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\title{The Fontconfig Library:\\
Architecture and Users Guide}
\author{Keith Packard\\
{\em XFree86 Core Team}\\}
The Fontconfig library provides for central administration and configuration
of fonts in a POSIX system. All font consumers can share a common database
of fonts and use common matching rules for font names. The set of available
fonts can be configured for each user and a set of configurable matching
rules allow for customizing the selection of fonts and configuring various
parameters related to rasterizing of those fonts for display in a variety of
media. The Fontconfig library is designed to co-exist peacefully with
existing font configuration and rasterization mechanisms; while it uses the
FreeType library to discover characteristics of available fonts, there
is no requirement to use FreeType for rasterization.
\section {Introduction}
\section {Configuration Files}
\section {Application Interface}
\subsection {Datatypes}
\subsection {Font Set Interface}
\subsection {Font Patterns}
\subsection {Listing Available Fonts}
\subsection {Using Font Names}
\subsection {Manipulating Matrices}
\subsection {UTF-8 Helper Functions}
\section {Font Sub-System Interface}
\subsection {Extending Font Names}
\subsection {Executing Configuration Rules}