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Special notes to Unix users
Please read the file "README.UNX", it contains important
information regarding the installation of FreeType on Unix
systems, especially GNU based operating systems like GNU/Linux.
FreeType 2's library is called `libfreetype', FreeType 1's library
is called `libttf'. They are *not* compatible!
FreeType 2.1.3
Please read the docs/CHANGES file, it contains IMPORTANT
Read the files "docs/INSTALL" or "docs/BUILD" for installation
Note that the FreeType 2 documentation is now available as a
separate package from our sites. See:
Please report bugs by e-mail to `'. Don't
forget to send a detailed explanation of the problem -- there is
nothing worse than receiving a terse message that only says "it
doesn't work".
The FreeType Team