1	0x8AF8
+0xBDD2	0x8AB2
+0xBDD3	0x8AC9
+0xBDD4	0x8AC2
+0xBDD5	0x8ABF
+0xBDD6	0x8AB0
+0xBDD7	0x8AD6
+0xBDD8	0x8ACD
+0xBDD9	0x8AB6
+0xBDDA	0x8AB9
+0xBDDB	0x8ADB
+0xBDDC	0x8C4C
+0xBDDD	0x8C4E
+0xBDDE	0x8C6C
+0xBDDF	0x8CE0
+0xBDE0	0x8CDE
+0xBDE1	0x8CE6
+0xBDE2	0x8CE4
+0xBDE3	0x8CEC
+0xBDE4	0x8CED
+0xBDE5	0x8CE2
+0xBDE6	0x8CE3
+0xBDE7	0x8CDC
+0xBDE8	0x8CEA
+0xBDE9	0x8CE1
+0xBDEA	0x8D6D
+0xBDEB	0x8D9F
+0xBDEC	0x8DA3
+0xBDED	0x8E2B
+0xBDEE	0x8E10
+0xBDEF	0x8E1D
+0xBDF0	0x8E22
+0xBDF1	0x8E0F
+0xBDF2	0x8E29
+0xBDF3	0x8E1F
+0xBDF4	0x8E21
+0xBDF5	0x8E1E
+0xBDF6	0x8EBA
+0xBDF7	0x8F1D
+0xBDF8	0x8F1B
+0xBDF9	0x8F1F
+0xBDFA	0x8F29
+0xBDFB	0x8F26
+0xBDFC	0x8F2A
+0xBDFD	0x8F1C
+0xBDFE	0x8F1E
+0xBE40	0x8F25
+0xBE41	0x9069
+0xBE42	0x906E
+0xBE43	0x9068
+0xBE44	0x906D
+0xBE45	0x9077
+0xBE46	0x9130
+0xBE47	0x912D
+0xBE48	0x9127
+0xBE49	0x9131
+0xBE4A	0x9187
+0xBE4B	0x9189
+0xBE4C	0x918B
+0xBE4D	0x9183
+0xBE4E	0x92C5
+0xBE4F	0x92BB
+0xBE50	0x92B7
+0xBE51	0x92EA
+0xBE52	0x92AC
+0xBE53	0x92E4
+0xBE54	0x92C1
+0xBE55	0x92B3
+0xBE56	0x92BC
+0xBE57	0x92D2
+0xBE58	0x92C7
+0xBE59	0x92F0
+0xBE5A	0x92B2
+0xBE5B	0x95AD
+0xBE5C	0x95B1
+0xBE5D	0x9704
+0xBE5E	0x9706
+0xBE5F	0x9707
+0xBE60	0x9709
+0xBE61	0x9760
+0xBE62	0x978D
+0xBE63	0x978B
+0xBE64	0x978F
+0xBE65	0x9821
+0xBE66	0x982B
+0xBE67	0x981C
+0xBE68	0x98B3
+0xBE69	0x990A
+0xBE6A	0x9913
+0xBE6B	0x9912
+0xBE6C	0x9918
+0xBE6D	0x99DD
+0xBE6E	0x99D0
+0xBE6F	0x99DF
+0xBE70	0x99DB
+0xBE71	0x99D1
+0xBE72	0x99D5
+0xBE73	0x99D2
+0xBE74	0x99D9
+0xBE75	0x9AB7
+0xBE76	0x9AEE
+0xBE77	0x9AEF
+0xBE78	0x9B27
+0xBE79	0x9B45
+0xBE7A	0x9B44
+0xBE7B	0x9B77
+0xBE7C	0x9B6F
+0xBE7D	0x9D06
+0xBE7E	0x9D09
+0xBEA1	0x9D03
+0xBEA2	0x9EA9
+0xBEA3	0x9EBE
+0xBEA4	0x9ECE
+0xBEA5	0x58A8
+0xBEA6	0x9F52
+0xBEA7	0x5112
+0xBEA8	0x5118
+0xBEA9	0x5114
+0xBEAA	0x5110
+0xBEAB	0x5115
+0xBEAC	0x5180
+0xBEAD	0x51AA
+0xBEAE	0x51DD
+0xBEAF	0x5291
+0xBEB0	0x5293
+0xBEB1	0x52F3
+0xBEB2	0x5659
+0xBEB3	0x566B
+0xBEB4	0x5679
+0xBEB5	0x5669
+0xBEB6	0x5664
+0xBEB7	0x5678
+0xBEB8	0x566A
+0xBEB9	0x5668
+0xBEBA	0x5665
+0xBEBB	0x5671
+0xBEBC	0x566F
+0xBEBD	0x566C
+0xBEBE	0x5662
+0xBEBF	0x5676
+0xBEC0	0x58C1
+0xBEC1	0x58BE
+0xBEC2	0x58C7
+0xBEC3	0x58C5
+0xBEC4	0x596E
+0xBEC5	0x5B1D
+0xBEC6	0x5B34
+0xBEC7	0x5B78
+0xBEC8	0x5BF0
+0xBEC9	0x5C0E
+0xBECA	0x5F4A
+0xBECB	0x61B2
+0xBECC	0x6191
+0xBECD	0x61A9
+0xBECE	0x618A
+0xBECF	0x61CD
+0xBED0	0x61B6
+0xBED1	0x61BE
+0xBED2	0x61CA
+0xBED3	0x61C8
+0xBED4	0x6230
+0xBED5	0x64C5
+0xBED6	0x64C1
+0xBED7	0x64CB
+0xBED8	0x64BB
+0xBED9	0x64BC
+0xBEDA	0x64DA
+0xBEDB	0x64C4
+0xBEDC	0x64C7
+0xBEDD	0x64C2
+0xBEDE	0x64CD
+0xBEDF	0x64BF
+0xBEE0	0x64D2
+0xBEE1	0x64D4
+0xBEE2	0x64BE
+0xBEE3	0x6574
+0xBEE4	0x66C6
+0xBEE5	0x66C9
+0xBEE6	0x66B9
+0xBEE7	0x66C4
+0xBEE8	0x66C7
+0xBEE9	0x66B8
+0xBEEA	0x6A3D
+0xBEEB	0x6A38
+0xBEEC	0x6A3A
+0xBEED	0x6A59
+0xBEEE	0x6A6B
+0xBEEF	0x6A58
+0xBEF0	0x6A39
+0xBEF1	0x6A44
+0xBEF2	0x6A62
+0xBEF3	0x6A61
+0xBEF4	0x6A4B
+0xBEF5	0x6A47
+0xBEF6	0x6A35
+0xBEF7	0x6A5F
+0xBEF8	0x6A48
+0xBEF9	0x6B59
+0xBEFA	0x6B77
+0xBEFB	0x6C05
+0xBEFC	0x6FC2
+0xBEFD	0x6FB1
+0xBEFE	0x6FA1
+0xBF40	0x6FC3
+0xBF41	0x6FA4
+0xBF42	0x6FC1
+0xBF43	0x6FA7
+0xBF44	0x6FB3
+0xBF45	0x6FC0
+0xBF46	0x6FB9
+0xBF47	0x6FB6
+0xBF48	0x6FA6
+0xBF49	0x6FA0
+0xBF4A	0x6FB4
+0xBF4B	0x71BE
+0xBF4C	0x71C9
+0xBF4D	0x71D0
+0xBF4E	0x71D2
+0xBF4F	0x71C8
+0xBF50	0x71D5
+0xBF51	0x71B9
+0xBF52	0x71CE
+0xBF53	0x71D9
+0xBF54	0x71DC
+0xBF55	0x71C3
+0xBF56	0x71C4
+0xBF57	0x7368
+0xBF58	0x749C
+0xBF59	0x74A3
+0xBF5A	0x7498
+0xBF5B	0x749F
+0xBF5C	0x749E
+0xBF5D	0x74E2
+0xBF5E	0x750C
+0xBF5F	0x750D
+0xBF60	0x7634
+0xBF61	0x7638
+0xBF62	0x763A
+0xBF63	0x76E7
+0xBF64	0x76E5
+0xBF65	0x77A0
+0xBF66	0x779E
+0xBF67	0x779F
+0xBF68	0x77A5
+0xBF69	0x78E8
+0xBF6A	0x78DA
+0xBF6B	0x78EC
+0xBF6C	0x78E7
+0xBF6D	0x79A6
+0xBF6E	0x7A4D
+0xBF6F	0x7A4E
+0xBF70	0x7A46
+0xBF71	0x7A4C
+0xBF72	0x7A4B
+0xBF73	0x7ABA
+0xBF74	0x7BD9
+0xBF75	0x7C11
+0xBF76	0x7BC9
+0xBF77	0x7BE4
+0xBF78	0x7BDB
+0xBF79	0x7BE1
+0xBF7A	0x7BE9
+0xBF7B	0x7BE6
+0xBF7C	0x7CD5
+0xBF7D	0x7CD6
+0xBF7E	0x7E0A
+0xBFA1	0x7E11
+0xBFA2	0x7E08
+0xBFA3	0x7E1B
+0xBFA4	0x7E23
+0xBFA5	0x7E1E
+0xBFA6	0x7E1D
+0xBFA7	0x7E09
+0xBFA8	0x7E10
+0xBFA9	0x7F79
+0xBFAA	0x7FB2
+0xBFAB	0x7FF0
+0xBFAC	0x7FF1
+0xBFAD	0x7FEE
+0xBFAE	0x8028
+0xBFAF	0x81B3
+0xBFB0	0x81A9
+0xBFB1	0x81A8
+0xBFB2	0x81FB
+0xBFB3	0x8208
+0xBFB4	0x8258
+0xBFB5	0x8259
+0xBFB6	0x854A
+0xBFB7	0x8559
+0xBFB8	0x8548
+0xBFB9	0x8568
+0xBFBA	0x8569
+0xBFBB	0x8543
+0xBFBC	0x8549
+0xBFBD	0x856D
+0xBFBE	0x856A
+0xBFBF	0x855E
+0xBFC0	0x8783
+0xBFC1	0x879F
+0xBFC2	0x879E
+0xBFC3	0x87A2
+0xBFC4	0x878D
+0xBFC5	0x8861
+0xBFC6	0x892A
+0xBFC7	0x8932
+0xBFC8	0x8925
+0xBFC9	0x892B
+0xBFCA	0x8921
+0xBFCB	0x89AA
+0xBFCC	0x89A6
+0xBFCD	0x8AE6
+0xBFCE	0x8AFA
+0xBFCF	0x8AEB
+0xBFD0	0x8AF1
+0xBFD1	0x8B00
+0xBFD2	0x8ADC
+0xBFD3	0x8AE7
+0xBFD4	0x8AEE
+0xBFD5	0x8AFE
+0xBFD6	0x8B01
+0xBFD7	0x8B02
+0xBFD8	0x8AF7
+0xBFD9	0x8AED
+0xBFDA	0x8AF3
+0xBFDB	0x8AF6
+0xBFDC	0x8AFC
+0xBFDD	0x8C6B
+0xBFDE	0x8C6D
+0xBFDF	0x8C93
+0xBFE0	0x8CF4
+0xBFE1	0x8E44
+0xBFE2	0x8E31
+0xBFE3	0x8E34
+0xBFE4	0x8E42
+0xBFE5	0x8E39
+0xBFE6	0x8E35
+0xBFE7	0x8F3B
+0xBFE8	0x8F2F
+0xBFE9	0x8F38
+0xBFEA	0x8F33
+0xBFEB	0x8FA8
+0xBFEC	0x8FA6
+0xBFED	0x9075
+0xBFEE	0x9074
+0xBFEF	0x9078
+0xBFF0	0x9072
+0xBFF1	0x907C
+0xBFF2	0x907A
+0xBFF3	0x9134
+0xBFF4	0x9192
+0xBFF5	0x9320
+0xBFF6	0x9336
+0xBFF7	0x92F8
+0xBFF8	0x9333
+0xBFF9	0x932F
+0xBFFA	0x9322
+0xBFFB	0x92FC
+0xBFFC	0x932B
+0xBFFD	0x9304
+0xBFFE	0x931A
+0xC040	0x9310
+0xC041	0x9326
+0xC042	0x9321
+0xC043	0x9315
+0xC044	0x932E
+0xC045	0x9319
+0xC046	0x95BB
+0xC047	0x96A7
+0xC048	0x96A8
+0xC049	0x96AA
+0xC04A	0x96D5
+0xC04B	0x970E
+0xC04C	0x9711
+0xC04D	0x9716
+0xC04E	0x970D
+0xC04F	0x9713
+0xC050	0x970F
+0xC051	0x975B
+0xC052	0x975C
+0xC053	0x9766
+0xC054	0x9798
+0xC055	0x9830
+0xC056	0x9838
+0xC057	0x983B
+0xC058	0x9837
+0xC059	0x982D
+0xC05A	0x9839
+0xC05B	0x9824
+0xC05C	0x9910
+0xC05D	0x9928
+0xC05E	0x991E
+0xC05F	0x991B
+0xC060	0x9921
+0xC061	0x991A
+0xC062	0x99ED
+0xC063	0x99E2
+0xC064	0x99F1
+0xC065	0x9AB8
+0xC066	0x9ABC
+0xC067	0x9AFB
+0xC068	0x9AED
+0xC069	0x9B28
+0xC06A	0x9B91
+0xC06B	0x9D15
+0xC06C	0x9D23
+0xC06D	0x9D26
+0xC06E	0x9D28
+0xC06F	0x9D12
+0xC070	0x9D1B
+0xC071	0x9ED8
+0xC072	0x9ED4
+0xC073	0x9F8D
+0xC074	0x9F9C
+0xC075	0x512A
+0xC076	0x511F
+0xC077	0x5121
+0xC078	0x5132
+0xC079	0x52F5
+0xC07A	0x568E
+0xC07B	0x5680
+0xC07C	0x5690
+0xC07D	0x5685
+0xC07E	0x5687
+0xC0A1	0x568F
+0xC0A2	0x58D5
+0xC0A3	0x58D3
+0xC0A4	0x58D1
+0xC0A5	0x58CE
+0xC0A6	0x5B30
+0xC0A7	0x5B2A
+0xC0A8	0x5B24
+0xC0A9	0x5B7A
+0xC0AA	0x5C37
+0xC0AB	0x5C68
+0xC0AC	0x5DBC
+0xC0AD	0x5DBA
+0xC0AE	0x5DBD
+0xC0AF	0x5DB8
+0xC0B0	0x5E6B
+0xC0B1	0x5F4C
+0xC0B2	0x5FBD
+0xC0B3	0x61C9
+0xC0B4	0x61C2
+0xC0B5	0x61C7
+0xC0B6	0x61E6
+0xC0B7	0x61CB
+0xC0B8	0x6232
+0xC0B9	0x6234
+0xC0BA	0x64CE
+0xC0BB	0x64CA
+0xC0BC	0x64D8
+0xC0BD	0x64E0
+0xC0BE	0x64F0
+0xC0BF	0x64E6
+0xC0C0	0x64EC
+0xC0C1	0x64F1
+0xC0C2	0x64E2
+0xC0C3	0x64ED
+0xC0C4	0x6582
+0xC0C5	0x6583
+0xC0C6	0x66D9
+0xC0C7	0x66D6
+0xC0C8	0x6A80
+0xC0C9	0x6A94
+0xC0CA	0x6A84
+0xC0CB	0x6AA2
+0xC0CC	0x6A9C
+0xC0CD	0x6ADB
+0xC0CE	0x6AA3
+0xC0CF	0x6A7E
+0xC0D0	0x6A97
+0xC0D1	0x6A90
+0xC0D2	0x6AA0
+0xC0D3	0x6B5C
+0xC0D4	0x6BAE
+0xC0D5	0x6BDA
+0xC0D6	0x6C08
+0xC0D7	0x6FD8
+0xC0D8	0x6FF1
+0xC0D9	0x6FDF
+0xC0DA	0x6FE0
+0xC0DB	0x6FDB
+0xC0DC	0x6FE4
+0xC0DD	0x6FEB
+0xC0DE	0x6FEF
+0xC0DF	0x6F80
+0xC0E0	0x6FEC
+0xC0E1	0x6FE1
+0xC0E2	0x6FE9
+0xC0E3	0x6FD5
+0xC0E4	0x6FEE
+0xC0E5	0x6FF0
+0xC0E6	0x71E7
+0xC0E7	0x71DF
+0xC0E8	0x71EE
+0xC0E9	0x71E6
+0xC0EA	0x71E5
+0xC0EB	0x71ED
+0xC0EC	0x71EC
+0xC0ED	0x71F4
+0xC0EE	0x71E0
+0xC0EF	0x7235
+0xC0F0	0x7246
+0xC0F1	0x7370
+0xC0F2	0x7372
+0xC0F3	0x74A9
+0xC0F4	0x74B0
+0xC0F5	0x74A6
+0xC0F6	0x74A8
+0xC0F7	0x7646
+0xC0F8	0x7642
+0xC0F9	0x764C
+0xC0FA	0x76EA
+0xC0FB	0x77B3
+0xC0FC	0x77AA
+0xC0FD	0x77B0
+0xC0FE	0x77AC
+0xC140	0x77A7
+0xC141	0x77AD
+0xC142	0x77EF
+0xC143	0x78F7
+0xC144	0x78FA
+0xC145	0x78F4
+0xC146	0x78EF
+0xC147	0x7901
+0xC148	0x79A7
+0xC149	0x79AA
+0xC14A	0x7A57
+0xC14B	0x7ABF
+0xC14C	0x7C07
+0xC14D	0x7C0D
+0xC14E	0x7BFE
+0xC14F	0x7BF7
+0xC150	0x7C0C
+0xC151	0x7BE0
+0xC152	0x7CE0
+0xC153	0x7CDC
+0xC154	0x7CDE
+0xC155	0x7CE2
+0xC156	0x7CDF
+0xC157	0x7CD9
+0xC158	0x7CDD
+0xC159	0x7E2E
+0xC15A	0x7E3E
+0xC15B	0x7E46
+0xC15C	0x7E37
+0xC15D	0x7E32
+0xC15E	0x7E43
+0xC15F	0x7E2B
+0xC160	0x7E3D
+0xC161	0x7E31
+0xC162	0x7E45
+0xC163	0x7E41
+0xC164	0x7E34
+0xC165	0x7E39
+0xC166	0x7E48
+0xC167	0x7E35
+0xC168	0x7E3F
+0xC169	0x7E2F
+0xC16A	0x7F44
+0xC16B	0x7FF3
+0xC16C	0x7FFC
+0xC16D	0x8071
+0xC16E	0x8072
+0xC16F	0x8070
+0xC170	0x806F
+0xC171	0x8073
+0xC172	0x81C6
+0xC173	0x81C3
+0xC174	0x81BA
+0xC175	0x81C2
+0xC176	0x81C0
+0xC177	0x81BF
+0xC178	0x81BD
+0xC179	0x81C9
+0xC17A	0x81BE
+0xC17B	0x81E8
+0xC17C	0x8209
+0xC17D	0x8271
+0xC17E	0x85AA
+0xC1A1	0x8584
+0xC1A2	0x857E
+0xC1A3	0x859C
+0xC1A4	0x8591
+0xC1A5	0x8594
+0xC1A6	0x85AF
+0xC1A7	0x859B
+0xC1A8	0x8587
+0xC1A9	0x85A8
+0xC1AA	0x858A
+0xC1AB	0x8667
+0xC1AC	0x87C0
+0xC1AD	0x87D1
+0xC1AE	0x87B3
+0xC1AF	0x87D2
+0xC1B0	0x87C6
+0xC1B1	0x87AB
+0xC1B2	0x87BB
+0xC1B3	0x87BA
+0xC1B4	0x87C8
+0xC1B5	0x87CB
+0xC1B6	0x893B
+0xC1B7	0x8936
+0xC1B8	0x8944
+0xC1B9	0x8938
+0xC1BA	0x893D
+0xC1BB	0x89AC
+0xC1BC	0x8B0E
+0xC1BD	0x8B17
+0xC1BE	0x8B19
+0xC1BF	0x8B1B
+0xC1C0	0x8B0A
+0xC1C1	0x8B20
+0xC1C2	0x8B1D
+0xC1C3	0x8B04
+0xC1C4	0x8B10
+0xC1C5	0x8C41
+0xC1C6	0x8C3F
+0xC1C7	0x8C73
+0xC1C8	0x8CFA
+0xC1C9	0x8CFD
+0xC1CA	0x8CFC
+0xC1CB	0x8CF8
+0xC1CC	0x8CFB
+0xC1CD	0x8DA8
+0xC1CE	0x8E49
+0xC1CF	0x8E4B
+0xC1D0	0x8E48
+0xC1D1	0x8E4A
+0xC1D2	0x8F44
+0xC1D3	0x8F3E
+0xC1D4	0x8F42
+0xC1D5	0x8F45
+0xC1D6	0x8F3F
+0xC1D7	0x907F
+0xC1D8	0x907D
+0xC1D9	0x9084
+0xC1DA	0x9081
+0xC1DB	0x9082
+0xC1DC	0x9080
+0xC1DD	0x9139
+0xC1DE	0x91A3
+0xC1DF	0x919E
+0xC1E0	0x919C
+0xC1E1	0x934D
+0xC1E2	0x9382
+0xC1E3	0x9328
+0xC1E4	0x9375
+0xC1E5	0x934A
+0xC1E6	0x9365
+0xC1E7	0x934B
+0xC1E8	0x9318
+0xC1E9	0x937E
+0xC1EA	0x936C
+0xC1EB	0x935B
+0xC1EC	0x9370
+0xC1ED	0x935A
+0xC1EE	0x9354
+0xC1EF	0x95CA
+0xC1F0	0x95CB
+0xC1F1	0x95CC
+0xC1F2	0x95C8
+0xC1F3	0x95C6
+0xC1F4	0x96B1
+0xC1F5	0x96B8
+0xC1F6	0x96D6
+0xC1F7	0x971C
+0xC1F8	0x971E
+0xC1F9	0x97A0
+0xC1FA	0x97D3
+0xC1FB	0x9846
+0xC1FC	0x98B6
+0xC1FD	0x9935
+0xC1FE	0x9A01
+0xC240	0x99FF
+0xC241	0x9BAE
+0xC242	0x9BAB
+0xC243	0x9BAA
+0xC244	0x9BAD
+0xC245	0x9D3B
+0xC246	0x9D3F
+0xC247	0x9E8B
+0xC248	0x9ECF
+0xC249	0x9EDE
+0xC24A	0x9EDC
+0xC24B	0x9EDD
+0xC24C	0x9EDB
+0xC24D	0x9F3E
+0xC24E	0x9F4B
+0xC24F	0x53E2
+0xC250	0x5695
+0xC251	0x56AE
+0xC252	0x58D9
+0xC253	0x58D8
+0xC254	0x5B38
+0xC255	0x5F5D
+0xC256	0x61E3
+0xC257	0x6233
+0xC258	0x64F4
+0xC259	0x64F2
+0xC25A	0x64FE
+0xC25B	0x6506
+0xC25C	0x64FA
+0xC25D	0x64FB
+0xC25E	0x64F7
+0xC25F	0x65B7
+0xC260	0x66DC
+0xC261	0x6726
+0xC262	0x6AB3
+0xC263	0x6AAC
+0xC264	0x6AC3
+0xC265	0x6ABB
+0xC266	0x6AB8
+0xC267	0x6AC2
+0xC268	0x6AAE
+0xC269	0x6AAF
+0xC26A	0x6B5F
+0xC26B	0x6B78
+0xC26C	0x6BAF
+0xC26D	0x7009
+0xC26E	0x700B
+0xC26F	0x6FFE
+0xC270	0x7006
+0xC271	0x6FFA
+0xC272	0x7011
+0xC273	0x700F
+0xC274	0x71FB
+0xC275	0x71FC
+0xC276	0x71FE
+0xC277	0x71F8
+0xC278	0x7377
+0xC279	0x7375
+0xC27A	0x74A7
+0xC27B	0x74BF
+0xC27C	0x7515
+0xC27D	0x7656
+0xC27E	0x7658
+0xC2A1	0x7652
+0xC2A2	0x77BD
+0xC2A3	0x77BF
+0xC2A4	0x77BB
+0xC2A5	0x77BC
+0xC2A6	0x790E
+0xC2A7	0x79AE
+0xC2A8	0x7A61
+0xC2A9	0x7A62
+0xC2AA	0x7A60
+0xC2AB	0x7AC4
+0xC2AC	0x7AC5
+0xC2AD	0x7C2B
+0xC2AE	0x7C27
+0xC2AF	0x7C2A
+0xC2B0	0x7C1E
+0xC2B1	0x7C23
+0xC2B2	0x7C21
+0xC2B3	0x7CE7
+0xC2B4	0x7E54
+0xC2B5	0x7E55
+0xC2B6	0x7E5E
+0xC2B7	0x7E5A
+0xC2B8	0x7E61
+0xC2B9	0x7E52
+0xC2BA	0x7E59
+0xC2BB	0x7F48
+0xC2BC	0x7FF9
+0xC2BD	0x7FFB
+0xC2BE	0x8077
+0xC2BF	0x8076
+0xC2C0	0x81CD
+0xC2C1	0x81CF
+0xC2C2	0x820A
+0xC2C3	0x85CF
+0xC2C4	0x85A9
+0xC2C5	0x85CD
+0xC2C6	0x85D0
+0xC2C7	0x85C9
+0xC2C8	0x85B0
+0xC2C9	0x85BA
+0xC2CA	0x85B9
+0xC2CB	0x85A6
+0xC2CC	0x87EF
+0xC2CD	0x87EC
+0xC2CE	0x87F2
+0xC2CF	0x87E0
+0xC2D0	0x8986
+0xC2D1	0x89B2
+0xC2D2	0x89F4
+0xC2D3	0x8B28
+0xC2D4	0x8B39
+0xC2D5	0x8B2C
+0xC2D6	0x8B2B
+0xC2D7	0x8C50
+0xC2D8	0x8D05
+0xC2D9	0x8E59
+0xC2DA	0x8E63
+0xC2DB	0x8E66
+0xC2DC	0x8E64
+0xC2DD	0x8E5F
+0xC2DE	0x8E55
+0xC2DF	0x8EC0
+0xC2E0	0x8F49
+0xC2E1	0x8F4D
+0xC2E2	0x9087
+0xC2E3	0x9083
+0xC2E4	0x9088
+0xC2E5	0x91AB
+0xC2E6	0x91AC
+0xC2E7	0x91D0
+0xC2E8	0x9394
+0xC2E9	0x938A
+0xC2EA	0x9396
+0xC2EB	0x93A2
+0xC2EC	0x93B3
+0xC2ED	0x93AE
+0xC2EE	0x93AC
+0xC2EF	0x93B0
+0xC2F0	0x9398
+0xC2F1	0x939A
+0xC2F2	0x9397
+0xC2F3	0x95D4
+0xC2F4	0x95D6
+0xC2F5	0x95D0
+0xC2F6	0x95D5
+0xC2F7	0x96E2
+0xC2F8	0x96DC
+0xC2F9	0x96D9
+0xC2FA	0x96DB
+0xC2FB	0x96DE
+0xC2FC	0x9724
+0xC2FD	0x97A3
+0xC2FE	0x97A6
+0xC340	0x97AD
+0xC341	0x97F9
+0xC342	0x984D
+0xC343	0x984F
+0xC344	0x984C
+0xC345	0x984E
+0xC346	0x9853
+0xC347	0x98BA
+0xC348	0x993E
+0xC349	0x993F
+0xC34A	0x993D
+0xC34B	0x992E
+0xC34C	0x99A5
+0xC34D	0x9A0E
+0xC34E	0x9AC1
+0xC34F	0x9B03
+0xC350	0x9B06
+0xC351	0x9B4F
+0xC352	0x9B4E
+0xC353	0x9B4D
+0xC354	0x9BCA
+0xC355	0x9BC9
+0xC356	0x9BFD
+0xC357	0x9BC8
+0xC358	0x9BC0
+0xC359	0x9D51
+0xC35A	0x9D5D
+0xC35B	0x9D60
+0xC35C	0x9EE0
+0xC35D	0x9F15
+0xC35E	0x9F2C
+0xC35F	0x5133
+0xC360	0x56A5
+0xC361	0x58DE
+0xC362	0x58DF
+0xC363	0x58E2
+0xC364	0x5BF5
+0xC365	0x9F90
+0xC366	0x5EEC
+0xC367	0x61F2
+0xC368	0x61F7
+0xC369	0x61F6
+0xC36A	0x61F5
+0xC36B	0x6500
+0xC36C	0x650F
+0xC36D	0x66E0
+0xC36E	0x66DD
+0xC36F	0x6AE5
+0xC370	0x6ADD
+0xC371	0x6ADA
+0xC372	0x6AD3
+0xC373	0x701B
+0xC374	0x701F
+0xC375	0x7028
+0xC376	0x701A
+0xC377	0x701D
+0xC378	0x7015
+0xC379	0x7018
+0xC37A	0x7206
+0xC37B	0x720D
+0xC37C	0x7258
+0xC37D	0x72A2
+0xC37E	0x7378
+0xC3A1	0x737A
+0xC3A2	0x74BD
+0xC3A3	0x74CA
+0xC3A4	0x74E3
+0xC3A5	0x7587
+0xC3A6	0x7586
+0xC3A7	0x765F
+0xC3A8	0x7661
+0xC3A9	0x77C7
+0xC3AA	0x7919
+0xC3AB	0x79B1
+0xC3AC	0x7A6B
+0xC3AD	0x7A69
+0xC3AE	0x7C3E
+0xC3AF	0x7C3F
+0xC3B0	0x7C38
+0xC3B1	0x7C3D
+0xC3B2	0x7C37
+0xC3B3	0x7C40
+0xC3B4	0x7E6B
+0xC3B5	0x7E6D
+0xC3B6	0x7E79
+0xC3B7	0x7E69
+0xC3B8	0x7E6A
+0xC3B9	0x7F85
+0xC3BA	0x7E73
+0xC3BB	0x7FB6
+0xC3BC	0x7FB9
+0xC3BD	0x7FB8
+0xC3BE	0x81D8
+0xC3BF	0x85E9
+0xC3C0	0x85DD
+0xC3C1	0x85EA
+0xC3C2	0x85D5
+0xC3C3	0x85E4
+0xC3C4	0x85E5
+0xC3C5	0x85F7
+0xC3C6	0x87FB
+0xC3C7	0x8805
+0xC3C8	0x880D
+0xC3C9	0x87F9
+0xC3CA	0x87FE
+0xC3CB	0x8960
+0xC3CC	0x895F
+0xC3CD	0x8956
+0xC3CE	0x895E
+0xC3CF	0x8B41
+0xC3D0	0x8B5C
+0xC3D1	0x8B58
+0xC3D2	0x8B49
+0xC3D3	0x8B5A
+0xC3D4	0x8B4E
+0xC3D5	0x8B4F
+0xC3D6	0x8B46
+0xC3D7	0x8B59
+0xC3D8	0x8D08
+0xC3D9	0x8D0A
+0xC3DA	0x8E7C
+0xC3DB	0x8E72
+0xC3DC	0x8E87
+0xC3DD	0x8E76
+0xC3DE	0x8E6C
+0xC3DF	0x8E7A
+0xC3E0	0x8E74
+0xC3E1	0x8F54
+0xC3E2	0x8F4E
+0xC3E3	0x8FAD
+0xC3E4	0x908A
+0xC3E5	0x908B
+0xC3E6	0x91B1
+0xC3E7	0x91AE
+0xC3E8	0x93E1
+0xC3E9	0x93D1
+0xC3EA	0x93DF
+0xC3EB	0x93C3
+0xC3EC	0x93C8
+0xC3ED	0x93DC
+0xC3EE	0x93DD
+0xC3EF	0x93D6
+0xC3F0	0x93E2
+0xC3F1	0x93CD
+0xC3F2	0x93D8
+0xC3F3	0x93E4
+0xC3F4	0x93D7
+0xC3F5	0x93E8
+0xC3F6	0x95DC
+0xC3F7	0x96B4
+0xC3F8	0x96E3
+0xC3F9	0x972A
+0xC3FA	0x9727
+0xC3FB	0x9761
+0xC3FC	0x97DC
+0xC3FD	0x97FB
+0xC3FE	0x985E
+0xC440	0x9858
+0xC441	0x985B
+0xC442	0x98BC
+0xC443	0x9945
+0xC444	0x9949
+0xC445	0x9A16
+0xC446	0x9A19
+0xC447	0x9B0D
+0xC448	0x9BE8
+0xC449	0x9BE7
+0xC44A	0x9BD6
+0xC44B	0x9BDB
+0xC44C	0x9D89
+0xC44D	0x9D61
+0xC44E	0x9D72
+0xC44F	0x9D6A
+0xC450	0x9D6C
+0xC451	0x9E92
+0xC452	0x9E97
+0xC453	0x9E93
+0xC454	0x9EB4
+0xC455	0x52F8
+0xC456	0x56A8
+0xC457	0x56B7
+0xC458	0x56B6
+0xC459	0x56B4
+0xC45A	0x56BC
+0xC45B	0x58E4
+0xC45C	0x5B40
+0xC45D	0x5B43
+0xC45E	0x5B7D
+0xC45F	0x5BF6
+0xC460	0x5DC9
+0xC461	0x61F8
+0xC462	0x61FA
+0xC463	0x6518
+0xC464	0x6514
+0xC465	0x6519
+0xC466	0x66E6
+0xC467	0x6727
+0xC468	0x6AEC
+0xC469	0x703E
+0xC46A	0x7030
+0xC46B	0x7032
+0xC46C	0x7210
+0xC46D	0x737B
+0xC46E	0x74CF
+0xC46F	0x7662
+0xC470	0x7665
+0xC471	0x7926
+0xC472	0x792A
+0xC473	0x792C
+0xC474	0x792B
+0xC475	0x7AC7
+0xC476	0x7AF6
+0xC477	0x7C4C
+0xC478	0x7C43
+0xC479	0x7C4D
+0xC47A	0x7CEF
+0xC47B	0x7CF0
+0xC47C	0x8FAE
+0xC47D	0x7E7D
+0xC47E	0x7E7C
+0xC4A1	0x7E82
+0xC4A2	0x7F4C
+0xC4A3	0x8000
+0xC4A4	0x81DA
+0xC4A5	0x8266
+0xC4A6	0x85FB
+0xC4A7	0x85F9
+0xC4A8	0x8611
+0xC4A9	0x85FA
+0xC4AA	0x8606
+0xC4AB	0x860B
+0xC4AC	0x8607
+0xC4AD	0x860A
+0xC4AE	0x8814
+0xC4AF	0x8815
+0xC4B0	0x8964
+0xC4B1	0x89BA
+0xC4B2	0x89F8
+0xC4B3	0x8B70
+0xC4B4	0x8B6C
+0xC4B5	0x8B66
+0xC4B6	0x8B6F
+0xC4B7	0x8B5F
+0xC4B8	0x8B6B
+0xC4B9	0x8D0F
+0xC4BA	0x8D0D
+0xC4BB	0x8E89
+0xC4BC	0x8E81
+0xC4BD	0x8E85
+0xC4BE	0x8E82
+0xC4BF	0x91B4
+0xC4C0	0x91CB
+0xC4C1	0x9418
+0xC4C2	0x9403
+0xC4C3	0x93FD
+0xC4C4	0x95E1
+0xC4C5	0x9730
+0xC4C6	0x98C4
+0xC4C7	0x9952
+0xC4C8	0x9951
+0xC4C9	0x99A8
+0xC4CA	0x9A2B
+0xC4CB	0x9A30
+0xC4CC	0x9A37
+0xC4CD	0x9A35
+0xC4CE	0x9C13
+0xC4CF	0x9C0D
+0xC4D0	0x9E79
+0xC4D1	0x9EB5
+0xC4D2	0x9EE8
+0xC4D3	0x9F2F
+0xC4D4	0x9F5F
+0xC4D5	0x9F63
+0xC4D6	0x9F61
+0xC4D7	0x5137
+0xC4D8	0x5138
+0xC4D9	0x56C1
+0xC4DA	0x56C0
+0xC4DB	0x56C2
+0xC4DC	0x5914
+0xC4DD	0x5C6C
+0xC4DE	0x5DCD
+0xC4DF	0x61FC
+0xC4E0	0x61FE
+0xC4E1	0x651D
+0xC4E2	0x651C
+0xC4E3	0x6595
+0xC4E4	0x66E9
+0xC4E5	0x6AFB
+0xC4E6	0x6B04
+0xC4E7	0x6AFA
+0xC4E8	0x6BB2
+0xC4E9	0x704C
+0xC4EA	0x721B
+0xC4EB	0x72A7
+0xC4EC	0x74D6
+0xC4ED	0x74D4
+0xC4EE	0x7669
+0xC4EF	0x77D3
+0xC4F0	0x7C50
+0xC4F1	0x7E8F
+0xC4F2	0x7E8C
+0xC4F3	0x7FBC
+0xC4F4	0x8617
+0xC4F5	0x862D
+0xC4F6	0x861A
+0xC4F7	0x8823
+0xC4F8	0x8822
+0xC4F9	0x8821
+0xC4FA	0x881F
+0xC4FB	0x896A
+0xC4FC	0x896C
+0xC4FD	0x89BD
+0xC4FE	0x8B74
+0xC540	0x8B77
+0xC541	0x8B7D
+0xC542	0x8D13
+0xC543	0x8E8A
+0xC544	0x8E8D
+0xC545	0x8E8B
+0xC546	0x8F5F
+0xC547	0x8FAF
+0xC548	0x91BA
+0xC549	0x942E
+0xC54A	0x9433
+0xC54B	0x9435
+0xC54C	0x943A
+0xC54D	0x9438
+0xC54E	0x9432
+0xC54F	0x942B
+0xC550	0x95E2
+0xC551	0x9738
+0xC552	0x9739
+0xC553	0x9732
+0xC554	0x97FF
+0xC555	0x9867
+0xC556	0x9865
+0xC557	0x9957
+0xC558	0x9A45
+0xC559	0x9A43
+0xC55A	0x9A40
+0xC55B	0x9A3E
+0xC55C	0x9ACF
+0xC55D	0x9B54
+0xC55E	0x9B51
+0xC55F	0x9C2D
+0xC560	0x9C25
+0xC561	0x9DAF
+0xC562	0x9DB4
+0xC563	0x9DC2
+0xC564	0x9DB8
+0xC565	0x9E9D
+0xC566	0x9EEF
+0xC567	0x9F19
+0xC568	0x9F5C
+0xC569	0x9F66
+0xC56A	0x9F67
+0xC56B	0x513C
+0xC56C	0x513B
+0xC56D	0x56C8
+0xC56E	0x56CA
+0xC56F	0x56C9
+0xC570	0x5B7F
+0xC571	0x5DD4
+0xC572	0x5DD2
+0xC573	0x5F4E
+0xC574	0x61FF
+0xC575	0x6524
+0xC576	0x6B0A
+0xC577	0x6B61
+0xC578	0x7051
+0xC579	0x7058
+0xC57A	0x7380
+0xC57B	0x74E4
+0xC57C	0x758A
+0xC57D	0x766E
+0xC57E	0x766C
+0xC5A1	0x79B3
+0xC5A2	0x7C60
+0xC5A3	0x7C5F
+0xC5A4	0x807E
+0xC5A5	0x807D
+0xC5A6	0x81DF
+0xC5A7	0x8972
+0xC5A8	0x896F
+0xC5A9	0x89FC
+0xC5AA	0x8B80
+0xC5AB	0x8D16
+0xC5AC	0x8D17
+0xC5AD	0x8E91
+0xC5AE	0x8E93
+0xC5AF	0x8F61
+0xC5B0	0x9148
+0xC5B1	0x9444
+0xC5B2	0x9451
+0xC5B3	0x9452
+0xC5B4	0x973D
+0xC5B5	0x973E
+0xC5B6	0x97C3
+0xC5B7	0x97C1
+0xC5B8	0x986B
+0xC5B9	0x9955
+0xC5BA	0x9A55
+0xC5BB	0x9A4D
+0xC5BC	0x9AD2
+0xC5BD	0x9B1A
+0xC5BE	0x9C49
+0xC5BF	0x9C31
+0xC5C0	0x9C3E
+0xC5C1	0x9C3B
+0xC5C2	0x9DD3
+0xC5C3	0x9DD7
+0xC5C4	0x9F34
+0xC5C5	0x9F6C
+0xC5C6	0x9F6A
+0xC5C7	0x9F94
+0xC5C8	0x56CC
+0xC5C9	0x5DD6
+0xC5CA	0x6200
+0xC5CB	0x6523
+0xC5CC	0x652B
+0xC5CD	0x652A
+0xC5CE	0x66EC
+0xC5CF	0x6B10
+0xC5D0	0x74DA
+0xC5D1	0x7ACA
+0xC5D2	0x7C64
+0xC5D3	0x7C63
+0xC5D4	0x7C65
+0xC5D5	0x7E93
+0xC5D6	0x7E96
+0xC5D7	0x7E94
+0xC5D8	0x81E2
+0xC5D9	0x8638
+0xC5DA	0x863F
+0xC5DB	0x8831
+0xC5DC	0x8B8A
+0xC5DD	0x9090
+0xC5DE	0x908F
+0xC5DF	0x9463
+0xC5E0	0x9460
+0xC5E1	0x9464
+0xC5E2	0x9768
+0xC5E3	0x986F
+0xC5E4	0x995C
+0xC5E5	0x9A5A
+0xC5E6	0x9A5B
+0xC5E7	0x9A57
+0xC5E8	0x9AD3
+0xC5E9	0x9AD4
+0xC5EA	0x9AD1
+0xC5EB	0x9C54
+0xC5EC	0x9C57
+0xC5ED	0x9C56
+0xC5EE	0x9DE5
+0xC5EF	0x9E9F
+0xC5F0	0x9EF4
+0xC5F1	0x56D1
+0xC5F2	0x58E9
+0xC5F3	0x652C
+0xC5F4	0x705E
+0xC5F5	0x7671
+0xC5F6	0x7672
+0xC5F7	0x77D7
+0xC5F8	0x7F50
+0xC5F9	0x7F88
+0xC5FA	0x8836
+0xC5FB	0x8839
+0xC5FC	0x8862
+0xC5FD	0x8B93
+0xC5FE	0x8B92
+0xC640	0x8B96
+0xC641	0x8277
+0xC642	0x8D1B
+0xC643	0x91C0
+0xC644	0x946A
+0xC645	0x9742
+0xC646	0x9748
+0xC647	0x9744
+0xC648	0x97C6
+0xC649	0x9870
+0xC64A	0x9A5F
+0xC64B	0x9B22
+0xC64C	0x9B58
+0xC64D	0x9C5F
+0xC64E	0x9DF9
+0xC64F	0x9DFA
+0xC650	0x9E7C
+0xC651	0x9E7D
+0xC652	0x9F07
+0xC653	0x9F77
+0xC654	0x9F72
+0xC655	0x5EF3
+0xC656	0x6B16
+0xC657	0x7063
+0xC658	0x7C6C
+0xC659	0x7C6E
+0xC65A	0x883B
+0xC65B	0x89C0
+0xC65C	0x8EA1
+0xC65D	0x91C1
+0xC65E	0x9472
+0xC65F	0x9470
+0xC660	0x9871
+0xC661	0x995E
+0xC662	0x9AD6
+0xC663	0x9B23
+0xC664	0x9ECC
+0xC665	0x7064
+0xC666	0x77DA
+0xC667	0x8B9A
+0xC668	0x9477
+0xC669	0x97C9
+0xC66A	0x9A62
+0xC66B	0x9A65
+0xC66C	0x7E9C
+0xC66D	0x8B9C
+0xC66E	0x8EAA
+0xC66F	0x91C5
+0xC670	0x947D
+0xC671	0x947E
+0xC672	0x947C
+0xC673	0x9C77
+0xC674	0x9C78
+0xC675	0x9EF7
+0xC676	0x8C54
+0xC677	0x947F
+0xC678	0x9E1A
+0xC679	0x7228
+0xC67A	0x9A6A
+0xC67B	0x9B31
+0xC67C	0x9E1B
+0xC67D	0x9E1E
+0xC67E	0x7C72
+0xC6A1	0x2460
+0xC6A2	0x2461
+0xC6A3	0x2462
+0xC6A4	0x2463
+0xC6A5	0x2464
+0xC6A6	0x2465
+0xC6A7	0x2466
+0xC6A8	0x2467
+0xC6A9	0x2468
+0xC6AA	0x2469
+0xC6AB	0x2474
+0xC6AC	0x2475
+0xC6AD	0x2476
+0xC6AE	0x2477
+0xC6AF	0x2478
+0xC6B0	0x2479
+0xC6B1	0x247A
+0xC6B2	0x247B
+0xC6B3	0x247C
+0xC6B4	0x247D
+0xC6B5	0x2170
+0xC6B6	0x2171
+0xC6B7	0x2172
+0xC6B8	0x2173
+0xC6B9	0x2174
+0xC6BA	0x2175
+0xC6BB	0x2176
+0xC6BC	0x2177
+0xC6BD	0x2178
+0xC6BE	0x2179
+0xC6BF	0x4E36
+0xC6C0	0x4E3F
+0xC6C1	0x4E85
+0xC6C2	0x4EA0
+0xC6C3	0x5182
+0xC6C4	0x5196
+0xC6C5	0x51AB
+0xC6C6	0x52F9
+0xC6C7	0x5338
+0xC6C8	0x5369
+0xC6C9	0x53B6
+0xC6CA	0x590A
+0xC6CB	0x5B80
+0xC6CC	0x5DDB
+0xC6CD	0x2F33
+0xC6CE	0x5E7F
+0xC6D0	0x5F50
+0xC6D1	0x5F61
+0xC6D2	0x6534
+0xC6D4	0x7592
+0xC6D6	0x8FB5
+0xC6D8	0x00A8
+0xC6D9	0x02C6
+0xC6DA	0x30FD
+0xC6DB	0x30FE
+0xC6DC	0x309D
+0xC6DD	0x309E
+0xC6E0	0x3005
+0xC6E1	0x3006
+0xC6E2	0x3007
+0xC6E3	0x30FC
+0xC6E4	0xFF3B
+0xC6E5	0xFF3D
+0xC6E6	0x273D
+0xC6E7	0x3041
+0xC6E8	0x3042
+0xC6E9	0x3043
+0xC6EA	0x3044
+0xC6EB	0x3045
+0xC6EC	0x3046
+0xC6ED	0x3047
+0xC6EE	0x3048
+0xC6EF	0x3049
+0xC6F0	0x304A
+0xC6F1	0x304B
+0xC6F2	0x304C
+0xC6F3	0x304D
+0xC6F4	0x304E
+0xC6F5	0x304F
+0xC6F6	0x3050
+0xC6F7	0x3051
+0xC6F8	0x3052
+0xC6F9	0x3053
+0xC6FA	0x3054
+0xC6FB	0x3055
+0xC6FC	0x3056
+0xC6FD	0x3057
+0xC6FE	0x3058
+0xC740	0x3059
+0xC741	0x305A
+0xC742	0x305B
+0xC743	0x305C
+0xC744	0x305D
+0xC745	0x305E
+0xC746	0x305F
+0xC747	0x3060
+0xC748	0x3061
+0xC749	0x3062
+0xC74A	0x3063
+0xC74B	0x3064
+0xC74C	0x3065
+0xC74D	0x3066
+0xC74E	0x3067
+0xC74F	0x3068
+0xC750	0x3069
+0xC751	0x306A
+0xC752	0x306B
+0xC753	0x306C
+0xC754	0x306D
+0xC755	0x306E
+0xC756	0x306F
+0xC757	0x3070
+0xC758	0x3071
+0xC759	0x3072
+0xC75A	0x3073
+0xC75B	0x3074
+0xC75C	0x3075
+0xC75D	0x3076
+0xC75E	0x3077
+0xC75F	0x3078
+0xC760	0x3079
+0xC761	0x307A
+0xC762	0x307B
+0xC763	0x307C
+0xC764	0x307D
+0xC765	0x307E
+0xC766	0x307F
+0xC767	0x3080
+0xC768	0x3081
+0xC769	0x3082
+0xC76A	0x3083
+0xC76B	0x3084
+0xC76C	0x3085
+0xC76D	0x3086
+0xC76E	0x3087
+0xC76F	0x3088
+0xC770	0x3089
+0xC771	0x308A
+0xC772	0x308B
+0xC773	0x308C
+0xC774	0x308D
+0xC775	0x308E
+0xC776	0x308F
+0xC777	0x3090
+0xC778	0x3091
+0xC779	0x3092
+0xC77A	0x3093
+0xC77B	0x30A1
+0xC77C	0x30A2
+0xC77D	0x30A3
+0xC77E	0x30A4
+0xC7A1	0x30A5
+0xC7A2	0x30A6
+0xC7A3	0x30A7
+0xC7A4	0x30A8
+0xC7A5	0x30A9
+0xC7A6	0x30AA
+0xC7A7	0x30AB
+0xC7A8	0x30AC
+0xC7A9	0x30AD
+0xC7AA	0x30AE
+0xC7AB	0x30AF
+0xC7AC	0x30B0
+0xC7AD	0x30B1
+0xC7AE	0x30B2
+0xC7AF	0x30B3
+0xC7B0	0x30B4
+0xC7B1	0x30B5
+0xC7B2	0x30B6
+0xC7B3	0x30B7
+0xC7B4	0x30B8
+0xC7B5	0x30B9
+0xC7B6	0x30BA
+0xC7B7	0x30BB
+0xC7B8	0x30BC
+0xC7B9	0x30BD
+0xC7BA	0x30BE
+0xC7BB	0x30BF
+0xC7BC	0x30C0
+0xC7BD	0x30C1
+0xC7BE	0x30C2
+0xC7BF	0x30C3
+0xC7C0	0x30C4
+0xC7C1	0x30C5
+0xC7C2	0x30C6
+0xC7C3	0x30C7
+0xC7C4	0x30C8
+0xC7C5	0x30C9
+0xC7C6	0x30CA
+0xC7C7	0x30CB
+0xC7C8	0x30CC
+0xC7C9	0x30CD
+0xC7CA	0x30CE
+0xC7CB	0x30CF
+0xC7CC	0x30D0
+0xC7CD	0x30D1
+0xC7CE	0x30D2
+0xC7CF	0x30D3
+0xC7D0	0x30D4
+0xC7D1	0x30D5
+0xC7D2	0x30D6
+0xC7D3	0x30D7
+0xC7D4	0x30D8
+0xC7D5	0x30D9
+0xC7D6	0x30DA
+0xC7D7	0x30DB
+0xC7D8	0x30DC
+0xC7D9	0x30DD
+0xC7DA	0x30DE
+0xC7DB	0x30DF
+0xC7DC	0x30E0
+0xC7DD	0x30E1
+0xC7DE	0x30E2
+0xC7DF	0x30E3
+0xC7E0	0x30E4
+0xC7E1	0x30E5
+0xC7E2	0x30E6
+0xC7E3	0x30E7
+0xC7E4	0x30E8
+0xC7E5	0x30E9
+0xC7E6	0x30EA
+0xC7E7	0x30EB
+0xC7E8	0x30EC
+0xC7E9	0x30ED
+0xC7EA	0x30EE
+0xC7EB	0x30EF
+0xC7EC	0x30F0
+0xC7ED	0x30F1
+0xC7EE	0x30F2
+0xC7EF	0x30F3
+0xC7F0	0x30F4
+0xC7F1	0x30F5
+0xC7F2	0x30F6
+0xC7F3	0x0410
+0xC7F4	0x0411
+0xC7F5	0x0412
+0xC7F6	0x0413
+0xC7F7	0x0414
+0xC7F8	0x0415
+0xC7F9	0x0401
+0xC7FA	0x0416
+0xC7FB	0x0417
+0xC7FC	0x0418
+0xC7FD	0x0419
+0xC7FE	0x041A
+0xC840	0x041B
+0xC841	0x041C
+0xC842	0x041D
+0xC843	0x041E
+0xC844	0x041F
+0xC845	0x0420
+0xC846	0x0421
+0xC847	0x0422
+0xC848	0x0423
+0xC849	0x0424
+0xC84A	0x0425
+0xC84B	0x0426
+0xC84C	0x0427
+0xC84D	0x0428
+0xC84E	0x0429
+0xC84F	0x042A
+0xC850	0x042B
+0xC851	0x042C
+0xC852	0x042D
+0xC853	0x042E
+0xC854	0x042F
+0xC855	0x0430
+0xC856	0x0431
+0xC857	0x0432
+0xC858	0x0433
+0xC859	0x0434
+0xC85A	0x0435
+0xC85B	0x0451
+0xC85C	0x0436
+0xC85D	0x0437
+0xC85E	0x0438
+0xC85F	0x0439
+0xC860	0x043A
+0xC861	0x043B
+0xC862	0x043C
+0xC863	0x043D
+0xC864	0x043E
+0xC865	0x043F
+0xC866	0x0440
+0xC867	0x0441
+0xC868	0x0442
+0xC869	0x0443
+0xC86A	0x0444
+0xC86B	0x0445
+0xC86C	0x0446
+0xC86D	0x0447
+0xC86E	0x0448
+0xC86F	0x0449
+0xC870	0x044A
+0xC871	0x044B
+0xC872	0x044C
+0xC873	0x044D
+0xC874	0x044E
+0xC875	0x044F
+0xC876	0x21E7
+0xC877	0x21B8
+0xC878	0x21B9
+0xC879	0x31CF
+0xC87A	0x200CC
+0xC87B	0x4E5A
+0xC87C	0x2008A
+0xC87D	0x5202
+0xC87E	0x4491
+0xC8A1	0x9FB0
+0xC8A2	0x5188
+0xC8A3	0x9FB1
+0xC8A4	0x27607
+0xC8CD	0xFFE2
+0xC8CE	0xFFE4
+0xC8CF	0xFF07
+0xC8D0	0xFF02
+0xC8D1	0x3231
+0xC8D2	0x2116
+0xC8D3	0x2121
+0xC8D4	0x309B
+0xC8D5	0x309C
+0xC8D6	0x2E80
+0xC8D7	0x2E84
+0xC8D8	0x2E86
+0xC8D9	0x2E87
+0xC8DA	0x2E88
+0xC8DB	0x2E8A
+0xC8DC	0x2E8C
+0xC8DD	0x2E8D
+0xC8DE	0x2E95
+0xC8DF	0x2E9C
+0xC8E0	0x2E9D
+0xC8E1	0x2EA5
+0xC8E2	0x2EA7
+0xC8E3	0x2EAA
+0xC8E4	0x2EAC
+0xC8E5	0x2EAE
+0xC8E6	0x2EB6
+0xC8E7	0x2EBC
+0xC8E8	0x2EBE
+0xC8E9	0x2EC6
+0xC8EA	0x2ECA
+0xC8EB	0x2ECC
+0xC8EC	0x2ECD
+0xC8ED	0x2ECF
+0xC8EE	0x2ED6
+0xC8EF	0x2ED7
+0xC8F0	0x2EDE
+0xC8F1	0x2EE3
+0xC8F5	0x0283
+0xC8F6	0x0250
+0xC8F7	0x025B
+0xC8F8	0x0254
+0xC8F9	0x0275
+0xC8FA	0x0153
+0xC8FB	0x00F8
+0xC8FC	0x014B
+0xC8FD	0x028A
+0xC8FE	0x026A
+0xC940	0x4E42
+0xC941	0x4E5C
+0xC942	0x51F5
+0xC943	0x531A
+0xC944	0x5382
+0xC945	0x4E07
+0xC946	0x4E0C
+0xC947	0x4E47
+0xC948	0x4E8D
+0xC949	0x56D7
+0xC94A	0xFA0C
+0xC94B	0x5C6E
+0xC94C	0x5F73
+0xC94D	0x4E0F
+0xC94E	0x5187
+0xC94F	0x4E0E
+0xC950	0x4E2E
+0xC951	0x4E93
+0xC952	0x4EC2
+0xC953	0x4EC9
+0xC954	0x4EC8
+0xC955	0x5198
+0xC956	0x52FC
+0xC957	0x536C
+0xC958	0x53B9
+0xC959	0x5720
+0xC95A	0x5903
+0xC95B	0x592C
+0xC95C	0x5C10
+0xC95D	0x5DFF
+0xC95E	0x65E1
+0xC95F	0x6BB3
+0xC960	0x6BCC
+0xC961	0x6C14
+0xC962	0x723F
+0xC963	0x4E31
+0xC964	0x4E3C
+0xC965	0x4EE8
+0xC966	0x4EDC
+0xC967	0x4EE9
+0xC968	0x4EE1
+0xC969	0x4EDD
+0xC96A	0x4EDA
+0xC96B	0x520C
+0xC96C	0x531C
+0xC96D	0x534C
+0xC96E	0x5722
+0xC96F	0x5723
+0xC970	0x5917
+0xC971	0x592F
+0xC972	0x5B81
+0xC973	0x5B84
+0xC974	0x5C12
+0xC975	0x5C3B
+0xC976	0x5C74
+0xC977	0x5C73
+0xC978	0x5E04
+0xC979	0x5E80
+0xC97A	0x5E82
+0xC97B	0x5FC9
+0xC97C	0x6209
+0xC97D	0x6250
+0xC97E	0x6C15
+0xC9A1	0x6C36
+0xC9A2	0x6C43
+0xC9A3	0x6C3F
+0xC9A4	0x6C3B
+0xC9A5	0x72AE
+0xC9A6	0x72B0
+0xC9A7	0x738A
+0xC9A8	0x79B8
+0xC9A9	0x808A
+0xC9AA	0x961E
+0xC9AB	0x4F0E
+0xC9AC	0x4F18
+0xC9AD	0x4F2C
+0xC9AE	0x4EF5
+0xC9AF	0x4F14
+0xC9B0	0x4EF1
+0xC9B1	0x4F00
+0xC9B2	0x4EF7
+0xC9B3	0x4F08
+0xC9B4	0x4F1D
+0xC9B5	0x4F02
+0xC9B6	0x4F05
+0xC9B7	0x4F22
+0xC9B8	0x4F13
+0xC9B9	0x4F04
+0xC9BA	0x4EF4
+0xC9BB	0x4F12
+0xC9BC	0x51B1
+0xC9BD	0x5213
+0xC9BE	0x5209
+0xC9BF	0x5210
+0xC9C0	0x52A6
+0xC9C1	0x5322
+0xC9C2	0x531F
+0xC9C3	0x534D
+0xC9C4	0x538A
+0xC9C5	0x5407
+0xC9C6	0x56E1
+0xC9C7	0x56DF
+0xC9C8	0x572E
+0xC9C9	0x572A
+0xC9CA	0x5734
+0xC9CB	0x593C
+0xC9CC	0x5980
+0xC9CD	0x597C
+0xC9CE	0x5985
+0xC9CF	0x597B
+0xC9D0	0x597E
+0xC9D1	0x5977
+0xC9D2	0x597F
+0xC9D3	0x5B56
+0xC9D4	0x5C15
+0xC9D5	0x5C25
+0xC9D6	0x5C7C
+0xC9D7	0x5C7A
+0xC9D8	0x5C7B
+0xC9D9	0x5C7E
+0xC9DA	0x5DDF
+0xC9DB	0x5E75
+0xC9DC	0x5E84
+0xC9DD	0x5F02
+0xC9DE	0x5F1A
+0xC9DF	0x5F74
+0xC9E0	0x5FD5
+0xC9E1	0x5FD4
+0xC9E2	0x5FCF
+0xC9E3	0x625C
+0xC9E4	0x625E
+0xC9E5	0x6264
+0xC9E6	0x6261
+0xC9E7	0x6266
+0xC9E8	0x6262
+0xC9E9	0x6259
+0xC9EA	0x6260
+0xC9EB	0x625A
+0xC9EC	0x6265
+0xC9ED	0x65EF
+0xC9EE	0x65EE
+0xC9EF	0x673E
+0xC9F0	0x6739
+0xC9F1	0x6738
+0xC9F2	0x673B
+0xC9F3	0x673A
+0xC9F4	0x673F
+0xC9F5	0x673C
+0xC9F6	0x6733
+0xC9F7	0x6C18
+0xC9F8	0x6C46
+0xC9F9	0x6C52
+0xC9FA	0x6C5C
+0xC9FB	0x6C4F
+0xC9FC	0x6C4A
+0xC9FD	0x6C54
+0xC9FE	0x6C4B
+0xCA40	0x6C4C
+0xCA41	0x7071
+0xCA42	0x725E
+0xCA43	0x72B4
+0xCA44	0x72B5
+0xCA45	0x738E
+0xCA46	0x752A
+0xCA47	0x767F
+0xCA48	0x7A75
+0xCA49	0x7F51
+0xCA4A	0x8278
+0xCA4B	0x827C
+0xCA4C	0x8280
+0xCA4D	0x827D
+0xCA4E	0x827F
+0xCA4F	0x864D
+0xCA50	0x897E
+0xCA51	0x9099
+0xCA52	0x9097
+0xCA53	0x9098
+0xCA54	0x909B
+0xCA55	0x9094
+0xCA56	0x9622
+0xCA57	0x9624
+0xCA58	0x9620
+0xCA59	0x9623
+0xCA5A	0x4F56
+0xCA5B	0x4F3B
+0xCA5C	0x4F62
+0xCA5D	0x4F49
+0xCA5E	0x4F53
+0xCA5F	0x4F64
+0xCA60	0x4F3E
+0xCA61	0x4F67
+0xCA62	0x4F52
+0xCA63	0x4F5F
+0xCA64	0x4F41
+0xCA65	0x4F58
+0xCA66	0x4F2D
+0xCA67	0x4F33
+0xCA68	0x4F3F
+0xCA69	0x4F61
+0xCA6A	0x518F
+0xCA6B	0x51B9
+0xCA6C	0x521C
+0xCA6D	0x521E
+0xCA6E	0x5221
+0xCA6F	0x52AD
+0xCA70	0x52AE
+0xCA71	0x5309
+0xCA72	0x5363
+0xCA73	0x5372
+0xCA74	0x538E
+0xCA75	0x538F
+0xCA76	0x5430
+0xCA77	0x5437
+0xCA78	0x542A
+0xCA79	0x5454
+0xCA7A	0x5445
+0xCA7B	0x5419
+0xCA7C	0x541C
+0xCA7D	0x5425
+0xCA7E	0x5418
+0xCAA1	0x543D
+0xCAA2	0x544F
+0xCAA3	0x5441
+0xCAA4	0x5428
+0xCAA5	0x5424
+0xCAA6	0x5447
+0xCAA7	0x56EE
+0xCAA8	0x56E7
+0xCAA9	0x56E5
+0xCAAA	0x5741
+0xCAAB	0x5745
+0xCAAC	0x574C
+0xCAAD	0x5749
+0xCAAE	0x574B
+0xCAAF	0x5752
+0xCAB0	0x5906
+0xCAB1	0x5940
+0xCAB2	0x59A6
+0xCAB3	0x5998
+0xCAB4	0x59A0
+0xCAB5	0x5997
+0xCAB6	0x598E
+0xCAB7	0x59A2
+0xCAB8	0x5990
+0xCAB9	0x598F
+0xCABA	0x59A7
+0xCABB	0x59A1
+0xCABC	0x5B8E
+0xCABD	0x5B92
+0xCABE	0x5C28
+0xCABF	0x5C2A
+0xCAC0	0x5C8D
+0xCAC1	0x5C8F
+0xCAC2	0x5C88
+0xCAC3	0x5C8B
+0xCAC4	0x5C89
+0xCAC5	0x5C92
+0xCAC6	0x5C8A
+0xCAC7	0x5C86
+0xCAC8	0x5C93
+0xCAC9	0x5C95
+0xCACA	0x5DE0
+0xCACB	0x5E0A
+0xCACC	0x5E0E
+0xCACD	0x5E8B
+0xCACE	0x5E89
+0xCACF	0x5E8C
+0xCAD0	0x5E88
+0xCAD1	0x5E8D
+0xCAD2	0x5F05
+0xCAD3	0x5F1D
+0xCAD4	0x5F78
+0xCAD5	0x5F76
+0xCAD6	0x5FD2
+0xCAD7	0x5FD1
+0xCAD8	0x5FD0
+0xCAD9	0x5FED
+0xCADA	0x5FE8
+0xCADB	0x5FEE
+0xCADC	0x5FF3
+0xCADD	0x5FE1
+0xCADE	0x5FE4
+0xCADF	0x5FE3
+0xCAE0	0x5FFA
+0xCAE1	0x5FEF
+0xCAE2	0x5FF7
+0xCAE3	0x5FFB
+0xCAE4	0x6000
+0xCAE5	0x5FF4
+0xCAE6	0x623A
+0xCAE7	0x6283
+0xCAE8	0x628C
+0xCAE9	0x628E
+0xCAEA	0x628F
+0xCAEB	0x6294
+0xCAEC	0x6287
+0xCAED	0x6271
+0xCAEE	0x627B
+0xCAEF	0x627A
+0xCAF0	0x6270
+0xCAF1	0x6281
+0xCAF2	0x6288
+0xCAF3	0x6277
+0xCAF4	0x627D
+0xCAF5	0x6272
+0xCAF6	0x6274
+0xCAF7	0x6537
+0xCAF8	0x65F0
+0xCAF9	0x65F4
+0xCAFA	0x65F3
+0xCAFB	0x65F2
+0xCAFC	0x65F5
+0xCAFD	0x6745
+0xCAFE	0x6747
+0xCB40	0x6759
+0xCB41	0x6755
+0xCB42	0x674C
+0xCB43	0x6748
+0xCB44	0x675D
+0xCB45	0x674D
+0xCB46	0x675A
+0xCB47	0x674B
+0xCB48	0x6BD0
+0xCB49	0x6C19
+0xCB4A	0x6C1A
+0xCB4B	0x6C78
+0xCB4C	0x6C67
+0xCB4D	0x6C6B
+0xCB4E	0x6C84
+0xCB4F	0x6C8B
+0xCB50	0x6C8F
+0xCB51	0x6C71
+0xCB52	0x6C6F
+0xCB53	0x6C69
+0xCB54	0x6C9A
+0xCB55	0x6C6D
+0xCB56	0x6C87
+0xCB57	0x6C95
+0xCB58	0x6C9C
+0xCB59	0x6C66
+0xCB5A	0x6C73
+0xCB5B	0x6C65
+0xCB5C	0x6C7B
+0xCB5D	0x6C8E
+0xCB5E	0x7074
+0xCB5F	0x707A
+0xCB60	0x7263
+0xCB61	0x72BF
+0xCB62	0x72BD
+0xCB63	0x72C3
+0xCB64	0x72C6
+0xCB65	0x72C1
+0xCB66	0x72BA
+0xCB67	0x72C5
+0xCB68	0x7395
+0xCB69	0x7397
+0xCB6A	0x7393
+0xCB6B	0x7394
+0xCB6C	0x7392
+0xCB6D	0x753A
+0xCB6E	0x7539
+0xCB6F	0x7594
+0xCB70	0x7595
+0xCB71	0x7681
+0xCB72	0x793D
+0xCB73	0x8034
+0xCB74	0x8095
+0xCB75	0x8099
+0xCB76	0x8090
+0xCB77	0x8092
+0xCB78	0x809C
+0xCB79	0x8290
+0xCB7A	0x828F
+0xCB7B	0x8285
+0xCB7C	0x828E
+0xCB7D	0x8291
+0xCB7E	0x8293
+0xCBA1	0x828A
+0xCBA2	0x8283
+0xCBA3	0x8284
+0xCBA4	0x8C78
+0xCBA5	0x8FC9
+0xCBA6	0x8FBF
+0xCBA7	0x909F
+0xCBA8	0x90A1
+0xCBA9	0x90A5
+0xCBAA	0x909E
+0xCBAB	0x90A7
+0xCBAC	0x90A0
+0xCBAD	0x9630
+0xCBAE	0x9628
+0xCBAF	0x962F
+0xCBB0	0x962D
+0xCBB1	0x4E33
+0xCBB2	0x4F98
+0xCBB3	0x4F7C
+0xCBB4	0x4F85
+0xCBB5	0x4F7D
+0xCBB6	0x4F80
+0xCBB7	0x4F87
+0xCBB8	0x4F76
+0xCBB9	0x4F74
+0xCBBA	0x4F89
+0xCBBB	0x4F84
+0xCBBC	0x4F77
+0xCBBD	0x4F4C
+0xCBBE	0x4F97
+0xCBBF	0x4F6A
+0xCBC0	0x4F9A
+0xCBC1	0x4F79
+0xCBC2	0x4F81
+0xCBC3	0x4F78
+0xCBC4	0x4F90
+0xCBC5	0x4F9C
+0xCBC6	0x4F94
+0xCBC7	0x4F9E
+0xCBC8	0x4F92
+0xCBC9	0x4F82
+0xCBCA	0x4F95
+0xCBCB	0x4F6B
+0xCBCC	0x4F6E
+0xCBCD	0x519E
+0xCBCE	0x51BC
+0xCBCF	0x51BE
+0xCBD0	0x5235
+0xCBD1	0x5232
+0xCBD2	0x5233
+0xCBD3	0x5246
+0xCBD4	0x5231
+0xCBD5	0x52BC
+0xCBD6	0x530A
+0xCBD7	0x530B
+0xCBD8	0x533C
+0xCBD9	0x5392
+0xCBDA	0x5394
+0xCBDB	0x5487
+0xCBDC	0x547F
+0xCBDD	0x5481
+0xCBDE	0x5491
+0xCBDF	0x5482
+0xCBE0	0x5488
+0xCBE1	0x546B
+0xCBE2	0x547A
+0xCBE3	0x547E
+0xCBE4	0x5465
+0xCBE5	0x546C
+0xCBE6	0x5474
+0xCBE7	0x5466
+0xCBE8	0x548D
+0xCBE9	0x546F
+0xCBEA	0x5461
+0xCBEB	0x5460
+0xCBEC	0x5498
+0xCBED	0x5463
+0xCBEE	0x5467
+0xCBEF	0x5464
+0xCBF0	0x56F7
+0xCBF1	0x56F9
+0xCBF2	0x576F
+0xCBF3	0x5772
+0xCBF4	0x576D
+0xCBF5	0x576B
+0xCBF6	0x5771
+0xCBF7	0x5770
+0xCBF8	0x5776
+0xCBF9	0x5780
+0xCBFA	0x5775
+0xCBFB	0x577B
+0xCBFC	0x5773
+0xCBFD	0x5774
+0xCBFE	0x5762
+0xCC40	0x5768
+0xCC41	0x577D
+0xCC42	0x590C
+0xCC43	0x5945
+0xCC44	0x59B5
+0xCC45	0x59BA
+0xCC46	0x59CF
+0xCC47	0x59CE
+0xCC48	0x59B2
+0xCC49	0x59CC
+0xCC4A	0x59C1
+0xCC4B	0x59B6
+0xCC4C	0x59BC
+0xCC4D	0x59C3
+0xCC4E	0x59D6
+0xCC4F	0x59B1
+0xCC50	0x59BD
+0xCC51	0x59C0
+0xCC52	0x59C8
+0xCC53	0x59B4
+0xCC54	0x59C7
+0xCC55	0x5B62
+0xCC56	0x5B65
+0xCC57	0x5B93
+0xCC58	0x5B95
+0xCC59	0x5C44
+0xCC5A	0x5C47
+0xCC5B	0x5CAE
+0xCC5C	0x5CA4
+0xCC5D	0x5CA0
+0xCC5E	0x5CB5
+0xCC5F	0x5CAF
+0xCC60	0x5CA8
+0xCC61	0x5CAC
+0xCC62	0x5C9F
+0xCC63	0x5CA3
+0xCC64	0x5CAD
+0xCC65	0x5CA2
+0xCC66	0x5CAA
+0xCC67	0x5CA7
+0xCC68	0x5C9D
+0xCC69	0x5CA5
+0xCC6A	0x5CB6
+0xCC6B	0x5CB0
+0xCC6C	0x5CA6
+0xCC6D	0x5E17
+0xCC6E	0x5E14
+0xCC6F	0x5E19
+0xCC70	0x5F28
+0xCC71	0x5F22
+0xCC72	0x5F23
+0xCC73	0x5F24
+0xCC74	0x5F54
+0xCC75	0x5F82
+0xCC76	0x5F7E
+0xCC77	0x5F7D
+0xCC78	0x5FDE
+0xCC79	0x5FE5
+0xCC7A	0x602D
+0xCC7B	0x6026
+0xCC7C	0x6019
+0xCC7D	0x6032
+0xCC7E	0x600B
+0xCCA1	0x6034
+0xCCA2	0x600A
+0xCCA3	0x6017
+0xCCA4	0x6033
+0xCCA5	0x601A
+0xCCA6	0x601E
+0xCCA7	0x602C
+0xCCA8	0x6022
+0xCCA9	0x600D
+0xCCAA	0x6010
+0xCCAB	0x602E
+0xCCAC	0x6013
+0xCCAD	0x6011
+0xCCAE	0x600C
+0xCCAF	0x6009
+0xCCB0	0x601C
+0xCCB1	0x6214
+0xCCB2	0x623D
+0xCCB3	0x62AD
+0xCCB4	0x62B4
+0xCCB5	0x62D1
+0xCCB6	0x62BE
+0xCCB7	0x62AA
+0xCCB8	0x62B6
+0xCCB9	0x62CA
+0xCCBA	0x62AE
+0xCCBB	0x62B3
+0xCCBC	0x62AF
+0xCCBD	0x62BB
+0xCCBE	0x62A9
+0xCCBF	0x62B0
+0xCCC0	0x62B8
+0xCCC1	0x653D
+0xCCC2	0x65A8
+0xCCC3	0x65BB
+0xCCC4	0x6609
+0xCCC5	0x65FC
+0xCCC6	0x6604
+0xCCC7	0x6612
+0xCCC8	0x6608
+0xCCC9	0x65FB
+0xCCCA	0x6603
+0xCCCB	0x660B
+0xCCCC	0x660D
+0xCCCD	0x6605
+0xCCCE	0x65FD
+0xCCCF	0x6611
+0xCCD0	0x6610
+0xCCD1	0x66F6
+0xCCD2	0x670A
+0xCCD3	0x6785
+0xCCD4	0x676C
+0xCCD5	0x678E
+0xCCD6	0x6792
+0xCCD7	0x6776
+0xCCD8	0x677B
+0xCCD9	0x6798
+0xCCDA	0x6786
+0xCCDB	0x6784
+0xCCDC	0x6774
+0xCCDD	0x678D
+0xCCDE	0x678C
+0xCCDF	0x677A
+0xCCE0	0x679F
+0xCCE1	0x6791
+0xCCE2	0x6799
+0xCCE3	0x6783
+0xCCE4	0x677D
+0xCCE5	0x6781
+0xCCE6	0x6778
+0xCCE7	0x6779
+0xCCE8	0x6794
+0xCCE9	0x6B25
+0xCCEA	0x6B80
+0xCCEB	0x6B7E
+0xCCEC	0x6BDE
+0xCCED	0x6C1D
+0xCCEE	0x6C93
+0xCCEF	0x6CEC
+0xCCF0	0x6CEB
+0xCCF1	0x6CEE
+0xCCF2	0x6CD9
+0xCCF3	0x6CB6
+0xCCF4	0x6CD4
+0xCCF5	0x6CAD
+0xCCF6	0x6CE7
+0xCCF7	0x6CB7
+0xCCF8	0x6CD0
+0xCCF9	0x6CC2
+0xCCFA	0x6CBA
+0xCCFB	0x6CC3
+0xCCFC	0x6CC6
+0xCCFD	0x6CED
+0xCCFE	0x6CF2
+0xCD40	0x6CD2
+0xCD41	0x6CDD
+0xCD42	0x6CB4
+0xCD43	0x6C8A
+0xCD44	0x6C9D
+0xCD45	0x6C80
+0xCD46	0x6CDE
+0xCD47	0x6CC0
+0xCD48	0x6D30
+0xCD49	0x6CCD
+0xCD4A	0x6CC7
+0xCD4B	0x6CB0
+0xCD4C	0x6CF9
+0xCD4D	0x6CCF
+0xCD4E	0x6CE9
+0xCD4F	0x6CD1
+0xCD50	0x7094
+0xCD51	0x7098
+0xCD52	0x7085
+0xCD53	0x7093
+0xCD54	0x7086
+0xCD55	0x7084
+0xCD56	0x7091
+0xCD57	0x7096
+0xCD58	0x7082
+0xCD59	0x709A
+0xCD5A	0x7083
+0xCD5B	0x726A
+0xCD5C	0x72D6
+0xCD5D	0x72CB
+0xCD5E	0x72D8
+0xCD5F	0x72C9
+0xCD60	0x72DC
+0xCD61	0x72D2
+0xCD62	0x72D4
+0xCD63	0x72DA
+0xCD64	0x72CC
+0xCD65	0x72D1
+0xCD66	0x73A4
+0xCD67	0x73A1
+0xCD68	0x73AD
+0xCD69	0x73A6
+0xCD6A	0x73A2
+0xCD6B	0x73A0
+0xCD6C	0x73AC
+0xCD6D	0x739D
+0xCD6E	0x74DD
+0xCD6F	0x74E8
+0xCD70	0x753F
+0xCD71	0x7540
+0xCD72	0x753E
+0xCD73	0x758C
+0xCD74	0x7598
+0xCD75	0x76AF
+0xCD76	0x76F3
+0xCD77	0x76F1
+0xCD78	0x76F0
+0xCD79	0x76F5
+0xCD7A	0x77F8
+0xCD7B	0x77FC
+0xCD7C	0x77F9
+0xCD7D	0x77FB
+0xCD7E	0x77FA
+0xCDA1	0x77F7
+0xCDA2	0x7942
+0xCDA3	0x793F
+0xCDA4	0x79C5
+0xCDA5	0x7A78
+0xCDA6	0x7A7B
+0xCDA7	0x7AFB
+0xCDA8	0x7C75
+0xCDA9	0x7CFD
+0xCDAA	0x8035
+0xCDAB	0x808F
+0xCDAC	0x80AE
+0xCDAD	0x80A3
+0xCDAE	0x80B8
+0xCDAF	0x80B5
+0xCDB0	0x80AD
+0xCDB1	0x8220
+0xCDB2	0x82A0
+0xCDB3	0x82C0
+0xCDB4	0x82AB
+0xCDB5	0x829A
+0xCDB6	0x8298
+0xCDB7	0x829B
+0xCDB8	0x82B5
+0xCDB9	0x82A7
+0xCDBA	0x82AE
+0xCDBB	0x82BC
+0xCDBC	0x829E
+0xCDBD	0x82BA
+0xCDBE	0x82B4
+0xCDBF	0x82A8
+0xCDC0	0x82A1
+0xCDC1	0x82A9
+0xCDC2	0x82C2
+0xCDC3	0x82A4
+0xCDC4	0x82C3
+0xCDC5	0x82B6
+0xCDC6	0x82A2
+0xCDC7	0x8670
+0xCDC8	0x866F
+0xCDC9	0x866D
+0xCDCA	0x866E
+0xCDCB	0x8C56
+0xCDCC	0x8FD2
+0xCDCD	0x8FCB
+0xCDCE	0x8FD3
+0xCDCF	0x8FCD
+0xCDD0	0x8FD6
+0xCDD1	0x8FD5
+0xCDD2	0x8FD7
+0xCDD3	0x90B2
+0xCDD4	0x90B4
+0xCDD5	0x90AF
+0xCDD6	0x90B3
+0xCDD7	0x90B0
+0xCDD8	0x9639
+0xCDD9	0x963D
+0xCDDA	0x963C
+0xCDDB	0x963A
+0xCDDC	0x9643
+0xCDDD	0x4FCD
+0xCDDE	0x4FC5
+0xCDDF	0x4FD3
+0xCDE0	0x4FB2
+0xCDE1	0x4FC9
+0xCDE2	0x4FCB
+0xCDE3	0x4FC1
+0xCDE4	0x4FD4
+0xCDE5	0x4FDC
+0xCDE6	0x4FD9
+0xCDE7	0x4FBB
+0xCDE8	0x4FB3
+0xCDE9	0x4FDB
+0xCDEA	0x4FC7
+0xCDEB	0x4FD6
+0xCDEC	0x4FBA
+0xCDED	0x4FC0
+0xCDEE	0x4FB9
+0xCDEF	0x4FEC
+0xCDF0	0x5244
+0xCDF1	0x5249
+0xCDF2	0x52C0
+0xCDF3	0x52C2
+0xCDF4	0x533D
+0xCDF5	0x537C
+0xCDF6	0x5397
+0xCDF7	0x5396
+0xCDF8	0x5399
+0xCDF9	0x5398
+0xCDFA	0x54BA
+0xCDFB	0x54A1
+0xCDFC	0x54AD
+0xCDFD	0x54A5
+0xCDFE	0x54CF
+0xCE40	0x54C3
+0xCE41	0x830D
+0xCE42	0x54B7
+0xCE43	0x54AE
+0xCE44	0x54D6
+0xCE45	0x54B6
+0xCE46	0x54C5
+0xCE47	0x54C6
+0xCE48	0x54A0
+0xCE49	0x5470
+0xCE4A	0x54BC
+0xCE4B	0x54A2
+0xCE4C	0x54BE
+0xCE4D	0x5472
+0xCE4E	0x54DE
+0xCE4F	0x54B0
+0xCE50	0x57B5
+0xCE51	0x579E
+0xCE52	0x579F
+0xCE53	0x57A4
+0xCE54	0x578C
+0xCE55	0x5797
+0xCE56	0x579D
+0xCE57	0x579B
+0xCE58	0x5794
+0xCE59	0x5798
+0xCE5A	0x578F
+0xCE5B	0x5799
+0xCE5C	0x57A5
+0xCE5D	0x579A
+0xCE5E	0x5795
+0xCE5F	0x58F4
+0xCE60	0x590D
+0xCE61	0x5953
+0xCE62	0x59E1
+0xCE63	0x59DE
+0xCE64	0x59EE
+0xCE65	0x5A00
+0xCE66	0x59F1
+0xCE67	0x59DD
+0xCE68	0x59FA
+0xCE69	0x59FD
+0xCE6A	0x59FC
+0xCE6B	0x59F6
+0xCE6C	0x59E4
+0xCE6D	0x59F2
+0xCE6E	0x59F7
+0xCE6F	0x59DB
+0xCE70	0x59E9
+0xCE71	0x59F3
+0xCE72	0x59F5
+0xCE73	0x59E0
+0xCE74	0x59FE
+0xCE75	0x59F4
+0xCE76	0x59ED
+0xCE77	0x5BA8
+0xCE78	0x5C4C
+0xCE79	0x5CD0
+0xCE7A	0x5CD8
+0xCE7B	0x5CCC
+0xCE7C	0x5CD7
+0xCE7D	0x5CCB
+0xCE7E	0x5CDB
+0xCEA1	0x5CDE
+0xCEA2	0x5CDA
+0xCEA3	0x5CC9
+0xCEA4	0x5CC7
+0xCEA5	0x5CCA
+0xCEA6	0x5CD6
+0xCEA7	0x5CD3
+0xCEA8	0x5CD4
+0xCEA9	0x5CCF
+0xCEAA	0x5CC8
+0xCEAB	0x5CC6
+0xCEAC	0x5CCE
+0xCEAD	0x5CDF
+0xCEAE	0x5CF8
+0xCEAF	0x5DF9
+0xCEB0	0x5E21
+0xCEB1	0x5E22
+0xCEB2	0x5E23
+0xCEB3	0x5E20
+0xCEB4	0x5E24
+0xCEB5	0x5EB0
+0xCEB6	0x5EA4
+0xCEB7	0x5EA2
+0xCEB8	0x5E9B
+0xCEB9	0x5EA3
+0xCEBA	0x5EA5
+0xCEBB	0x5F07
+0xCEBC	0x5F2E
+0xCEBD	0x5F56
+0xCEBE	0x5F86
+0xCEBF	0x6037
+0xCEC0	0x6039
+0xCEC1	0x6054
+0xCEC2	0x6072
+0xCEC3	0x605E
+0xCEC4	0x6045
+0xCEC5	0x6053
+0xCEC6	0x6047
+0xCEC7	0x6049
+0xCEC8	0x605B
+0xCEC9	0x604C
+0xCECA	0x6040
+0xCECB	0x6042
+0xCECC	0x605F
+0xCECD	0x6024
+0xCECE	0x6044
+0xCECF	0x6058
+0xCED0	0x6066
+0xCED1	0x606E
+0xCED2	0x6242
+0xCED3	0x6243
+0xCED4	0x62CF
+0xCED5	0x630D
+0xCED6	0x630B
+0xCED7	0x62F5
+0xCED8	0x630E
+0xCED9	0x6303
+0xCEDA	0x62EB
+0xCEDB	0x62F9
+0xCEDC	0x630F
+0xCEDD	0x630C
+0xCEDE	0x62F8
+0xCEDF	0x62F6
+0xCEE0	0x6300
+0xCEE1	0x6313
+0xCEE2	0x6314
+0xCEE3	0x62FA
+0xCEE4	0x6315
+0xCEE5	0x62FB
+0xCEE6	0x62F0
+0xCEE7	0x6541
+0xCEE8	0x6543
+0xCEE9	0x65AA
+0xCEEA	0x65BF
+0xCEEB	0x6636
+0xCEEC	0x6621
+0xCEED	0x6632
+0xCEEE	0x6635
+0xCEEF	0x661C
+0xCEF0	0x6626
+0xCEF1	0x6622
+0xCEF2	0x6633
+0xCEF3	0x662B
+0xCEF4	0x663A
+0xCEF5	0x661D
+0xCEF6	0x6634
+0xCEF7	0x6639
+0xCEF8	0x662E
+0xCEF9	0x670F
+0xCEFA	0x6710
+0xCEFB	0x67C1
+0xCEFC	0x67F2
+0xCEFD	0x67C8
+0xCEFE	0x67BA
+0xCF40	0x67DC
+0xCF41	0x67BB
+0xCF42	0x67F8
+0xCF43	0x67D8
+0xCF44	0x67C0
+0xCF45	0x67B7
+0xCF46	0x67C5
+0xCF47	0x67EB
+0xCF48	0x67E4
+0xCF49	0x67DF
+0xCF4A	0x67B5
+0xCF4B	0x67CD
+0xCF4C	0x67B3
+0xCF4D	0x67F7
+0xCF4E	0x67F6
+0xCF4F	0x67EE
+0xCF50	0x67E3
+0xCF51	0x67C2
+0xCF52	0x67B9
+0xCF53	0x67CE
+0xCF54	0x67E7
+0xCF55	0x67F0
+0xCF56	0x67B2
+0xCF57	0x67FC
+0xCF58	0x67C6
+0xCF59	0x67ED
+0xCF5A	0x67CC
+0xCF5B	0x67AE
+0xCF5C	0x67E6
+0xCF5D	0x67DB
+0xCF5E	0x67FA
+0xCF5F	0x67C9
+0xCF60	0x67CA
+0xCF61	0x67C3
+0xCF62	0x67EA
+0xCF63	0x67CB
+0xCF64	0x6B28
+0xCF65	0x6B82
+0xCF66	0x6B84
+0xCF67	0x6BB6
+0xCF68	0x6BD6
+0xCF69	0x6BD8
+0xCF6A	0x6BE0
+0xCF6B	0x6C20
+0xCF6C	0x6C21
+0xCF6D	0x6D28
+0xCF6E	0x6D34
+0xCF6F	0x6D2D
+0xCF70	0x6D1F
+0xCF71	0x6D3C
+0xCF72	0x6D3F
+0xCF73	0x6D12
+0xCF74	0x6D0A
+0xCF75	0x6CDA
+0xCF76	0x6D33
+0xCF77	0x6D04
+0xCF78	0x6D19
+0xCF79	0x6D3A
+0xCF7A	0x6D1A
+0xCF7B	0x6D11
+0xCF7C	0x6D00
+0xCF7D	0x6D1D
+0xCF7E	0x6D42
+0xCFA1	0x6D01
+0xCFA2	0x6D18
+0xCFA3	0x6D37
+0xCFA4	0x6D03
+0xCFA5	0x6D0F
+0xCFA6	0x6D40
+0xCFA7	0x6D07
+0xCFA8	0x6D20
+0xCFA9	0x6D2C
+0xCFAA	0x6D08
+0xCFAB	0x6D22
+0xCFAC	0x6D09
+0xCFAD	0x6D10
+0xCFAE	0x70B7
+0xCFAF	0x709F
+0xCFB0	0x70BE
+0xCFB1	0x70B1
+0xCFB2	0x70B0
+0xCFB3	0x70A1
+0xCFB4	0x70B4
+0xCFB5	0x70B5
+0xCFB6	0x70A9
+0xCFB7	0x7241
+0xCFB8	0x7249
+0xCFB9	0x724A
+0xCFBA	0x726C
+0xCFBB	0x7270
+0xCFBC	0x7273
+0xCFBD	0x726E
+0xCFBE	0x72CA
+0xCFBF	0x72E4
+0xCFC0	0x72E8
+0xCFC1	0x72EB
+0xCFC2	0x72DF
+0xCFC3	0x72EA
+0xCFC4	0x72E6
+0xCFC5	0x72E3
+0xCFC6	0x7385
+0xCFC7	0x73CC
+0xCFC8	0x73C2
+0xCFC9	0x73C8
+0xCFCA	0x73C5
+0xCFCB	0x73B9
+0xCFCC	0x73B6
+0xCFCD	0x73B5
+0xCFCE	0x73B4
+0xCFCF	0x73EB
+0xCFD0	0x73BF
+0xCFD1	0x73C7
+0xCFD2	0x73BE
+0xCFD3	0x73C3
+0xCFD4	0x73C6
+0xCFD5	0x73B8
+0xCFD6	0x73CB
+0xCFD7	0x74EC
+0xCFD8	0x74EE
+0xCFD9	0x752E
+0xCFDA	0x7547
+0xCFDB	0x7548
+0xCFDC	0x75A7
+0xCFDD	0x75AA
+0xCFDE	0x7679
+0xCFDF	0x76C4
+0xCFE0	0x7708
+0xCFE1	0x7703
+0xCFE2	0x7704
+0xCFE3	0x7705
+0xCFE4	0x770A
+0xCFE5	0x76F7
+0xCFE6	0x76FB
+0xCFE7	0x76FA
+0xCFE8	0x77E7
+0xCFE9	0x77E8
+0xCFEA	0x7806
+0xCFEB	0x7811
+0xCFEC	0x7812
+0xCFED	0x7805
+0xCFEE	0x7810
+0xCFEF	0x780F
+0xCFF0	0x780E
+0xCFF1	0x7809
+0xCFF2	0x7803
+0xCFF3	0x7813
+0xCFF4	0x794A
+0xCFF5	0x794C
+0xCFF6	0x794B
+0xCFF7	0x7945
+0xCFF8	0x7944
+0xCFF9	0x79D5
+0xCFFA	0x79CD
+0xCFFB	0x79CF
+0xCFFC	0x79D6
+0xCFFD	0x79CE
+0xCFFE	0x7A80
+0xD040	0x7A7E
+0xD041	0x7AD1
+0xD042	0x7B00
+0xD043	0x7B01
+0xD044	0x7C7A
+0xD045	0x7C78
+0xD046	0x7C79
+0xD047	0x7C7F
+0xD048	0x7C80
+0xD049	0x7C81
+0xD04A	0x7D03
+0xD04B	0x7D08
+0xD04C	0x7D01
+0xD04D	0x7F58
+0xD04E	0x7F91
+0xD04F	0x7F8D
+0xD050	0x7FBE
+0xD051	0x8007
+0xD052	0x800E
+0xD053	0x800F
+0xD054	0x8014
+0xD055	0x8037
+0xD056	0x80D8
+0xD057	0x80C7
+0xD058	0x80E0
+0xD059	0x80D1
+0xD05A	0x80C8
+0xD05B	0x80C2
+0xD05C	0x80D0
+0xD05D	0x80C5
+0xD05E	0x80E3
+0xD05F	0x80D9
+0xD060	0x80DC
+0xD061	0x80CA
+0xD062	0x80D5
+0xD063	0x80C9
+0xD064	0x80CF
+0xD065	0x80D7
+0xD066	0x80E6
+0xD067	0x80CD
+0xD068	0x81FF
+0xD069	0x8221
+0xD06A	0x8294
+0xD06B	0x82D9
+0xD06C	0x82FE
+0xD06D	0x82F9
+0xD06E	0x8307
+0xD06F	0x82E8
+0xD070	0x8300
+0xD071	0x82D5
+0xD072	0x833A
+0xD073	0x82EB
+0xD074	0x82D6
+0xD075	0x82F4
+0xD076	0x82EC
+0xD077	0x82E1
+0xD078	0x82F2
+0xD079	0x82F5
+0xD07A	0x830C
+0xD07B	0x82FB
+0xD07C	0x82F6
+0xD07D	0x82F0
+0xD07E	0x82EA
+0xD0A1	0x82E4
+0xD0A2	0x82E0
+0xD0A3	0x82FA
+0xD0A4	0x82F3
+0xD0A5	0x82ED
+0xD0A6	0x8677
+0xD0A7	0x8674
+0xD0A8	0x867C
+0xD0A9	0x8673
+0xD0AA	0x8841
+0xD0AB	0x884E
+0xD0AC	0x8867
+0xD0AD	0x886A
+0xD0AE	0x8869
+0xD0AF	0x89D3
+0xD0B0	0x8A04
+0xD0B1	0x8A07
+0xD0B2	0x8D72
+0xD0B3	0x8FE3
+0xD0B4	0x8FE1
+0xD0B5	0x8FEE
+0xD0B6	0x8FE0
+0xD0B7	0x90F1
+0xD0B8	0x90BD
+0xD0B9	0x90BF
+0xD0BA	0x90D5
+0xD0BB	0x90C5
+0xD0BC	0x90BE
+0xD0BD	0x90C7
+0xD0BE	0x90CB
+0xD0BF	0x90C8
+0xD0C0	0x91D4
+0xD0C1	0x91D3
+0xD0C2	0x9654
+0xD0C3	0x964F
+0xD0C4	0x9651
+0xD0C5	0x9653
+0xD0C6	0x964A
+0xD0C7	0x964E
+0xD0C8	0x501E
+0xD0C9	0x5005
+0xD0CA	0x5007
+0xD0CB	0x5013
+0xD0CC	0x5022
+0xD0CD	0x5030
+0xD0CE	0x501B
+0xD0CF	0x4FF5
+0xD0D0	0x4FF4
+0xD0D1	0x5033
+0xD0D2	0x5037
+0xD0D3	0x502C
+0xD0D4	0x4FF6
+0xD0D5	0x4FF7
+0xD0D6	0x5017
+0xD0D7	0x501C
+0xD0D8	0x5020
+0xD0D9	0x5027
+0xD0DA	0x5035
+0xD0DB	0x502F
+0xD0DC	0x5031
+0xD0DD	0x500E
+0xD0DE	0x515A
+0xD0DF	0x5194
+0xD0E0	0x5193
+0xD0E1	0x51CA
+0xD0E2	0x51C4
+0xD0E3	0x51C5
+0xD0E4	0x51C8
+0xD0E5	0x51CE
+0xD0E6	0x5261
+0xD0E7	0x525A
+0xD0E8	0x5252
+0xD0E9	0x525E
+0xD0EA	0x525F
+0xD0EB	0x5255
+0xD0EC	0x5262
+0xD0ED	0x52CD
+0xD0EE	0x530E
+0xD0EF	0x539E
+0xD0F0	0x5526
+0xD0F1	0x54E2
+0xD0F2	0x5517
+0xD0F3	0x5512
+0xD0F4	0x54E7
+0xD0F5	0x54F3
+0xD0F6	0x54E4
+0xD0F7	0x551A
+0xD0F8	0x54FF
+0xD0F9	0x5504
+0xD0FA	0x5508
+0xD0FB	0x54EB
+0xD0FC	0x5511
+0xD0FD	0x5505
+0xD0FE	0x54F1
+0xD140	0x550A
+0xD141	0x54FB
+0xD142	0x54F7
+0xD143	0x54F8
+0xD144	0x54E0
+0xD145	0x550E
+0xD146	0x5503
+0xD147	0x550B
+0xD148	0x5701
+0xD149	0x5702
+0xD14A	0x57CC
+0xD14B	0x5832
+0xD14C	0x57D5
+0xD14D	0x57D2
+0xD14E	0x57BA
+0xD14F	0x57C6
+0xD150	0x57BD
+0xD151	0x57BC
+0xD152	0x57B8
+0xD153	0x57B6
+0xD154	0x57BF
+0xD155	0x57C7
+0xD156	0x57D0
+0xD157	0x57B9
+0xD158	0x57C1
+0xD159	0x590E
+0xD15A	0x594A
+0xD15B	0x5A19
+0xD15C	0x5A16
+0xD15D	0x5A2D
+0xD15E	0x5A2E
+0xD15F	0x5A15
+0xD160	0x5A0F
+0xD161	0x5A17
+0xD162	0x5A0A
+0xD163	0x5A1E
+0xD164	0x5A33
+0xD165	0x5B6C
+0xD166	0x5BA7
+0xD167	0x5BAD
+0xD168	0x5BAC
+0xD169	0x5C03
+0xD16A	0x5C56
+0xD16B	0x5C54
+0xD16C	0x5CEC
+0xD16D	0x5CFF
+0xD16E	0x5CEE
+0xD16F	0x5CF1
+0xD170	0x5CF7
+0xD171	0x5D00
+0xD172	0x5CF9
+0xD173	0x5E29
+0xD174	0x5E28
+0xD175	0x5EA8
+0xD176	0x5EAE
+0xD177	0x5EAA
+0xD178	0x5EAC
+0xD179	0x5F33
+0xD17A	0x5F30
+0xD17B	0x5F67
+0xD17C	0x605D
+0xD17D	0x605A
+0xD17E	0x6067
+0xD1A1	0x6041
+0xD1A2	0x60A2
+0xD1A3	0x6088
+0xD1A4	0x6080
+0xD1A5	0x6092
+0xD1A6	0x6081
+0xD1A7	0x609D
+0xD1A8	0x6083
+0xD1A9	0x6095
+0xD1AA	0x609B
+0xD1AB	0x6097
+0xD1AC	0x6087
+0xD1AD	0x609C
+0xD1AE	0x608E
+0xD1AF	0x6219
+0xD1B0	0x6246
+0xD1B1	0x62F2
+0xD1B2	0x6310
+0xD1B3	0x6356
+0xD1B4	0x632C
+0xD1B5	0x6344
+0xD1B6	0x6345
+0xD1B7	0x6336
+0xD1B8	0x6343
+0xD1B9	0x63E4
+0xD1BA	0x6339
+0xD1BB	0x634B
+0xD1BC	0x634A
+0xD1BD	0x633C
+0xD1BE	0x6329
+0xD1BF	0x6341
+0xD1C0	0x6334
+0xD1C1	0x6358
+0xD1C2	0x6354
+0xD1C3	0x6359
+0xD1C4	0x632D
+0xD1C5	0x6347
+0xD1C6	0x6333
+0xD1C7	0x635A
+0xD1C8	0x6351
+0xD1C9	0x6338
+0xD1CA	0x6357
+0xD1CB	0x6340
+0xD1CC	0x6348
+0xD1CD	0x654A
+0xD1CE	0x6546
+0xD1CF	0x65C6
+0xD1D0	0x65C3
+0xD1D1	0x65C4
+0xD1D2	0x65C2
+0xD1D3	0x664A
+0xD1D4	0x665F
+0xD1D5	0x6647
+0xD1D6	0x6651
+0xD1D7	0x6712
+0xD1D8	0x6713
+0xD1D9	0x681F
+0xD1DA	0x681A
+0xD1DB	0x6849
+0xD1DC	0x6832
+0xD1DD	0x6833
+0xD1DE	0x683B
+0xD1DF	0x684B
+0xD1E0	0x684F
+0xD1E1	0x6816
+0xD1E2	0x6831
+0xD1E3	0x681C
+0xD1E4	0x6835
+0xD1E5	0x682B
+0xD1E6	0x682D
+0xD1E7	0x682F
+0xD1E8	0x684E
+0xD1E9	0x6844
+0xD1EA	0x6834
+0xD1EB	0x681D
+0xD1EC	0x6812
+0xD1ED	0x6814
+0xD1EE	0x6826
+0xD1EF	0x6828
+0xD1F0	0x682E
+0xD1F1	0x684D
+0xD1F2	0x683A
+0xD1F3	0x6825
+0xD1F4	0x6820
+0xD1F5	0x6B2C
+0xD1F6	0x6B2F
+0xD1F7	0x6B2D
+0xD1F8	0x6B31
+0xD1F9	0x6B34
+0xD1FA	0x6B6D
+0xD1FB	0x8082
+0xD1FC	0x6B88
+0xD1FD	0x6BE6
+0xD1FE	0x6BE4
+0xD240	0x6BE8
+0xD241	0x6BE3
+0xD242	0x6BE2
+0xD243	0x6BE7
+0xD244	0x6C25
+0xD245	0x6D7A
+0xD246	0x6D63
+0xD247	0x6D64
+0xD248	0x6D76
+0xD249	0x6D0D
+0xD24A	0x6D61
+0xD24B	0x6D92
+0xD24C	0x6D58
+0xD24D	0x6D62
+0xD24E	0x6D6D
+0xD24F	0x6D6F
+0xD250	0x6D91
+0xD251	0x6D8D
+0xD252	0x6DEF
+0xD253	0x6D7F
+0xD254	0x6D86
+0xD255	0x6D5E
+0xD256	0x6D67
+0xD257	0x6D60
+0xD258	0x6D97
+0xD259	0x6D70
+0xD25A	0x6D7C
+0xD25B	0x6D5F
+0xD25C	0x6D82
+0xD25D	0x6D98
+0xD25E	0x6D2F
+0xD25F	0x6D68
+0xD260	0x6D8B
+0xD261	0x6D7E
+0xD262	0x6D80
+0xD263	0x6D84
+0xD264	0x6D16
+0xD265	0x6D83
+0xD266	0x6D7B
+0xD267	0x6D7D
+0xD268	0x6D75
+0xD269	0x6D90
+0xD26A	0x70DC
+0xD26B	0x70D3
+0xD26C	0x70D1
+0xD26D	0x70DD
+0xD26E	0x70CB
+0xD26F	0x7F39
+0xD270	0x70E2
+0xD271	0x70D7
+0xD272	0x70D2
+0xD273	0x70DE
+0xD274	0x70E0
+0xD275	0x70D4
+0xD276	0x70CD
+0xD277	0x70C5
+0xD278	0x70C6
+0xD279	0x70C7
+0xD27A	0x70DA
+0xD27B	0x70CE
+0xD27C	0x70E1
+0xD27D	0x7242
+0xD27E	0x7278
+0xD2A1	0x7277
+0xD2A2	0x7276
+0xD2A3	0x7300
+0xD2A4	0x72FA
+0xD2A5	0x72F4
+0xD2A6	0x72FE
+0xD2A7	0x72F6
+0xD2A8	0x72F3
+0xD2A9	0x72FB
+0xD2AA	0x7301
+0xD2AB	0x73D3
+0xD2AC	0x73D9
+0xD2AD	0x73E5
+0xD2AE	0x73D6
+0xD2AF	0x73BC
+0xD2B0	0x73E7
+0xD2B1	0x73E3
+0xD2B2	0x73E9
+0xD2B3	0x73DC
+0xD2B4	0x73D2
+0xD2B5	0x73DB
+0xD2B6	0x73D4
+0xD2B7	0x73DD
+0xD2B8	0x73DA
+0xD2B9	0x73D7
+0xD2BA	0x73D8
+0xD2BB	0x73E8
+0xD2BC	0x74DE
+0xD2BD	0x74DF
+0xD2BE	0x74F4
+0xD2BF	0x74F5
+0xD2C0	0x7521
+0xD2C1	0x755B
+0xD2C2	0x755F
+0xD2C3	0x75B0
+0xD2C4	0x75C1
+0xD2C5	0x75BB
+0xD2C6	0x75C4
+0xD2C7	0x75C0
+0xD2C8	0x75BF
+0xD2C9	0x75B6
+0xD2CA	0x75BA
+0xD2CB	0x768A
+0xD2CC	0x76C9
+0xD2CD	0x771D
+0xD2CE	0x771B
+0xD2CF	0x7710
+0xD2D0	0x7713
+0xD2D1	0x7712
+0xD2D2	0x7723
+0xD2D3	0x7711
+0xD2D4	0x7715
+0xD2D5	0x7719
+0xD2D6	0x771A
+0xD2D7	0x7722
+0xD2D8	0x7727
+0xD2D9	0x7823
+0xD2DA	0x782C
+0xD2DB	0x7822
+0xD2DC	0x7835
+0xD2DD	0x782F
+0xD2DE	0x7828
+0xD2DF	0x782E
+0xD2E0	0x782B
+0xD2E1	0x7821
+0xD2E2	0x7829
+0xD2E3	0x7833
+0xD2E4	0x782A
+0xD2E5	0x7831
+0xD2E6	0x7954
+0xD2E7	0x795B
+0xD2E8	0x794F
+0xD2E9	0x795C
+0xD2EA	0x7953
+0xD2EB	0x7952
+0xD2EC	0x7951
+0xD2ED	0x79EB
+0xD2EE	0x79EC
+0xD2EF	0x79E0
+0xD2F0	0x79EE
+0xD2F1	0x79ED
+0xD2F2	0x79EA
+0xD2F3	0x79DC
+0xD2F4	0x79DE
+0xD2F5	0x79DD
+0xD2F6	0x7A86
+0xD2F7	0x7A89
+0xD2F8	0x7A85
+0xD2F9	0x7A8B
+0xD2FA	0x7A8C
+0xD2FB	0x7A8A
+0xD2FC	0x7A87
+0xD2FD	0x7AD8
+0xD2FE	0x7B10
+0xD340	0x7B04
+0xD341	0x7B13
+0xD342	0x7B05
+0xD343	0x7B0F
+0xD344	0x7B08
+0xD345	0x7B0A
+0xD346	0x7B0E
+0xD347	0x7B09
+0xD348	0x7B12
+0xD349	0x7C84
+0xD34A	0x7C91
+0xD34B	0x7C8A
+0xD34C	0x7C8C
+0xD34D	0x7C88
+0xD34E	0x7C8D
+0xD34F	0x7C85
+0xD350	0x7D1E
+0xD351	0x7D1D
+0xD352	0x7D11
+0xD353	0x7D0E
+0xD354	0x7D18
+0xD355	0x7D16
+0xD356	0x7D13
+0xD357	0x7D1F
+0xD358	0x7D12
+0xD359	0x7D0F
+0xD35A	0x7D0C
+0xD35B	0x7F5C
+0xD35C	0x7F61
+0xD35D	0x7F5E
+0xD35E	0x7F60
+0xD35F	0x7F5D
+0xD360	0x7F5B
+0xD361	0x7F96
+0xD362	0x7F92
+0xD363	0x7FC3
+0xD364	0x7FC2
+0xD365	0x7FC0
+0xD366	0x8016
+0xD367	0x803E
+0xD368	0x8039
+0xD369	0x80FA
+0xD36A	0x80F2
+0xD36B	0x80F9
+0xD36C	0x80F5
+0xD36D	0x8101
+0xD36E	0x80FB
+0xD36F	0x8100
+0xD370	0x8201
+0xD371	0x822F
+0xD372	0x8225
+0xD373	0x8333
+0xD374	0x832D
+0xD375	0x8344
+0xD376	0x8319
+0xD377	0x8351
+0xD378	0x8325
+0xD379	0x8356
+0xD37A	0x833F
+0xD37B	0x8341
+0xD37C	0x8326
+0xD37D	0x831C
+0xD37E	0x8322
+0xD3A1	0x8342
+0xD3A2	0x834E
+0xD3A3	0x831B
+0xD3A4	0x832A
+0xD3A5	0x8308
+0xD3A6	0x833C
+0xD3A7	0x834D
+0xD3A8	0x8316
+0xD3A9	0x8324
+0xD3AA	0x8320
+0xD3AB	0x8337
+0xD3AC	0x832F
+0xD3AD	0x8329
+0xD3AE	0x8347
+0xD3AF	0x8345
+0xD3B0	0x834C
+0xD3B1	0x8353
+0xD3B2	0x831E
+0xD3B3	0x832C
+0xD3B4	0x834B
+0xD3B5	0x8327
+0xD3B6	0x8348
+0xD3B7	0x8653
+0xD3B8	0x8652
+0xD3B9	0x86A2
+0xD3BA	0x86A8
+0xD3BB	0x8696
+0xD3BC	0x868D
+0xD3BD	0x8691
+0xD3BE	0x869E
+0xD3BF	0x8687
+0xD3C0	0x8697
+0xD3C1	0x8686
+0xD3C2	0x868B
+0xD3C3	0x869A
+0xD3C4	0x8685
+0xD3C5	0x86A5
+0xD3C6	0x8699
+0xD3C7	0x86A1
+0xD3C8	0x86A7
+0xD3C9	0x8695
+0xD3CA	0x8698
+0xD3CB	0x868E
+0xD3CC	0x869D
+0xD3CD	0x8690
+0xD3CE	0x8694
+0xD3CF	0x8843
+0xD3D0	0x8844
+0xD3D1	0x886D
+0xD3D2	0x8875
+0xD3D3	0x8876
+0xD3D4	0x8872
+0xD3D5	0x8880
+0xD3D6	0x8871
+0xD3D7	0x887F
+0xD3D8	0x886F
+0xD3D9	0x8883
+0xD3DA	0x887E
+0xD3DB	0x8874
+0xD3DC	0x887C
+0xD3DD	0x8A12
+0xD3DE	0x8C47
+0xD3DF	0x8C57
+0xD3E0	0x8C7B
+0xD3E1	0x8CA4
+0xD3E2	0x8CA3
+0xD3E3	0x8D76
+0xD3E4	0x8D78
+0xD3E5	0x8DB5
+0xD3E6	0x8DB7
+0xD3E7	0x8DB6
+0xD3E8	0x8ED1
+0xD3E9	0x8ED3
+0xD3EA	0x8FFE
+0xD3EB	0x8FF5
+0xD3EC	0x9002
+0xD3ED	0x8FFF
+0xD3EE	0x8FFB
+0xD3EF	0x9004
+0xD3F0	0x8FFC
+0xD3F1	0x8FF6
+0xD3F2	0x90D6
+0xD3F3	0x90E0
+0xD3F4	0x90D9
+0xD3F5	0x90DA
+0xD3F6	0x90E3
+0xD3F7	0x90DF
+0xD3F8	0x90E5
+0xD3F9	0x90D8
+0xD3FA	0x90DB
+0xD3FB	0x90D7
+0xD3FC	0x90DC
+0xD3FD	0x90E4
+0xD3FE	0x9150
+0xD440	0x914E
+0xD441	0x914F
+0xD442	0x91D5
+0xD443	0x91E2
+0xD444	0x91DA
+0xD445	0x965C
+0xD446	0x965F
+0xD447	0x96BC
+0xD448	0x98E3
+0xD449	0x9ADF
+0xD44A	0x9B2F
+0xD44B	0x4E7F
+0xD44C	0x5070
+0xD44D	0x506A
+0xD44E	0x5061
+0xD44F	0x505E
+0xD450	0x5060
+0xD451	0x5053
+0xD452	0x504B
+0xD453	0x505D
+0xD454	0x5072
+0xD455	0x5048
+0xD456	0x504D
+0xD457	0x5041
+0xD458	0x505B
+0xD459	0x504A
+0xD45A	0x5062
+0xD45B	0x5015
+0xD45C	0x5045
+0xD45D	0x505F
+0xD45E	0x5069
+0xD45F	0x506B
+0xD460	0x5063
+0xD461	0x5064
+0xD462	0x5046
+0xD463	0x5040
+0xD464	0x506E
+0xD465	0x5073
+0xD466	0x5057
+0xD467	0x5051
+0xD468	0x51D0
+0xD469	0x526B
+0xD46A	0x526D
+0xD46B	0x526C
+0xD46C	0x526E
+0xD46D	0x52D6
+0xD46E	0x52D3
+0xD46F	0x532D
+0xD470	0x539C
+0xD471	0x5575
+0xD472	0x5576
+0xD473	0x553C
+0xD474	0x554D
+0xD475	0x5550
+0xD476	0x5534
+0xD477	0x552A
+0xD478	0x5551
+0xD479	0x5562
+0xD47A	0x5536
+0xD47B	0x5535
+0xD47C	0x5530
+0xD47D	0x5552
+0xD47E	0x5545
+0xD4A1	0x550C
+0xD4A2	0x5532
+0xD4A3	0x5565
+0xD4A4	0x554E
+0xD4A5	0x5539
+0xD4A6	0x5548
+0xD4A7	0x552D
+0xD4A8	0x553B
+0xD4A9	0x5540
+0xD4AA	0x554B
+0xD4AB	0x570A
+0xD4AC	0x5707
+0xD4AD	0x57FB
+0xD4AE	0x5814
+0xD4AF	0x57E2
+0xD4B0	0x57F6
+0xD4B1	0x57DC
+0xD4B2	0x57F4
+0xD4B3	0x5800
+0xD4B4	0x57ED
+0xD4B5	0x57FD
+0xD4B6	0x5808
+0xD4B7	0x57F8
+0xD4B8	0x580B
+0xD4B9	0x57F3
+0xD4BA	0x57CF
+0xD4BB	0x5807
+0xD4BC	0x57EE
+0xD4BD	0x57E3
+0xD4BE	0x57F2
+0xD4BF	0x57E5
+0xD4C0	0x57EC
+0xD4C1	0x57E1
+0xD4C2	0x580E
+0xD4C3	0x57FC
+0xD4C4	0x5810
+0xD4C5	0x57E7
+0xD4C6	0x5801
+0xD4C7	0x580C
+0xD4C8	0x57F1
+0xD4C9	0x57E9
+0xD4CA	0x57F0
+0xD4CB	0x580D
+0xD4CC	0x5804
+0xD4CD	0x595C
+0xD4CE	0x5A60
+0xD4CF	0x5A58
+0xD4D0	0x5A55
+0xD4D1	0x5A67
+0xD4D2	0x5A5E
+0xD4D3	0x5A38
+0xD4D4	0x5A35
+0xD4D5	0x5A6D
+0xD4D6	0x5A50
+0xD4D7	0x5A5F
+0xD4D8	0x5A65
+0xD4D9	0x5A6C
+0xD4DA	0x5A53
+0xD4DB	0x5A64
+0xD4DC	0x5A57
+0xD4DD	0x5A43
+0xD4DE	0x5A5D
+0xD4DF	0x5A52
+0xD4E0	0x5A44
+0xD4E1	0x5A5B
+0xD4E2	0x5A48
+0xD4E3	0x5A8E
+0xD4E4	0x5A3E
+0xD4E5	0x5A4D
+0xD4E6	0x5A39
+0xD4E7	0x5A4C
+0xD4E8	0x5A70
+0xD4E9	0x5A69
+0xD4EA	0x5A47
+0xD4EB	0x5A51
+0xD4EC	0x5A56
+0xD4ED	0x5A42
+0xD4EE	0x5A5C
+0xD4EF	0x5B72
+0xD4F0	0x5B6E
+0xD4F1	0x5BC1
+0xD4F2	0x5BC0
+0xD4F3	0x5C59
+0xD4F4	0x5D1E
+0xD4F5	0x5D0B
+0xD4F6	0x5D1D
+0xD4F7	0x5D1A
+0xD4F8	0x5D20
+0xD4F9	0x5D0C
+0xD4FA	0x5D28
+0xD4FB	0x5D0D
+0xD4FC	0x5D26
+0xD4FD	0x5D25
+0xD4FE	0x5D0F
+0xD540	0x5D30
+0xD541	0x5D12
+0xD542	0x5D23
+0xD543	0x5D1F
+0xD544	0x5D2E
+0xD545	0x5E3E
+0xD546	0x5E34
+0xD547	0x5EB1
+0xD548	0x5EB4
+0xD549	0x5EB9
+0xD54A	0x5EB2
+0xD54B	0x5EB3
+0xD54C	0x5F36
+0xD54D	0x5F38
+0xD54E	0x5F9B
+0xD54F	0x5F96
+0xD550	0x5F9F
+0xD551	0x608A
+0xD552	0x6090
+0xD553	0x6086
+0xD554	0x60BE
+0xD555	0x60B0
+0xD556	0x60BA
+0xD557	0x60D3
+0xD558	0x60D4
+0xD559	0x60CF
+0xD55A	0x60E4
+0xD55B	0x60D9
+0xD55C	0x60DD
+0xD55D	0x60C8
+0xD55E	0x60B1
+0xD55F	0x60DB
+0xD560	0x60B7
+0xD561	0x60CA
+0xD562	0x60BF
+0xD563	0x60C3
+0xD564	0x60CD
+0xD565	0x60C0
+0xD566	0x6332
+0xD567	0x6365
+0xD568	0x638A
+0xD569	0x6382
+0xD56A	0x637D
+0xD56B	0x63BD
+0xD56C	0x639E
+0xD56D	0x63AD
+0xD56E	0x639D
+0xD56F	0x6397
+0xD570	0x63AB
+0xD571	0x638E
+0xD572	0x636F
+0xD573	0x6387
+0xD574	0x6390
+0xD575	0x636E
+0xD576	0x63AF
+0xD577	0x6375
+0xD578	0x639C
+0xD579	0x636D
+0xD57A	0x63AE
+0xD57B	0x637C
+0xD57C	0x63A4
+0xD57D	0x633B
+0xD57E	0x639F
+0xD5A1	0x6378
+0xD5A2	0x6385
+0xD5A3	0x6381
+0xD5A4	0x6391
+0xD5A5	0x638D
+0xD5A6	0x6370
+0xD5A7	0x6553
+0xD5A8	0x65CD
+0xD5A9	0x6665
+0xD5AA	0x6661
+0xD5AB	0x665B
+0xD5AC	0x6659
+0xD5AD	0x665C
+0xD5AE	0x6662
+0xD5AF	0x6718
+0xD5B0	0x6879
+0xD5B1	0x6887
+0xD5B2	0x6890
+0xD5B3	0x689C
+0xD5B4	0x686D
+0xD5B5	0x686E
+0xD5B6	0x68AE
+0xD5B7	0x68AB
+0xD5B8	0x6956
+0xD5B9	0x686F
+0xD5BA	0x68A3
+0xD5BB	0x68AC
+0xD5BC	0x68A9
+0xD5BD	0x6875
+0xD5BE	0x6874
+0xD5BF	0x68B2
+0xD5C0	0x688F
+0xD5C1	0x6877
+0xD5C2	0x6892
+0xD5C3	0x687C
+0xD5C4	0x686B
+0xD5C5	0x6872
+0xD5C6	0x68AA
+0xD5C7	0x6880
+0xD5C8	0x6871
+0xD5C9	0x687E
+0xD5CA	0x689B
+0xD5CB	0x6896
+0xD5CC	0x688B
+0xD5CD	0x68A0
+0xD5CE	0x6889
+0xD5CF	0x68A4
+0xD5D0	0x6878
+0xD5D1	0x687B
+0xD5D2	0x6891
+0xD5D3	0x688C
+0xD5D4	0x688A
+0xD5D5	0x687D
+0xD5D6	0x6B36
+0xD5D7	0x6B33
+0xD5D8	0x6B37
+0xD5D9	0x6B38
+0xD5DA	0x6B91
+0xD5DB	0x6B8F
+0xD5DC	0x6B8D
+0xD5DD	0x6B8E
+0xD5DE	0x6B8C
+0xD5DF	0x6C2A
+0xD5E0	0x6DC0
+0xD5E1	0x6DAB
+0xD5E2	0x6DB4
+0xD5E3	0x6DB3
+0xD5E4	0x6E74
+0xD5E5	0x6DAC
+0xD5E6	0x6DE9
+0xD5E7	0x6DE2
+0xD5E8	0x6DB7
+0xD5E9	0x6DF6
+0xD5EA	0x6DD4
+0xD5EB	0x6E00
+0xD5EC	0x6DC8
+0xD5ED	0x6DE0
+0xD5EE	0x6DDF
+0xD5EF	0x6DD6
+0xD5F0	0x6DBE
+0xD5F1	0x6DE5
+0xD5F2	0x6DDC
+0xD5F3	0x6DDD
+0xD5F4	0x6DDB
+0xD5F5	0x6DF4
+0xD5F6	0x6DCA
+0xD5F7	0x6DBD
+0xD5F8	0x6DED
+0xD5F9	0x6DF0
+0xD5FA	0x6DBA
+0xD5FB	0x6DD5
+0xD5FC	0x6DC2
+0xD5FD	0x6DCF
+0xD5FE	0x6DC9
+0xD640	0x6DD0
+0xD641	0x6DF2
+0xD642	0x6DD3
+0xD643	0x6DFD
+0xD644	0x6DD7
+0xD645	0x6DCD
+0xD646	0x6DE3
+0xD647	0x6DBB
+0xD648	0x70FA
+0xD649	0x710D
+0xD64A	0x70F7
+0xD64B	0x7117
+0xD64C	0x70F4
+0xD64D	0x710C
+0xD64E	0x70F0
+0xD64F	0x7104
+0xD650	0x70F3
+0xD651	0x7110
+0xD652	0x70FC
+0xD653	0x70FF
+0xD654	0x7106
+0xD655	0x7113
+0xD656	0x7100
+0xD657	0x70F8
+0xD658	0x70F6
+0xD659	0x710B
+0xD65A	0x7102
+0xD65B	0x710E
+0xD65C	0x727E
+0xD65D	0x727B
+0xD65E	0x727C
+0xD65F	0x727F
+0xD660	0x731D
+0xD661	0x7317
+0xD662	0x7307
+0xD663	0x7311
+0xD664	0x7318
+0xD665	0x730A
+0xD666	0x7308
+0xD667	0x72FF
+0xD668	0x730F
+0xD669	0x731E
+0xD66A	0x7388
+0xD66B	0x73F6
+0xD66C	0x73F8
+0xD66D	0x73F5
+0xD66E	0x7404
+0xD66F	0x7401
+0xD670	0x73FD
+0xD671	0x7407
+0xD672	0x7400
+0xD673	0x73FA
+0xD674	0x73FC
+0xD675	0x73FF
+0xD676	0x740C
+0xD677	0x740B
+0xD678	0x73F4
+0xD679	0x7408
+0xD67A	0x7564
+0xD67B	0x7563
+0xD67C	0x75CE
+0xD67D	0x75D2
+0xD67E	0x75CF
+0xD6A1	0x75CB
+0xD6A2	0x75CC
+0xD6A3	0x75D1
+0xD6A4	0x75D0
+0xD6A5	0x768F
+0xD6A6	0x7689
+0xD6A7	0x76D3
+0xD6A8	0x7739
+0xD6A9	0x772F
+0xD6AA	0x772D
+0xD6AB	0x7731
+0xD6AC	0x7732
+0xD6AD	0x7734
+0xD6AE	0x7733
+0xD6AF	0x773D
+0xD6B0	0x7725
+0xD6B1	0x773B
+0xD6B2	0x7735
+0xD6B3	0x7848
+0xD6B4	0x7852
+0xD6B5	0x7849
+0xD6B6	0x784D
+0xD6B7	0x784A
+0xD6B8	0x784C
+0xD6B9	0x7826
+0xD6BA	0x7845
+0xD6BB	0x7850
+0xD6BC	0x7964
+0xD6BD	0x7967
+0xD6BE	0x7969
+0xD6BF	0x796A
+0xD6C0	0x7963
+0xD6C1	0x796B
+0xD6C2	0x7961
+0xD6C3	0x79BB
+0xD6C4	0x79FA
+0xD6C5	0x79F8
+0xD6C6	0x79F6
+0xD6C7	0x79F7
+0xD6C8	0x7A8F
+0xD6C9	0x7A94
+0xD6CA	0x7A90
+0xD6CB	0x7B35
+0xD6CC	0x7B47
+0xD6CD	0x7B34
+0xD6CE	0x7B25
+0xD6CF	0x7B30
+0xD6D0	0x7B22
+0xD6D1	0x7B24
+0xD6D2	0x7B33
+0xD6D3	0x7B18
+0xD6D4	0x7B2A
+0xD6D5	0x7B1D
+0xD6D6	0x7B31
+0xD6D7	0x7B2B
+0xD6D8	0x7B2D
+0xD6D9	0x7B2F
+0xD6DA	0x7B32
+0xD6DB	0x7B38
+0xD6DC	0x7B1A
+0xD6DD	0x7B23
+0xD6DE	0x7C94
+0xD6DF	0x7C98
+0xD6E0	0x7C96
+0xD6E1	0x7CA3
+0xD6E2	0x7D35
+0xD6E3	0x7D3D
+0xD6E4	0x7D38
+0xD6E5	0x7D36
+0xD6E6	0x7D3A
+0xD6E7	0x7D45
+0xD6E8	0x7D2C
+0xD6E9	0x7D29
+0xD6EA	0x7D41
+0xD6EB	0x7D47
+0xD6EC	0x7D3E
+0xD6ED	0x7D3F
+0xD6EE	0x7D4A
+0xD6EF	0x7D3B
+0xD6F0	0x7D28
+0xD6F1	0x7F63
+0xD6F2	0x7F95
+0xD6F3	0x7F9C
+0xD6F4	0x7F9D
+0xD6F5	0x7F9B
+0xD6F6	0x7FCA
+0xD6F7	0x7FCB
+0xD6F8	0x7FCD
+0xD6F9	0x7FD0
+0xD6FA	0x7FD1
+0xD6FB	0x7FC7
+0xD6FC	0x7FCF
+0xD6FD	0x7FC9
+0xD6FE	0x801F
+0xD740	0x801E
+0xD741	0x801B
+0xD742	0x8047
+0xD743	0x8043
+0xD744	0x8048
+0xD745	0x8118
+0xD746	0x8125
+0xD747	0x8119
+0xD748	0x811B
+0xD749	0x812D
+0xD74A	0x811F
+0xD74B	0x812C
+0xD74C	0x811E
+0xD74D	0x8121
+0xD74E	0x8115
+0xD74F	0x8127
+0xD750	0x811D
+0xD751	0x8122
+0xD752	0x8211
+0xD753	0x8238
+0xD754	0x8233
+0xD755	0x823A
+0xD756	0x8234
+0xD757	0x8232
+0xD758	0x8274
+0xD759	0x8390
+0xD75A	0x83A3
+0xD75B	0x83A8
+0xD75C	0x838D
+0xD75D	0x837A
+0xD75E	0x8373
+0xD75F	0x83A4
+0xD760	0x8374
+0xD761	0x838F
+0xD762	0x8381
+0xD763	0x8395
+0xD764	0x8399
+0xD765	0x8375
+0xD766	0x8394
+0xD767	0x83A9
+0xD768	0x837D
+0xD769	0x8383
+0xD76A	0x838C
+0xD76B	0x839D
+0xD76C	0x839B
+0xD76D	0x83AA
+0xD76E	0x838B
+0xD76F	0x837E
+0xD770	0x83A5
+0xD771	0x83AF
+0xD772	0x8388
+0xD773	0x8397
+0xD774	0x83B0
+0xD775	0x837F
+0xD776	0x83A6
+0xD777	0x8387
+0xD778	0x83AE
+0xD779	0x8376
+0xD77A	0x839A
+0xD77B	0x8659
+0xD77C	0x8656
+0xD77D	0x86BF
+0xD77E	0x86B7
+0xD7A1	0x86C2
+0xD7A2	0x86C1
+0xD7A3	0x86C5
+0xD7A4	0x86BA
+0xD7A5	0x86B0
+0xD7A6	0x86C8
+0xD7A7	0x86B9
+0xD7A8	0x86B3
+0xD7A9	0x86B8
+0xD7AA	0x86CC
+0xD7AB	0x86B4
+0xD7AC	0x86BB
+0xD7AD	0x86BC
+0xD7AE	0x86C3
+0xD7AF	0x86BD
+0xD7B0	0x86BE
+0xD7B1	0x8852
+0xD7B2	0x8889
+0xD7B3	0x8895
+0xD7B4	0x88A8
+0xD7B5	0x88A2
+0xD7B6	0x88AA
+0xD7B7	0x889A
+0xD7B8	0x8891
+0xD7B9	0x88A1
+0xD7BA	0x889F
+0xD7BB	0x8898
+0xD7BC	0x88A7
+0xD7BD	0x8899
+0xD7BE	0x889B
+0xD7BF	0x8897
+0xD7C0	0x88A4
+0xD7C1	0x88AC
+0xD7C2	0x888C
+0xD7C3	0x8893
+0xD7C4	0x888E
+0xD7C5	0x8982
+0xD7C6	0x89D6
+0xD7C7	0x89D9
+0xD7C8	0x89D5
+0xD7C9	0x8A30
+0xD7CA	0x8A27
+0xD7CB	0x8A2C
+0xD7CC	0x8A1E
+0xD7CD	0x8C39
+0xD7CE	0x8C3B
+0xD7CF	0x8C5C
+0xD7D0	0x8C5D
+0xD7D1	0x8C7D
+0xD7D2	0x8CA5
+0xD7D3	0x8D7D
+0xD7D4	0x8D7B
+0xD7D5	0x8D79
+0xD7D6	0x8DBC
+0xD7D7	0x8DC2
+0xD7D8	0x8DB9
+0xD7D9	0x8DBF
+0xD7DA	0x8DC1
+0xD7DB	0x8ED8
+0xD7DC	0x8EDE
+0xD7DD	0x8EDD
+0xD7DE	0x8EDC
+0xD7DF	0x8ED7
+0xD7E0	0x8EE0
+0xD7E1	0x8EE1
+0xD7E2	0x9024
+0xD7E3	0x900B
+0xD7E4	0x9011
+0xD7E5	0x901C
+0xD7E6	0x900C
+0xD7E7	0x9021
+0xD7E8	0x90EF
+0xD7E9	0x90EA
+0xD7EA	0x90F0
+0xD7EB	0x90F4
+0xD7EC	0x90F2
+0xD7ED	0x90F3
+0xD7EE	0x90D4
+0xD7EF	0x90EB
+0xD7F0	0x90EC
+0xD7F1	0x90E9
+0xD7F2	0x9156
+0xD7F3	0x9158
+0xD7F4	0x915A
+0xD7F5	0x9153
+0xD7F6	0x9155
+0xD7F7	0x91EC
+0xD7F8	0x91F4
+0xD7F9	0x91F1
+0xD7FA	0x91F3
+0xD7FB	0x91F8
+0xD7FC	0x91E4
+0xD7FD	0x91F9
+0xD7FE	0x91EA
+0xD840	0x91EB
+0xD841	0x91F7
+0xD842	0x91E8
+0xD843	0x91EE
+0xD844	0x957A
+0xD845	0x9586
+0xD846	0x9588
+0xD847	0x967C
+0xD848	0x966D
+0xD849	0x966B
+0xD84A	0x9671
+0xD84B	0x966F
+0xD84C	0x96BF
+0xD84D	0x976A
+0xD84E	0x9804
+0xD84F	0x98E5
+0xD850	0x9997
+0xD851	0x509B
+0xD852	0x5095
+0xD853	0x5094
+0xD854	0x509E
+0xD855	0x508B
+0xD856	0x50A3
+0xD857	0x5083
+0xD858	0x508C
+0xD859	0x508E
+0xD85A	0x509D
+0xD85B	0x5068
+0xD85C	0x509C
+0xD85D	0x5092
+0xD85E	0x5082
+0xD85F	0x5087
+0xD860	0x515F
+0xD861	0x51D4
+0xD862	0x5312
+0xD863	0x5311
+0xD864	0x53A4
+0xD865	0x53A7
+0xD866	0x5591
+0xD867	0x55A8
+0xD868	0x55A5
+0xD869	0x55AD
+0xD86A	0x5577
+0xD86B	0x5645
+0xD86C	0x55A2
+0xD86D	0x5593
+0xD86E	0x5588
+0xD86F	0x558F
+0xD870	0x55B5
+0xD871	0x5581
+0xD872	0x55A3
+0xD873	0x5592
+0xD874	0x55A4
+0xD875	0x557D
+0xD876	0x558C
+0xD877	0x55A6
+0xD878	0x557F
+0xD879	0x5595
+0xD87A	0x55A1
+0xD87B	0x558E
+0xD87C	0x570C
+0xD87D	0x5829
+0xD87E	0x5837
+0xD8A1	0x5819
+0xD8A2	0x581E
+0xD8A3	0x5827
+0xD8A4	0x5823
+0xD8A5	0x5828
+0xD8A6	0x57F5
+0xD8A7	0x5848
+0xD8A8	0x5825
+0xD8A9	0x581C
+0xD8AA	0x581B
+0xD8AB	0x5833
+0xD8AC	0x583F
+0xD8AD	0x5836
+0xD8AE	0x582E
+0xD8AF	0x5839
+0xD8B0	0x5838
+0xD8B1	0x582D
+0xD8B2	0x582C
+0xD8B3	0x583B
+0xD8B4	0x5961
+0xD8B5	0x5AAF
+0xD8B6	0x5A94
+0xD8B7	0x5A9F
+0xD8B8	0x5A7A
+0xD8B9	0x5AA2
+0xD8BA	0x5A9E
+0xD8BB	0x5A78
+0xD8BC	0x5AA6
+0xD8BD	0x5A7C
+0xD8BE	0x5AA5
+0xD8BF	0x5AAC
+0xD8C0	0x5A95
+0xD8C1	0x5AAE
+0xD8C2	0x5A37
+0xD8C3	0x5A84
+0xD8C4	0x5A8A
+0xD8C5	0x5A97
+0xD8C6	0x5A83
+0xD8C7	0x5A8B
+0xD8C8	0x5AA9
+0xD8C9	0x5A7B
+0xD8CA	0x5A7D
+0xD8CB	0x5A8C
+0xD8CC	0x5A9C
+0xD8CD	0x5A8F
+0xD8CE	0x5A93
+0xD8CF	0x5A9D
+0xD8D0	0x5BEA
+0xD8D1	0x5BCD
+0xD8D2	0x5BCB
+0xD8D3	0x5BD4
+0xD8D4	0x5BD1
+0xD8D5	0x5BCA
+0xD8D6	0x5BCE
+0xD8D7	0x5C0C
+0xD8D8	0x5C30
+0xD8D9	0x5D37
+0xD8DA	0x5D43
+0xD8DB	0x5D6B
+0xD8DC	0x5D41
+0xD8DD	0x5D4B
+0xD8DE	0x5D3F
+0xD8DF	0x5D35
+0xD8E0	0x5D51
+0xD8E1	0x5D4E
+0xD8E2	0x5D55
+0xD8E3	0x5D33
+0xD8E4	0x5D3A
+0xD8E5	0x5D52
+0xD8E6	0x5D3D
+0xD8E7	0x5D31
+0xD8E8	0x5D59
+0xD8E9	0x5D42
+0xD8EA	0x5D39
+0xD8EB	0x5D49
+0xD8EC	0x5D38
+0xD8ED	0x5D3C
+0xD8EE	0x5D32
+0xD8EF	0x5D36
+0xD8F0	0x5D40
+0xD8F1	0x5D45
+0xD8F2	0x5E44
+0xD8F3	0x5E41
+0xD8F4	0x5F58
+0xD8F5	0x5FA6
+0xD8F6	0x5FA5
+0xD8F7	0x5FAB
+0xD8F8	0x60C9
+0xD8F9	0x60B9
+0xD8FA	0x60CC
+0xD8FB	0x60E2
+0xD8FC	0x60CE
+0xD8FD	0x60C4
+0xD8FE	0x6114
+0xD940	0x60F2
+0xD941	0x610A
+0xD942	0x6116
+0xD943	0x6105
+0xD944	0x60F5
+0xD945	0x6113
+0xD946	0x60F8
+0xD947	0x60FC
+0xD948	0x60FE
+0xD949	0x60C1
+0xD94A	0x6103
+0xD94B	0x6118
+0xD94C	0x611D
+0xD94D	0x6110
+0xD94E	0x60FF
+0xD94F	0x6104
+0xD950	0x610B
+0xD951	0x624A
+0xD952	0x6394
+0xD953	0x63B1
+0xD954	0x63B0
+0xD955	0x63CE
+0xD956	0x63E5
+0xD957	0x63E8
+0xD958	0x63EF
+0xD959	0x63C3
+0xD95A	0x649D
+0xD95B	0x63F3
+0xD95C	0x63CA
+0xD95D	0x63E0
+0xD95E	0x63F6
+0xD95F	0x63D5
+0xD960	0x63F2
+0xD961	0x63F5
+0xD962	0x6461
+0xD963	0x63DF
+0xD964	0x63BE
+0xD965	0x63DD
+0xD966	0x63DC
+0xD967	0x63C4
+0xD968	0x63D8
+0xD969	0x63D3
+0xD96A	0x63C2
+0xD96B	0x63C7
+0xD96C	0x63CC
+0xD96D	0x63CB
+0xD96E	0x63C8
+0xD96F	0x63F0
+0xD970	0x63D7
+0xD971	0x63D9
+0xD972	0x6532
+0xD973	0x6567
+0xD974	0x656A
+0xD975	0x6564
+0xD976	0x655C
+0xD977	0x6568
+0xD978	0x6565
+0xD979	0x658C
+0xD97A	0x659D
+0xD97B	0x659E
+0xD97C	0x65AE
+0xD97D	0x65D0
+0xD97E	0x65D2
+0xD9A1	0x667C
+0xD9A2	0x666C
+0xD9A3	0x667B
+0xD9A4	0x6680
+0xD9A5	0x6671
+0xD9A6	0x6679
+0xD9A7	0x666A
+0xD9A8	0x6672
+0xD9A9	0x6701
+0xD9AA	0x690C
+0xD9AB	0x68D3
+0xD9AC	0x6904
+0xD9AD	0x68DC
+0xD9AE	0x692A
+0xD9AF	0x68EC
+0xD9B0	0x68EA
+0xD9B1	0x68F1
+0xD9B2	0x690F
+0xD9B3	0x68D6
+0xD9B4	0x68F7
+0xD9B5	0x68EB
+0xD9B6	0x68E4
+0xD9B7	0x68F6
+0xD9B8	0x6913
+0xD9B9	0x6910
+0xD9BA	0x68F3
+0xD9BB	0x68E1
+0xD9BC	0x6907
+0xD9BD	0x68CC
+0xD9BE	0x6908
+0xD9BF	0x6970
+0xD9C0	0x68B4
+0xD9C1	0x6911
+0xD9C2	0x68EF
+0xD9C3	0x68C6
+0xD9C4	0x6914
+0xD9C5	0x68F8
+0xD9C6	0x68D0
+0xD9C7	0x68FD
+0xD9C8	0x68FC
+0xD9C9	0x68E8
+0xD9CA	0x690B
+0xD9CB	0x690A
+0xD9CC	0x6917
+0xD9CD	0x68CE
+0xD9CE	0x68C8
+0xD9CF	0x68DD
+0xD9D0	0x68DE
+0xD9D1	0x68E6
+0xD9D2	0x68F4
+0xD9D3	0x68D1
+0xD9D4	0x6906
+0xD9D5	0x68D4
+0xD9D6	0x68E9
+0xD9D7	0x6915
+0xD9D8	0x6925
+0xD9D9	0x68C7
+0xD9DA	0x6B39
+0xD9DB	0x6B3B
+0xD9DC	0x6B3F
+0xD9DD	0x6B3C
+0xD9DE	0x6B94
+0xD9DF	0x6B97
+0xD9E0	0x6B99
+0xD9E1	0x6B95
+0xD9E2	0x6BBD
+0xD9E3	0x6BF0
+0xD9E4	0x6BF2
+0xD9E5	0x6BF3
+0xD9E6	0x6C30
+0xD9E7	0x6DFC
+0xD9E8	0x6E46
+0xD9E9	0x6E47
+0xD9EA	0x6E1F
+0xD9EB	0x6E49
+0xD9EC	0x6E88
+0xD9ED	0x6E3C
+0xD9EE	0x6E3D
+0xD9EF	0x6E45
+0xD9F0	0x6E62
+0xD9F1	0x6E2B
+0xD9F2	0x6E3F
+0xD9F3	0x6E41
+0xD9F4	0x6E5D
+0xD9F5	0x6E73
+0xD9F6	0x6E1C
+0xD9F7	0x6E33
+0xD9F8	0x6E4B
+0xD9F9	0x6E40
+0xD9FA	0x6E51
+0xD9FB	0x6E3B
+0xD9FC	0x6E03
+0xD9FD	0x6E2E
+0xD9FE	0x6E5E
+0xDA40	0x6E68
+0xDA41	0x6E5C
+0xDA42	0x6E61
+0xDA43	0x6E31
+0xDA44	0x6E28
+0xDA45	0x6E60
+0xDA46	0x6E71
+0xDA47	0x6E6B
+0xDA48	0x6E39
+0xDA49	0x6E22
+0xDA4A	0x6E30
+0xDA4B	0x6E53
+0xDA4C	0x6E65
+0xDA4D	0x6E27
+0xDA4E	0x6E78
+0xDA4F	0x6E64
+0xDA50	0x6E77
+0xDA51	0x6E55
+0xDA52	0x6E79
+0xDA53	0x6E52
+0xDA54	0x6E66
+0xDA55	0x6E35
+0xDA56	0x6E36
+0xDA57	0x6E5A
+0xDA58	0x7120
+0xDA59	0x711E
+0xDA5A	0x712F
+0xDA5B	0x70FB
+0xDA5C	0x712E
+0xDA5D	0x7131
+0xDA5E	0x7123
+0xDA5F	0x7125
+0xDA60	0x7122
+0xDA61	0x7132
+0xDA62	0x711F
+0xDA63	0x7128
+0xDA64	0x713A
+0xDA65	0x711B
+0xDA66	0x724B
+0xDA67	0x725A
+0xDA68	0x7288
+0xDA69	0x7289
+0xDA6A	0x7286
+0xDA6B	0x7285
+0xDA6C	0x728B
+0xDA6D	0x7312
+0xDA6E	0x730B
+0xDA6F	0x7330
+0xDA70	0x7322
+0xDA71	0x7331
+0xDA72	0x7333
+0xDA73	0x7327
+0xDA74	0x7332
+0xDA75	0x732D
+0xDA76	0x7326
+0xDA77	0x7323
+0xDA78	0x7335
+0xDA79	0x730C
+0xDA7A	0x742E
+0xDA7B	0x742C
+0xDA7C	0x7430
+0xDA7D	0x742B
+0xDA7E	0x7416
+0xDAA1	0x741A
+0xDAA2	0x7421
+0xDAA3	0x742D
+0xDAA4	0x7431
+0xDAA5	0x7424
+0xDAA6	0x7423
+0xDAA7	0x741D
+0xDAA8	0x7429
+0xDAA9	0x7420
+0xDAAA	0x7432
+0xDAAB	0x74FB
+0xDAAC	0x752F
+0xDAAD	0x756F
+0xDAAE	0x756C
+0xDAAF	0x75E7
+0xDAB0	0x75DA
+0xDAB1	0x75E1
+0xDAB2	0x75E6
+0xDAB3	0x75DD
+0xDAB4	0x75DF
+0xDAB5	0x75E4
+0xDAB6	0x75D7
+0xDAB7	0x7695
+0xDAB8	0x7692
+0xDAB9	0x76DA
+0xDABA	0x7746
+0xDABB	0x7747
+0xDABC	0x7744
+0xDABD	0x774D
+0xDABE	0x7745
+0xDABF	0x774A
+0xDAC0	0x774E
+0xDAC1	0x774B
+0xDAC2	0x774C
+0xDAC3	0x77DE
+0xDAC4	0x77EC
+0xDAC5	0x7860
+0xDAC6	0x7864
+0xDAC7	0x7865
+0xDAC8	0x785C
+0xDAC9	0x786D
+0xDACA	0x7871
+0xDACB	0x786A
+0xDACC	0x786E
+0xDACD	0x7870
+0xDACE	0x7869
+0xDACF	0x7868
+0xDAD0	0x785E
+0xDAD1	0x7862
+0xDAD2	0x7974
+0xDAD3	0x7973
+0xDAD4	0x7972
+0xDAD5	0x7970
+0xDAD6	0x7A02
+0xDAD7	0x7A0A
+0xDAD8	0x7A03
+0xDAD9	0x7A0C
+0xDADA	0x7A04
+0xDADB	0x7A99
+0xDADC	0x7AE6
+0xDADD	0x7AE4
+0xDADE	0x7B4A
+0xDADF	0x7B3B
+0xDAE0	0x7B44
+0xDAE1	0x7B48
+0xDAE2	0x7B4C
+0xDAE3	0x7B4E
+0xDAE4	0x7B40
+0xDAE5	0x7B58
+0xDAE6	0x7B45
+0xDAE7	0x7CA2
+0xDAE8	0x7C9E
+0xDAE9	0x7CA8
+0xDAEA	0x7CA1
+0xDAEB	0x7D58
+0xDAEC	0x7D6F
+0xDAED	0x7D63
+0xDAEE	0x7D53
+0xDAEF	0x7D56
+0xDAF0	0x7D67
+0xDAF1	0x7D6A
+0xDAF2	0x7D4F
+0xDAF3	0x7D6D
+0xDAF4	0x7D5C
+0xDAF5	0x7D6B
+0xDAF6	0x7D52
+0xDAF7	0x7D54
+0xDAF8	0x7D69
+0xDAF9	0x7D51
+0xDAFA	0x7D5F
+0xDAFB	0x7D4E
+0xDAFC	0x7F3E
+0xDAFD	0x7F3F
+0xDAFE	0x7F65
+0xDB40	0x7F66
+0xDB41	0x7FA2
+0xDB42	0x7FA0
+0xDB43	0x7FA1
+0xDB44	0x7FD7
+0xDB45	0x8051
+0xDB46	0x804F
+0xDB47	0x8050
+0xDB48	0x80FE
+0xDB49	0x80D4
+0xDB4A	0x8143
+0xDB4B	0x814A
+0xDB4C	0x8152
+0xDB4D	0x814F
+0xDB4E	0x8147
+0xDB4F	0x813D
+0xDB50	0x814D
+0xDB51	0x813A
+0xDB52	0x81E6
+0xDB53	0x81EE
+0xDB54	0x81F7
+0xDB55	0x81F8
+0xDB56	0x81F9
+0xDB57	0x8204
+0xDB58	0x823C
+0xDB59	0x823D
+0xDB5A	0x823F
+0xDB5B	0x8275
+0xDB5C	0x833B
+0xDB5D	0x83CF
+0xDB5E	0x83F9
+0xDB5F	0x8423
+0xDB60	0x83C0
+0xDB61	0x83E8
+0xDB62	0x8412
+0xDB63	0x83E7
+0xDB64	0x83E4
+0xDB65	0x83FC
+0xDB66	0x83F6
+0xDB67	0x8410
+0xDB68	0x83C6
+0xDB69	0x83C8
+0xDB6A	0x83EB
+0xDB6B	0x83E3
+0xDB6C	0x83BF
+0xDB6D	0x8401
+0xDB6E	0x83DD
+0xDB6F	0x83E5
+0xDB70	0x83D8
+0xDB71	0x83FF
+0xDB72	0x83E1
+0xDB73	0x83CB
+0xDB74	0x83CE
+0xDB75	0x83D6
+0xDB76	0x83F5
+0xDB77	0x83C9
+0xDB78	0x8409
+0xDB79	0x840F
+0xDB7A	0x83DE
+0xDB7B	0x8411
+0xDB7C	0x8406
+0xDB7D	0x83C2
+0xDB7E	0x83F3
+0xDBA1	0x83D5
+0xDBA2	0x83FA
+0xDBA3	0x83C7
+0xDBA4	0x83D1
+0xDBA5	0x83EA
+0xDBA6	0x8413
+0xDBA7	0x83C3
+0xDBA8	0x83EC
+0xDBA9	0x83EE
+0xDBAA	0x83C4
+0xDBAB	0x83FB
+0xDBAC	0x83D7
+0xDBAD	0x83E2
+0xDBAE	0x841B
+0xDBAF	0x83DB
+0xDBB0	0x83FE
+0xDBB1	0x86D8
+0xDBB2	0x86E2
+0xDBB3	0x86E6
+0xDBB4	0x86D3
+0xDBB5	0x86E3
+0xDBB6	0x86DA
+0xDBB7	0x86EA
+0xDBB8	0x86DD
+0xDBB9	0x86EB
+0xDBBA	0x86DC
+0xDBBB	0x86EC
+0xDBBC	0x86E9
+0xDBBD	0x86D7
+0xDBBE	0x86E8
+0xDBBF	0x86D1
+0xDBC0	0x8848
+0xDBC1	0x8856
+0xDBC2	0x8855
+0xDBC3	0x88BA
+0xDBC4	0x88D7
+0xDBC5	0x88B9
+0xDBC6	0x88B8
+0xDBC7	0x88C0
+0xDBC8	0x88BE
+0xDBC9	0x88B6
+0xDBCA	0x88BC
+0xDBCB	0x88B7
+0xDBCC	0x88BD
+0xDBCD	0x88B2
+0xDBCE	0x8901
+0xDBCF	0x88C9
+0xDBD0	0x8995
+0xDBD1	0x8998
+0xDBD2	0x8997
+0xDBD3	0x89DD
+0xDBD4	0x89DA
+0xDBD5	0x89DB
+0xDBD6	0x8A4E
+0xDBD7	0x8A4D
+0xDBD8	0x8A39
+0xDBD9	0x8A59
+0xDBDA	0x8A40
+0xDBDB	0x8A57
+0xDBDC	0x8A58
+0xDBDD	0x8A44
+0xDBDE	0x8A45
+0xDBDF	0x8A52
+0xDBE0	0x8A48
+0xDBE1	0x8A51
+0xDBE2	0x8A4A
+0xDBE3	0x8A4C
+0xDBE4	0x8A4F
+0xDBE5	0x8C5F
+0xDBE6	0x8C81
+0xDBE7	0x8C80
+0xDBE8	0x8CBA
+0xDBE9	0x8CBE
+0xDBEA	0x8CB0
+0xDBEB	0x8CB9
+0xDBEC	0x8CB5
+0xDBED	0x8D84
+0xDBEE	0x8D80
+0xDBEF	0x8D89
+0xDBF0	0x8DD8
+0xDBF1	0x8DD3
+0xDBF2	0x8DCD
+0xDBF3	0x8DC7
+0xDBF4	0x8DD6
+0xDBF5	0x8DDC
+0xDBF6	0x8DCF
+0xDBF7	0x8DD5
+0xDBF8	0x8DD9
+0xDBF9	0x8DC8
+0xDBFA	0x8DD7
+0xDBFB	0x8DC5
+0xDBFC	0x8EEF
+0xDBFD	0x8EF7
+0xDBFE	0x8EFA
+0xDC40	0x8EF9
+0xDC41	0x8EE6
+0xDC42	0x8EEE
+0xDC43	0x8EE5
+0xDC44	0x8EF5
+0xDC45	0x8EE7
+0xDC46	0x8EE8
+0xDC47	0x8EF6
+0xDC48	0x8EEB
+0xDC49	0x8EF1
+0xDC4A	0x8EEC
+0xDC4B	0x8EF4
+0xDC4C	0x8EE9
+0xDC4D	0x902D
+0xDC4E	0x9034
+0xDC4F	0x902F
+0xDC50	0x9106
+0xDC51	0x912C
+0xDC52	0x9104
+0xDC53	0x90FF
+0xDC54	0x90FC
+0xDC55	0x9108
+0xDC56	0x90F9
+0xDC57	0x90FB
+0xDC58	0x9101
+0xDC59	0x9100
+0xDC5A	0x9107
+0xDC5B	0x9105
+0xDC5C	0x9103
+0xDC5D	0x9161
+0xDC5E	0x9164
+0xDC5F	0x915F
+0xDC60	0x9162
+0xDC61	0x9160
+0xDC62	0x9201
+0xDC63	0x920A
+0xDC64	0x9225
+0xDC65	0x9203
+0xDC66	0x921A
+0xDC67	0x9226
+0xDC68	0x920F
+0xDC69	0x920C
+0xDC6A	0x9200
+0xDC6B	0x9212
+0xDC6C	0x91FF
+0xDC6D	0x91FD
+0xDC6E	0x9206
+0xDC6F	0x9204
+0xDC70	0x9227
+0xDC71	0x9202
+0xDC72	0x921C
+0xDC73	0x9224
+0xDC74	0x9219
+0xDC75	0x9217
+0xDC76	0x9205
+0xDC77	0x9216
+0xDC78	0x957B
+0xDC79	0x958D
+0xDC7A	0x958C
+0xDC7B	0x9590
+0xDC7C	0x9687
+0xDC7D	0x967E
+0xDC7E	0x9688
+0xDCA1	0x9689
+0xDCA2	0x9683
+0xDCA3	0x9680
+0xDCA4	0x96C2
+0xDCA5	0x96C8
+0xDCA6	0x96C3
+0xDCA7	0x96F1
+0xDCA8	0x96F0
+0xDCA9	0x976C
+0xDCAA	0x9770
+0xDCAB	0x976E
+0xDCAC	0x9807
+0xDCAD	0x98A9
+0xDCAE	0x98EB
+0xDCAF	0x9CE6
+0xDCB0	0x9EF9
+0xDCB1	0x4E83
+0xDCB2	0x4E84
+0xDCB3	0x4EB6
+0xDCB4	0x50BD
+0xDCB5	0x50BF
+0xDCB6	0x50C6
+0xDCB7	0x50AE
+0xDCB8	0x50C4
+0xDCB9	0x50CA
+0xDCBA	0x50B4
+0xDCBB	0x50C8
+0xDCBC	0x50C2
+0xDCBD	0x50B0
+0xDCBE	0x50C1
+0xDCBF	0x50BA
+0xDCC0	0x50B1
+0xDCC1	0x50CB
+0xDCC2	0x50C9
+0xDCC3	0x50B6
+0xDCC4	0x50B8
+0xDCC5	0x51D7
+0xDCC6	0x527A
+0xDCC7	0x5278
+0xDCC8	0x527B
+0xDCC9	0x527C
+0xDCCA	0x55C3
+0xDCCB	0x55DB
+0xDCCC	0x55CC
+0xDCCD	0x55D0
+0xDCCE	0x55CB
+0xDCCF	0x55CA
+0xDCD0	0x55DD
+0xDCD1	0x55C0
+0xDCD2	0x55D4
+0xDCD3	0x55C4
+0xDCD4	0x55E9
+0xDCD5	0x55BF
+0xDCD6	0x55D2
+0xDCD7	0x558D
+0xDCD8	0x55CF
+0xDCD9	0x55D5
+0xDCDA	0x55E2
+0xDCDB	0x55D6
+0xDCDC	0x55C8
+0xDCDD	0x55F2
+0xDCDE	0x55CD
+0xDCDF	0x55D9
+0xDCE0	0x55C2
+0xDCE1	0x5714
+0xDCE2	0x5853
+0xDCE3	0x5868
+0xDCE4	0x5864
+0xDCE5	0x584F
+0xDCE6	0x584D
+0xDCE7	0x5849
+0xDCE8	0x586F
+0xDCE9	0x5855
+0xDCEA	0x584E
+0xDCEB	0x585D
+0xDCEC	0x5859
+0xDCED	0x5865
+0xDCEE	0x585B
+0xDCEF	0x583D
+0xDCF0	0x5863
+0xDCF1	0x5871
+0xDCF2	0x58FC
+0xDCF3	0x5AC7
+0xDCF4	0x5AC4
+0xDCF5	0x5ACB
+0xDCF6	0x5ABA
+0xDCF7	0x5AB8
+0xDCF8	0x5AB1
+0xDCF9	0x5AB5
+0xDCFA	0x5AB0
+0xDCFB	0x5ABF
+0xDCFC	0x5AC8
+0xDCFD	0x5ABB
+0xDCFE	0x5AC6
+0xDD40	0x5AB7
+0xDD41	0x5AC0
+0xDD42	0x5ACA
+0xDD43	0x5AB4
+0xDD44	0x5AB6
+0xDD45	0x5ACD
+0xDD46	0x5AB9
+0xDD47	0x5A90
+0xDD48	0x5BD6
+0xDD49	0x5BD8
+0xDD4A	0x5BD9
+0xDD4B	0x5C1F
+0xDD4C	0x5C33
+0xDD4D	0x5D71
+0xDD4E	0x5D63
+0xDD4F	0x5D4A
+0xDD50	0x5D65
+0xDD51	0x5D72
+0xDD52	0x5D6C
+0xDD53	0x5D5E
+0xDD54	0x5D68
+0xDD55	0x5D67
+0xDD56	0x5D62
+0xDD57	0x5DF0
+0xDD58	0x5E4F
+0xDD59	0x5E4E
+0xDD5A	0x5E4A
+0xDD5B	0x5E4D
+0xDD5C	0x5E4B
+0xDD5D	0x5EC5
+0xDD5E	0x5ECC
+0xDD5F	0x5EC6
+0xDD60	0x5ECB
+0xDD61	0x5EC7
+0xDD62	0x5F40
+0xDD63	0x5FAF
+0xDD64	0x5FAD
+0xDD65	0x60F7
+0xDD66	0x6149
+0xDD67	0x614A
+0xDD68	0x612B
+0xDD69	0x6145
+0xDD6A	0x6136
+0xDD6B	0x6132
+0xDD6C	0x612E
+0xDD6D	0x6146
+0xDD6E	0x612F
+0xDD6F	0x614F
+0xDD70	0x6129
+0xDD71	0x6140
+0xDD72	0x6220
+0xDD73	0x9168
+0xDD74	0x6223
+0xDD75	0x6225
+0xDD76	0x6224
+0xDD77	0x63C5
+0xDD78	0x63F1
+0xDD79	0x63EB
+0xDD7A	0x6410
+0xDD7B	0x6412
+0xDD7C	0x6409
+0xDD7D	0x6420
+0xDD7E	0x6424
+0xDDA1	0x6433
+0xDDA2	0x6443
+0xDDA3	0x641F
+0xDDA4	0x6415
+0xDDA5	0x6418
+0xDDA6	0x6439
+0xDDA7	0x6437
+0xDDA8	0x6422
+0xDDA9	0x6423
+0xDDAA	0x640C
+0xDDAB	0x6426
+0xDDAC	0x6430
+0xDDAD	0x6428
+0xDDAE	0x6441
+0xDDAF	0x6435
+0xDDB0	0x642F
+0xDDB1	0x640A
+0xDDB2	0x641A
+0xDDB3	0x6440
+0xDDB4	0x6425
+0xDDB5	0x6427
+0xDDB6	0x640B
+0xDDB7	0x63E7
+0xDDB8	0x641B
+0xDDB9	0x642E
+0xDDBA	0x6421
+0xDDBB	0x640E
+0xDDBC	0x656F
+0xDDBD	0x6592
+0xDDBE	0x65D3
+0xDDBF	0x6686
+0xDDC0	0x668C
+0xDDC1	0x6695
+0xDDC2	0x6690
+0xDDC3	0x668B
+0xDDC4	0x668A
+0xDDC5	0x6699
+0xDDC6	0x6694
+0xDDC7	0x6678
+0xDDC8	0x6720
+0xDDC9	0x6966
+0xDDCA	0x695F
+0xDDCB	0x6938
+0xDDCC	0x694E
+0xDDCD	0x6962
+0xDDCE	0x6971
+0xDDCF	0x693F
+0xDDD0	0x6945
+0xDDD1	0x696A
+0xDDD2	0x6939
+0xDDD3	0x6942
+0xDDD4	0x6957
+0xDDD5	0x6959
+0xDDD6	0x697A
+0xDDD7	0x6948
+0xDDD8	0x6949
+0xDDD9	0x6935
+0xDDDA	0x696C
+0xDDDB	0x6933
+0xDDDC	0x693D
+0xDDDD	0x6965
+0xDDDE	0x68F0
+0xDDDF	0x6978
+0xDDE0	0x6934
+0xDDE1	0x6969
+0xDDE2	0x6940
+0xDDE3	0x696F
+0xDDE4	0x6944
+0xDDE5	0x6976
+0xDDE6	0x6958
+0xDDE7	0x6941
+0xDDE8	0x6974
+0xDDE9	0x694C
+0xDDEA	0x693B
+0xDDEB	0x694B
+0xDDEC	0x6937
+0xDDED	0x695C
+0xDDEE	0x694F
+0xDDEF	0x6951
+0xDDF0	0x6932
+0xDDF1	0x6952
+0xDDF2	0x692F
+0xDDF3	0x697B
+0xDDF4	0x693C
+0xDDF5	0x6B46
+0xDDF6	0x6B45
+0xDDF7	0x6B43
+0xDDF8	0x6B42
+0xDDF9	0x6B48
+0xDDFA	0x6B41
+0xDDFB	0x6B9B
+0xDDFC	0xFA0D
+0xDDFD	0x6BFB
+0xDDFE	0x6BFC
+0xDE40	0x6BF9
+0xDE41	0x6BF7
+0xDE42	0x6BF8
+0xDE43	0x6E9B
+0xDE44	0x6ED6
+0xDE45	0x6EC8
+0xDE46	0x6E8F
+0xDE47	0x6EC0
+0xDE48	0x6E9F
+0xDE49	0x6E93
+0xDE4A	0x6E94
+0xDE4B	0x6EA0
+0xDE4C	0x6EB1
+0xDE4D	0x6EB9
+0xDE4E	0x6EC6
+0xDE4F	0x6ED2
+0xDE50	0x6EBD
+0xDE51	0x6EC1
+0xDE52	0x6E9E
+0xDE53	0x6EC9
+0xDE54	0x6EB7
+0xDE55	0x6EB0
+0xDE56	0x6ECD
+0xDE57	0x6EA6
+0xDE58	0x6ECF
+0xDE59	0x6EB2
+0xDE5A	0x6EBE
+0xDE5B	0x6EC3
+0xDE5C	0x6EDC
+0xDE5D	0x6ED8
+0xDE5E	0x6E99
+0xDE5F	0x6E92
+0xDE60	0x6E8E
+0xDE61	0x6E8D
+0xDE62	0x6EA4
+0xDE63	0x6EA1
+0xDE64	0x6EBF
+0xDE65	0x6EB3
+0xDE66	0x6ED0
+0xDE67	0x6ECA
+0xDE68	0x6E97
+0xDE69	0x6EAE
+0xDE6A	0x6EA3
+0xDE6B	0x7147
+0xDE6C	0x7154
+0xDE6D	0x7152
+0xDE6E	0x7163
+0xDE6F	0x7160
+0xDE70	0x7141
+0xDE71	0x715D
+0xDE72	0x7162
+0xDE73	0x7172
+0xDE74	0x7178
+0xDE75	0x716A
+0xDE76	0x7161
+0xDE77	0x7142
+0xDE78	0x7158
+0xDE79	0x7143
+0xDE7A	0x714B
+0xDE7B	0x7170
+0xDE7C	0x715F
+0xDE7D	0x7150
+0xDE7E	0x7153
+0xDEA1	0x7144
+0xDEA2	0x714D
+0xDEA3	0x715A
+0xDEA4	0x724F
+0xDEA5	0x728D
+0xDEA6	0x728C
+0xDEA7	0x7291
+0xDEA8	0x7290
+0xDEA9	0x728E
+0xDEAA	0x733C
+0xDEAB	0x7342
+0xDEAC	0x733B
+0xDEAD	0x733A
+0xDEAE	0x7340
+0xDEAF	0x734A
+0xDEB0	0x7349
+0xDEB1	0x7444
+0xDEB2	0x744A
+0xDEB3	0x744B
+0xDEB4	0x7452
+0xDEB5	0x7451
+0xDEB6	0x7457
+0xDEB7	0x7440
+0xDEB8	0x744F
+0xDEB9	0x7450
+0xDEBA	0x744E
+0xDEBB	0x7442
+0xDEBC	0x7446
+0xDEBD	0x744D
+0xDEBE	0x7454
+0xDEBF	0x74E1
+0xDEC0	0x74FF
+0xDEC1	0x74FE
+0xDEC2	0x74FD
+0xDEC3	0x751D
+0xDEC4	0x7579
+0xDEC5	0x7577
+0xDEC6	0x6983
+0xDEC7	0x75EF
+0xDEC8	0x760F
+0xDEC9	0x7603
+0xDECA	0x75F7
+0xDECB	0x75FE
+0xDECC	0x75FC
+0xDECD	0x75F9
+0xDECE	0x75F8
+0xDECF	0x7610
+0xDED0	0x75FB
+0xDED1	0x75F6
+0xDED2	0x75ED
+0xDED3	0x75F5
+0xDED4	0x75FD
+0xDED5	0x7699
+0xDED6	0x76B5
+0xDED7	0x76DD
+0xDED8	0x7755
+0xDED9	0x775F
+0xDEDA	0x7760
+0xDEDB	0x7752
+0xDEDC	0x7756
+0xDEDD	0x775A
+0xDEDE	0x7769
+0xDEDF	0x7767
+0xDEE0	0x7754
+0xDEE1	0x7759
+0xDEE2	0x776D
+0xDEE3	0x77E0
+0xDEE4	0x7887
+0xDEE5	0x789A
+0xDEE6	0x7894
+0xDEE7	0x788F
+0xDEE8	0x7884
+0xDEE9	0x7895
+0xDEEA	0x7885
+0xDEEB	0x7886
+0xDEEC	0x78A1
+0xDEED	0x7883
+0xDEEE	0x7879
+0xDEEF	0x7899
+0xDEF0	0x7880
+0xDEF1	0x7896
+0xDEF2	0x787B
+0xDEF3	0x797C
+0xDEF4	0x7982
+0xDEF5	0x797D
+0xDEF6	0x7979
+0xDEF7	0x7A11
+0xDEF8	0x7A18
+0xDEF9	0x7A19
+0xDEFA	0x7A12
+0xDEFB	0x7A17
+0xDEFC	0x7A15
+0xDEFD	0x7A22
+0xDEFE	0x7A13
+0xDF40	0x7A1B
+0xDF41	0x7A10
+0xDF42	0x7AA3
+0xDF43	0x7AA2
+0xDF44	0x7A9E
+0xDF45	0x7AEB
+0xDF46	0x7B66
+0xDF47	0x7B64
+0xDF48	0x7B6D
+0xDF49	0x7B74
+0xDF4A	0x7B69
+0xDF4B	0x7B72
+0xDF4C	0x7B65
+0xDF4D	0x7B73
+0xDF4E	0x7B71
+0xDF4F	0x7B70
+0xDF50	0x7B61
+0xDF51	0x7B78
+0xDF52	0x7B76
+0xDF53	0x7B63
+0xDF54	0x7CB2
+0xDF55	0x7CB4
+0xDF56	0x7CAF
+0xDF57	0x7D88
+0xDF58	0x7D86
+0xDF59	0x7D80
+0xDF5A	0x7D8D
+0xDF5B	0x7D7F
+0xDF5C	0x7D85
+0xDF5D	0x7D7A
+0xDF5E	0x7D8E
+0xDF5F	0x7D7B
+0xDF60	0x7D83
+0xDF61	0x7D7C
+0xDF62	0x7D8C
+0xDF63	0x7D94
+0xDF64	0x7D84
+0xDF65	0x7D7D
+0xDF66	0x7D92
+0xDF67	0x7F6D
+0xDF68	0x7F6B
+0xDF69	0x7F67
+0xDF6A	0x7F68
+0xDF6B	0x7F6C
+0xDF6C	0x7FA6
+0xDF6D	0x7FA5
+0xDF6E	0x7FA7
+0xDF6F	0x7FDB
+0xDF70	0x7FDC
+0xDF71	0x8021
+0xDF72	0x8164
+0xDF73	0x8160
+0xDF74	0x8177
+0xDF75	0x815C
+0xDF76	0x8169
+0xDF77	0x815B
+0xDF78	0x8162
+0xDF79	0x8172
+0xDF7A	0x6721
+0xDF7B	0x815E
+0xDF7C	0x8176
+0xDF7D	0x8167
+0xDF7E	0x816F
+0xDFA1	0x8144
+0xDFA2	0x8161
+0xDFA3	0x821D
+0xDFA4	0x8249
+0xDFA5	0x8244
+0xDFA6	0x8240
+0xDFA7	0x8242
+0xDFA8	0x8245
+0xDFA9	0x84F1
+0xDFAA	0x843F
+0xDFAB	0x8456
+0xDFAC	0x8476
+0xDFAD	0x8479
+0xDFAE	0x848F
+0xDFAF	0x848D
+0xDFB0	0x8465
+0xDFB1	0x8451
+0xDFB2	0x8440
+0xDFB3	0x8486
+0xDFB4	0x8467
+0xDFB5	0x8430
+0xDFB6	0x844D
+0xDFB7	0x847D
+0xDFB8	0x845A
+0xDFB9	0x8459
+0xDFBA	0x8474
+0xDFBB	0x8473
+0xDFBC	0x845D
+0xDFBD	0x8507
+0xDFBE	0x845E
+0xDFBF	0x8437
+0xDFC0	0x843A
+0xDFC1	0x8434
+0xDFC2	0x847A
+0xDFC3	0x8443
+0xDFC4	0x8478
+0xDFC5	0x8432
+0xDFC6	0x8445
+0xDFC7	0x8429
+0xDFC8	0x83D9
+0xDFC9	0x844B
+0xDFCA	0x842F
+0xDFCB	0x8442
+0xDFCC	0x842D
+0xDFCD	0x845F
+0xDFCE	0x8470
+0xDFCF	0x8439
+0xDFD0	0x844E
+0xDFD1	0x844C
+0xDFD2	0x8452
+0xDFD3	0x846F
+0xDFD4	0x84C5
+0xDFD5	0x848E
+0xDFD6	0x843B
+0xDFD7	0x8447
+0xDFD8	0x8436
+0xDFD9	0x8433
+0xDFDA	0x8468
+0xDFDB	0x847E
+0xDFDC	0x8444
+0xDFDD	0x842B
+0xDFDE	0x8460
+0xDFDF	0x8454
+0xDFE0	0x846E
+0xDFE1	0x8450
+0xDFE2	0x870B
+0xDFE3	0x8704
+0xDFE4	0x86F7
+0xDFE5	0x870C
+0xDFE6	0x86FA
+0xDFE7	0x86D6
+0xDFE8	0x86F5
+0xDFE9	0x874D
+0xDFEA	0x86F8
+0xDFEB	0x870E
+0xDFEC	0x8709
+0xDFED	0x8701
+0xDFEE	0x86F6
+0xDFEF	0x870D
+0xDFF0	0x8705
+0xDFF1	0x88D6
+0xDFF2	0x88CB
+0xDFF3	0x88CD
+0xDFF4	0x88CE
+0xDFF5	0x88DE
+0xDFF6	0x88DB
+0xDFF7	0x88DA
+0xDFF8	0x88CC
+0xDFF9	0x88D0
+0xDFFA	0x8985
+0xDFFB	0x899B
+0xDFFC	0x89DF
+0xDFFD	0x89E5
+0xDFFE	0x89E4
+0xE040	0x89E1
+0xE041	0x89E0
+0xE042	0x89E2
+0xE043	0x89DC
+0xE044	0x89E6
+0xE045	0x8A76
+0xE046	0x8A86
+0xE047	0x8A7F
+0xE048	0x8A61
+0xE049	0x8A3F
+0xE04A	0x8A77
+0xE04B	0x8A82
+0xE04C	0x8A84
+0xE04D	0x8A75
+0xE04E	0x8A83
+0xE04F	0x8A81
+0xE050	0x8A74
+0xE051	0x8A7A
+0xE052	0x8C3C
+0xE053	0x8C4B
+0xE054	0x8C4A
+0xE055	0x8C65
+0xE056	0x8C64
+0xE057	0x8C66
+0xE058	0x8C86
+0xE059	0x8C84
+0xE05A	0x8C85
+0xE05B	0x8CCC
+0xE05C	0x8D68
+0xE05D	0x8D69
+0xE05E	0x8D91
+0xE05F	0x8D8C
+0xE060	0x8D8E
+0xE061	0x8D8F
+0xE062	0x8D8D
+0xE063	0x8D93
+0xE064	0x8D94
+0xE065	0x8D90
+0xE066	0x8D92
+0xE067	0x8DF0
+0xE068	0x8DE0
+0xE069	0x8DEC
+0xE06A	0x8DF1
+0xE06B	0x8DEE
+0xE06C	0x8DD0
+0xE06D	0x8DE9
+0xE06E	0x8DE3
+0xE06F	0x8DE2
+0xE070	0x8DE7
+0xE071	0x8DF2
+0xE072	0x8DEB
+0xE073	0x8DF4
+0xE074	0x8F06
+0xE075	0x8EFF
+0xE076	0x8F01
+0xE077	0x8F00
+0xE078	0x8F05
+0xE079	0x8F07
+0xE07A	0x8F08
+0xE07B	0x8F02
+0xE07C	0x8F0B
+0xE07D	0x9052
+0xE07E	0x903F
+0xE0A1	0x9044
+0xE0A2	0x9049
+0xE0A3	0x903D
+0xE0A4	0x9110
+0xE0A5	0x910D
+0xE0A6	0x910F
+0xE0A7	0x9111
+0xE0A8	0x9116
+0xE0A9	0x9114
+0xE0AA	0x910B
+0xE0AB	0x910E
+0xE0AC	0x916E
+0xE0AD	0x916F
+0xE0AE	0x9248
+0xE0AF	0x9252
+0xE0B0	0x9230
+0xE0B1	0x923A
+0xE0B2	0x9266
+0xE0B3	0x9233
+0xE0B4	0x9265
+0xE0B5	0x925E
+0xE0B6	0x9283
+0xE0B7	0x922E
+0xE0B8	0x924A
+0xE0B9	0x9246
+0xE0BA	0x926D
+0xE0BB	0x926C
+0xE0BC	0x924F
+0xE0BD	0x9260
+0xE0BE	0x9267
+0xE0BF	0x926F
+0xE0C0	0x9236
+0xE0C1	0x9261
+0xE0C2	0x9270
+0xE0C3	0x9231
+0xE0C4	0x9254
+0xE0C5	0x9263
+0xE0C6	0x9250
+0xE0C7	0x9272
+0xE0C8	0x924E
+0xE0C9	0x9253
+0xE0CA	0x924C
+0xE0CB	0x9256
+0xE0CC	0x9232
+0xE0CD	0x959F
+0xE0CE	0x959C
+0xE0CF	0x959E
+0xE0D0	0x959B
+0xE0D1	0x9692
+0xE0D2	0x9693
+0xE0D3	0x9691
+0xE0D4	0x9697
+0xE0D5	0x96CE
+0xE0D6	0x96FA
+0xE0D7	0x96FD
+0xE0D8	0x96F8
+0xE0D9	0x96F5
+0xE0DA	0x9773
+0xE0DB	0x9777
+0xE0DC	0x9778
+0xE0DD	0x9772
+0xE0DE	0x980F
+0xE0DF	0x980D
+0xE0E0	0x980E
+0xE0E1	0x98AC
+0xE0E2	0x98F6
+0xE0E3	0x98F9
+0xE0E4	0x99AF
+0xE0E5	0x99B2
+0xE0E6	0x99B0
+0xE0E7	0x99B5
+0xE0E8	0x9AAD
+0xE0E9	0x9AAB
+0xE0EA	0x9B5B
+0xE0EB	0x9CEA
+0xE0EC	0x9CED
+0xE0ED	0x9CE7
+0xE0EE	0x9E80
+0xE0EF	0x9EFD
+0xE0F0	0x50E6
+0xE0F1	0x50D4
+0xE0F2	0x50D7
+0xE0F3	0x50E8
+0xE0F4	0x50F3
+0xE0F5	0x50DB
+0xE0F6	0x50EA
+0xE0F7	0x50DD
+0xE0F8	0x50E4
+0xE0F9	0x50D3
+0xE0FA	0x50EC
+0xE0FB	0x50F0
+0xE0FC	0x50EF
+0xE0FD	0x50E3
+0xE0FE	0x50E0
+0xE140	0x51D8
+0xE141	0x5280
+0xE142	0x5281
+0xE143	0x52E9
+0xE144	0x52EB
+0xE145	0x5330
+0xE146	0x53AC
+0xE147	0x5627
+0xE148	0x5615
+0xE149	0x560C
+0xE14A	0x5612
+0xE14B	0x55FC
+0xE14C	0x560F
+0xE14D	0x561C
+0xE14E	0x5601
+0xE14F	0x5613
+0xE150	0x5602
+0xE151	0x55FA
+0xE152	0x561D
+0xE153	0x5604
+0xE154	0x55FF
+0xE155	0x55F9
+0xE156	0x5889
+0xE157	0x587C
+0xE158	0x5890
+0xE159	0x5898
+0xE15A	0x5886
+0xE15B	0x5881
+0xE15C	0x587F
+0xE15D	0x5874
+0xE15E	0x588B
+0xE15F	0x587A
+0xE160	0x5887
+0xE161	0x5891
+0xE162	0x588E
+0xE163	0x5876
+0xE164	0x5882
+0xE165	0x5888
+0xE166	0x587B
+0xE167	0x5894
+0xE168	0x588F
+0xE169	0x58FE
+0xE16A	0x596B
+0xE16B	0x5ADC
+0xE16C	0x5AEE
+0xE16D	0x5AE5
+0xE16E	0x5AD5
+0xE16F	0x5AEA
+0xE170	0x5ADA
+0xE171	0x5AED
+0xE172	0x5AEB
+0xE173	0x5AF3
+0xE174	0x5AE2
+0xE175	0x5AE0
+0xE176	0x5ADB
+0xE177	0x5AEC
+0xE178	0x5ADE
+0xE179	0x5ADD
+0xE17A	0x5AD9
+0xE17B	0x5AE8
+0xE17C	0x5ADF
+0xE17D	0x5B77
+0xE17E	0x5BE0
+0xE1A1	0x5BE3
+0xE1A2	0x5C63
+0xE1A3	0x5D82
+0xE1A4	0x5D80
+0xE1A5	0x5D7D
+0xE1A6	0x5D86
+0xE1A7	0x5D7A
+0xE1A8	0x5D81
+0xE1A9	0x5D77
+0xE1AA	0x5D8A
+0xE1AB	0x5D89
+0xE1AC	0x5D88
+0xE1AD	0x5D7E
+0xE1AE	0x5D7C
+0xE1AF	0x5D8D
+0xE1B0	0x5D79
+0xE1B1	0x5D7F
+0xE1B2	0x5E58
+0xE1B3	0x5E59
+0xE1B4	0x5E53
+0xE1B5	0x5ED8
+0xE1B6	0x5ED1
+0xE1B7	0x5ED7
+0xE1B8	0x5ECE
+0xE1B9	0x5EDC
+0xE1BA	0x5ED5
+0xE1BB	0x5ED9
+0xE1BC	0x5ED2
+0xE1BD	0x5ED4
+0xE1BE	0x5F44
+0xE1BF	0x5F43
+0xE1C0	0x5F6F
+0xE1C1	0x5FB6
+0xE1C2	0x612C
+0xE1C3	0x6128
+0xE1C4	0x6141
+0xE1C5	0x615E
+0xE1C6	0x6171
+0xE1C7	0x6173
+0xE1C8	0x6152
+0xE1C9	0x6153
+0xE1CA	0x6172
+0xE1CB	0x616C
+0xE1CC	0x6180
+0xE1CD	0x6174
+0xE1CE	0x6154
+0xE1CF	0x617A
+0xE1D0	0x615B
+0xE1D1	0x6165
+0xE1D2	0x613B
+0xE1D3	0x616A
+0xE1D4	0x6161
+0xE1D5	0x6156
+0xE1D6	0x6229
+0xE1D7	0x6227
+0xE1D8	0x622B
+0xE1D9	0x642B
+0xE1DA	0x644D
+0xE1DB	0x645B
+0xE1DC	0x645D
+0xE1DD	0x6474
+0xE1DE	0x6476
+0xE1DF	0x6472
+0xE1E0	0x6473
+0xE1E1	0x647D
+0xE1E2	0x6475
+0xE1E3	0x6466
+0xE1E4	0x64A6
+0xE1E5	0x644E
+0xE1E6	0x6482
+0xE1E7	0x645E
+0xE1E8	0x645C
+0xE1E9	0x644B
+0xE1EA	0x6453
+0xE1EB	0x6460
+0xE1EC	0x6450
+0xE1ED	0x647F
+0xE1EE	0x643F
+0xE1EF	0x646C
+0xE1F0	0x646B
+0xE1F1	0x6459
+0xE1F2	0x6465
+0xE1F3	0x6477
+0xE1F4	0x6573
+0xE1F5	0x65A0
+0xE1F6	0x66A1
+0xE1F7	0x66A0
+0xE1F8	0x669F
+0xE1F9	0x6705
+0xE1FA	0x6704
+0xE1FB	0x6722
+0xE1FC	0x69B1
+0xE1FD	0x69B6
+0xE1FE	0x69C9
+0xE240	0x69A0
+0xE241	0x69CE
+0xE242	0x6996
+0xE243	0x69B0
+0xE244	0x69AC
+0xE245	0x69BC
+0xE246	0x6991
+0xE247	0x6999
+0xE248	0x698E
+0xE249	0x69A7
+0xE24A	0x698D
+0xE24B	0x69A9
+0xE24C	0x69BE
+0xE24D	0x69AF
+0xE24E	0x69BF
+0xE24F	0x69C4
+0xE250	0x69BD
+0xE251	0x69A4
+0xE252	0x69D4
+0xE253	0x69B9
+0xE254	0x69CA
+0xE255	0x699A
+0xE256	0x69CF
+0xE257	0x69B3
+0xE258	0x6993
+0xE259	0x69AA
+0xE25A	0x69A1
+0xE25B	0x699E
+0xE25C	0x69D9
+0xE25D	0x6997
+0xE25E	0x6990
+0xE25F	0x69C2
+0xE260	0x69B5
+0xE261	0x69A5
+0xE262	0x69C6
+0xE263	0x6B4A
+0xE264	0x6B4D
+0xE265	0x6B4B
+0xE266	0x6B9E
+0xE267	0x6B9F
+0xE268	0x6BA0
+0xE269	0x6BC3
+0xE26A	0x6BC4
+0xE26B	0x6BFE
+0xE26C	0x6ECE
+0xE26D	0x6EF5
+0xE26E	0x6EF1
+0xE26F	0x6F03
+0xE270	0x6F25
+0xE271	0x6EF8
+0xE272	0x6F37
+0xE273	0x6EFB
+0xE274	0x6F2E
+0xE275	0x6F09
+0xE276	0x6F4E
+0xE277	0x6F19
+0xE278	0x6F1A
+0xE279	0x6F27
+0xE27A	0x6F18
+0xE27B	0x6F3B
+0xE27C	0x6F12
+0xE27D	0x6EED
+0xE27E	0x6F0A
+0xE2A1	0x6F36
+0xE2A2	0x6F73
+0xE2A3	0x6EF9
+0xE2A4	0x6EEE
+0xE2A5	0x6F2D
+0xE2A6	0x6F40
+0xE2A7	0x6F30
+0xE2A8	0x6F3C
+0xE2A9	0x6F35
+0xE2AA	0x6EEB
+0xE2AB	0x6F07
+0xE2AC	0x6F0E
+0xE2AD	0x6F43
+0xE2AE	0x6F05
+0xE2AF	0x6EFD
+0xE2B0	0x6EF6
+0xE2B1	0x6F39
+0xE2B2	0x6F1C
+0xE2B3	0x6EFC
+0xE2B4	0x6F3A
+0xE2B5	0x6F1F
+0xE2B6	0x6F0D
+0xE2B7	0x6F1E
+0xE2B8	0x6F08
+0xE2B9	0x6F21
+0xE2BA	0x7187
+0xE2BB	0x7190
+0xE2BC	0x7189
+0xE2BD	0x7180
+0xE2BE	0x7185
+0xE2BF	0x7182
+0xE2C0	0x718F
+0xE2C1	0x717B
+0xE2C2	0x7186
+0xE2C3	0x7181
+0xE2C4	0x7197
+0xE2C5	0x7244
+0xE2C6	0x7253
+0xE2C7	0x7297
+0xE2C8	0x7295
+0xE2C9	0x7293
+0xE2CA	0x7343
+0xE2CB	0x734D
+0xE2CC	0x7351
+0xE2CD	0x734C
+0xE2CE	0x7462
+0xE2CF	0x7473
+0xE2D0	0x7471
+0xE2D1	0x7475
+0xE2D2	0x7472
+0xE2D3	0x7467
+0xE2D4	0x746E
+0xE2D5	0x7500
+0xE2D6	0x7502
+0xE2D7	0x7503
+0xE2D8	0x757D
+0xE2D9	0x7590
+0xE2DA	0x7616
+0xE2DB	0x7608
+0xE2DC	0x760C
+0xE2DD	0x7615
+0xE2DE	0x7611
+0xE2DF	0x760A
+0xE2E0	0x7614
+0xE2E1	0x76B8
+0xE2E2	0x7781
+0xE2E3	0x777C
+0xE2E4	0x7785
+0xE2E5	0x7782
+0xE2E6	0x776E
+0xE2E7	0x7780
+0xE2E8	0x776F
+0xE2E9	0x777E
+0xE2EA	0x7783
+0xE2EB	0x78B2
+0xE2EC	0x78AA
+0xE2ED	0x78B4
+0xE2EE	0x78AD
+0xE2EF	0x78A8
+0xE2F0	0x787E
+0xE2F1	0x78AB
+0xE2F2	0x789E
+0xE2F3	0x78A5
+0xE2F4	0x78A0
+0xE2F5	0x78AC
+0xE2F6	0x78A2
+0xE2F7	0x78A4
+0xE2F8	0x7998
+0xE2F9	0x798A
+0xE2FA	0x798B
+0xE2FB	0x7996
+0xE2FC	0x7995
+0xE2FD	0x7994
+0xE2FE	0x7993
+0xE340	0x7997
+0xE341	0x7988
+0xE342	0x7992
+0xE343	0x7990
+0xE344	0x7A2B
+0xE345	0x7A4A
+0xE346	0x7A30
+0xE347	0x7A2F
+0xE348	0x7A28
+0xE349	0x7A26
+0xE34A	0x7AA8
+0xE34B	0x7AAB
+0xE34C	0x7AAC
+0xE34D	0x7AEE
+0xE34E	0x7B88
+0xE34F	0x7B9C
+0xE350	0x7B8A
+0xE351	0x7B91
+0xE352	0x7B90
+0xE353	0x7B96
+0xE354	0x7B8D
+0xE355	0x7B8C
+0xE356	0x7B9B
+0xE357	0x7B8E
+0xE358	0x7B85
+0xE359	0x7B98
+0xE35A	0x5284
+0xE35B	0x7B99
+0xE35C	0x7BA4
+0xE35D	0x7B82
+0xE35E	0x7CBB
+0xE35F	0x7CBF
+0xE360	0x7CBC
+0xE361	0x7CBA
+0xE362	0x7DA7
+0xE363	0x7DB7
+0xE364	0x7DC2
+0xE365	0x7DA3
+0xE366	0x7DAA
+0xE367	0x7DC1
+0xE368	0x7DC0
+0xE369	0x7DC5
+0xE36A	0x7D9D
+0xE36B	0x7DCE
+0xE36C	0x7DC4
+0xE36D	0x7DC6
+0xE36E	0x7DCB
+0xE36F	0x7DCC
+0xE370	0x7DAF
+0xE371	0x7DB9
+0xE372	0x7D96
+0xE373	0x7DBC
+0xE374	0x7D9F
+0xE375	0x7DA6
+0xE376	0x7DAE
+0xE377	0x7DA9
+0xE378	0x7DA1
+0xE379	0x7DC9
+0xE37A	0x7F73
+0xE37B	0x7FE2
+0xE37C	0x7FE3
+0xE37D	0x7FE5
+0xE37E	0x7FDE
+0xE3A1	0x8024
+0xE3A2	0x805D
+0xE3A3	0x805C
+0xE3A4	0x8189
+0xE3A5	0x8186
+0xE3A6	0x8183
+0xE3A7	0x8187
+0xE3A8	0x818D
+0xE3A9	0x818C
+0xE3AA	0x818B
+0xE3AB	0x8215
+0xE3AC	0x8497
+0xE3AD	0x84A4
+0xE3AE	0x84A1
+0xE3AF	0x849F
+0xE3B0	0x84BA
+0xE3B1	0x84CE
+0xE3B2	0x84C2
+0xE3B3	0x84AC
+0xE3B4	0x84AE
+0xE3B5	0x84AB
+0xE3B6	0x84B9
+0xE3B7	0x84B4
+0xE3B8	0x84C1
+0xE3B9	0x84CD
+0xE3BA	0x84AA
+0xE3BB	0x849A
+0xE3BC	0x84B1
+0xE3BD	0x84D0
+0xE3BE	0x849D
+0xE3BF	0x84A7
+0xE3C0	0x84BB
+0xE3C1	0x84A2
+0xE3C2	0x8494
+0xE3C3	0x84C7
+0xE3C4	0x84CC
+0xE3C5	0x849B
+0xE3C6	0x84A9
+0xE3C7	0x84AF
+0xE3C8	0x84A8
+0xE3C9	0x84D6
+0xE3CA	0x8498
+0xE3CB	0x84B6
+0xE3CC	0x84CF
+0xE3CD	0x84A0
+0xE3CE	0x84D7
+0xE3CF	0x84D4
+0xE3D0	0x84D2
+0xE3D1	0x84DB
+0xE3D2	0x84B0
+0xE3D3	0x8491
+0xE3D4	0x8661
+0xE3D5	0x8733
+0xE3D6	0x8723
+0xE3D7	0x8728
+0xE3D8	0x876B
+0xE3D9	0x8740
+0xE3DA	0x872E
+0xE3DB	0x871E
+0xE3DC	0x8721
+0xE3DD	0x8719
+0xE3DE	0x871B
+0xE3DF	0x8743
+0xE3E0	0x872C
+0xE3E1	0x8741
+0xE3E2	0x873E
+0xE3E3	0x8746
+0xE3E4	0x8720
+0xE3E5	0x8732
+0xE3E6	0x872A
+0xE3E7	0x872D
+0xE3E8	0x873C
+0xE3E9	0x8712
+0xE3EA	0x873A
+0xE3EB	0x8731
+0xE3EC	0x8735
+0xE3ED	0x8742
+0xE3EE	0x8726
+0xE3EF	0x8727
+0xE3F0	0x8738
+0xE3F1	0x8724
+0xE3F2	0x871A
+0xE3F3	0x8730
+0xE3F4	0x8711
+0xE3F5	0x88F7
+0xE3F6	0x88E7
+0xE3F7	0x88F1
+0xE3F8	0x88F2
+0xE3F9	0x88FA
+0xE3FA	0x88FE
+0xE3FB	0x88EE
+0xE3FC	0x88FC
+0xE3FD	0x88F6
+0xE3FE	0x88FB
+0xE440	0x88F0
+0xE441	0x88EC
+0xE442	0x88EB
+0xE443	0x899D
+0xE444	0x89A1
+0xE445	0x899F
+0xE446	0x899E
+0xE447	0x89E9
+0xE448	0x89EB
+0xE449	0x89E8
+0xE44A	0x8AAB
+0xE44B	0x8A99
+0xE44C	0x8A8B
+0xE44D	0x8A92
+0xE44E	0x8A8F
+0xE44F	0x8A96
+0xE450	0x8C3D
+0xE451	0x8C68
+0xE452	0x8C69
+0xE453	0x8CD5
+0xE454	0x8CCF
+0xE455	0x8CD7
+0xE456	0x8D96
+0xE457	0x8E09
+0xE458	0x8E02
+0xE459	0x8DFF
+0xE45A	0x8E0D
+0xE45B	0x8DFD
+0xE45C	0x8E0A
+0xE45D	0x8E03
+0xE45E	0x8E07
+0xE45F	0x8E06
+0xE460	0x8E05
+0xE461	0x8DFE
+0xE462	0x8E00
+0xE463	0x8E04
+0xE464	0x8F10
+0xE465	0x8F11
+0xE466	0x8F0E
+0xE467	0x8F0D
+0xE468	0x9123
+0xE469	0x911C
+0xE46A	0x9120
+0xE46B	0x9122
+0xE46C	0x911F
+0xE46D	0x911D
+0xE46E	0x911A
+0xE46F	0x9124
+0xE470	0x9121
+0xE471	0x911B
+0xE472	0x917A
+0xE473	0x9172
+0xE474	0x9179
+0xE475	0x9173
+0xE476	0x92A5
+0xE477	0x92A4
+0xE478	0x9276
+0xE479	0x929B
+0xE47A	0x927A
+0xE47B	0x92A0
+0xE47C	0x9294
+0xE47D	0x92AA
+0xE47E	0x928D
+0xE4A1	0x92A6
+0xE4A2	0x929A
+0xE4A3	0x92AB
+0xE4A4	0x9279
+0xE4A5	0x9297
+0xE4A6	0x927F
+0xE4A7	0x92A3
+0xE4A8	0x92EE
+0xE4A9	0x928E
+0xE4AA	0x9282
+0xE4AB	0x9295
+0xE4AC	0x92A2
+0xE4AD	0x927D
+0xE4AE	0x9288
+0xE4AF	0x92A1
+0xE4B0	0x928A
+0xE4B1	0x9286
+0xE4B2	0x928C
+0xE4B3	0x9299
+0xE4B4	0x92A7
+0xE4B5	0x927E
+0xE4B6	0x9287
+0xE4B7	0x92A9
+0xE4B8	0x929D
+0xE4B9	0x928B
+0xE4BA	0x922D
+0xE4BB	0x969E
+0xE4BC	0x96A1
+0xE4BD	0x96FF
+0xE4BE	0x9758
+0xE4BF	0x977D
+0xE4C0	0x977A
+0xE4C1	0x977E
+0xE4C2	0x9783
+0xE4C3	0x9780
+0xE4C4	0x9782
+0xE4C5	0x977B
+0xE4C6	0x9784
+0xE4C7	0x9781
+0xE4C8	0x977F
+0xE4C9	0x97CE
+0xE4CA	0x97CD
+0xE4CB	0x9816
+0xE4CC	0x98AD
+0xE4CD	0x98AE
+0xE4CE	0x9902
+0xE4CF	0x9900
+0xE4D0	0x9907
+0xE4D1	0x999D
+0xE4D2	0x999C
+0xE4D3	0x99C3
+0xE4D4	0x99B9
+0xE4D5	0x99BB
+0xE4D6	0x99BA
+0xE4D7	0x99C2
+0xE4D8	0x99BD
+0xE4D9	0x99C7
+0xE4DA	0x9AB1
+0xE4DB	0x9AE3
+0xE4DC	0x9AE7
+0xE4DD	0x9B3E
+0xE4DE	0x9B3F
+0xE4DF	0x9B60
+0xE4E0	0x9B61
+0xE4E1	0x9B5F
+0xE4E2	0x9CF1
+0xE4E3	0x9CF2
+0xE4E4	0x9CF5
+0xE4E5	0x9EA7
+0xE4E6	0x50FF
+0xE4E7	0x5103
+0xE4E8	0x5130
+0xE4E9	0x50F8
+0xE4EA	0x5106
+0xE4EB	0x5107
+0xE4EC	0x50F6
+0xE4ED	0x50FE
+0xE4EE	0x510B
+0xE4EF	0x510C
+0xE4F0	0x50FD
+0xE4F1	0x510A
+0xE4F2	0x528B
+0xE4F3	0x528C
+0xE4F4	0x52F1
+0xE4F5	0x52EF
+0xE4F6	0x5648
+0xE4F7	0x5642
+0xE4F8	0x564C
+0xE4F9	0x5635
+0xE4FA	0x5641
+0xE4FB	0x564A
+0xE4FC	0x5649
+0xE4FD	0x5646
+0xE4FE	0x5658
+0xE540	0x565A
+0xE541	0x5640
+0xE542	0x5633
+0xE543	0x563D
+0xE544	0x562C
+0xE545	0x563E
+0xE546	0x5638
+0xE547	0x562A
+0xE548	0x563A
+0xE549	0x571A
+0xE54A	0x58AB
+0xE54B	0x589D
+0xE54C	0x58B1
+0xE54D	0x58A0
+0xE54E	0x58A3
+0xE54F	0x58AF
+0xE550	0x58AC
+0xE551	0x58A5
+0xE552	0x58A1
+0xE553	0x58FF
+0xE554	0x5AFF
+0xE555	0x5AF4
+0xE556	0x5AFD
+0xE557	0x5AF7
+0xE558	0x5AF6
+0xE559	0x5B03
+0xE55A	0x5AF8
+0xE55B	0x5B02
+0xE55C	0x5AF9
+0xE55D	0x5B01
+0xE55E	0x5B07
+0xE55F	0x5B05
+0xE560	0x5B0F
+0xE561	0x5C67
+0xE562	0x5D99
+0xE563	0x5D97
+0xE564	0x5D9F
+0xE565	0x5D92
+0xE566	0x5DA2
+0xE567	0x5D93
+0xE568	0x5D95
+0xE569	0x5DA0
+0xE56A	0x5D9C
+0xE56B	0x5DA1
+0xE56C	0x5D9A
+0xE56D	0x5D9E
+0xE56E	0x5E69
+0xE56F	0x5E5D
+0xE570	0x5E60
+0xE571	0x5E5C
+0xE572	0x7DF3
+0xE573	0x5EDB
+0xE574	0x5EDE
+0xE575	0x5EE1
+0xE576	0x5F49
+0xE577	0x5FB2
+0xE578	0x618B
+0xE579	0x6183
+0xE57A	0x6179
+0xE57B	0x61B1
+0xE57C	0x61B0
+0xE57D	0x61A2
+0xE57E	0x6189
+0xE5A1	0x619B
+0xE5A2	0x6193
+0xE5A3	0x61AF
+0xE5A4	0x61AD
+0xE5A5	0x619F
+0xE5A6	0x6192
+0xE5A7	0x61AA
+0xE5A8	0x61A1
+0xE5A9	0x618D
+0xE5AA	0x6166
+0xE5AB	0x61B3
+0xE5AC	0x622D
+0xE5AD	0x646E
+0xE5AE	0x6470
+0xE5AF	0x6496
+0xE5B0	0x64A0
+0xE5B1	0x6485
+0xE5B2	0x6497
+0xE5B3	0x649C
+0xE5B4	0x648F
+0xE5B5	0x648B
+0xE5B6	0x648A
+0xE5B7	0x648C
+0xE5B8	0x64A3
+0xE5B9	0x649F
+0xE5BA	0x6468
+0xE5BB	0x64B1
+0xE5BC	0x6498
+0xE5BD	0x6576
+0xE5BE	0x657A
+0xE5BF	0x6579
+0xE5C0	0x657B
+0xE5C1	0x65B2
+0xE5C2	0x65B3
+0xE5C3	0x66B5
+0xE5C4	0x66B0
+0xE5C5	0x66A9
+0xE5C6	0x66B2
+0xE5C7	0x66B7
+0xE5C8	0x66AA
+0xE5C9	0x66AF
+0xE5CA	0x6A00
+0xE5CB	0x6A06
+0xE5CC	0x6A17
+0xE5CD	0x69E5
+0xE5CE	0x69F8
+0xE5CF	0x6A15
+0xE5D0	0x69F1
+0xE5D1	0x69E4
+0xE5D2	0x6A20
+0xE5D3	0x69FF
+0xE5D4	0x69EC
+0xE5D5	0x69E2
+0xE5D6	0x6A1B
+0xE5D7	0x6A1D
+0xE5D8	0x69FE
+0xE5D9	0x6A27
+0xE5DA	0x69F2
+0xE5DB	0x69EE
+0xE5DC	0x6A14
+0xE5DD	0x69F7
+0xE5DE	0x69E7
+0xE5DF	0x6A40
+0xE5E0	0x6A08
+0xE5E1	0x69E6
+0xE5E2	0x69FB
+0xE5E3	0x6A0D
+0xE5E4	0x69FC
+0xE5E5	0x69EB
+0xE5E6	0x6A09
+0xE5E7	0x6A04
+0xE5E8	0x6A18
+0xE5E9	0x6A25
+0xE5EA	0x6A0F
+0xE5EB	0x69F6
+0xE5EC	0x6A26
+0xE5ED	0x6A07
+0xE5EE	0x69F4
+0xE5EF	0x6A16
+0xE5F0	0x6B51
+0xE5F1	0x6BA5
+0xE5F2	0x6BA3
+0xE5F3	0x6BA2
+0xE5F4	0x6BA6
+0xE5F5	0x6C01
+0xE5F6	0x6C00
+0xE5F7	0x6BFF
+0xE5F8	0x6C02
+0xE5F9	0x6F41
+0xE5FA	0x6F26
+0xE5FB	0x6F7E
+0xE5FC	0x6F87
+0xE5FD	0x6FC6
+0xE5FE	0x6F92
+0xE640	0x6F8D
+0xE641	0x6F89
+0xE642	0x6F8C
+0xE643	0x6F62
+0xE644	0x6F4F
+0xE645	0x6F85
+0xE646	0x6F5A
+0xE647	0x6F96
+0xE648	0x6F76
+0xE649	0x6F6C
+0xE64A	0x6F82
+0xE64B	0x6F55
+0xE64C	0x6F72
+0xE64D	0x6F52
+0xE64E	0x6F50
+0xE64F	0x6F57
+0xE650	0x6F94
+0xE651	0x6F93
+0xE652	0x6F5D
+0xE653	0x6F00
+0xE654	0x6F61
+0xE655	0x6F6B
+0xE656	0x6F7D
+0xE657	0x6F67
+0xE658	0x6F90
+0xE659	0x6F53
+0xE65A	0x6F8B
+0xE65B	0x6F69
+0xE65C	0x6F7F
+0xE65D	0x6F95
+0xE65E	0x6F63
+0xE65F	0x6F77
+0xE660	0x6F6A
+0xE661	0x6F7B
+0xE662	0x71B2
+0xE663	0x71AF
+0xE664	0x719B
+0xE665	0x71B0
+0xE666	0x71A0
+0xE667	0x719A
+0xE668	0x71A9
+0xE669	0x71B5
+0xE66A	0x719D
+0xE66B	0x71A5
+0xE66C	0x719E
+0xE66D	0x71A4
+0xE66E	0x71A1
+0xE66F	0x71AA
+0xE670	0x719C
+0xE671	0x71A7
+0xE672	0x71B3
+0xE673	0x7298
+0xE674	0x729A
+0xE675	0x7358
+0xE676	0x7352
+0xE677	0x735E
+0xE678	0x735F
+0xE679	0x7360
+0xE67A	0x735D
+0xE67B	0x735B
+0xE67C	0x7361
+0xE67D	0x735A
+0xE67E	0x7359
+0xE6A1	0x7362
+0xE6A2	0x7487
+0xE6A3	0x7489
+0xE6A4	0x748A
+0xE6A5	0x7486
+0xE6A6	0x7481
+0xE6A7	0x747D
+0xE6A8	0x7485
+0xE6A9	0x7488
+0xE6AA	0x747C
+0xE6AB	0x7479
+0xE6AC	0x7508
+0xE6AD	0x7507
+0xE6AE	0x757E
+0xE6AF	0x7625
+0xE6B0	0x761E
+0xE6B1	0x7619
+0xE6B2	0x761D
+0xE6B3	0x761C
+0xE6B4	0x7623
+0xE6B5	0x761A
+0xE6B6	0x7628
+0xE6B7	0x761B
+0xE6B8	0x769C
+0xE6B9	0x769D
+0xE6BA	0x769E
+0xE6BB	0x769B
+0xE6BC	0x778D
+0xE6BD	0x778F
+0xE6BE	0x7789
+0xE6BF	0x7788
+0xE6C0	0x78CD
+0xE6C1	0x78BB
+0xE6C2	0x78CF
+0xE6C3	0x78CC
+0xE6C4	0x78D1
+0xE6C5	0x78CE
+0xE6C6	0x78D4
+0xE6C7	0x78C8
+0xE6C8	0x78C3
+0xE6C9	0x78C4
+0xE6CA	0x78C9
+0xE6CB	0x799A
+0xE6CC	0x79A1
+0xE6CD	0x79A0
+0xE6CE	0x799C
+0xE6CF	0x79A2
+0xE6D0	0x799B
+0xE6D1	0x6B76
+0xE6D2	0x7A39
+0xE6D3	0x7AB2
+0xE6D4	0x7AB4
+0xE6D5	0x7AB3
+0xE6D6	0x7BB7
+0xE6D7	0x7BCB
+0xE6D8	0x7BBE
+0xE6D9	0x7BAC
+0xE6DA	0x7BCE
+0xE6DB	0x7BAF
+0xE6DC	0x7BB9
+0xE6DD	0x7BCA
+0xE6DE	0x7BB5
+0xE6DF	0x7CC5
+0xE6E0	0x7CC8
+0xE6E1	0x7CCC
+0xE6E2	0x7CCB
+0xE6E3	0x7DF7
+0xE6E4	0x7DDB
+0xE6E5	0x7DEA
+0xE6E6	0x7DE7
+0xE6E7	0x7DD7
+0xE6E8	0x7DE1
+0xE6E9	0x7E03
+0xE6EA	0x7DFA
+0xE6EB	0x7DE6
+0xE6EC	0x7DF6
+0xE6ED	0x7DF1
+0xE6EE	0x7DF0
+0xE6EF	0x7DEE
+0xE6F0	0x7DDF
+0xE6F1	0x7F76
+0xE6F2	0x7FAC
+0xE6F3	0x7FB0
+0xE6F4	0x7FAD
+0xE6F5	0x7FED
+0xE6F6	0x7FEB
+0xE6F7	0x7FEA
+0xE6F8	0x7FEC
+0xE6F9	0x7FE6
+0xE6FA	0x7FE8
+0xE6FB	0x8064
+0xE6FC	0x8067
+0xE6FD	0x81A3
+0xE6FE	0x819F
+0xE740	0x819E
+0xE741	0x8195
+0xE742	0x81A2
+0xE743	0x8199
+0xE744	0x8197
+0xE745	0x8216
+0xE746	0x824F
+0xE747	0x8253
+0xE748	0x8252
+0xE749	0x8250
+0xE74A	0x824E
+0xE74B	0x8251
+0xE74C	0x8524
+0xE74D	0x853B
+0xE74E	0x850F
+0xE74F	0x8500
+0xE750	0x8529
+0xE751	0x850E
+0xE752	0x8509
+0xE753	0x850D
+0xE754	0x851F
+0xE755	0x850A
+0xE756	0x8527
+0xE757	0x851C
+0xE758	0x84FB
+0xE759	0x852B
+0xE75A	0x84FA
+0xE75B	0x8508
+0xE75C	0x850C
+0xE75D	0x84F4
+0xE75E	0x852A
+0xE75F	0x84F2
+0xE760	0x8515
+0xE761	0x84F7
+0xE762	0x84EB
+0xE763	0x84F3
+0xE764	0x84FC
+0xE765	0x8512
+0xE766	0x84EA
+0xE767	0x84E9
+0xE768	0x8516
+0xE769	0x84FE
+0xE76A	0x8528
+0xE76B	0x851D
+0xE76C	0x852E
+0xE76D	0x8502
+0xE76E	0x84FD
+0xE76F	0x851E
+0xE770	0x84F6
+0xE771	0x8531
+0xE772	0x8526
+0xE773	0x84E7
+0xE774	0x84E8
+0xE775	0x84F0
+0xE776	0x84EF
+0xE777	0x84F9
+0xE778	0x8518
+0xE779	0x8520
+0xE77A	0x8530
+0xE77B	0x850B
+0xE77C	0x8519
+0xE77D	0x852F
+0xE77E	0x8662
+0xE7A1	0x8756
+0xE7A2	0x8763
+0xE7A3	0x8764
+0xE7A4	0x8777
+0xE7A5	0x87E1
+0xE7A6	0x8773
+0xE7A7	0x8758
+0xE7A8	0x8754
+0xE7A9	0x875B
+0xE7AA	0x8752
+0xE7AB	0x8761
+0xE7AC	0x875A
+0xE7AD	0x8751
+0xE7AE	0x875E
+0xE7AF	0x876D
+0xE7B0	0x876A
+0xE7B1	0x8750
+0xE7B2	0x874E
+0xE7B3	0x875F
+0xE7B4	0x875D
+0xE7B5	0x876F
+0xE7B6	0x876C
+0xE7B7	0x877A
+0xE7B8	0x876E
+0xE7B9	0x875C
+0xE7BA	0x8765
+0xE7BB	0x874F
+0xE7BC	0x877B
+0xE7BD	0x8775
+0xE7BE	0x8762
+0xE7BF	0x8767
+0xE7C0	0x8769
+0xE7C1	0x885A
+0xE7C2	0x8905
+0xE7C3	0x890C
+0xE7C4	0x8914
+0xE7C5	0x890B
+0xE7C6	0x8917
+0xE7C7	0x8918
+0xE7C8	0x8919
+0xE7C9	0x8906
+0xE7CA	0x8916
+0xE7CB	0x8911
+0xE7CC	0x890E
+0xE7CD	0x8909
+0xE7CE	0x89A2
+0xE7CF	0x89A4
+0xE7D0	0x89A3
+0xE7D1	0x89ED
+0xE7D2	0x89F0
+0xE7D3	0x89EC
+0xE7D4	0x8ACF
+0xE7D5	0x8AC6
+0xE7D6	0x8AB8
+0xE7D7	0x8AD3
+0xE7D8	0x8AD1
+0xE7D9	0x8AD4
+0xE7DA	0x8AD5
+0xE7DB	0x8ABB
+0xE7DC	0x8AD7
+0xE7DD	0x8ABE
+0xE7DE	0x8AC0
+0xE7DF	0x8AC5
+0xE7E0	0x8AD8
+0xE7E1	0x8AC3
+0xE7E2	0x8ABA
+0xE7E3	0x8ABD
+0xE7E4	0x8AD9
+0xE7E5	0x8C3E
+0xE7E6	0x8C4D
+0xE7E7	0x8C8F
+0xE7E8	0x8CE5
+0xE7E9	0x8CDF
+0xE7EA	0x8CD9
+0xE7EB	0x8CE8
+0xE7EC	0x8CDA
+0xE7ED	0x8CDD
+0xE7EE	0x8CE7
+0xE7EF	0x8DA0
+0xE7F0	0x8D9C
+0xE7F1	0x8DA1
+0xE7F2	0x8D9B
+0xE7F3	0x8E20
+0xE7F4	0x8E23
+0xE7F5	0x8E25
+0xE7F6	0x8E24
+0xE7F7	0x8E2E
+0xE7F8	0x8E15
+0xE7F9	0x8E1B
+0xE7FA	0x8E16
+0xE7FB	0x8E11
+0xE7FC	0x8E19
+0xE7FD	0x8E26
+0xE7FE	0x8E27
+0xE840	0x8E14
+0xE841	0x8E12
+0xE842	0x8E18
+0xE843	0x8E13
+0xE844	0x8E1C
+0xE845	0x8E17
+0xE846	0x8E1A
+0xE847	0x8F2C
+0xE848	0x8F24
+0xE849	0x8F18
+0xE84A	0x8F1A
+0xE84B	0x8F20
+0xE84C	0x8F23
+0xE84D	0x8F16
+0xE84E	0x8F17
+0xE84F	0x9073
+0xE850	0x9070
+0xE851	0x906F
+0xE852	0x9067
+0xE853	0x906B
+0xE854	0x912F
+0xE855	0x912B
+0xE856	0x9129
+0xE857	0x912A
+0xE858	0x9132
+0xE859	0x9126
+0xE85A	0x912E
+0xE85B	0x9185
+0xE85C	0x9186
+0xE85D	0x918A
+0xE85E	0x9181
+0xE85F	0x9182
+0xE860	0x9184
+0xE861	0x9180
+0xE862	0x92D0
+0xE863	0x92C3
+0xE864	0x92C4
+0xE865	0x92C0
+0xE866	0x92D9
+0xE867	0x92B6
+0xE868	0x92CF
+0xE869	0x92F1
+0xE86A	0x92DF
+0xE86B	0x92D8
+0xE86C	0x92E9
+0xE86D	0x92D7
+0xE86E	0x92DD
+0xE86F	0x92CC
+0xE870	0x92EF
+0xE871	0x92C2
+0xE872	0x92E8
+0xE873	0x92CA
+0xE874	0x92C8
+0xE875	0x92CE
+0xE876	0x92E6
+0xE877	0x92CD
+0xE878	0x92D5
+0xE879	0x92C9
+0xE87A	0x92E0
+0xE87B	0x92DE
+0xE87C	0x92E7
+0xE87D	0x92D1
+0xE87E	0x92D3
+0xE8A1	0x92B5
+0xE8A2	0x92E1
+0xE8A3	0x92C6
+0xE8A4	0x92B4
+0xE8A5	0x957C
+0xE8A6	0x95AC
+0xE8A7	0x95AB
+0xE8A8	0x95AE
+0xE8A9	0x95B0
+0xE8AA	0x96A4
+0xE8AB	0x96A2
+0xE8AC	0x96D3
+0xE8AD	0x9705
+0xE8AE	0x9708
+0xE8AF	0x9702
+0xE8B0	0x975A
+0xE8B1	0x978A
+0xE8B2	0x978E
+0xE8B3	0x9788
+0xE8B4	0x97D0
+0xE8B5	0x97CF
+0xE8B6	0x981E
+0xE8B7	0x981D
+0xE8B8	0x9826
+0xE8B9	0x9829
+0xE8BA	0x9828
+0xE8BB	0x9820
+0xE8BC	0x981B
+0xE8BD	0x9827
+0xE8BE	0x98B2
+0xE8BF	0x9908
+0xE8C0	0x98FA
+0xE8C1	0x9911
+0xE8C2	0x9914
+0xE8C3	0x9916
+0xE8C4	0x9917
+0xE8C5	0x9915
+0xE8C6	0x99DC
+0xE8C7	0x99CD
+0xE8C8	0x99CF
+0xE8C9	0x99D3
+0xE8CA	0x99D4
+0xE8CB	0x99CE
+0xE8CC	0x99C9
+0xE8CD	0x99D6
+0xE8CE	0x99D8
+0xE8CF	0x99CB
+0xE8D0	0x99D7
+0xE8D1	0x99CC
+0xE8D2	0x9AB3
+0xE8D3	0x9AEC
+0xE8D4	0x9AEB
+0xE8D5	0x9AF3
+0xE8D6	0x9AF2
+0xE8D7	0x9AF1
+0xE8D8	0x9B46
+0xE8D9	0x9B43
+0xE8DA	0x9B67
+0xE8DB	0x9B74
+0xE8DC	0x9B71
+0xE8DD	0x9B66
+0xE8DE	0x9B76
+0xE8DF	0x9B75
+0xE8E0	0x9B70
+0xE8E1	0x9B68
+0xE8E2	0x9B64
+0xE8E3	0x9B6C
+0xE8E4	0x9CFC
+0xE8E5	0x9CFA
+0xE8E6	0x9CFD
+0xE8E7	0x9CFF
+0xE8E8	0x9CF7
+0xE8E9	0x9D07
+0xE8EA	0x9D00
+0xE8EB	0x9CF9
+0xE8EC	0x9CFB
+0xE8ED	0x9D08
+0xE8EE	0x9D05
+0xE8EF	0x9D04
+0xE8F0	0x9E83
+0xE8F1	0x9ED3
+0xE8F2	0x9F0F
+0xE8F3	0x9F10
+0xE8F4	0x511C
+0xE8F5	0x5113
+0xE8F6	0x5117
+0xE8F7	0x511A
+0xE8F8	0x5111
+0xE8F9	0x51DE
+0xE8FA	0x5334
+0xE8FB	0x53E1
+0xE8FC	0x5670
+0xE8FD	0x5660
+0xE8FE	0x566E
+0xE940	0x5673
+0xE941	0x5666
+0xE942	0x5663
+0xE943	0x566D
+0xE944	0x5672
+0xE945	0x565E
+0xE946	0x5677
+0xE947	0x571C
+0xE948	0x571B
+0xE949	0x58C8
+0xE94A	0x58BD
+0xE94B	0x58C9
+0xE94C	0x58BF
+0xE94D	0x58BA
+0xE94E	0x58C2
+0xE94F	0x58BC
+0xE950	0x58C6
+0xE951	0x5B17
+0xE952	0x5B19
+0xE953	0x5B1B
+0xE954	0x5B21
+0xE955	0x5B14
+0xE956	0x5B13
+0xE957	0x5B10
+0xE958	0x5B16
+0xE959	0x5B28
+0xE95A	0x5B1A
+0xE95B	0x5B20
+0xE95C	0x5B1E
+0xE95D	0x5BEF
+0xE95E	0x5DAC
+0xE95F	0x5DB1
+0xE960	0x5DA9
+0xE961	0x5DA7
+0xE962	0x5DB5
+0xE963	0x5DB0
+0xE964	0x5DAE
+0xE965	0x5DAA
+0xE966	0x5DA8
+0xE967	0x5DB2
+0xE968	0x5DAD
+0xE969	0x5DAF
+0xE96A	0x5DB4
+0xE96B	0x5E67
+0xE96C	0x5E68
+0xE96D	0x5E66
+0xE96E	0x5E6F
+0xE96F	0x5EE9
+0xE970	0x5EE7
+0xE971	0x5EE6
+0xE972	0x5EE8
+0xE973	0x5EE5
+0xE974	0x5F4B
+0xE975	0x5FBC
+0xE976	0x619D
+0xE977	0x61A8
+0xE978	0x6196
+0xE979	0x61C5
+0xE97A	0x61B4
+0xE97B	0x61C6
+0xE97C	0x61C1
+0xE97D	0x61CC
+0xE97E	0x61BA
+0xE9A1	0x61BF
+0xE9A2	0x61B8
+0xE9A3	0x618C
+0xE9A4	0x64D7
+0xE9A5	0x64D6
+0xE9A6	0x64D0
+0xE9A7	0x64CF
+0xE9A8	0x64C9
+0xE9A9	0x64BD
+0xE9AA	0x6489
+0xE9AB	0x64C3
+0xE9AC	0x64DB
+0xE9AD	0x64F3
+0xE9AE	0x64D9
+0xE9AF	0x6533
+0xE9B0	0x657F
+0xE9B1	0x657C
+0xE9B2	0x65A2
+0xE9B3	0x66C8
+0xE9B4	0x66BE
+0xE9B5	0x66C0
+0xE9B6	0x66CA
+0xE9B7	0x66CB
+0xE9B8	0x66CF
+0xE9B9	0x66BD
+0xE9BA	0x66BB
+0xE9BB	0x66BA
+0xE9BC	0x66CC
+0xE9BD	0x6723
+0xE9BE	0x6A34
+0xE9BF	0x6A66
+0xE9C0	0x6A49
+0xE9C1	0x6A67
+0xE9C2	0x6A32
+0xE9C3	0x6A68
+0xE9C4	0x6A3E
+0xE9C5	0x6A5D
+0xE9C6	0x6A6D
+0xE9C7	0x6A76
+0xE9C8	0x6A5B
+0xE9C9	0x6A51
+0xE9CA	0x6A28
+0xE9CB	0x6A5A
+0xE9CC	0x6A3B
+0xE9CD	0x6A3F
+0xE9CE	0x6A41
+0xE9CF	0x6A6A
+0xE9D0	0x6A64
+0xE9D1	0x6A50
+0xE9D2	0x6A4F
+0xE9D3	0x6A54
+0xE9D4	0x6A6F
+0xE9D5	0x6A69
+0xE9D6	0x6A60
+0xE9D7	0x6A3C
+0xE9D8	0x6A5E
+0xE9D9	0x6A56
+0xE9DA	0x6A55
+0xE9DB	0x6A4D
+0xE9DC	0x6A4E
+0xE9DD	0x6A46
+0xE9DE	0x6B55
+0xE9DF	0x6B54
+0xE9E0	0x6B56
+0xE9E1	0x6BA7
+0xE9E2	0x6BAA
+0xE9E3	0x6BAB
+0xE9E4	0x6BC8
+0xE9E5	0x6BC7
+0xE9E6	0x6C04
+0xE9E7	0x6C03
+0xE9E8	0x6C06
+0xE9E9	0x6FAD
+0xE9EA	0x6FCB
+0xE9EB	0x6FA3
+0xE9EC	0x6FC7
+0xE9ED	0x6FBC
+0xE9EE	0x6FCE
+0xE9EF	0x6FC8
+0xE9F0	0x6F5E
+0xE9F1	0x6FC4
+0xE9F2	0x6FBD
+0xE9F3	0x6F9E
+0xE9F4	0x6FCA
+0xE9F5	0x6FA8
+0xE9F6	0x7004
+0xE9F7	0x6FA5
+0xE9F8	0x6FAE
+0xE9F9	0x6FBA
+0xE9FA	0x6FAC
+0xE9FB	0x6FAA
+0xE9FC	0x6FCF
+0xE9FD	0x6FBF
+0xE9FE	0x6FB8
+0xEA40	0x6FA2
+0xEA41	0x6FC9
+0xEA42	0x6FAB
+0xEA43	0x6FCD
+0xEA44	0x6FAF
+0xEA45	0x6FB2
+0xEA46	0x6FB0
+0xEA47	0x71C5
+0xEA48	0x71C2
+0xEA49	0x71BF
+0xEA4A	0x71B8
+0xEA4B	0x71D6
+0xEA4C	0x71C0
+0xEA4D	0x71C1
+0xEA4E	0x71CB
+0xEA4F	0x71D4
+0xEA50	0x71CA
+0xEA51	0x71C7
+0xEA52	0x71CF
+0xEA53	0x71BD
+0xEA54	0x71D8
+0xEA55	0x71BC
+0xEA56	0x71C6
+0xEA57	0x71DA
+0xEA58	0x71DB
+0xEA59	0x729D
+0xEA5A	0x729E
+0xEA5B	0x7369
+0xEA5C	0x7366
+0xEA5D	0x7367
+0xEA5E	0x736C
+0xEA5F	0x7365
+0xEA60	0x736B
+0xEA61	0x736A
+0xEA62	0x747F
+0xEA63	0x749A
+0xEA64	0x74A0
+0xEA65	0x7494
+0xEA66	0x7492
+0xEA67	0x7495
+0xEA68	0x74A1
+0xEA69	0x750B
+0xEA6A	0x7580
+0xEA6B	0x762F
+0xEA6C	0x762D
+0xEA6D	0x7631
+0xEA6E	0x763D
+0xEA6F	0x7633
+0xEA70	0x763C
+0xEA71	0x7635
+0xEA72	0x7632
+0xEA73	0x7630
+0xEA74	0x76BB
+0xEA75	0x76E6
+0xEA76	0x779A
+0xEA77	0x779D
+0xEA78	0x77A1
+0xEA79	0x779C
+0xEA7A	0x779B
+0xEA7B	0x77A2
+0xEA7C	0x77A3
+0xEA7D	0x7795
+0xEA7E	0x7799
+0xEAA1	0x7797
+0xEAA2	0x78DD
+0xEAA3	0x78E9
+0xEAA4	0x78E5
+0xEAA5	0x78EA
+0xEAA6	0x78DE
+0xEAA7	0x78E3
+0xEAA8	0x78DB
+0xEAA9	0x78E1
+0xEAAA	0x78E2
+0xEAAB	0x78ED
+0xEAAC	0x78DF
+0xEAAD	0x78E0
+0xEAAE	0x79A4
+0xEAAF	0x7A44
+0xEAB0	0x7A48
+0xEAB1	0x7A47
+0xEAB2	0x7AB6
+0xEAB3	0x7AB8
+0xEAB4	0x7AB5
+0xEAB5	0x7AB1
+0xEAB6	0x7AB7
+0xEAB7	0x7BDE
+0xEAB8	0x7BE3
+0xEAB9	0x7BE7
+0xEABA	0x7BDD
+0xEABB	0x7BD5
+0xEABC	0x7BE5
+0xEABD	0x7BDA
+0xEABE	0x7BE8
+0xEABF	0x7BF9
+0xEAC0	0x7BD4
+0xEAC1	0x7BEA
+0xEAC2	0x7BE2
+0xEAC3	0x7BDC
+0xEAC4	0x7BEB
+0xEAC5	0x7BD8
+0xEAC6	0x7BDF
+0xEAC7	0x7CD2
+0xEAC8	0x7CD4
+0xEAC9	0x7CD7
+0xEACA	0x7CD0
+0xEACB	0x7CD1
+0xEACC	0x7E12
+0xEACD	0x7E21
+0xEACE	0x7E17
+0xEACF	0x7E0C
+0xEAD0	0x7E1F
+0xEAD1	0x7E20
+0xEAD2	0x7E13
+0xEAD3	0x7E0E
+0xEAD4	0x7E1C
+0xEAD5	0x7E15
+0xEAD6	0x7E1A
+0xEAD7	0x7E22
+0xEAD8	0x7E0B
+0xEAD9	0x7E0F
+0xEADA	0x7E16
+0xEADB	0x7E0D
+0xEADC	0x7E14
+0xEADD	0x7E25
+0xEADE	0x7E24
+0xEADF	0x7F43
+0xEAE0	0x7F7B
+0xEAE1	0x7F7C
+0xEAE2	0x7F7A
+0xEAE3	0x7FB1
+0xEAE4	0x7FEF
+0xEAE5	0x802A
+0xEAE6	0x8029
+0xEAE7	0x806C
+0xEAE8	0x81B1
+0xEAE9	0x81A6
+0xEAEA	0x81AE
+0xEAEB	0x81B9
+0xEAEC	0x81B5
+0xEAED	0x81AB
+0xEAEE	0x81B0
+0xEAEF	0x81AC
+0xEAF0	0x81B4
+0xEAF1	0x81B2
+0xEAF2	0x81B7
+0xEAF3	0x81A7
+0xEAF4	0x81F2
+0xEAF5	0x8255
+0xEAF6	0x8256
+0xEAF7	0x8257
+0xEAF8	0x8556
+0xEAF9	0x8545
+0xEAFA	0x856B
+0xEAFB	0x854D
+0xEAFC	0x8553
+0xEAFD	0x8561
+0xEAFE	0x8558
+0xEB40	0x8540
+0xEB41	0x8546
+0xEB42	0x8564
+0xEB43	0x8541
+0xEB44	0x8562
+0xEB45	0x8544
+0xEB46	0x8551
+0xEB47	0x8547
+0xEB48	0x8563
+0xEB49	0x853E
+0xEB4A	0x855B
+0xEB4B	0x8571
+0xEB4C	0x854E
+0xEB4D	0x856E
+0xEB4E	0x8575
+0xEB4F	0x8555
+0xEB50	0x8567
+0xEB51	0x8560
+0xEB52	0x858C
+0xEB53	0x8566
+0xEB54	0x855D
+0xEB55	0x8554
+0xEB56	0x8565
+0xEB57	0x856C
+0xEB58	0x8663
+0xEB59	0x8665
+0xEB5A	0x8664
+0xEB5B	0x879B
+0xEB5C	0x878F
+0xEB5D	0x8797
+0xEB5E	0x8793
+0xEB5F	0x8792
+0xEB60	0x8788
+0xEB61	0x8781
+0xEB62	0x8796
+0xEB63	0x8798
+0xEB64	0x8779
+0xEB65	0x8787
+0xEB66	0x87A3
+0xEB67	0x8785
+0xEB68	0x8790
+0xEB69	0x8791
+0xEB6A	0x879D
+0xEB6B	0x8784
+0xEB6C	0x8794
+0xEB6D	0x879C
+0xEB6E	0x879A
+0xEB6F	0x8789
+0xEB70	0x891E
+0xEB71	0x8926
+0xEB72	0x8930
+0xEB73	0x892D
+0xEB74	0x892E
+0xEB75	0x8927
+0xEB76	0x8931
+0xEB77	0x8922
+0xEB78	0x8929
+0xEB79	0x8923
+0xEB7A	0x892F
+0xEB7B	0x892C
+0xEB7C	0x891F
+0xEB7D	0x89F1
+0xEB7E	0x8AE0
+0xEBA1	0x8AE2
+0xEBA2	0x8AF2
+0xEBA3	0x8AF4
+0xEBA4	0x8AF5
+0xEBA5	0x8ADD
+0xEBA6	0x8B14
+0xEBA7	0x8AE4
+0xEBA8	0x8ADF
+0xEBA9	0x8AF0
+0xEBAA	0x8AC8
+0xEBAB	0x8ADE
+0xEBAC	0x8AE1
+0xEBAD	0x8AE8
+0xEBAE	0x8AFF
+0xEBAF	0x8AEF
+0xEBB0	0x8AFB
+0xEBB1	0x8C91
+0xEBB2	0x8C92
+0xEBB3	0x8C90
+0xEBB4	0x8CF5
+0xEBB5	0x8CEE
+0xEBB6	0x8CF1
+0xEBB7	0x8CF0
+0xEBB8	0x8CF3
+0xEBB9	0x8D6C
+0xEBBA	0x8D6E
+0xEBBB	0x8DA5
+0xEBBC	0x8DA7
+0xEBBD	0x8E33
+0xEBBE	0x8E3E
+0xEBBF	0x8E38
+0xEBC0	0x8E40
+0xEBC1	0x8E45
+0xEBC2	0x8E36
+0xEBC3	0x8E3C
+0xEBC4	0x8E3D
+0xEBC5	0x8E41
+0xEBC6	0x8E30
+0xEBC7	0x8E3F
+0xEBC8	0x8EBD
+0xEBC9	0x8F36
+0xEBCA	0x8F2E
+0xEBCB	0x8F35
+0xEBCC	0x8F32
+0xEBCD	0x8F39
+0xEBCE	0x8F37
+0xEBCF	0x8F34
+0xEBD0	0x9076
+0xEBD1	0x9079
+0xEBD2	0x907B
+0xEBD3	0x9086
+0xEBD4	0x90FA
+0xEBD5	0x9133
+0xEBD6	0x9135
+0xEBD7	0x9136
+0xEBD8	0x9193
+0xEBD9	0x9190
+0xEBDA	0x9191
+0xEBDB	0x918D
+0xEBDC	0x918F
+0xEBDD	0x9327
+0xEBDE	0x931E
+0xEBDF	0x9308
+0xEBE0	0x931F
+0xEBE1	0x9306
+0xEBE2	0x930F
+0xEBE3	0x937A
+0xEBE4	0x9338
+0xEBE5	0x933C
+0xEBE6	0x931B
+0xEBE7	0x9323
+0xEBE8	0x9312
+0xEBE9	0x9301
+0xEBEA	0x9346
+0xEBEB	0x932D
+0xEBEC	0x930E
+0xEBED	0x930D
+0xEBEE	0x92CB
+0xEBEF	0x931D
+0xEBF0	0x92FA
+0xEBF1	0x9325
+0xEBF2	0x9313
+0xEBF3	0x92F9
+0xEBF4	0x92F7
+0xEBF5	0x9334
+0xEBF6	0x9302
+0xEBF7	0x9324
+0xEBF8	0x92FF
+0xEBF9	0x9329
+0xEBFA	0x9339
+0xEBFB	0x9335
+0xEBFC	0x932A
+0xEBFD	0x9314
+0xEBFE	0x930C
+0xEC40	0x930B
+0xEC41	0x92FE
+0xEC42	0x9309
+0xEC43	0x9300
+0xEC44	0x92FB
+0xEC45	0x9316
+0xEC46	0x95BC
+0xEC47	0x95CD
+0xEC48	0x95BE
+0xEC49	0x95B9
+0xEC4A	0x95BA
+0xEC4B	0x95B6
+0xEC4C	0x95BF
+0xEC4D	0x95B5
+0xEC4E	0x95BD
+0xEC4F	0x96A9
+0xEC50	0x96D4
+0xEC51	0x970B
+0xEC52	0x9712
+0xEC53	0x9710
+0xEC54	0x9799
+0xEC55	0x9797
+0xEC56	0x9794
+0xEC57	0x97F0
+0xEC58	0x97F8
+0xEC59	0x9835
+0xEC5A	0x982F
+0xEC5B	0x9832
+0xEC5C	0x9924
+0xEC5D	0x991F
+0xEC5E	0x9927
+0xEC5F	0x9929
+0xEC60	0x999E
+0xEC61	0x99EE
+0xEC62	0x99EC
+0xEC63	0x99E5
+0xEC64	0x99E4
+0xEC65	0x99F0
+0xEC66	0x99E3
+0xEC67	0x99EA
+0xEC68	0x99E9
+0xEC69	0x99E7
+0xEC6A	0x9AB9
+0xEC6B	0x9ABF
+0xEC6C	0x9AB4
+0xEC6D	0x9ABB
+0xEC6E	0x9AF6
+0xEC6F	0x9AFA
+0xEC70	0x9AF9
+0xEC71	0x9AF7
+0xEC72	0x9B33
+0xEC73	0x9B80
+0xEC74	0x9B85
+0xEC75	0x9B87
+0xEC76	0x9B7C
+0xEC77	0x9B7E
+0xEC78	0x9B7B
+0xEC79	0x9B82
+0xEC7A	0x9B93
+0xEC7B	0x9B92
+0xEC7C	0x9B90
+0xEC7D	0x9B7A
+0xEC7E	0x9B95
+0xECA1	0x9B7D
+0xECA2	0x9B88
+0xECA3	0x9D25
+0xECA4	0x9D17
+0xECA5	0x9D20
+0xECA6	0x9D1E
+0xECA7	0x9D14
+0xECA8	0x9D29
+0xECA9	0x9D1D
+0xECAA	0x9D18
+0xECAB	0x9D22
+0xECAC	0x9D10
+0xECAD	0x9D19
+0xECAE	0x9D1F
+0xECAF	0x9E88
+0xECB0	0x9E86
+0xECB1	0x9E87
+0xECB2	0x9EAE
+0xECB3	0x9EAD
+0xECB4	0x9ED5
+0xECB5	0x9ED6
+0xECB6	0x9EFA
+0xECB7	0x9F12
+0xECB8	0x9F3D
+0xECB9	0x5126
+0xECBA	0x5125
+0xECBB	0x5122
+0xECBC	0x5124
+0xECBD	0x5120
+0xECBE	0x5129
+0xECBF	0x52F4
+0xECC0	0x5693
+0xECC1	0x568C
+0xECC2	0x568D
+0xECC3	0x5686
+0xECC4	0x5684
+0xECC5	0x5683
+0xECC6	0x567E
+0xECC7	0x5682
+0xECC8	0x567F
+0xECC9	0x5681
+0xECCA	0x58D6
+0xECCB	0x58D4
+0xECCC	0x58CF
+0xECCD	0x58D2
+0xECCE	0x5B2D
+0xECCF	0x5B25
+0xECD0	0x5B32
+0xECD1	0x5B23
+0xECD2	0x5B2C
+0xECD3	0x5B27
+0xECD4	0x5B26
+0xECD5	0x5B2F
+0xECD6	0x5B2E
+0xECD7	0x5B7B
+0xECD8	0x5BF1
+0xECD9	0x5BF2
+0xECDA	0x5DB7
+0xECDB	0x5E6C
+0xECDC	0x5E6A
+0xECDD	0x5FBE
+0xECDE	0x5FBB
+0xECDF	0x61C3
+0xECE0	0x61B5
+0xECE1	0x61BC
+0xECE2	0x61E7
+0xECE3	0x61E0
+0xECE4	0x61E5
+0xECE5	0x61E4
+0xECE6	0x61E8
+0xECE7	0x61DE
+0xECE8	0x64EF
+0xECE9	0x64E9
+0xECEA	0x64E3
+0xECEB	0x64EB
+0xECEC	0x64E4
+0xECED	0x64E8
+0xECEE	0x6581
+0xECEF	0x6580
+0xECF0	0x65B6
+0xECF1	0x65DA
+0xECF2	0x66D2
+0xECF3	0x6A8D
+0xECF4	0x6A96
+0xECF5	0x6A81
+0xECF6	0x6AA5
+0xECF7	0x6A89
+0xECF8	0x6A9F
+0xECF9	0x6A9B
+0xECFA	0x6AA1
+0xECFB	0x6A9E
+0xECFC	0x6A87
+0xECFD	0x6A93
+0xECFE	0x6A8E
+0xED40	0x6A95
+0xED41	0x6A83
+0xED42	0x6AA8
+0xED43	0x6AA4
+0xED44	0x6A91
+0xED45	0x6A7F
+0xED46	0x6AA6
+0xED47	0x6A9A
+0xED48	0x6A85
+0xED49	0x6A8C
+0xED4A	0x6A92
+0xED4B	0x6B5B
+0xED4C	0x6BAD
+0xED4D	0x6C09
+0xED4E	0x6FCC
+0xED4F	0x6FA9
+0xED50	0x6FF4
+0xED51	0x6FD4
+0xED52	0x6FE3
+0xED53	0x6FDC
+0xED54	0x6FED
+0xED55	0x6FE7
+0xED56	0x6FE6
+0xED57	0x6FDE
+0xED58	0x6FF2
+0xED59	0x6FDD
+0xED5A	0x6FE2
+0xED5B	0x6FE8
+0xED5C	0x71E1
+0xED5D	0x71F1
+0xED5E	0x71E8
+0xED5F	0x71F2
+0xED60	0x71E4
+0xED61	0x71F0
+0xED62	0x71E2
+0xED63	0x7373
+0xED64	0x736E
+0xED65	0x736F
+0xED66	0x7497
+0xED67	0x74B2
+0xED68	0x74AB
+0xED69	0x7490
+0xED6A	0x74AA
+0xED6B	0x74AD
+0xED6C	0x74B1
+0xED6D	0x74A5
+0xED6E	0x74AF
+0xED6F	0x7510
+0xED70	0x7511
+0xED71	0x7512
+0xED72	0x750F
+0xED73	0x7584
+0xED74	0x7643
+0xED75	0x7648
+0xED76	0x7649
+0xED77	0x7647
+0xED78	0x76A4
+0xED79	0x76E9
+0xED7A	0x77B5
+0xED7B	0x77AB
+0xED7C	0x77B2
+0xED7D	0x77B7
+0xED7E	0x77B6
+0xEDA1	0x77B4
+0xEDA2	0x77B1
+0xEDA3	0x77A8
+0xEDA4	0x77F0
+0xEDA5	0x78F3
+0xEDA6	0x78FD
+0xEDA7	0x7902
+0xEDA8	0x78FB
+0xEDA9	0x78FC
+0xEDAA	0x78F2
+0xEDAB	0x7905
+0xEDAC	0x78F9
+0xEDAD	0x78FE
+0xEDAE	0x7904
+0xEDAF	0x79AB
+0xEDB0	0x79A8
+0xEDB1	0x7A5C
+0xEDB2	0x7A5B
+0xEDB3	0x7A56
+0xEDB4	0x7A58
+0xEDB5	0x7A54
+0xEDB6	0x7A5A
+0xEDB7	0x7ABE
+0xEDB8	0x7AC0
+0xEDB9	0x7AC1
+0xEDBA	0x7C05
+0xEDBB	0x7C0F
+0xEDBC	0x7BF2
+0xEDBD	0x7C00
+0xEDBE	0x7BFF
+0xEDBF	0x7BFB
+0xEDC0	0x7C0E
+0xEDC1	0x7BF4
+0xEDC2	0x7C0B
+0xEDC3	0x7BF3
+0xEDC4	0x7C02
+0xEDC5	0x7C09
+0xEDC6	0x7C03
+0xEDC7	0x7C01
+0xEDC8	0x7BF8
+0xEDC9	0x7BFD
+0xEDCA	0x7C06
+0xEDCB	0x7BF0
+0xEDCC	0x7BF1
+0xEDCD	0x7C10
+0xEDCE	0x7C0A
+0xEDCF	0x7CE8
+0xEDD0	0x7E2D
+0xEDD1	0x7E3C
+0xEDD2	0x7E42
+0xEDD3	0x7E33
+0xEDD4	0x9848
+0xEDD5	0x7E38
+0xEDD6	0x7E2A
+0xEDD7	0x7E49
+0xEDD8	0x7E40
+0xEDD9	0x7E47
+0xEDDA	0x7E29
+0xEDDB	0x7E4C
+0xEDDC	0x7E30
+0xEDDD	0x7E3B
+0xEDDE	0x7E36
+0xEDDF	0x7E44
+0xEDE0	0x7E3A
+0xEDE1	0x7F45
+0xEDE2	0x7F7F
+0xEDE3	0x7F7E
+0xEDE4	0x7F7D
+0xEDE5	0x7FF4
+0xEDE6	0x7FF2
+0xEDE7	0x802C
+0xEDE8	0x81BB
+0xEDE9	0x81C4
+0xEDEA	0x81CC
+0xEDEB	0x81CA
+0xEDEC	0x81C5
+0xEDED	0x81C7
+0xEDEE	0x81BC
+0xEDEF	0x81E9
+0xEDF0	0x825B
+0xEDF1	0x825A
+0xEDF2	0x825C
+0xEDF3	0x8583
+0xEDF4	0x8580
+0xEDF5	0x858F
+0xEDF6	0x85A7
+0xEDF7	0x8595
+0xEDF8	0x85A0
+0xEDF9	0x858B
+0xEDFA	0x85A3
+0xEDFB	0x857B
+0xEDFC	0x85A4
+0xEDFD	0x859A
+0xEDFE	0x859E
+0xEE40	0x8577
+0xEE41	0x857C
+0xEE42	0x8589
+0xEE43	0x85A1
+0xEE44	0x857A
+0xEE45	0x8578
+0xEE46	0x8557
+0xEE47	0x858E
+0xEE48	0x8596
+0xEE49	0x8586
+0xEE4A	0x858D
+0xEE4B	0x8599
+0xEE4C	0x859D
+0xEE4D	0x8581
+0xEE4E	0x85A2
+0xEE4F	0x8582
+0xEE50	0x8588
+0xEE51	0x8585
+0xEE52	0x8579
+0xEE53	0x8576
+0xEE54	0x8598
+0xEE55	0x8590
+0xEE56	0x859F
+0xEE57	0x8668
+0xEE58	0x87BE
+0xEE59	0x87AA
+0xEE5A	0x87AD
+0xEE5B	0x87C5
+0xEE5C	0x87B0
+0xEE5D	0x87AC
+0xEE5E	0x87B9
+0xEE5F	0x87B5
+0xEE60	0x87BC
+0xEE61	0x87AE
+0xEE62	0x87C9
+0xEE63	0x87C3
+0xEE64	0x87C2
+0xEE65	0x87CC
+0xEE66	0x87B7
+0xEE67	0x87AF
+0xEE68	0x87C4
+0xEE69	0x87CA
+0xEE6A	0x87B4
+0xEE6B	0x87B6
+0xEE6C	0x87BF
+0xEE6D	0x87B8
+0xEE6E	0x87BD
+0xEE6F	0x87DE
+0xEE70	0x87B2
+0xEE71	0x8935
+0xEE72	0x8933
+0xEE73	0x893C
+0xEE74	0x893E
+0xEE75	0x8941
+0xEE76	0x8952
+0xEE77	0x8937
+0xEE78	0x8942
+0xEE79	0x89AD
+0xEE7A	0x89AF
+0xEE7B	0x89AE
+0xEE7C	0x89F2
+0xEE7D	0x89F3
+0xEE7E	0x8B1E
+0xEEA1	0x8B18
+0xEEA2	0x8B16
+0xEEA3	0x8B11
+0xEEA4	0x8B05
+0xEEA5	0x8B0B
+0xEEA6	0x8B22
+0xEEA7	0x8B0F
+0xEEA8	0x8B12
+0xEEA9	0x8B15
+0xEEAA	0x8B07
+0xEEAB	0x8B0D
+0xEEAC	0x8B08
+0xEEAD	0x8B06
+0xEEAE	0x8B1C
+0xEEAF	0x8B13
+0xEEB0	0x8B1A
+0xEEB1	0x8C4F
+0xEEB2	0x8C70
+0xEEB3	0x8C72
+0xEEB4	0x8C71
+0xEEB5	0x8C6F
+0xEEB6	0x8C95
+0xEEB7	0x8C94
+0xEEB8	0x8CF9
+0xEEB9	0x8D6F
+0xEEBA	0x8E4E
+0xEEBB	0x8E4D
+0xEEBC	0x8E53
+0xEEBD	0x8E50
+0xEEBE	0x8E4C
+0xEEBF	0x8E47
+0xEEC0	0x8F43
+0xEEC1	0x8F40
+0xEEC2	0x9085
+0xEEC3	0x907E
+0xEEC4	0x9138
+0xEEC5	0x919A
+0xEEC6	0x91A2
+0xEEC7	0x919B
+0xEEC8	0x9199
+0xEEC9	0x919F
+0xEECA	0x91A1
+0xEECB	0x919D
+0xEECC	0x91A0
+0xEECD	0x93A1
+0xEECE	0x9383
+0xEECF	0x93AF
+0xEED0	0x9364
+0xEED1	0x9356
+0xEED2	0x9347
+0xEED3	0x937C
+0xEED4	0x9358
+0xEED5	0x935C
+0xEED6	0x9376
+0xEED7	0x9349
+0xEED8	0x9350
+0xEED9	0x9351
+0xEEDA	0x9360
+0xEEDB	0x936D
+0xEEDC	0x938F
+0xEEDD	0x934C
+0xEEDE	0x936A
+0xEEDF	0x9379
+0xEEE0	0x9357
+0xEEE1	0x9355
+0xEEE2	0x9352
+0xEEE3	0x934F
+0xEEE4	0x9371
+0xEEE5	0x9377
+0xEEE6	0x937B
+0xEEE7	0x9361
+0xEEE8	0x935E
+0xEEE9	0x9363
+0xEEEA	0x9367
+0xEEEB	0x9380
+0xEEEC	0x934E
+0xEEED	0x9359
+0xEEEE	0x95C7
+0xEEEF	0x95C0
+0xEEF0	0x95C9
+0xEEF1	0x95C3
+0xEEF2	0x95C5
+0xEEF3	0x95B7
+0xEEF4	0x96AE
+0xEEF5	0x96B0
+0xEEF6	0x96AC
+0xEEF7	0x9720
+0xEEF8	0x971F
+0xEEF9	0x9718
+0xEEFA	0x971D
+0xEEFB	0x9719
+0xEEFC	0x979A
+0xEEFD	0x97A1
+0xEEFE	0x979C
+0xEF40	0x979E
+0xEF41	0x979D
+0xEF42	0x97D5
+0xEF43	0x97D4
+0xEF44	0x97F1
+0xEF45	0x9841
+0xEF46	0x9844
+0xEF47	0x984A
+0xEF48	0x9849
+0xEF49	0x9845
+0xEF4A	0x9843
+0xEF4B	0x9925
+0xEF4C	0x992B
+0xEF4D	0x992C
+0xEF4E	0x992A
+0xEF4F	0x9933
+0xEF50	0x9932
+0xEF51	0x992F
+0xEF52	0x992D
+0xEF53	0x9931
+0xEF54	0x9930
+0xEF55	0x9998
+0xEF56	0x99A3
+0xEF57	0x99A1
+0xEF58	0x9A02
+0xEF59	0x99FA
+0xEF5A	0x99F4
+0xEF5B	0x99F7
+0xEF5C	0x99F9
+0xEF5D	0x99F8
+0xEF5E	0x99F6
+0xEF5F	0x99FB
+0xEF60	0x99FD
+0xEF61	0x99FE
+0xEF62	0x99FC
+0xEF63	0x9A03
+0xEF64	0x9ABE
+0xEF65	0x9AFE
+0xEF66	0x9AFD
+0xEF67	0x9B01
+0xEF68	0x9AFC
+0xEF69	0x9B48
+0xEF6A	0x9B9A
+0xEF6B	0x9BA8
+0xEF6C	0x9B9E
+0xEF6D	0x9B9B
+0xEF6E	0x9BA6
+0xEF6F	0x9BA1
+0xEF70	0x9BA5
+0xEF71	0x9BA4
+0xEF72	0x9B86
+0xEF73	0x9BA2
+0xEF74	0x9BA0
+0xEF75	0x9BAF
+0xEF76	0x9D33
+0xEF77	0x9D41
+0xEF78	0x9D67
+0xEF79	0x9D36
+0xEF7A	0x9D2E
+0xEF7B	0x9D2F
+0xEF7C	0x9D31
+0xEF7D	0x9D38
+0xEF7E	0x9D30
+0xEFA1	0x9D45
+0xEFA2	0x9D42
+0xEFA3	0x9D43
+0xEFA4	0x9D3E
+0xEFA5	0x9D37
+0xEFA6	0x9D40
+0xEFA7	0x9D3D
+0xEFA8	0x7FF5
+0xEFA9	0x9D2D
+0xEFAA	0x9E8A
+0xEFAB	0x9E89
+0xEFAC	0x9E8D
+0xEFAD	0x9EB0
+0xEFAE	0x9EC8
+0xEFAF	0x9EDA
+0xEFB0	0x9EFB
+0xEFB1	0x9EFF
+0xEFB2	0x9F24
+0xEFB3	0x9F23
+0xEFB4	0x9F22
+0xEFB5	0x9F54
+0xEFB6	0x9FA0
+0xEFB7	0x5131
+0xEFB8	0x512D
+0xEFB9	0x512E
+0xEFBA	0x5698
+0xEFBB	0x569C
+0xEFBC	0x5697
+0xEFBD	0x569A
+0xEFBE	0x569D
+0xEFBF	0x5699
+0xEFC0	0x5970
+0xEFC1	0x5B3C
+0xEFC2	0x5C69
+0xEFC3	0x5C6A
+0xEFC4	0x5DC0
+0xEFC5	0x5E6D
+0xEFC6	0x5E6E
+0xEFC7	0x61D8
+0xEFC8	0x61DF
+0xEFC9	0x61ED
+0xEFCA	0x61EE
+0xEFCB	0x61F1
+0xEFCC	0x61EA
+0xEFCD	0x61F0
+0xEFCE	0x61EB
+0xEFCF	0x61D6
+0xEFD0	0x61E9
+0xEFD1	0x64FF
+0xEFD2	0x6504
+0xEFD3	0x64FD
+0xEFD4	0x64F8
+0xEFD5	0x6501
+0xEFD6	0x6503
+0xEFD7	0x64FC
+0xEFD8	0x6594
+0xEFD9	0x65DB
+0xEFDA	0x66DA
+0xEFDB	0x66DB
+0xEFDC	0x66D8
+0xEFDD	0x6AC5
+0xEFDE	0x6AB9
+0xEFDF	0x6ABD
+0xEFE0	0x6AE1
+0xEFE1	0x6AC6
+0xEFE2	0x6ABA
+0xEFE3	0x6AB6
+0xEFE4	0x6AB7
+0xEFE5	0x6AC7
+0xEFE6	0x6AB4
+0xEFE7	0x6AAD
+0xEFE8	0x6B5E
+0xEFE9	0x6BC9
+0xEFEA	0x6C0B
+0xEFEB	0x7007
+0xEFEC	0x700C
+0xEFED	0x700D
+0xEFEE	0x7001
+0xEFEF	0x7005
+0xEFF0	0x7014
+0xEFF1	0x700E
+0xEFF2	0x6FFF
+0xEFF3	0x7000
+0xEFF4	0x6FFB
+0xEFF5	0x7026
+0xEFF6	0x6FFC
+0xEFF7	0x6FF7
+0xEFF8	0x700A
+0xEFF9	0x7201
+0xEFFA	0x71FF
+0xEFFB	0x71F9
+0xEFFC	0x7203
+0xEFFD	0x71FD
+0xEFFE	0x7376
+0xF040	0x74B8
+0xF041	0x74C0
+0xF042	0x74B5
+0xF043	0x74C1
+0xF044	0x74BE
+0xF045	0x74B6
+0xF046	0x74BB
+0xF047	0x74C2
+0xF048	0x7514
+0xF049	0x7513
+0xF04A	0x765C
+0xF04B	0x7664
+0xF04C	0x7659
+0xF04D	0x7650
+0xF04E	0x7653
+0xF04F	0x7657
+0xF050	0x765A
+0xF051	0x76A6
+0xF052	0x76BD
+0xF053	0x76EC
+0xF054	0x77C2
+0xF055	0x77BA
+0xF056	0x78FF
+0xF057	0x790C
+0xF058	0x7913
+0xF059	0x7914
+0xF05A	0x7909
+0xF05B	0x7910
+0xF05C	0x7912
+0xF05D	0x7911
+0xF05E	0x79AD
+0xF05F	0x79AC
+0xF060	0x7A5F
+0xF061	0x7C1C
+0xF062	0x7C29
+0xF063	0x7C19
+0xF064	0x7C20
+0xF065	0x7C1F
+0xF066	0x7C2D
+0xF067	0x7C1D
+0xF068	0x7C26
+0xF069	0x7C28
+0xF06A	0x7C22
+0xF06B	0x7C25
+0xF06C	0x7C30
+0xF06D	0x7E5C
+0xF06E	0x7E50
+0xF06F	0x7E56
+0xF070	0x7E63
+0xF071	0x7E58
+0xF072	0x7E62
+0xF073	0x7E5F
+0xF074	0x7E51
+0xF075	0x7E60
+0xF076	0x7E57
+0xF077	0x7E53
+0xF078	0x7FB5
+0xF079	0x7FB3
+0xF07A	0x7FF7
+0xF07B	0x7FF8
+0xF07C	0x8075
+0xF07D	0x81D1
+0xF07E	0x81D2
+0xF0A1	0x81D0
+0xF0A2	0x825F
+0xF0A3	0x825E
+0xF0A4	0x85B4
+0xF0A5	0x85C6
+0xF0A6	0x85C0
+0xF0A7	0x85C3
+0xF0A8	0x85C2
+0xF0A9	0x85B3
+0xF0AA	0x85B5
+0xF0AB	0x85BD
+0xF0AC	0x85C7
+0xF0AD	0x85C4
+0xF0AE	0x85BF
+0xF0AF	0x85CB
+0xF0B0	0x85CE
+0xF0B1	0x85C8
+0xF0B2	0x85C5
+0xF0B3	0x85B1
+0xF0B4	0x85B6
+0xF0B5	0x85D2
+0xF0B6	0x8624
+0xF0B7	0x85B8
+0xF0B8	0x85B7
+0xF0B9	0x85BE
+0xF0BA	0x8669
+0xF0BB	0x87E7
+0xF0BC	0x87E6
+0xF0BD	0x87E2
+0xF0BE	0x87DB
+0xF0BF	0x87EB
+0xF0C0	0x87EA
+0xF0C1	0x87E5
+0xF0C2	0x87DF
+0xF0C3	0x87F3
+0xF0C4	0x87E4
+0xF0C5	0x87D4
+0xF0C6	0x87DC
+0xF0C7	0x87D3
+0xF0C8	0x87ED
+0xF0C9	0x87D8
+0xF0CA	0x87E3
+0xF0CB	0x87A4
+0xF0CC	0x87D7
+0xF0CD	0x87D9
+0xF0CE	0x8801
+0xF0CF	0x87F4
+0xF0D0	0x87E8
+0xF0D1	0x87DD
+0xF0D2	0x8953
+0xF0D3	0x894B
+0xF0D4	0x894F
+0xF0D5	0x894C
+0xF0D6	0x8946
+0xF0D7	0x8950
+0xF0D8	0x8951
+0xF0D9	0x8949
+0xF0DA	0x8B2A
+0xF0DB	0x8B27
+0xF0DC	0x8B23
+0xF0DD	0x8B33
+0xF0DE	0x8B30
+0xF0DF	0x8B35
+0xF0E0	0x8B47
+0xF0E1	0x8B2F
+0xF0E2	0x8B3C
+0xF0E3	0x8B3E
+0xF0E4	0x8B31
+0xF0E5	0x8B25
+0xF0E6	0x8B37
+0xF0E7	0x8B26
+0xF0E8	0x8B36
+0xF0E9	0x8B2E
+0xF0EA	0x8B24
+0xF0EB	0x8B3B
+0xF0EC	0x8B3D
+0xF0ED	0x8B3A
+0xF0EE	0x8C42
+0xF0EF	0x8C75
+0xF0F0	0x8C99
+0xF0F1	0x8C98
+0xF0F2	0x8C97
+0xF0F3	0x8CFE
+0xF0F4	0x8D04
+0xF0F5	0x8D02
+0xF0F6	0x8D00
+0xF0F7	0x8E5C
+0xF0F8	0x8E62
+0xF0F9	0x8E60
+0xF0FA	0x8E57
+0xF0FB	0x8E56
+0xF0FC	0x8E5E
+0xF0FD	0x8E65
+0xF0FE	0x8E67
+0xF140	0x8E5B
+0xF141	0x8E5A
+0xF142	0x8E61
+0xF143	0x8E5D
+0xF144	0x8E69
+0xF145	0x8E54
+0xF146	0x8F46
+0xF147	0x8F47
+0xF148	0x8F48
+0xF149	0x8F4B
+0xF14A	0x9128
+0xF14B	0x913A
+0xF14C	0x913B
+0xF14D	0x913E
+0xF14E	0x91A8
+0xF14F	0x91A5
+0xF150	0x91A7
+0xF151	0x91AF
+0xF152	0x91AA
+0xF153	0x93B5
+0xF154	0x938C
+0xF155	0x9392
+0xF156	0x93B7
+0xF157	0x939B
+0xF158	0x939D
+0xF159	0x9389
+0xF15A	0x93A7
+0xF15B	0x938E
+0xF15C	0x93AA
+0xF15D	0x939E
+0xF15E	0x93A6
+0xF15F	0x9395
+0xF160	0x9388
+0xF161	0x9399
+0xF162	0x939F
+0xF163	0x938D
+0xF164	0x93B1
+0xF165	0x9391
+0xF166	0x93B2
+0xF167	0x93A4
+0xF168	0x93A8
+0xF169	0x93B4
+0xF16A	0x93A3
+0xF16B	0x93A5
+0xF16C	0x95D2
+0xF16D	0x95D3
+0xF16E	0x95D1
+0xF16F	0x96B3
+0xF170	0x96D7
+0xF171	0x96DA
+0xF172	0x5DC2
+0xF173	0x96DF
+0xF174	0x96D8
+0xF175	0x96DD
+0xF176	0x9723
+0xF177	0x9722
+0xF178	0x9725
+0xF179	0x97AC
+0xF17A	0x97AE
+0xF17B	0x97A8
+0xF17C	0x97AB
+0xF17D	0x97A4
+0xF17E	0x97AA
+0xF1A1	0x97A2
+0xF1A2	0x97A5
+0xF1A3	0x97D7
+0xF1A4	0x97D9
+0xF1A5	0x97D6
+0xF1A6	0x97D8
+0xF1A7	0x97FA
+0xF1A8	0x9850
+0xF1A9	0x9851
+0xF1AA	0x9852
+0xF1AB	0x98B8
+0xF1AC	0x9941
+0xF1AD	0x993C
+0xF1AE	0x993A
+0xF1AF	0x9A0F
+0xF1B0	0x9A0B
+0xF1B1	0x9A09
+0xF1B2	0x9A0D
+0xF1B3	0x9A04
+0xF1B4	0x9A11
+0xF1B5	0x9A0A
+0xF1B6	0x9A05
+0xF1B7	0x9A07
+0xF1B8	0x9A06
+0xF1B9	0x9AC0
+0xF1BA	0x9ADC
+0xF1BB	0x9B08
+0xF1BC	0x9B04
+0xF1BD	0x9B05
+0xF1BE	0x9B29
+0xF1BF	0x9B35
+0xF1C0	0x9B4A
+0xF1C1	0x9B4C
+0xF1C2	0x9B4B
+0xF1C3	0x9BC7
+0xF1C4	0x9BC6
+0xF1C5	0x9BC3
+0xF1C6	0x9BBF
+0xF1C7	0x9BC1
+0xF1C8	0x9BB5
+0xF1C9	0x9BB8
+0xF1CA	0x9BD3
+0xF1CB	0x9BB6
+0xF1CC	0x9BC4
+0xF1CD	0x9BB9
+0xF1CE	0x9BBD
+0xF1CF	0x9D5C
+0xF1D0	0x9D53
+0xF1D1	0x9D4F
+0xF1D2	0x9D4A
+0xF1D3	0x9D5B
+0xF1D4	0x9D4B
+0xF1D5	0x9D59
+0xF1D6	0x9D56
+0xF1D7	0x9D4C
+0xF1D8	0x9D57
+0xF1D9	0x9D52
+0xF1DA	0x9D54
+0xF1DB	0x9D5F
+0xF1DC	0x9D58
+0xF1DD	0x9D5A
+0xF1DE	0x9E8E
+0xF1DF	0x9E8C
+0xF1E0	0x9EDF
+0xF1E1	0x9F01
+0xF1E2	0x9F00
+0xF1E3	0x9F16
+0xF1E4	0x9F25
+0xF1E5	0x9F2B
+0xF1E6	0x9F2A
+0xF1E7	0x9F29
+0xF1E8	0x9F28
+0xF1E9	0x9F4C
+0xF1EA	0x9F55
+0xF1EB	0x5134
+0xF1EC	0x5135
+0xF1ED	0x5296
+0xF1EE	0x52F7
+0xF1EF	0x53B4
+0xF1F0	0x56AB
+0xF1F1	0x56AD
+0xF1F2	0x56A6
+0xF1F3	0x56A7
+0xF1F4	0x56AA
+0xF1F5	0x56AC
+0xF1F6	0x58DA
+0xF1F7	0x58DD
+0xF1F8	0x58DB
+0xF1F9	0x5912
+0xF1FA	0x5B3D
+0xF1FB	0x5B3E
+0xF1FC	0x5B3F
+0xF1FD	0x5DC3
+0xF1FE	0x5E70
+0xF240	0x5FBF
+0xF241	0x61FB
+0xF242	0x6507
+0xF243	0x6510
+0xF244	0x650D
+0xF245	0x6509
+0xF246	0x650C
+0xF247	0x650E
+0xF248	0x6584
+0xF249	0x65DE
+0xF24A	0x65DD
+0xF24B	0x66DE
+0xF24C	0x6AE7
+0xF24D	0x6AE0
+0xF24E	0x6ACC
+0xF24F	0x6AD1
+0xF250	0x6AD9
+0xF251	0x6ACB
+0xF252	0x6ADF
+0xF253	0x6ADC
+0xF254	0x6AD0
+0xF255	0x6AEB
+0xF256	0x6ACF
+0xF257	0x6ACD
+0xF258	0x6ADE
+0xF259	0x6B60
+0xF25A	0x6BB0
+0xF25B	0x6C0C
+0xF25C	0x7019
+0xF25D	0x7027
+0xF25E	0x7020
+0xF25F	0x7016
+0xF260	0x702B
+0xF261	0x7021
+0xF262	0x7022
+0xF263	0x7023
+0xF264	0x7029
+0xF265	0x7017
+0xF266	0x7024
+0xF267	0x701C
+0xF268	0x702A
+0xF269	0x720C
+0xF26A	0x720A
+0xF26B	0x7207
+0xF26C	0x7202
+0xF26D	0x7205
+0xF26E	0x72A5
+0xF26F	0x72A6
+0xF270	0x72A4
+0xF271	0x72A3
+0xF272	0x72A1
+0xF273	0x74CB
+0xF274	0x74C5
+0xF275	0x74B7
+0xF276	0x74C3
+0xF277	0x7516
+0xF278	0x7660
+0xF279	0x77C9
+0xF27A	0x77CA
+0xF27B	0x77C4
+0xF27C	0x77F1
+0xF27D	0x791D
+0xF27E	0x791B
+0xF2A1	0x7921
+0xF2A2	0x791C
+0xF2A3	0x7917
+0xF2A4	0x791E
+0xF2A5	0x79B0
+0xF2A6	0x7A67
+0xF2A7	0x7A68
+0xF2A8	0x7C33
+0xF2A9	0x7C3C
+0xF2AA	0x7C39
+0xF2AB	0x7C2C
+0xF2AC	0x7C3B
+0xF2AD	0x7CEC
+0xF2AE	0x7CEA
+0xF2AF	0x7E76
+0xF2B0	0x7E75
+0xF2B1	0x7E78
+0xF2B2	0x7E70
+0xF2B3	0x7E77
+0xF2B4	0x7E6F
+0xF2B5	0x7E7A
+0xF2B6	0x7E72
+0xF2B7	0x7E74
+0xF2B8	0x7E68
+0xF2B9	0x7F4B
+0xF2BA	0x7F4A
+0xF2BB	0x7F83
+0xF2BC	0x7F86
+0xF2BD	0x7FB7
+0xF2BE	0x7FFD
+0xF2BF	0x7FFE
+0xF2C0	0x8078
+0xF2C1	0x81D7
+0xF2C2	0x81D5
+0xF2C3	0x8264
+0xF2C4	0x8261
+0xF2C5	0x8263
+0xF2C6	0x85EB
+0xF2C7	0x85F1
+0xF2C8	0x85ED
+0xF2C9	0x85D9
+0xF2CA	0x85E1
+0xF2CB	0x85E8
+0xF2CC	0x85DA
+0xF2CD	0x85D7
+0xF2CE	0x85EC
+0xF2CF	0x85F2
+0xF2D0	0x85F8
+0xF2D1	0x85D8
+0xF2D2	0x85DF
+0xF2D3	0x85E3
+0xF2D4	0x85DC
+0xF2D5	0x85D1
+0xF2D6	0x85F0
+0xF2D7	0x85E6
+0xF2D8	0x85EF
+0xF2D9	0x85DE
+0xF2DA	0x85E2
+0xF2DB	0x8800
+0xF2DC	0x87FA
+0xF2DD	0x8803
+0xF2DE	0x87F6
+0xF2DF	0x87F7
+0xF2E0	0x8809
+0xF2E1	0x880C
+0xF2E2	0x880B
+0xF2E3	0x8806
+0xF2E4	0x87FC
+0xF2E5	0x8808
+0xF2E6	0x87FF
+0xF2E7	0x880A
+0xF2E8	0x8802
+0xF2E9	0x8962
+0xF2EA	0x895A
+0xF2EB	0x895B
+0xF2EC	0x8957
+0xF2ED	0x8961
+0xF2EE	0x895C
+0xF2EF	0x8958
+0xF2F0	0x895D
+0xF2F1	0x8959
+0xF2F2	0x8988
+0xF2F3	0x89B7
+0xF2F4	0x89B6
+0xF2F5	0x89F6
+0xF2F6	0x8B50
+0xF2F7	0x8B48
+0xF2F8	0x8B4A
+0xF2F9	0x8B40
+0xF2FA	0x8B53
+0xF2FB	0x8B56
+0xF2FC	0x8B54
+0xF2FD	0x8B4B
+0xF2FE	0x8B55
+0xF340	0x8B51
+0xF341	0x8B42
+0xF342	0x8B52
+0xF343	0x8B57
+0xF344	0x8C43
+0xF345	0x8C77
+0xF346	0x8C76
+0xF347	0x8C9A
+0xF348	0x8D06
+0xF349	0x8D07
+0xF34A	0x8D09
+0xF34B	0x8DAC
+0xF34C	0x8DAA
+0xF34D	0x8DAD
+0xF34E	0x8DAB
+0xF34F	0x8E6D
+0xF350	0x8E78
+0xF351	0x8E73
+0xF352	0x8E6A
+0xF353	0x8E6F
+0xF354	0x8E7B
+0xF355	0x8EC2
+0xF356	0x8F52
+0xF357	0x8F51
+0xF358	0x8F4F
+0xF359	0x8F50
+0xF35A	0x8F53
+0xF35B	0x8FB4
+0xF35C	0x9140
+0xF35D	0x913F
+0xF35E	0x91B0
+0xF35F	0x91AD
+0xF360	0x93DE
+0xF361	0x93C7
+0xF362	0x93CF
+0xF363	0x93C2
+0xF364	0x93DA
+0xF365	0x93D0
+0xF366	0x93F9
+0xF367	0x93EC
+0xF368	0x93CC
+0xF369	0x93D9
+0xF36A	0x93A9
+0xF36B	0x93E6
+0xF36C	0x93CA
+0xF36D	0x93D4
+0xF36E	0x93EE
+0xF36F	0x93E3
+0xF370	0x93D5
+0xF371	0x93C4
+0xF372	0x93CE
+0xF373	0x93C0
+0xF374	0x93D2
+0xF375	0x93E7
+0xF376	0x957D
+0xF377	0x95DA
+0xF378	0x95DB
+0xF379	0x96E1
+0xF37A	0x9729
+0xF37B	0x972B
+0xF37C	0x972C
+0xF37D	0x9728
+0xF37E	0x9726
+0xF3A1	0x97B3
+0xF3A2	0x97B7
+0xF3A3	0x97B6
+0xF3A4	0x97DD
+0xF3A5	0x97DE
+0xF3A6	0x97DF
+0xF3A7	0x985C
+0xF3A8	0x9859
+0xF3A9	0x985D
+0xF3AA	0x9857
+0xF3AB	0x98BF
+0xF3AC	0x98BD
+0xF3AD	0x98BB
+0xF3AE	0x98BE
+0xF3AF	0x9948
+0xF3B0	0x9947
+0xF3B1	0x9943
+0xF3B2	0x99A6
+0xF3B3	0x99A7
+0xF3B4	0x9A1A
+0xF3B5	0x9A15
+0xF3B6	0x9A25
+0xF3B7	0x9A1D
+0xF3B8	0x9A24
+0xF3B9	0x9A1B
+0xF3BA	0x9A22
+0xF3BB	0x9A20
+0xF3BC	0x9A27
+0xF3BD	0x9A23
+0xF3BE	0x9A1E
+0xF3BF	0x9A1C
+0xF3C0	0x9A14
+0xF3C1	0x9AC2
+0xF3C2	0x9B0B
+0xF3C3	0x9B0A
+0xF3C4	0x9B0E
+0xF3C5	0x9B0C
+0xF3C6	0x9B37
+0xF3C7	0x9BEA
+0xF3C8	0x9BEB
+0xF3C9	0x9BE0
+0xF3CA	0x9BDE
+0xF3CB	0x9BE4
+0xF3CC	0x9BE6
+0xF3CD	0x9BE2
+0xF3CE	0x9BF0
+0xF3CF	0x9BD4
+0xF3D0	0x9BD7
+0xF3D1	0x9BEC
+0xF3D2	0x9BDC
+0xF3D3	0x9BD9
+0xF3D4	0x9BE5
+0xF3D5	0x9BD5
+0xF3D6	0x9BE1
+0xF3D7	0x9BDA
+0xF3D8	0x9D77
+0xF3D9	0x9D81
+0xF3DA	0x9D8A
+0xF3DB	0x9D84
+0xF3DC	0x9D88
+0xF3DD	0x9D71
+0xF3DE	0x9D80
+0xF3DF	0x9D78
+0xF3E0	0x9D86
+0xF3E1	0x9D8B
+0xF3E2	0x9D8C
+0xF3E3	0x9D7D
+0xF3E4	0x9D6B
+0xF3E5	0x9D74
+0xF3E6	0x9D75
+0xF3E7	0x9D70
+0xF3E8	0x9D69
+0xF3E9	0x9D85
+0xF3EA	0x9D73
+0xF3EB	0x9D7B
+0xF3EC	0x9D82
+0xF3ED	0x9D6F
+0xF3EE	0x9D79
+0xF3EF	0x9D7F
+0xF3F0	0x9D87
+0xF3F1	0x9D68
+0xF3F2	0x9E94
+0xF3F3	0x9E91
+0xF3F4	0x9EC0
+0xF3F5	0x9EFC
+0xF3F6	0x9F2D
+0xF3F7	0x9F40
+0xF3F8	0x9F41
+0xF3F9	0x9F4D
+0xF3FA	0x9F56
+0xF3FB	0x9F57
+0xF3FC	0x9F58
+0xF3FD	0x5337
+0xF3FE	0x56B2
+0xF440	0x56B5
+0xF441	0x56B3
+0xF442	0x58E3
+0xF443	0x5B45
+0xF444	0x5DC6
+0xF445	0x5DC7
+0xF446	0x5EEE
+0xF447	0x5EEF
+0xF448	0x5FC0
+0xF449	0x5FC1
+0xF44A	0x61F9
+0xF44B	0x6517
+0xF44C	0x6516
+0xF44D	0x6515
+0xF44E	0x6513
+0xF44F	0x65DF
+0xF450	0x66E8
+0xF451	0x66E3
+0xF452	0x66E4
+0xF453	0x6AF3
+0xF454	0x6AF0
+0xF455	0x6AEA
+0xF456	0x6AE8
+0xF457	0x6AF9
+0xF458	0x6AF1
+0xF459	0x6AEE
+0xF45A	0x6AEF
+0xF45B	0x703C
+0xF45C	0x7035
+0xF45D	0x702F
+0xF45E	0x7037
+0xF45F	0x7034
+0xF460	0x7031
+0xF461	0x7042
+0xF462	0x7038
+0xF463	0x703F
+0xF464	0x703A
+0xF465	0x7039
+0xF466	0x7040
+0xF467	0x703B
+0xF468	0x7033
+0xF469	0x7041
+0xF46A	0x7213
+0xF46B	0x7214
+0xF46C	0x72A8
+0xF46D	0x737D
+0xF46E	0x737C
+0xF46F	0x74BA
+0xF470	0x76AB
+0xF471	0x76AA
+0xF472	0x76BE
+0xF473	0x76ED
+0xF474	0x77CC
+0xF475	0x77CE
+0xF476	0x77CF
+0xF477	0x77CD
+0xF478	0x77F2
+0xF479	0x7925
+0xF47A	0x7923
+0xF47B	0x7927
+0xF47C	0x7928
+0xF47D	0x7924
+0xF47E	0x7929
+0xF4A1	0x79B2
+0xF4A2	0x7A6E
+0xF4A3	0x7A6C
+0xF4A4	0x7A6D
+0xF4A5	0x7AF7
+0xF4A6	0x7C49
+0xF4A7	0x7C48
+0xF4A8	0x7C4A
+0xF4A9	0x7C47
+0xF4AA	0x7C45
+0xF4AB	0x7CEE
+0xF4AC	0x7E7B
+0xF4AD	0x7E7E
+0xF4AE	0x7E81
+0xF4AF	0x7E80
+0xF4B0	0x7FBA
+0xF4B1	0x7FFF
+0xF4B2	0x8079
+0xF4B3	0x81DB
+0xF4B4	0x81D9
+0xF4B5	0x820B
+0xF4B6	0x8268
+0xF4B7	0x8269
+0xF4B8	0x8622
+0xF4B9	0x85FF
+0xF4BA	0x8601
+0xF4BB	0x85FE
+0xF4BC	0x861B
+0xF4BD	0x8600
+0xF4BE	0x85F6
+0xF4BF	0x8604
+0xF4C0	0x8609
+0xF4C1	0x8605
+0xF4C2	0x860C
+0xF4C3	0x85FD
+0xF4C4	0x8819
+0xF4C5	0x8810
+0xF4C6	0x8811
+0xF4C7	0x8817
+0xF4C8	0x8813
+0xF4C9	0x8816
+0xF4CA	0x8963
+0xF4CB	0x8966
+0xF4CC	0x89B9
+0xF4CD	0x89F7
+0xF4CE	0x8B60
+0xF4CF	0x8B6A
+0xF4D0	0x8B5D
+0xF4D1	0x8B68
+0xF4D2	0x8B63
+0xF4D3	0x8B65
+0xF4D4	0x8B67
+0xF4D5	0x8B6D
+0xF4D6	0x8DAE
+0xF4D7	0x8E86
+0xF4D8	0x8E88
+0xF4D9	0x8E84
+0xF4DA	0x8F59
+0xF4DB	0x8F56
+0xF4DC	0x8F57
+0xF4DD	0x8F55
+0xF4DE	0x8F58
+0xF4DF	0x8F5A
+0xF4E0	0x908D
+0xF4E1	0x9143
+0xF4E2	0x9141
+0xF4E3	0x91B7
+0xF4E4	0x91B5
+0xF4E5	0x91B2
+0xF4E6	0x91B3
+0xF4E7	0x940B
+0xF4E8	0x9413
+0xF4E9	0x93FB
+0xF4EA	0x9420
+0xF4EB	0x940F
+0xF4EC	0x9414
+0xF4ED	0x93FE
+0xF4EE	0x9415
+0xF4EF	0x9410
+0xF4F0	0x9428
+0xF4F1	0x9419
+0xF4F2	0x940D
+0xF4F3	0x93F5
+0xF4F4	0x9400
+0xF4F5	0x93F7
+0xF4F6	0x9407
+0xF4F7	0x940E
+0xF4F8	0x9416
+0xF4F9	0x9412
+0xF4FA	0x93FA
+0xF4FB	0x9409
+0xF4FC	0x93F8
+0xF4FD	0x940A
+0xF4FE	0x93FF
+0xF540	0x93FC
+0xF541	0x940C
+0xF542	0x93F6
+0xF543	0x9411
+0xF544	0x9406
+0xF545	0x95DE
+0xF546	0x95E0
+0xF547	0x95DF
+0xF548	0x972E
+0xF549	0x972F
+0xF54A	0x97B9
+0xF54B	0x97BB
+0xF54C	0x97FD
+0xF54D	0x97FE
+0xF54E	0x9860
+0xF54F	0x9862
+0xF550	0x9863
+0xF551	0x985F
+0xF552	0x98C1
+0xF553	0x98C2
+0xF554	0x9950
+0xF555	0x994E
+0xF556	0x9959
+0xF557	0x994C
+0xF558	0x994B
+0xF559	0x9953
+0xF55A	0x9A32
+0xF55B	0x9A34
+0xF55C	0x9A31
+0xF55D	0x9A2C
+0xF55E	0x9A2A
+0xF55F	0x9A36
+0xF560	0x9A29
+0xF561	0x9A2E
+0xF562	0x9A38
+0xF563	0x9A2D
+0xF564	0x9AC7
+0xF565	0x9ACA
+0xF566	0x9AC6
+0xF567	0x9B10
+0xF568	0x9B12
+0xF569	0x9B11
+0xF56A	0x9C0B
+0xF56B	0x9C08
+0xF56C	0x9BF7
+0xF56D	0x9C05
+0xF56E	0x9C12
+0xF56F	0x9BF8
+0xF570	0x9C40
+0xF571	0x9C07
+0xF572	0x9C0E
+0xF573	0x9C06
+0xF574	0x9C17
+0xF575	0x9C14
+0xF576	0x9C09
+0xF577	0x9D9F
+0xF578	0x9D99
+0xF579	0x9DA4
+0xF57A	0x9D9D
+0xF57B	0x9D92
+0xF57C	0x9D98
+0xF57D	0x9D90
+0xF57E	0x9D9B
+0xF5A1	0x9DA0
+0xF5A2	0x9D94
+0xF5A3	0x9D9C
+0xF5A4	0x9DAA
+0xF5A5	0x9D97
+0xF5A6	0x9DA1
+0xF5A7	0x9D9A
+0xF5A8	0x9DA2
+0xF5A9	0x9DA8
+0xF5AA	0x9D9E
+0xF5AB	0x9DA3
+0xF5AC	0x9DBF
+0xF5AD	0x9DA9
+0xF5AE	0x9D96
+0xF5AF	0x9DA6
+0xF5B0	0x9DA7
+0xF5B1	0x9E99
+0xF5B2	0x9E9B
+0xF5B3	0x9E9A
+0xF5B4	0x9EE5
+0xF5B5	0x9EE4
+0xF5B6	0x9EE7
+0xF5B7	0x9EE6
+0xF5B8	0x9F30
+0xF5B9	0x9F2E
+0xF5BA	0x9F5B
+0xF5BB	0x9F60
+0xF5BC	0x9F5E
+0xF5BD	0x9F5D
+0xF5BE	0x9F59
+0xF5BF	0x9F91
+0xF5C0	0x513A
+0xF5C1	0x5139
+0xF5C2	0x5298
+0xF5C3	0x5297
+0xF5C4	0x56C3
+0xF5C5	0x56BD
+0xF5C6	0x56BE
+0xF5C7	0x5B48
+0xF5C8	0x5B47
+0xF5C9	0x5DCB
+0xF5CA	0x5DCF
+0xF5CB	0x5EF1
+0xF5CC	0x61FD
+0xF5CD	0x651B
+0xF5CE	0x6B02
+0xF5CF	0x6AFC
+0xF5D0	0x6B03
+0xF5D1	0x6AF8
+0xF5D2	0x6B00
+0xF5D3	0x7043
+0xF5D4	0x7044
+0xF5D5	0x704A
+0xF5D6	0x7048
+0xF5D7	0x7049
+0xF5D8	0x7045
+0xF5D9	0x7046
+0xF5DA	0x721D
+0xF5DB	0x721A
+0xF5DC	0x7219
+0xF5DD	0x737E
+0xF5DE	0x7517
+0xF5DF	0x766A
+0xF5E0	0x77D0
+0xF5E1	0x792D
+0xF5E2	0x7931
+0xF5E3	0x792F
+0xF5E4	0x7C54
+0xF5E5	0x7C53
+0xF5E6	0x7CF2
+0xF5E7	0x7E8A
+0xF5E8	0x7E87
+0xF5E9	0x7E88
+0xF5EA	0x7E8B
+0xF5EB	0x7E86
+0xF5EC	0x7E8D
+0xF5ED	0x7F4D
+0xF5EE	0x7FBB
+0xF5EF	0x8030
+0xF5F0	0x81DD
+0xF5F1	0x8618
+0xF5F2	0x862A
+0xF5F3	0x8626
+0xF5F4	0x861F
+0xF5F5	0x8623
+0xF5F6	0x861C
+0xF5F7	0x8619
+0xF5F8	0x8627
+0xF5F9	0x862E
+0xF5FA	0x8621
+0xF5FB	0x8620
+0xF5FC	0x8629
+0xF5FD	0x861E
+0xF5FE	0x8625
+0xF640	0x8829
+0xF641	0x881D
+0xF642	0x881B
+0xF643	0x8820
+0xF644	0x8824
+0xF645	0x881C
+0xF646	0x882B
+0xF647	0x884A
+0xF648	0x896D
+0xF649	0x8969
+0xF64A	0x896E
+0xF64B	0x896B
+0xF64C	0x89FA
+0xF64D	0x8B79
+0xF64E	0x8B78
+0xF64F	0x8B45
+0xF650	0x8B7A
+0xF651	0x8B7B
+0xF652	0x8D10
+0xF653	0x8D14
+0xF654	0x8DAF
+0xF655	0x8E8E
+0xF656	0x8E8C
+0xF657	0x8F5E
+0xF658	0x8F5B
+0xF659	0x8F5D
+0xF65A	0x9146
+0xF65B	0x9144
+0xF65C	0x9145
+0xF65D	0x91B9
+0xF65E	0x943F
+0xF65F	0x943B
+0xF660	0x9436
+0xF661	0x9429
+0xF662	0x943D
+0xF663	0x943C
+0xF664	0x9430
+0xF665	0x9439
+0xF666	0x942A
+0xF667	0x9437
+0xF668	0x942C
+0xF669	0x9440
+0xF66A	0x9431
+0xF66B	0x95E5
+0xF66C	0x95E4
+0xF66D	0x95E3
+0xF66E	0x9735
+0xF66F	0x973A
+0xF670	0x97BF
+0xF671	0x97E1
+0xF672	0x9864
+0xF673	0x98C9
+0xF674	0x98C6
+0xF675	0x98C0
+0xF676	0x9958
+0xF677	0x9956
+0xF678	0x9A39
+0xF679	0x9A3D
+0xF67A	0x9A46
+0xF67B	0x9A44
+0xF67C	0x9A42
+0xF67D	0x9A41
+0xF67E	0x9A3A
+0xF6A1	0x9A3F
+0xF6A2	0x9ACD
+0xF6A3	0x9B15
+0xF6A4	0x9B17
+0xF6A5	0x9B18
+0xF6A6	0x9B16
+0xF6A7	0x9B3A
+0xF6A8	0x9B52
+0xF6A9	0x9C2B
+0xF6AA	0x9C1D
+0xF6AB	0x9C1C
+0xF6AC	0x9C2C
+0xF6AD	0x9C23
+0xF6AE	0x9C28
+0xF6AF	0x9C29
+0xF6B0	0x9C24
+0xF6B1	0x9C21
+0xF6B2	0x9DB7
+0xF6B3	0x9DB6
+0xF6B4	0x9DBC
+0xF6B5	0x9DC1
+0xF6B6	0x9DC7
+0xF6B7	0x9DCA
+0xF6B8	0x9DCF
+0xF6B9	0x9DBE
+0xF6BA	0x9DC5
+0xF6BB	0x9DC3
+0xF6BC	0x9DBB
+0xF6BD	0x9DB5
+0xF6BE	0x9DCE
+0xF6BF	0x9DB9
+0xF6C0	0x9DBA
+0xF6C1	0x9DAC
+0xF6C2	0x9DC8
+0xF6C3	0x9DB1
+0xF6C4	0x9DAD
+0xF6C5	0x9DCC
+0xF6C6	0x9DB3
+0xF6C7	0x9DCD
+0xF6C8	0x9DB2
+0xF6C9	0x9E7A
+0xF6CA	0x9E9C
+0xF6CB	0x9EEB
+0xF6CC	0x9EEE
+0xF6CD	0x9EED
+0xF6CE	0x9F1B
+0xF6CF	0x9F18
+0xF6D0	0x9F1A
+0xF6D1	0x9F31
+0xF6D2	0x9F4E
+0xF6D3	0x9F65
+0xF6D4	0x9F64
+0xF6D5	0x9F92
+0xF6D6	0x4EB9
+0xF6D7	0x56C6
+0xF6D8	0x56C5
+0xF6D9	0x56CB
+0xF6DA	0x5971
+0xF6DB	0x5B4B
+0xF6DC	0x5B4C
+0xF6DD	0x5DD5
+0xF6DE	0x5DD1
+0xF6DF	0x5EF2
+0xF6E0	0x6521
+0xF6E1	0x6520
+0xF6E2	0x6526
+0xF6E3	0x6522
+0xF6E4	0x6B0B
+0xF6E5	0x6B08
+0xF6E6	0x6B09
+0xF6E7	0x6C0D
+0xF6E8	0x7055
+0xF6E9	0x7056
+0xF6EA	0x7057
+0xF6EB	0x7052
+0xF6EC	0x721E
+0xF6ED	0x721F
+0xF6EE	0x72A9
+0xF6EF	0x737F
+0xF6F0	0x74D8
+0xF6F1	0x74D5
+0xF6F2	0x74D9
+0xF6F3	0x74D7
+0xF6F4	0x766D
+0xF6F5	0x76AD
+0xF6F6	0x7935
+0xF6F7	0x79B4
+0xF6F8	0x7A70
+0xF6F9	0x7A71
+0xF6FA	0x7C57
+0xF6FB	0x7C5C
+0xF6FC	0x7C59
+0xF6FD	0x7C5B
+0xF6FE	0x7C5A
+0xF740	0x7CF4
+0xF741	0x7CF1
+0xF742	0x7E91
+0xF743	0x7F4F
+0xF744	0x7F87
+0xF745	0x81DE
+0xF746	0x826B
+0xF747	0x8634
+0xF748	0x8635
+0xF749	0x8633
+0xF74A	0x862C
+0xF74B	0x8632
+0xF74C	0x8636
+0xF74D	0x882C
+0xF74E	0x8828
+0xF74F	0x8826
+0xF750	0x882A
+0xF751	0x8825
+0xF752	0x8971
+0xF753	0x89BF
+0xF754	0x89BE
+0xF755	0x89FB
+0xF756	0x8B7E
+0xF757	0x8B84
+0xF758	0x8B82
+0xF759	0x8B86
+0xF75A	0x8B85
+0xF75B	0x8B7F
+0xF75C	0x8D15
+0xF75D	0x8E95
+0xF75E	0x8E94
+0xF75F	0x8E9A
+0xF760	0x8E92
+0xF761	0x8E90
+0xF762	0x8E96
+0xF763	0x8E97
+0xF764	0x8F60
+0xF765	0x8F62
+0xF766	0x9147
+0xF767	0x944C
+0xF768	0x9450
+0xF769	0x944A
+0xF76A	0x944B
+0xF76B	0x944F
+0xF76C	0x9447
+0xF76D	0x9445
+0xF76E	0x9448
+0xF76F	0x9449
+0xF770	0x9446
+0xF771	0x973F
+0xF772	0x97E3
+0xF773	0x986A
+0xF774	0x9869
+0xF775	0x98CB
+0xF776	0x9954
+0xF777	0x995B
+0xF778	0x9A4E
+0xF779	0x9A53
+0xF77A	0x9A54
+0xF77B	0x9A4C
+0xF77C	0x9A4F
+0xF77D	0x9A48
+0xF77E	0x9A4A
+0xF7A1	0x9A49
+0xF7A2	0x9A52
+0xF7A3	0x9A50
+0xF7A4	0x9AD0
+0xF7A5	0x9B19
+0xF7A6	0x9B2B
+0xF7A7	0x9B3B
+0xF7A8	0x9B56
+0xF7A9	0x9B55
+0xF7AA	0x9C46
+0xF7AB	0x9C48
+0xF7AC	0x9C3F
+0xF7AD	0x9C44
+0xF7AE	0x9C39
+0xF7AF	0x9C33
+0xF7B0	0x9C41
+0xF7B1	0x9C3C
+0xF7B2	0x9C37
+0xF7B3	0x9C34
+0xF7B4	0x9C32
+0xF7B5	0x9C3D
+0xF7B6	0x9C36
+0xF7B7	0x9DDB
+0xF7B8	0x9DD2
+0xF7B9	0x9DDE
+0xF7BA	0x9DDA
+0xF7BB	0x9DCB
+0xF7BC	0x9DD0
+0xF7BD	0x9DDC
+0xF7BE	0x9DD1
+0xF7BF	0x9DDF
+0xF7C0	0x9DE9
+0xF7C1	0x9DD9
+0xF7C2	0x9DD8
+0xF7C3	0x9DD6
+0xF7C4	0x9DF5
+0xF7C5	0x9DD5
+0xF7C6	0x9DDD
+0xF7C7	0x9EB6
+0xF7C8	0x9EF0
+0xF7C9	0x9F35
+0xF7CA	0x9F33
+0xF7CB	0x9F32
+0xF7CC	0x9F42
+0xF7CD	0x9F6B
+0xF7CE	0x9F95
+0xF7CF	0x9FA2
+0xF7D0	0x513D
+0xF7D1	0x5299
+0xF7D2	0x58E8
+0xF7D3	0x58E7
+0xF7D4	0x5972
+0xF7D5	0x5B4D
+0xF7D6	0x5DD8
+0xF7D7	0x882F
+0xF7D8	0x5F4F
+0xF7D9	0x6201
+0xF7DA	0x6203
+0xF7DB	0x6204
+0xF7DC	0x6529
+0xF7DD	0x6525
+0xF7DE	0x6596
+0xF7DF	0x66EB
+0xF7E0	0x6B11
+0xF7E1	0x6B12
+0xF7E2	0x6B0F
+0xF7E3	0x6BCA
+0xF7E4	0x705B
+0xF7E5	0x705A
+0xF7E6	0x7222
+0xF7E7	0x7382
+0xF7E8	0x7381
+0xF7E9	0x7383
+0xF7EA	0x7670
+0xF7EB	0x77D4
+0xF7EC	0x7C67
+0xF7ED	0x7C66
+0xF7EE	0x7E95
+0xF7EF	0x826C
+0xF7F0	0x863A
+0xF7F1	0x8640
+0xF7F2	0x8639
+0xF7F3	0x863C
+0xF7F4	0x8631
+0xF7F5	0x863B
+0xF7F6	0x863E
+0xF7F7	0x8830
+0xF7F8	0x8832
+0xF7F9	0x882E
+0xF7FA	0x8833
+0xF7FB	0x8976
+0xF7FC	0x8974
+0xF7FD	0x8973
+0xF7FE	0x89FE
+0xF840	0x8B8C
+0xF841	0x8B8E
+0xF842	0x8B8B
+0xF843	0x8B88
+0xF844	0x8C45
+0xF845	0x8D19
+0xF846	0x8E98
+0xF847	0x8F64
+0xF848	0x8F63
+0xF849	0x91BC
+0xF84A	0x9462
+0xF84B	0x9455
+0xF84C	0x945D
+0xF84D	0x9457
+0xF84E	0x945E
+0xF84F	0x97C4
+0xF850	0x97C5
+0xF851	0x9800
+0xF852	0x9A56
+0xF853	0x9A59
+0xF854	0x9B1E
+0xF855	0x9B1F
+0xF856	0x9B20
+0xF857	0x9C52
+0xF858	0x9C58
+0xF859	0x9C50
+0xF85A	0x9C4A
+0xF85B	0x9C4D
+0xF85C	0x9C4B
+0xF85D	0x9C55
+0xF85E	0x9C59
+0xF85F	0x9C4C
+0xF860	0x9C4E
+0xF861	0x9DFB
+0xF862	0x9DF7
+0xF863	0x9DEF
+0xF864	0x9DE3
+0xF865	0x9DEB
+0xF866	0x9DF8
+0xF867	0x9DE4
+0xF868	0x9DF6
+0xF869	0x9DE1
+0xF86A	0x9DEE
+0xF86B	0x9DE6
+0xF86C	0x9DF2
+0xF86D	0x9DF0
+0xF86E	0x9DE2
+0xF86F	0x9DEC
+0xF870	0x9DF4
+0xF871	0x9DF3
+0xF872	0x9DE8
+0xF873	0x9DED
+0xF874	0x9EC2
+0xF875	0x9ED0
+0xF876	0x9EF2
+0xF877	0x9EF3
+0xF878	0x9F06
+0xF879	0x9F1C
+0xF87A	0x9F38
+0xF87B	0x9F37
+0xF87C	0x9F36
+0xF87D	0x9F43
+0xF87E	0x9F4F
+0xF8A1	0x9F71
+0xF8A2	0x9F70
+0xF8A3	0x9F6E
+0xF8A4	0x9F6F
+0xF8A5	0x56D3
+0xF8A6	0x56CD
+0xF8A7	0x5B4E
+0xF8A8	0x5C6D
+0xF8A9	0x652D
+0xF8AA	0x66ED
+0xF8AB	0x66EE
+0xF8AC	0x6B13
+0xF8AD	0x705F
+0xF8AE	0x7061
+0xF8AF	0x705D
+0xF8B0	0x7060
+0xF8B1	0x7223
+0xF8B2	0x74DB
+0xF8B3	0x74E5
+0xF8B4	0x77D5
+0xF8B5	0x7938
+0xF8B6	0x79B7
+0xF8B7	0x79B6
+0xF8B8	0x7C6A
+0xF8B9	0x7E97
+0xF8BA	0x7F89
+0xF8BB	0x826D
+0xF8BC	0x8643
+0xF8BD	0x8838
+0xF8BE	0x8837
+0xF8BF	0x8835
+0xF8C0	0x884B
+0xF8C1	0x8B94
+0xF8C2	0x8B95
+0xF8C3	0x8E9E
+0xF8C4	0x8E9F
+0xF8C5	0x8EA0
+0xF8C6	0x8E9D
+0xF8C7	0x91BE
+0xF8C8	0x91BD
+0xF8C9	0x91C2
+0xF8CA	0x946B
+0xF8CB	0x9468
+0xF8CC	0x9469
+0xF8CD	0x96E5
+0xF8CE	0x9746
+0xF8CF	0x9743
+0xF8D0	0x9747
+0xF8D1	0x97C7
+0xF8D2	0x97E5
+0xF8D3	0x9A5E
+0xF8D4	0x9AD5
+0xF8D5	0x9B59
+0xF8D6	0x9C63
+0xF8D7	0x9C67
+0xF8D8	0x9C66
+0xF8D9	0x9C62
+0xF8DA	0x9C5E
+0xF8DB	0x9C60
+0xF8DC	0x9E02
+0xF8DD	0x9DFE
+0xF8DE	0x9E07
+0xF8DF	0x9E03
+0xF8E0	0x9E06
+0xF8E1	0x9E05
+0xF8E2	0x9E00
+0xF8E3	0x9E01
+0xF8E4	0x9E09
+0xF8E5	0x9DFF
+0xF8E6	0x9DFD
+0xF8E7	0x9E04
+0xF8E8	0x9EA0
+0xF8E9	0x9F1E
+0xF8EA	0x9F46
+0xF8EB	0x9F74
+0xF8EC	0x9F75
+0xF8ED	0x9F76
+0xF8EE	0x56D4
+0xF8EF	0x652E
+0xF8F0	0x65B8
+0xF8F1	0x6B18
+0xF8F2	0x6B19
+0xF8F3	0x6B17
+0xF8F4	0x6B1A
+0xF8F5	0x7062
+0xF8F6	0x7226
+0xF8F7	0x72AA
+0xF8F8	0x77D8
+0xF8F9	0x77D9
+0xF8FA	0x7939
+0xF8FB	0x7C69
+0xF8FC	0x7C6B
+0xF8FD	0x7CF6
+0xF8FE	0x7E9A
+0xF940	0x7E98
+0xF941	0x7E9B
+0xF942	0x7E99
+0xF943	0x81E0
+0xF944	0x81E1
+0xF945	0x8646
+0xF946	0x8647
+0xF947	0x8648
+0xF948	0x8979
+0xF949	0x897A
+0xF94A	0x897C
+0xF94B	0x897B
+0xF94C	0x89FF
+0xF94D	0x8B98
+0xF94E	0x8B99
+0xF94F	0x8EA5
+0xF950	0x8EA4
+0xF951	0x8EA3
+0xF952	0x946E
+0xF953	0x946D
+0xF954	0x946F
+0xF955	0x9471
+0xF956	0x9473
+0xF957	0x9749
+0xF958	0x9872
+0xF959	0x995F
+0xF95A	0x9C68
+0xF95B	0x9C6E
+0xF95C	0x9C6D
+0xF95D	0x9E0B
+0xF95E	0x9E0D
+0xF95F	0x9E10
+0xF960	0x9E0F
+0xF961	0x9E12
+0xF962	0x9E11
+0xF963	0x9EA1
+0xF964	0x9EF5
+0xF965	0x9F09
+0xF966	0x9F47
+0xF967	0x9F78
+0xF968	0x9F7B
+0xF969	0x9F7A
+0xF96A	0x9F79
+0xF96B	0x571E
+0xF96C	0x7066
+0xF96D	0x7C6F
+0xF96E	0x883C
+0xF96F	0x8DB2
+0xF970	0x8EA6
+0xF971	0x91C3
+0xF972	0x9474
+0xF973	0x9478
+0xF974	0x9476
+0xF975	0x9475
+0xF976	0x9A60
+0xF977	0x9C74
+0xF978	0x9C73
+0xF979	0x9C71
+0xF97A	0x9C75
+0xF97B	0x9E14
+0xF97C	0x9E13
+0xF97D	0x9EF6
+0xF97E	0x9F0A
+0xF9A1	0x9FA4
+0xF9A2	0x7068
+0xF9A3	0x7065
+0xF9A4	0x7CF7
+0xF9A5	0x866A
+0xF9A6	0x883E
+0xF9A7	0x883D
+0xF9A8	0x883F
+0xF9A9	0x8B9E
+0xF9AA	0x8C9C
+0xF9AB	0x8EA9
+0xF9AC	0x8EC9
+0xF9AD	0x974B
+0xF9AE	0x9873
+0xF9AF	0x9874
+0xF9B0	0x98CC
+0xF9B1	0x9961
+0xF9B2	0x99AB
+0xF9B3	0x9A64
+0xF9B4	0x9A66
+0xF9B5	0x9A67
+0xF9B6	0x9B24
+0xF9B7	0x9E15
+0xF9B8	0x9E17
+0xF9B9	0x9F48
+0xF9BA	0x6207
+0xF9BB	0x6B1E
+0xF9BC	0x7227
+0xF9BD	0x864C
+0xF9BE	0x8EA8
+0xF9BF	0x9482
+0xF9C0	0x9480
+0xF9C1	0x9481
+0xF9C2	0x9A69
+0xF9C3	0x9A68
+0xF9C4	0x9B2E
+0xF9C5	0x9E19
+0xF9C6	0x7229
+0xF9C7	0x864B
+0xF9C8	0x8B9F
+0xF9C9	0x9483
+0xF9CA	0x9C79
+0xF9CB	0x9EB7
+0xF9CC	0x7675
+0xF9CD	0x9A6B
+0xF9CE	0x9C7A
+0xF9CF	0x9E1D
+0xF9D0	0x7069
+0xF9D1	0x706A
+0xF9D2	0x9EA4
+0xF9D3	0x9F7E
+0xF9D4	0x9F49
+0xF9D5	0x9F98
+0xF9D6	0x7881
+0xF9D7	0x92B9
+0xF9D8	0x88CF
+0xF9D9	0x58BB
+0xF9DA	0x6052
+0xF9DB	0x7CA7
+0xF9DC	0x5AFA
+0xF9DD	0x2554
+0xF9DE	0x2566
+0xF9DF	0x2557
+0xF9E0	0x2560
+0xF9E1	0x256C
+0xF9E2	0x2563
+0xF9E3	0x255A
+0xF9E4	0x2569
+0xF9E5	0x255D
+0xF9E6	0x2552
+0xF9E7	0x2564
+0xF9E8	0x2555
+0xF9E9	0x255E
+0xF9EA	0x256A
+0xF9EB	0x2561
+0xF9EC	0x2558
+0xF9ED	0x2567
+0xF9EE	0x255B
+0xF9EF	0x2553
+0xF9F0	0x2565
+0xF9F1	0x2556
+0xF9F2	0x255F
+0xF9F3	0x256B
+0xF9F4	0x2562
+0xF9F5	0x2559
+0xF9F6	0x2568
+0xF9F7	0x255C
+0xF9F8	0x2551
+0xF9F9	0x2550
+0xF9FA	0x256D
+0xF9FB	0x256E
+0xF9FC	0x2570
+0xF9FD	0x256F
+0xF9FE	0xFFED
+0xFA40	0x20547
+0xFA41	0x92DB
+0xFA42	0x205DF
+0xFA43	0x23FC5
+0xFA44	0x854C
+0xFA45	0x42B5
+0xFA46	0x73EF
+0xFA47	0x51B5
+0xFA48	0x3649
+0xFA49	0x24942
+0xFA4A	0x289E4
+0xFA4B	0x9344
+0xFA4C	0x219DB
+0xFA4D	0x82EE
+0xFA4E	0x23CC8
+0xFA4F	0x783C
+0xFA50	0x6744
+0xFA51	0x62DF
+0xFA52	0x24933
+0xFA53	0x289AA
+0xFA54	0x202A0
+0xFA55	0x26BB3
+0xFA56	0x21305
+0xFA57	0x4FAB
+0xFA58	0x224ED
+0xFA59	0x5008
+0xFA5A	0x26D29
+0xFA5B	0x27A84
+0xFA5C	0x23600
+0xFA5D	0x24AB1
+0xFA5E	0x22513
+0xFA60	0x2037E
+0xFA61	0x5FA4
+0xFA62	0x20380
+0xFA63	0x20347
+0xFA64	0x6EDB
+0xFA65	0x2041F
+0xFA67	0x5101
+0xFA68	0x347A
+0xFA69	0x510E
+0xFA6A	0x986C
+0xFA6B	0x3743
+0xFA6C	0x8416
+0xFA6D	0x249A4
+0xFA6E	0x20487
+0xFA6F	0x5160
+0xFA70	0x233B4
+0xFA71	0x516A
+0xFA72	0x20BFF
+0xFA73	0x220FC
+0xFA74	0x202E5
+0xFA75	0x22530
+0xFA76	0x2058E
+0xFA77	0x23233
+0xFA78	0x21983
+0xFA79	0x5B82
+0xFA7A	0x877D
+0xFA7B	0x205B3
+0xFA7C	0x23C99
+0xFA7D	0x51B2
+0xFA7E	0x51B8
+0xFAA1	0x9D34
+0xFAA2	0x51C9
+0xFAA3	0x51CF
+0xFAA4	0x51D1
+0xFAA5	0x3CDC
+0xFAA6	0x51D3
+0xFAA7	0x24AA6
+0xFAA8	0x51B3
+0xFAA9	0x51E2
+0xFAAA	0x5342
+0xFAAB	0x51ED
+0xFAAC	0x83CD
+0xFAAD	0x693E
+0xFAAE	0x2372D
+0xFAAF	0x5F7B
+0xFAB0	0x520B
+0xFAB1	0x5226
+0xFAB2	0x523C
+0xFAB3	0x52B5
+0xFAB4	0x5257
+0xFAB5	0x5294
+0xFAB6	0x52B9
+0xFAB7	0x52C5
+0xFAB8	0x7C15
+0xFAB9	0x8542
+0xFABA	0x52E0
+0xFABB	0x860D
+0xFABC	0x26B13
+0xFABE	0x28ADE
+0xFABF	0x5549
+0xFAC0	0x6ED9
+0xFAC1	0x23F80
+0xFAC2	0x20954
+0xFAC3	0x23FEC
+0xFAC4	0x5333
+0xFAC6	0x20BE2
+0xFAC7	0x6CCB
+0xFAC8	0x21726
+0xFAC9	0x681B
+0xFACA	0x73D5
+0xFACB	0x604A
+0xFACC	0x3EAA
+0xFACD	0x38CC
+0xFACE	0x216E8
+0xFACF	0x71DD
+0xFAD0	0x44A2
+0xFAD1	0x536D
+0xFAD2	0x5374
+0xFAD3	0x286AB
+0xFAD4	0x537E
+0xFAD6	0x21596
+0xFAD7	0x21613
+0xFAD8	0x77E6
+0xFAD9	0x5393
+0xFADA	0x28A9B
+0xFADB	0x53A0
+0xFADC	0x53AB
+0xFADD	0x53AE
+0xFADE	0x73A7
+0xFADF	0x25772
+0xFAE0	0x3F59
+0xFAE1	0x739C
+0xFAE2	0x53C1
+0xFAE3	0x53C5
+0xFAE4	0x6C49
+0xFAE5	0x4E49
+0xFAE6	0x57FE
+0xFAE7	0x53D9
+0xFAE8	0x3AAB
+0xFAE9	0x20B8F
+0xFAEA	0x53E0
+0xFAEB	0x23FEB
+0xFAEC	0x22DA3
+0xFAED	0x53F6
+0xFAEE	0x20C77
+0xFAEF	0x5413
+0xFAF0	0x7079
+0xFAF1	0x552B
+0xFAF2	0x6657
+0xFAF3	0x6D5B
+0xFAF4	0x546D
+0xFAF5	0x26B53
+0xFAF6	0x20D74
+0xFAF7	0x555D
+0xFAF8	0x548F
+0xFAF9	0x54A4
+0xFAFA	0x47A6
+0xFAFB	0x2170D
+0xFAFC	0x20EDD
+0xFAFD	0x3DB4
+0xFAFE	0x20D4D
+0xFB40	0x289BC
+0xFB41	0x22698
+0xFB42	0x5547
+0xFB43	0x4CED
+0xFB44	0x542F
+0xFB45	0x7417
+0xFB46	0x5586
+0xFB47	0x55A9
+0xFB49	0x218D7
+0xFB4A	0x2403A
+0xFB4B	0x4552
+0xFB4C	0x24435
+0xFB4D	0x66B3
+0xFB4E	0x210B4
+0xFB4F	0x5637
+0xFB50	0x66CD
+0xFB51	0x2328A
+0xFB52	0x66A4
+0xFB53	0x66AD
+0xFB54	0x564D
+0xFB55	0x564F
+0xFB56	0x78F1
+0xFB57	0x56F1
+0xFB58	0x9787
+0xFB59	0x53FE
+0xFB5A	0x5700
+0xFB5B	0x56EF
+0xFB5C	0x56ED
+0xFB5D	0x28B66
+0xFB5E	0x3623
+0xFB5F	0x2124F
+0xFB60	0x5746
+0xFB61	0x241A5
+0xFB62	0x6C6E
+0xFB63	0x708B
+0xFB64	0x5742
+0xFB65	0x36B1
+0xFB66	0x26C7E
+0xFB67	0x57E6
+0xFB68	0x21416
+0xFB69	0x5803
+0xFB6A	0x21454
+0xFB6B	0x24363
+0xFB6C	0x5826
+0xFB6D	0x24BF5
+0xFB6E	0x585C
+0xFB6F	0x58AA
+0xFB70	0x3561
+0xFB71	0x58E0
+0xFB72	0x58DC
+0xFB73	0x2123C
+0xFB74	0x58FB
+0xFB75	0x5BFF
+0xFB76	0x5743
+0xFB77	0x2A150
+0xFB78	0x24278
+0xFB79	0x93D3
+0xFB7A	0x35A1
+0xFB7B	0x591F
+0xFB7C	0x68A6
+0xFB7D	0x36C3
+0xFB7E	0x6E59
+0xFBA1	0x2163E
+0xFBA2	0x5A24
+0xFBA3	0x5553
+0xFBA4	0x21692
+0xFBA5	0x8505
+0xFBA6	0x59C9
+0xFBA7	0x20D4E
+0xFBA8	0x26C81
+0xFBA9	0x26D2A
+0xFBAA	0x217DC
+0xFBAB	0x59D9
+0xFBAC	0x217FB
+0xFBAD	0x217B2
+0xFBAE	0x26DA6
+0xFBAF	0x6D71
+0xFBB0	0x21828
+0xFBB1	0x216D5
+0xFBB2	0x59F9
+0xFBB3	0x26E45
+0xFBB4	0x5AAB
+0xFBB5	0x5A63
+0xFBB6	0x36E6
+0xFBB7	0x249A9
+0xFBB9	0x3708
+0xFBBA	0x5A96
+0xFBBB	0x7465
+0xFBBC	0x5AD3
+0xFBBD	0x26FA1
+0xFBBE	0x22554
+0xFBBF	0x3D85
+0xFBC0	0x21911
+0xFBC1	0x3732
+0xFBC2	0x216B8
+0xFBC3	0x5E83
+0xFBC4	0x52D0
+0xFBC5	0x5B76
+0xFBC6	0x6588
+0xFBC7	0x5B7C
+0xFBC8	0x27A0E
+0xFBC9	0x4004
+0xFBCA	0x485D
+0xFBCB	0x20204
+0xFBCC	0x5BD5
+0xFBCD	0x6160
+0xFBCE	0x21A34
+0xFBCF	0x259CC
+0xFBD0	0x205A5
+0xFBD1	0x5BF3
+0xFBD2	0x5B9D
+0xFBD3	0x4D10
+0xFBD4	0x5C05
+0xFBD5	0x21B44
+0xFBD6	0x5C13
+0xFBD7	0x73CE
+0xFBD8	0x5C14
+0xFBD9	0x21CA5
+0xFBDA	0x26B28
+0xFBDB	0x5C49
+0xFBDC	0x48DD
+0xFBDD	0x5C85
+0xFBDE	0x5CE9
+0xFBDF	0x5CEF
+0xFBE0	0x5D8B
+0xFBE1	0x21DF9
+0xFBE2	0x21E37
+0xFBE3	0x5D10
+0xFBE4	0x5D18
+0xFBE5	0x5D46
+0xFBE6	0x21EA4
+0xFBE7	0x5CBA
+0xFBE8	0x5DD7
+0xFBE9	0x82FC
+0xFBEA	0x382D
+0xFBEB	0x24901
+0xFBEC	0x22049
+0xFBED	0x22173
+0xFBEE	0x8287
+0xFBEF	0x3836
+0xFBF0	0x3BC2
+0xFBF1	0x5E2E
+0xFBF2	0x6A8A
+0xFBF4	0x5E7A
+0xFBF5	0x244BC
+0xFBF6	0x20CD3
+0xFBF7	0x53A6
+0xFBF8	0x4EB7
+0xFBFA	0x53A8
+0xFBFB	0x21771
+0xFBFC	0x5E09
+0xFBFD	0x5EF4
+0xFBFE	0x28482
+0xFC40	0x5EF9
+0xFC41	0x5EFB
+0xFC42	0x38A0
+0xFC43	0x5EFC
+0xFC44	0x683E
+0xFC45	0x941B
+0xFC46	0x5F0D
+0xFC47	0x201C1
+0xFC48	0x2F894
+0xFC49	0x3ADE
+0xFC4A	0x48AE
+0xFC4B	0x2133A
+0xFC4C	0x5F3A
+0xFC4D	0x26888
+0xFC4E	0x223D0
+0xFC50	0x22471
+0xFC51	0x5F63
+0xFC52	0x97BD
+0xFC53	0x26E6E
+0xFC54	0x5F72
+0xFC55	0x9340
+0xFC56	0x28A36
+0xFC57	0x5FA7
+0xFC58	0x5DB6
+0xFC59	0x3D5F
+0xFC5A	0x25250
+0xFC5B	0x21F6A
+0xFC5C	0x270F8
+0xFC5D	0x22668
+0xFC5E	0x91D6
+0xFC5F	0x2029E
+0xFC60	0x28A29
+0xFC61	0x6031
+0xFC62	0x6685
+0xFC63	0x21877
+0xFC64	0x3963
+0xFC65	0x3DC7
+0xFC66	0x3639
+0xFC67	0x5790
+0xFC68	0x227B4
+0xFC69	0x7971
+0xFC6A	0x3E40
+0xFC6B	0x609E
+0xFC6D	0x60B3
+0xFC6E	0x24982
+0xFC6F	0x2498F
+0xFC70	0x27A53
+0xFC71	0x74A4
+0xFC72	0x50E1
+0xFC73	0x5AA0
+0xFC74	0x6164
+0xFC75	0x8424
+0xFC76	0x6142
+0xFC77	0x2F8A6
+0xFC78	0x26ED2
+0xFC79	0x6181
+0xFC7A	0x51F4
+0xFC7B	0x20656
+0xFC7C	0x6187
+0xFC7D	0x5BAA
+0xFC7E	0x23FB7
+0xFCA1	0x2285F
+0xFCA2	0x61D3
+0xFCA3	0x28B9D
+0xFCA4	0x2995D
+0xFCA5	0x61D0
+0xFCA6	0x3932
+0xFCA7	0x22980
+0xFCA8	0x228C1
+0xFCA9	0x6023
+0xFCAA	0x615C
+0xFCAB	0x651E
+0xFCAC	0x638B
+0xFCAD	0x20118
+0xFCAE	0x62C5
+0xFCAF	0x21770
+0xFCB0	0x62D5
+0xFCB1	0x22E0D
+0xFCB2	0x636C
+0xFCB3	0x249DF
+0xFCB4	0x3A17
+0xFCB5	0x6438
+0xFCB6	0x63F8
+0xFCB7	0x2138E
+0xFCB8	0x217FC
+0xFCBA	0x6F8A
+0xFCBB	0x22E36
+0xFCBC	0x9814
+0xFCBD	0x2408C
+0xFCBE	0x2571D
+0xFCBF	0x64E1
+0xFCC0	0x64E5
+0xFCC1	0x947B
+0xFCC2	0x3A66
+0xFCC3	0x643A
+0xFCC4	0x3A57
+0xFCC5	0x654D
+0xFCC6	0x6F16
+0xFCC7	0x24A28
+0xFCC8	0x24A23
+0xFCC9	0x6585
+0xFCCA	0x656D
+0xFCCB	0x655F
+0xFCCC	0x2307E
+0xFCCD	0x65B5
+0xFCCE	0x24940
+0xFCCF	0x4B37
+0xFCD0	0x65D1
+0xFCD1	0x40D8
+0xFCD2	0x21829
+0xFCD3	0x65E0
+0xFCD4	0x65E3
+0xFCD5	0x5FDF
+0xFCD6	0x23400
+0xFCD7	0x6618
+0xFCD8	0x231F7
+0xFCD9	0x231F8
+0xFCDA	0x6644
+0xFCDB	0x231A4
+0xFCDC	0x231A5
+0xFCDD	0x664B
+0xFCDE	0x20E75
+0xFCDF	0x6667
+0xFCE0	0x251E6
+0xFCE1	0x6673
+0xFCE3	0x21E3D
+0xFCE4	0x23231
+0xFCE5	0x285F4
+0xFCE6	0x231C8
+0xFCE7	0x25313
+0xFCE8	0x77C5
+0xFCE9	0x228F7
+0xFCEA	0x99A4
+0xFCEB	0x6702
+0xFCEC	0x2439C
+0xFCED	0x24A21
+0xFCEE	0x3B2B
+0xFCEF	0x69FA
+0xFCF0	0x237C2
+0xFCF2	0x6767
+0xFCF3	0x6762
+0xFCF4	0x241CD
+0xFCF5	0x290ED
+0xFCF6	0x67D7
+0xFCF7	0x44E9
+0xFCF8	0x6822
+0xFCF9	0x6E50
+0xFCFA	0x923C
+0xFCFB	0x6801
+0xFCFC	0x233E6
+0xFCFD	0x26DA0
+0xFCFE	0x685D
+0xFD40	0x2346F
+0xFD41	0x69E1
+0xFD42	0x6A0B
+0xFD43	0x28ADF
+0xFD44	0x6973
+0xFD45	0x68C3
+0xFD46	0x235CD
+0xFD47	0x6901
+0xFD48	0x6900
+0xFD49	0x3D32
+0xFD4A	0x3A01
+0xFD4B	0x2363C
+0xFD4C	0x3B80
+0xFD4D	0x67AC
+0xFD4E	0x6961
+0xFD4F	0x28A4A
+0xFD50	0x42FC
+0xFD51	0x6936
+0xFD52	0x6998
+0xFD53	0x3BA1
+0xFD54	0x203C9
+0xFD55	0x8363
+0xFD56	0x5090
+0xFD57	0x69F9
+0xFD58	0x23659
+0xFD59	0x2212A
+0xFD5A	0x6A45
+0xFD5B	0x23703
+0xFD5C	0x6A9D
+0xFD5D	0x3BF3
+0xFD5E	0x67B1
+0xFD5F	0x6AC8
+0xFD60	0x2919C
+0xFD61	0x3C0D
+0xFD62	0x6B1D
+0xFD63	0x20923
+0xFD64	0x60DE
+0xFD65	0x6B35
+0xFD66	0x6B74
+0xFD67	0x227CD
+0xFD68	0x6EB5
+0xFD69	0x23ADB
+0xFD6A	0x203B5
+0xFD6B	0x21958
+0xFD6C	0x3740
+0xFD6D	0x5421
+0xFD6E	0x23B5A
+0xFD6F	0x6BE1
+0xFD70	0x23EFC
+0xFD71	0x6BDC
+0xFD72	0x6C37
+0xFD73	0x2248B
+0xFD74	0x248F1
+0xFD75	0x26B51
+0xFD76	0x6C5A
+0xFD77	0x8226
+0xFD78	0x6C79
+0xFD79	0x23DBC
+0xFD7A	0x44C5
+0xFD7B	0x23DBD
+0xFD7C	0x241A4
+0xFD7D	0x2490C
+0xFD7E	0x24900
+0xFDA1	0x23CC9
+0xFDA2	0x36E5
+0xFDA3	0x3CEB
+0xFDA4	0x20D32
+0xFDA5	0x9B83
+0xFDA6	0x231F9
+0xFDA7	0x22491
+0xFDA8	0x7F8F
+0xFDA9	0x6837
+0xFDAA	0x26D25
+0xFDAB	0x26DA1
+0xFDAC	0x26DEB
+0xFDAD	0x6D96
+0xFDAE	0x6D5C
+0xFDAF	0x6E7C
+0xFDB0	0x6F04
+0xFDB1	0x2497F
+0xFDB2	0x24085
+0xFDB3	0x26E72
+0xFDB4	0x8533
+0xFDB5	0x26F74
+0xFDB6	0x51C7
+0xFDB9	0x842E
+0xFDBA	0x28B21
+0xFDBC	0x23E2F
+0xFDBD	0x7453
+0xFDBE	0x23F82
+0xFDBF	0x79CC
+0xFDC0	0x6E4F
+0xFDC1	0x5A91
+0xFDC2	0x2304B
+0xFDC3	0x6FF8
+0xFDC4	0x370D
+0xFDC5	0x6F9D
+0xFDC6	0x23E30
+0xFDC7	0x6EFA
+0xFDC8	0x21497
+0xFDC9	0x2403D
+0xFDCA	0x4555
+0xFDCB	0x93F0
+0xFDCC	0x6F44
+0xFDCD	0x6F5C
+0xFDCE	0x3D4E
+0xFDCF	0x6F74
+0xFDD0	0x29170
+0xFDD1	0x3D3B
+0xFDD2	0x6F9F
+0xFDD3	0x24144
+0xFDD4	0x6FD3
+0xFDD5	0x24091
+0xFDD6	0x24155
+0xFDD7	0x24039
+0xFDD8	0x23FF0
+0xFDD9	0x23FB4
+0xFDDA	0x2413F
+0xFDDB	0x51DF
+0xFDDC	0x24156
+0xFDDD	0x24157
+0xFDDE	0x24140
+0xFDDF	0x261DD
+0xFDE0	0x704B
+0xFDE1	0x707E
+0xFDE2	0x70A7
+0xFDE3	0x7081
+0xFDE4	0x70CC
+0xFDE5	0x70D5
+0xFDE6	0x70D6
+0xFDE7	0x70DF
+0xFDE8	0x4104
+0xFDE9	0x3DE8
+0xFDEA	0x71B4
+0xFDEB	0x7196
+0xFDEC	0x24277
+0xFDED	0x712B
+0xFDEE	0x7145
+0xFDEF	0x5A88
+0xFDF0	0x714A
+0xFDF2	0x5C9C
+0xFDF3	0x24365
+0xFDF4	0x714F
+0xFDF5	0x9362
+0xFDF6	0x242C1
+0xFDF7	0x712C
+0xFDF8	0x2445A
+0xFDF9	0x24A27
+0xFDFA	0x24A22
+0xFDFB	0x71BA
+0xFDFC	0x28BE8
+0xFDFD	0x70BD
+0xFDFE	0x720E
+0xFE40	0x9442
+0xFE41	0x7215
+0xFE42	0x5911
+0xFE43	0x9443
+0xFE44	0x7224
+0xFE45	0x9341
+0xFE46	0x25605
+0xFE47	0x722E
+0xFE48	0x7240
+0xFE49	0x24974
+0xFE4A	0x68BD
+0xFE4B	0x7255
+0xFE4C	0x7257
+0xFE4D	0x3E55
+0xFE4E	0x23044
+0xFE4F	0x680D
+0xFE50	0x6F3D
+0xFE51	0x7282
+0xFE53	0x732B
+0xFE54	0x24823
+0xFE55	0x2882B
+0xFE56	0x48ED
+0xFE57	0x28804
+0xFE58	0x7328
+0xFE59	0x732E
+0xFE5A	0x73CF
+0xFE5B	0x73AA
+0xFE5C	0x20C3A
+0xFE5D	0x26A2E
+0xFE5E	0x73C9
+0xFE5F	0x7449
+0xFE60	0x241E2
+0xFE61	0x216E7
+0xFE62	0x24A24
+0xFE63	0x6623
+0xFE64	0x36C5
+0xFE65	0x249B7
+0xFE66	0x2498D
+0xFE67	0x249FB
+0xFE68	0x73F7
+0xFE69	0x7415
+0xFE6A	0x6903
+0xFE6B	0x24A26
+0xFE6C	0x7439
+0xFE6D	0x205C3
+0xFE6E	0x3ED7
+0xFE70	0x228AD
+0xFE71	0x7460
+0xFE72	0x28EB2
+0xFE73	0x7447
+0xFE74	0x73E4
+0xFE75	0x7476
+0xFE76	0x83B9
+0xFE77	0x746C
+0xFE78	0x3730
+0xFE79	0x7474
+0xFE7A	0x93F1
+0xFE7B	0x6A2C
+0xFE7C	0x7482
+0xFE7D	0x4953
+0xFE7E	0x24A8C
+0xFEA1	0x2415F
+0xFEA2	0x24A79
+0xFEA3	0x28B8F
+0xFEA4	0x5B46
+0xFEA5	0x28C03
+0xFEA6	0x2189E
+0xFEA7	0x74C8
+0xFEA8	0x21988
+0xFEA9	0x750E
+0xFEAB	0x751E
+0xFEAC	0x28ED9
+0xFEAD	0x21A4B
+0xFEAE	0x5BD7
+0xFEAF	0x28EAC
+0xFEB0	0x9385
+0xFEB1	0x754D
+0xFEB2	0x754A
+0xFEB3	0x7567
+0xFEB4	0x756E
+0xFEB5	0x24F82
+0xFEB6	0x3F04
+0xFEB7	0x24D13
+0xFEB8	0x758E
+0xFEB9	0x745D
+0xFEBA	0x759E
+0xFEBB	0x75B4
+0xFEBC	0x7602
+0xFEBD	0x762C
+0xFEBE	0x7651
+0xFEBF	0x764F
+0xFEC0	0x766F
+0xFEC1	0x7676
+0xFEC2	0x263F5
+0xFEC3	0x7690
+0xFEC4	0x81EF
+0xFEC5	0x37F8
+0xFEC6	0x26911
+0xFEC7	0x2690E
+0xFEC8	0x76A1
+0xFEC9	0x76A5
+0xFECA	0x76B7
+0xFECB	0x76CC
+0xFECC	0x26F9F
+0xFECD	0x8462
+0xFECE	0x2509D
+0xFECF	0x2517D
+0xFED0	0x21E1C
+0xFED1	0x771E
+0xFED2	0x7726
+0xFED3	0x7740
+0xFED4	0x64AF
+0xFED5	0x25220
+0xFED6	0x7758
+0xFED7	0x232AC
+0xFED8	0x77AF
+0xFED9	0x28964
+0xFEDA	0x28968
+0xFEDB	0x216C1
+0xFEDC	0x77F4
+0xFEDE	0x21376
+0xFEDF	0x24A12
+0xFEE0	0x68CA
+0xFEE1	0x78AF
+0xFEE2	0x78C7
+0xFEE3	0x78D3
+0xFEE4	0x96A5
+0xFEE5	0x792E
+0xFEE6	0x255E0
+0xFEE7	0x78D7
+0xFEE8	0x7934
+0xFEE9	0x78B1
+0xFEEA	0x2760C
+0xFEEB	0x8FB8
+0xFEEC	0x8884
+0xFEED	0x28B2B
+0xFEEE	0x26083
+0xFEEF	0x2261C
+0xFEF0	0x7986
+0xFEF1	0x8900
+0xFEF2	0x6902
+0xFEF3	0x7980
+0xFEF4	0x25857
+0xFEF5	0x799D
+0xFEF6	0x27B39
+0xFEF7	0x793C
+0xFEF8	0x79A9
+0xFEF9	0x6E2A
+0xFEFA	0x27126
+0xFEFB	0x3EA8
+0xFEFC	0x79C6
+0xFEFD	0x2910D
+0xFEFE	0x79D4
diff --git a/tests/ b/tests/
index 5e29be3..5af5c74 100644
--- a/tests/
+++ b/tests/
@@ -142,6 +142,8 @@
 	$(srcdir)/check-stateful $(srcdir) BIG5-HKSCS:2001
 	$(srcdir)/check-stateless $(srcdir) BIG5-HKSCS:2004
 	$(srcdir)/check-stateful $(srcdir) BIG5-HKSCS:2004
+	$(srcdir)/check-stateless $(srcdir) BIG5-HKSCS:2008
+	$(srcdir)/check-stateful $(srcdir) BIG5-HKSCS:2008
 	$(srcdir)/check-stateless $(srcdir) EUC-KR
 	$(srcdir)/check-stateless $(srcdir) CP949
 	$(srcdir)/check-stateless $(srcdir) JOHAB
diff --git a/tools/Makefile b/tools/Makefile
index 2bf7d84..3c05814 100644
--- a/tools/Makefile
+++ b/tools/Makefile
@@ -90,6 +90,7 @@
  hkscs1999.h \
  hkscs2001.h \
  hkscs2004.h \
+ hkscs2008.h \
  ksc5601.h \
  uhc_1.h \
  uhc_2.h \
@@ -408,6 +409,9 @@
 hkscs2004.h : $(TABLESDIR)/big5hkscs/HKSCS-2004_2006-DELTA.TXT cjk_tab_to_h
 	(echo '#' ; grep -v , $<) | ./cjk_tab_to_h HKSCS:2004 hkscs2004 > $@
+hkscs2008.h : $(TABLESDIR)/big5hkscs/HKSCS-2008_2010-DELTA.TXT cjk_tab_to_h
+	(echo '#' ; grep -v , $<) | ./cjk_tab_to_h HKSCS:2008 hkscs2008 > $@
 # We use a modified KSC 5601 = KSX 1001 table. Jungshik Shin <>
 # reports that Prof. GIM Geongseog (KIM Keyongseok) <>
 # (who represents South Korea in ISO/IEC JTC1 SC2/WG2 and SC22/WG20) says that
diff --git a/tools/cjk_tab_to_h.c b/tools/cjk_tab_to_h.c
index 300a555..db96ffd 100644
--- a/tools/cjk_tab_to_h.c
+++ b/tools/cjk_tab_to_h.c
@@ -2131,7 +2131,7 @@
   else if (!strcmp(name,"big5") || !strcmp(name,"cp950ext"))
   else if (!strcmp(name,"hkscs1999") || !strcmp(name,"hkscs2001")
-           || !strcmp(name,"hkscs2004"))
+           || !strcmp(name,"hkscs2004") || !strcmp(name,"hkscs2008"))
   else if (!strcmp(name,"johab_hangul"))