* freetype2/src/sfnt/ttload.c (sfnt_dir_check): Modified to allow a
font to have no `head' table if tables `SING' and `META' are
present; this is to support `SING Glyphlet'.

`SING Glyphlet' is an extension to OpenType developed by Adobe
primarily to facilitate adding supplemental glyphs to an OpenType
font (with emphasis on, but not necessariy limited to, gaiji to a
CJK font).  A SING Glyphlet Font is an OpenType font that contains
the outline(s), either in a `glyf' or `CFF' table, for a glyph;
`cmap', `BASE', and `GSUB' tables are present with the same format
and functionaliy as a regular OpenType font; there are no `name',
`head', `OS/2', and `post' tables; there are two new tables, `SING'
which contains details about the glyphlet, and `META' which contains

Further information on the SING Glyphlet format can be found at:


* freetype2/include/freetype/ttags.h (TTAG_SING, TTAG_META): New
macros for the OpenType tables `SING' and `META'.  These two tables
are used in SING Glyphlet Format fonts.
3 files changed