Fix clang warnings.

* include/freetype/internal/autohint.h
* src/autofit/afmodule.h: Use it to declare

* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (FT_DECLARE_GLYPH): New macro.
* src/base/ftbase.h: Use it to declare `ft_bitmap_glyph_class' and

* src/base/ftglyph.c: Include `ftbase.h'.

* src/cff/cffparse.c (cff_parser_run): Fix type of `t2_size'.

* src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c (pcf_cmap_char_next): Fix type of `result'.

* src/psaux/psauxmod.c (psaux_module_class): Use `FT_DEFINE_MODULE'.
* src/psaux/psauxmod.h: Declare `afm_parser_funcs',
`t1_cmap_classes', `cff_decoder_funcs', and `psaux_module_class'.

* src/pshinter/pshmod.c: Include `pshmod.h'.

* src/sfnt/sfwoff2.c (ROUND4, WRITE_SHORT): Fix implicit sign
(compute_ULong_sum): Fix return type.
Fix implicit sign conversion.
(store_points): Fix type of `last_flag', `repeat_count', and `flag'.
Use casts to avoid warnings.
(reconstruct_glyf): Fix implicit sign conversion.
Use cast to avoid warning.
(get_x_mins): Fix implicit sign conversion.
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c: Undef `TTCMAPCITEM'.
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.h: Define `TTCMAPCITEM' and include `ttcmapc.h' to
declare cmap classes.

* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_overlap_spans): Use cast.

* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Ins_MIAP): Fix typo.
18 files changed