[build] Put integer type definitions into `integer-types.h'.

Refactor some of the `ftconfig.h' headers and template to move the
definition of the FreeType integer types (e.g., `FT_Int16') to a
common header file `freetype/config/integer-types.h'.

* builds/unix/ftconfig.h.in, builds/vms/ftconfig.h,
include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h: Split off integer type
definition stuff to...
* include/freetype/config/integer-types.h: ...this new file.

* builds/unix/ftconfig.h.in: Control the definition of
`FT_SIZEOF_INT' and `FT_SIZEOF_LONG' with macro
`FT_USE_AUTOCONF_SIZEOF_TYPES'.  If these are not defined, auto
detection happens in `integer-types.h' as usual based on `INTXX_MAX'
values.  Otherwise the autoconf-detected values are used.

* builds/unix/configure.raw (CPPFLAGS): Don't include path to
`config' directory.  Instead, ...
(FT_CONFIG_STANDARD_LIBRARY_H): Use complete path.
6 files changed